Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoboken City Council Meeting Tonight July 20 - 7PM

Update 7/21: Removed live feed for website performance. Meeting concluded with elections moving to November with the usual 5-4 vote.

The last City Council meeting was a special meeting to properly amend the budget to have a surplus and give back a decent but responsible tax cut to the Hoboken homeowner. Tonight's City Council meeting is a follow up to the the July 1st meeting that had many items on the agenda, in particular the following ordinances for first reading that are now coming up for second reading and perhaps final vote.

A listing of the major meeting items is below the live stream and comments section.


Update: Removed live feed for website performance. Meeting concluded.

Budget Resolutions:
  1. Resolution to reaffirm Ordinance Z-93 entitled “Ordinance to exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation limits and establish a Cap Bank for the FY 2011 Budget.
  2. Resolution to Approve the Budget Amendments (with a Public Hearing). 
  3. Resolution to Adopt the City of Hoboken CY 2011 Municipal Budget (with a Public Hearing)
Ordinances for Second Reading: 
  • Moving Municipal Elections to November
  • Establishing Parking Fees at Municipal Garages (Russo/Castellano)
  • Two ordinances on Political Contribution Limits.
  • Establish Second Class Police Officers. 
  • Ordinance to formally Establish Corner Cars Parking Spaces. Without Nino Giacchi making bogus illegal votes pandering to the old guard of corrupt and inept governance, this can now happen. 
Also on the table is the elimination of Medical benefits for City Council members.