Friday, June 17, 2011

New Telephone Poll this Week- Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder is one of the questions

Update: It would appear there is more than one poll that was conducted this week. The Hudson Reporter has a story on it and that poll is different than the one I received.

Original Post: There is a new telephone poll being conducted out there this week on the Hoboken political scene. As we know telephone polls are expensive so you can guess as to who could be funding this endeavor.

Here is my partial recollection of the poll and others in Hoboken have also reached out to me to let me know as well. I am unsure of how many people were sampled but most political insiders question the scientific validity of phone polls in Hoboken (i.e. a sample that is likely not representative of the overall population).

I was asked the following questions to the best of my recollection:

How would you rate the following Hoboken politicians: Very Favorable, Favorable, Average, Unfavorable, Very Unfavorable?:
  • Beth Mason
  • Dawn Zimmer
  • Ruben Ramos
  • Anthony Romano
  • Mike Novak
  • Mike Russo
  • Terry Castellano
  • Tim Occhipinti
  • Carol Marsh
  • Dave Mello
  • Ravi Bhalla
Event though its a long way away, who would you choose the 2013 Mayoral Election?:
  • Dawn Zimmer
  • Mike Novak
  • Beth Mason
  • Ruben Ramos
  • (someone comment if they heard either Mike Russo, Frank Raia or Kim Glatt)
If you knew Dawn Zimmer endorsed (or supported) Chris Christie would that make you more likely or less likely to support her?

How is Dawn Zimmer doing her job as Mayor? Very good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor....

Who would you support in the Fall election for Freeholder?
  • Kurt Gardiner
  • Anthony Romano
Editors Note: Thank you Beth Mason or the HCDO for the free advertising!

What is your primary source of political news in Hoboken?:
  • Hoboken Journal
  • Hoboken Reporter
  • Hoboken Patch
  • Mile Square View
  • Lane Bajardi goes mental on Dawn Zimmer (Hoboken 411)
Readers: Please fill in any details I may have missed in the comments below. Many people I spoke to have taken the poll and I think in some cases the questions may have been different or asked differently. ◦