Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Primary Results in!

The results are in for the June 7th primaries and the takeaway from me besides the results for the Democrats was other than the Hoboken Democratic Committee and Assembly seats in the 33rd District there were really no other races that had any challengers. All charts shown are based on unofficial data from the Hudson County Election website:

33rd District NJ Assembly: Ravi Bhalla did not get the votes to win and lost by a wide margin but laid the ground work to build a future base. It does not appear that any bullet voting occurred and people who voted for Ramos also voted for Connors. Column A worked its usual electoral magic for the machine Dems. It will take time to build a reform following in Hudson County. That is the main takeaway from this result. Kudos to Ravi Bhalla and his campaign team for giving voters a choice.

Hoboken Democratic Committee: The faction led by Michelle Russo "Real Democrats" held an unofficial lead of 38-34 as of late last night over the "Honest Democrats: led by Phil Cohen. Great news for reform as Ines Garcia-Keim, a die-hard Beth Mason backer was trounced by Donna Antonucci by a whopping margin of 70-30 and she can't be the chair. The side that has their people show up at the re-org meeting on Monday will likely determine who has control of the committee. It's a horse race!

Freeholder 5th District: It looks like my symbolic write-in campaign reached at least a few voters and the write-in tally stands at 85 votes with most districts reporting. Thanks to all that tried to vote for me but couldn't and for those who could. It would appear many poll workers did not know how to instruct people how to correctly vote a write-in candidate. Something to work on for next time for the Board of Elections. I wasn't going to win this round but people should know how to do their jobs.