Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pupie Party Tonight at Sinatra Park from 6pm-10pm

Folks, break out the Geritol and affix your dentures, its time to celebrate Frank “Pupie” Raia’s 60th Birthday Bash at Sinatra Park July 7th from 6pm-10pm. Just kidding the Frankster. Milestone birthdays should always be celebrated with a bit of levity. In a town of colorful characters with interesting nicknames, Frank “Pupie” Raia is one of those and his bash is a consistently well attended event year after year. Free food and beverages all night and two musical acts of Grand Funk Railroad and Neil Diamond promise to keep the crowd entertained. The crowd tends to be diverse with a mixture of old and new Hoboken.

The Naked Cowboy showed up last year a Pupie's bash.
Last year the Naked Cowboy from NYC showed up and wowed the ladies as the above photograph shows. I'm sure Franks freinds are wondering if he will make another appearance. Frank might even sing a number or two.

Note: Last year Frank Raia was upset with me over a jibjab video I had included him in and let me have it in front of the whole crowd. The video that I did was strictly to highlight political alliances that proved to be correct. I have since talked to Pupie to explain that the video was a political observation on alliances and nothing more. It was never meant as a personal attack. I should be duly noted that his party is on public land so all should feel welcome (except perhaps me) to attend.

Also, notice the Naked Cowboy photo in his flyer? Yep, that is mine but the people who made the flier saw fit to not contact me to use it. You see [Frank], respect is a two-way street. How can I respect someone who demands respect but is a rule breaker and can't even respect basic copyright laws? If your people wanted to use the photo all they had to do was ask. Just saying. Consider us even after I scarf down a few hot dogs tonight.