Friday, June 10, 2011

Update Reader Mail: Beth Mason and Monarch on the Shipyard- Developer Sellout

Update 6/10/2011: The City provided this update on 6/8/2010 on the Monarch Development Project....

An application was submitted by Shipyard Associates to build two 11-story towers on the pier in front of the Hudson Tea Building.

The Zimmer Administration took the following actions in response to the application:

Boswell, the City engineer, carefully reviewed the application and pointed out deficiencies to the Department of Environmental Protection.

Community Development Director provided a review of how the application does not relate in any way to the Master Plan or the Master Plan Reexamination.


Mayor Zimmer wrote a strongly worded letter to the DEP against the application, highlighting the need to protect our waterfront, the treasure of our City.


The DEP responded and noted that the application is incomplete and contains several deficiencies. Click here to view the letter from the DEP.


Link to City Website article:

It would appear that once the Zimmer Administration found out about this project, they acted along the appropriate channels such as the DEP to get their concerns on this application on the table. Not sure what that crazy guy over at Hoboken 411 was ranting about. This is a bad project for Hoboken's Waterfront in its current form; unless you are a developer of course with ties to "Develop or Die" Beth Mason.

Time after time that Krazy Klaussen is proven wrong again and again. What a hater. Good reason to have antipathy toward this project though. I hope the rest of the Hudson Tea crew realize Beth Mason is in bed with Applied. No amount of vote buying in 2013 will even let her win her own ward if the voters in Hudson Tea realize what is really going on here and actually vote and acknowledge  Beth Mason is behind hideous development projects such as this one.

Orginal Post 6/9/2010: Reader Eric sent in this email on Beth Mason and her handling of the "Monarch at Shipyard" project which has some high rises that would make pro-developer and former mayor Dave Roberts jump for joy. Beth Mason, it would seem is in bed with the Barry's. Hardly a startling revelation if you have been following my coverage of the evil witch queen (Mason) on this blog, MSV and Grafix Avenger. Here is his account of the latest in large scale development projects that has some residents ready with salt gas tanks of the bulldozers.


As a follower of all of your websites I thought you would find the following interesting.

You might notice on the Hoboken city website today the news regarding the update on “Monarch at Shipyard”.

It is interesting to note that after residents sent inquiries to city hall requesting their help in dealing with this unexpected application for new development in the north east part of town, city hall responded accordingly (specifically the Mayor and her directors). But where do you ask was our Ward 2 representative? Well that is a good question because Beth Mason still has not bothered responding to one person in her ward asking for her help. At first I just thought it was an oversight that she did not respond to my e-mail but then I realized multiple individuals had also e-mailed her with no response.

Now I thought this was a bit strange and of course the speculation/rumor is that she is in bed with the applied companies and Mr. Barry himself and therefore is not going to disrupt that relationship to help people in her ward but even if this proved to be incorrect or false her silence speaks volumes. It is damn shame she was re-elected when she does not do her job and represent her ward and instead focuses her time on city hall e-mails or protesting corner cars. Clearly, the residents at the Hudson Tea Building have heard her loud and clear and we will be getting out the vote in 2013 to make sure we have a mayor who will represent the people of Hoboken properly and that person will not be Ms. Mason.

Another interesting item, when this application to the DEP was brought to the attention of the Hudson Reporter, again no response or comment which is very unlike them. I guess you can say they are not a true independent newspaper (I believe they are still partially owned by Applied companies).

Thank you for your time.

- Eric

My comment: Where were those voters from the Hudson Tea building for Tom Greaney during the last election? He could have used the help.  With 10 more voters from Hudson Tea building he could have made the runoff. ◦