Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Messag from Peter Cunningham/Jake Stuiver: Vote Row C and GOTV!

Here is an election day reminder from newly re-elected 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham who showed voters that the Hoboken 411 demented diatribe was a fabrication, a myth by winning on the first ballot....

Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

The note below is from our friend Jake Stuiver and it sums it up! We need your vote one more time tomorrow. Please take a moment and vote for Hoboken, vote Column C.

I know from past experience in Hoboken, from canvassing this weekend and campaigning this morning, most folks do not vote on Primary Day. We all know there has been a movement under way to take back our local government. It started with Kids First in 2006, council elections 2007, mayoral 2009, democratic committee in 2010 and council again 2011.

There are countless members of our diverse communities to thank for the progress we have made.

Tomorrow will be another milestone for Hoboken and the State of New Jersey. Let's join together again and elect a reformer from Hoboken that is beholden to YOU, and hold local control of the Hoboken
Democratic Committee. Please support Ravi Bhalla for Assembly and Column C - Democrats for Honest Government for Democratic Committee,


write in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder. Please type in Kurt's name under "special choice" line 6.

- Peter Cunningham

My Comment: If you live in the 5th Ward 1st District please vote for John Carey 11C and Theresa Minutillo 10C. They are in my home district and will represent Hoboken well on the Committee with their vote when the organizational meeting is called. You have my assurances that they will not be voting for the Party Chair supported by the Russo faction on Column A.  Every Vote counts and the polling place for 5-1 is the Brandt School on 9th and Garden.  Also do your best to try and write me in for Freeholder. I have submitted petitions for the November elections an independent but you can still write me in for the primary. ◦