Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Loyal Opposition" Plays Hard Ball

The "Loyal Opposition" (LO) is playing hardball folks and they are serious about taking power back from the good governance movement led by Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Whether its referendum mania, taunts of recalls from the miscreants known as the "Callichio Brothers" (no its not a childish video game but it is indeed childish), Orwellian double speak from the likes of sell-outs and front men Franz Paetzold and Jamie Cryan, as well as the circling of the wagons at the BOE like piranhas at a $1 million surplus feeding frenzy, the LO is serious about getting back power via any means. any means. After all there is much patronage to be had and Zimmer is the enemy because she turned off the spigot of low shows jobs and instead only hires those on paper who are qualified. Whether it is co-opting so called media of Mason411 or Hoboken Patch, whose editor seems to be all hugs and kisses with the Russo faction as of late it is a full court press to get back to using government to reward their group and only their group, the betterment of Hoboken be damned. It is serious stuff and has serious implications for Hoboken's future but I can't help but stepping back and seeing the humor in it as well.

With that said, here is the latest JibJab featuring certain key players on the Pittsburgh Pirates playing hardball. If you have to ask why I selected the Pirates you haven't been following Hoboken politics too closely. But that's ok. Hoboken is great in spite of its politics. Production Note: Mike Russo is the pitcher and Lane Bajardi the catcher because if the FBI should come knocking with more than just a courtesy call, at only 5'4", the Channel 78 anchorman's estimated stature, we all know who will be doing the "catching" at Club Fed.

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