Saturday, May 14, 2011

Peter Cunningham Sends Thanks

Email from Peter Cunningham who was re-elected to the 5th Ward Hoboken City Council earlier this week.

Dear Editor,

We did it – again! I extend many thanks to everyone who came out and voted this Tuesday to affirm that we are moving Hoboken forward. Thankfully, we succeeded despite the continuous barrage of negative campaign tactics by my opponents. They tried to divide our community by saying I was divisive and out of touch. But the voters, volunteers and contributors from across the ward came out May 10th to recognize our achievements by an overwhelming margin. I am proud that we stayed positive and remained focused on the issues that matter most: the budget, our taxes, good government without corruption, and providing new amenities to benefit all. I am most proud of the diverse support that I received throughout the entire Ward. Many of you know who you are. I cannot thank you enough for the trust you have placed in me.

Do we still have a lot of work to do? Of course we do. And you can be sure that I will get it done .... done right and balanced, every step of the way.

As usual, the campaign experience left an indelible mark. I learned so much from the hundreds and hundreds of doors knocked on in the 5th ward, and deeply appreciate all those who extended their endorsements, from the Administration to the numerous leaders within our many communities. I was cautiously confident that we could do it on Tuesday as we took a very calculated approach, and we executed our plan; but was also mentally prepared for a runoff. I am so pleased that the election is over. Now, we can focus on passing the budget, bringing taxes down, and delivering a higher level of service to our communities.

I extend many thanks to all involved in the campaign, and recognizethat my family is the cornerstone to my success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Peter Cunningham
Councilman Fifth Ward
1009 Garden Street

201-562-7071 ◦