Friday, August 19, 2011

Ba-jardi Ba-reaking? Little Weasel Calls Cop on Hoboken Journal

Last night Lane Bajardi was at it again, this time he wasn't even at a City Council meeting. Read below for yet another Bajardi breakdown.....

These were the photos I was taking last night.
Does anyone see Lane Bajardi's family? I sure as hell don't.
Last night I attended the free NJ Symphony concert at Pier A Park and was looking forward to a non-political event even though I knew I would run into political allies at some point. Before the concert I was taking some pictures of the wonderful sunset and a Hoboken Police officer (who shall remain nameless) paid me a visit. It turns out that Lane Bajardi told the officer to warn me about harassing his family by taking photos of them. Well I can assure you that most certainly was not the case. I was taking pictures of anything but his delusional self. Even though I didn't have to, I showed the officer my camera and the fact that there were no pictures of his family. I instructed the officer to tell Lane to stop harassing me with false accusations and the next time I will file formal harassment charges against him.

Courtesy of  MSV

Lane Bajardi in my opinion is a public figure and a possibly paid purple pillow plopping political operative. I have every right to take photos in public City Council and generally at public events. The difference between Lane and myself I won't do it purportedly hiding behind Hoboken 411 (opinion) as a ghost writer like some sniveling little weasel. Lane Bajardi sure can dish it out but he sure as hell can't take it.

At this point Hoboken police officers should be instructed not to bother with complaints from Lane Bajardi when new media citizens are trying to cover public events.The police have better use for their time than listen to some paranoid delusional setting them on a wild goose chase. Unless someone can show me a local ordinance, this is simply out of jurisdiction.

Besides. I have plenty of good photos of Lane Bajardi already. I don't even have to take them myself.

Photoshop courtesy of Grafix Avenger

- Kurt