Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank You for Your Support and Happy Birthday to Me!

I don't have the vote totals from my write in campaign but I do know that there were at least 85 write-ins for Freeholder 5th District in the Democratic primary and 18 in the Republican. I'm sure not all all of them are mine, probably most of them based on feedback. Thank you for your vote.

I am awaiting to see if my petitions for Freeholder are accepted but they should be. I was able to muster 139 signatures when 100 were required. Once the petitions are accepted I will make a formal announcement on what I plan to do but for as of now I am heavily leaning towards running a grass roots campaign with the only expectation is that I engage the citizens and raise awareness of the issues as time permits. Most people don't even know what a freeholder does and party bosses want it kept that way. Volunteers will be welcome. Massive amounts of campaign literature will not be not happening. The campaign if it does happen, will be in my voice and in my style. Thanks again to all who signed my petition.

Also: Today is my birthday. I'm getting so old a Facebook friend had to remind me it was my birthday. :) Time for a blogger break. See you tomorrow.

Here is one more getting older joke:

Thank God I am not that "Horsey" blogger over at MSV! If I was him I am so old this is where I could be headed.....