Thursday, May 19, 2011

Setting the Record Straight- Melissa Longo Assistant Corporation Counsel

It has been reported by Hoboken Patch and the Hudson Reporter that a criminal investigation regarding City Hall personnel is underway, according to Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo.

Melissa called me this morning to confirm that there is an investigation going on and that the investigation is not related to the Resolution on last night's agenda sponsored by Beth Mason that calls for the City of Hoboken's emails to media outlets from the Mayor's two communication aides.

She stated that the matter involves an employee of the City of Hoboken and that the name is being withheld as per policy while the investigation is being conducted.

I observed that the 3rd Floor in City Hall IT office was padlocked as of last night. The City Council also went into closed session at the beginning of the meeting but the reason was not specified to the public (that's why we have closed sessions folks).

Longo added that it was irresponsible that a certain website would publish such false rumors but declined to go on record as to the name. I figure my readers can guess as to which one was spreading the lies by going to the following link to help feed Perry Klaussen. He looks disheveled lately but someone is keeping him fed. He is almost is big as me and that makes him one fat guy.

Das Link to Beth Mason's own "Hoboken Wiki Leaks" website: