Thursday, July 21, 2011

City Council Meeting Recap 7/20/2011

The following significant items were passed at last night's Hoboken City Council Meeting....

  • The 2011 Budget was passed. 
  • Municipal Elections were moved to November.
  • Corner Cars was established by ordinance. 
  • City Council Approves use of Eminent Domain for SW Park. 
Here is a shocker. Tim Occhipinti broke with the old guard and was the crucial 5th vote to pass a resolution in support of using eminent domain for acquiring South West Park. Will Tim Occhipinti now try to brand himself as "reformery" or this just a one time event, or a Scott Delean ruse:? Time will tell. He went off script. Question: Is Jamie Cryan now crying for his developer friends? I don't like using eminent domain but Councilman Dave Mello brought up a great point about using it as leverage in negotiations.

All in all a very productive meeting. Kudos to Council President Ravi Bhalla for the professionalism in which he chairs the meetings.