Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Vote for a Write-in-Candidate Revised

A few people have reached out asking help to figure out how to write me (Kurt Gardiner) in for Freeholder today.

Here are even more specific instructions that some poll workers either don't know or don't want to share:

  • Go to the row for Freeholder and go to the right to select personal choice.
  • Down below in the key pad type in my first name KURT.
  • Hit the right arrow to create a space. Yes, the right arrow acts as the space bar. Who designed this thing?
  • Type in my last name GARDINER.
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • If you are finished with your other choices then hit the CAST VOTE button.

That is it. Spread the word!

FYI: I received word that a key supporter did successfully deliver my petitions to the County Clerk's office this morning. No last minute Beth Mason mania from this candidate! From 12:30pm to 9:15pm yesterday I was able to gather 139 petitions from Hoboken residents that are registered to vote. If approved after review from the County Clerk's I will be on the ballot as an independent in the November General Election.

Thanks again for all those that helped yesterday with the petition drive. ◦