Monday, June 20, 2011

Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder Update

Last week on June 13th was the deadline for the opposition to challenge my petition for the office of Hudson County Freeholder 5th District in November of this year. I called the Clerk's Office and they said no one had challenged the petitions so they said I am a candidate. I will be holding an organizational meeting soon and the drawing for ballot positions will be on Monday August 15th at 3pm at the Hudson County Clerk's Office.

The catalyst for me running was Washington Street not being re-paved and that it should be the County's responsibility even if former Mayor Dave Roberts took back the road in his first term. As a whole, I feel Hoboken is still under serviced in terms of Hudson County services given the large amount of taxes we as a city give to the county. That is why I have decided to run in November in order to give the voters a choice. It is quite undemocratic to have people run for political office without any opposition. How else can we hold our officials accountable? We need elections not coronations.

I look forward to meeting with and listening to as many people as I can between now and election day as to how we can get more out of our county government without necessarily spending any more. I am sure the majority of Hoboken residents and those from Jersey City Heights will feel that we are overtaxed for the services we are getting. As such my campaign slogan will be "Lower County Taxes".

Thanks to all who signed my petitions and I look forward to the journey I am about to embark on. Win or lose, my goal is to spread awareness of the role of Freeholder and what the county level of government should be doing for the residents of the 5th District.

Below is a map of the District I will be running in:
Map of Freeholder District 5
Link to full map:
- Kurt Gardiner
Candidate for Hudson County Freeholder 2011

PS- If you would like to help out in any way please email me at This will be a grass roots campaign that will emphasize individual contituents over special interests and developers. ◦