Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update: Mysterious Green Fluid at 9th and Grand Last Night Explained!

Update: There is an explanation for the green water that appeared last night over by 9th and Park Avenue in Hoboken. The Sewer Authority uses a green dye to trace sewer leaks and flow. One of the workers left a bag of the dye in the flood area last night. He didn't just leave one tablet; he left the whole bag. And the rest is history. The dye is safe and equivalent to food coloring although it is probably not recommended to be used in cakes.I ran into Mayor Dawn Zimmer today at the "Fit and Fun" festival and she relayed this information to me.

Original Post: Reader Eduardo saw this last night at around 8PM in Hoboken. He remarked in an email to me that

Hoboken Patch has noted that Hazmat crews were on the scene but no comment as of yet as t what the chemical was. If I was to take a guess it looks a lot like radiator fluid but it would just be a guess. Maybe someone killed Shrek. :)

Green fluid at at 9th and Grand last night

"I was at 9th and Grand several minutes ago and saw this and thought you might find it interesting. The fire department just responded to it, not sure what it is though." -Eduardo