Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special City Council Meeting Tonight 7pm on Budget

Tonight there will be a special City Council Meeting on the Budget stating at 7pm. Beth Mason, in her ineptitude couldn't get a budget past the State of New Jersey who ultimately reviews and approves (in this case rejected) budget amendments. These so called "tax breaks" were no more than a political stunt that would have irresponsibly set the surplus to zero and been a one-shot gimmick to set the Mayor up for unnecessary tax increases later. Astute people not consumed with hate or a desire to mislead the public unlike Hoboken 411 can see the Mason/Russo axis of deceit for what they are. Sheer politickery. Acting Mayor at the time, Arch Liston called this meeting tonight to restore the surplus to an appropriate level (above 0% and closer to 5%)