Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Councilman Dave Mello on the Elections Today

Hoboken City Councilman Dave Mello who resides in the 4th Ward and is clearly the more informed and smarter of the two City Councilmen that represent Hoboken from that Ward shares his thoughts on election day....

Please be sure to vote today, and please consider three very important local issues. Our President for the next four years is not the only important question we'll be considering today.


By doing so, you'll eliminate these low turnout, overly cumbersome local May and June elections that we have so regularly seen in Hoboken. As a Social Studies teacher, I know very well that we've been taught from a young age to vote in November. We teachers don't teach lessons about May and June elections. People who haven't wanted to best for Hoboken desperately want our transient population deciding important local issues at a time when you're more likely to stay home and not vote. It is voter suppression, plain and simple. So, please put an end to this bizarre practice, and vote "YES" on Hoboken Public Questions #1 and #3.

Please support the Kids First slate, and vote for "K", "L", and "M"

I'm supporting the Kids First Slate of Tom Kluepfel, Jean Marie Mitchell, and Ruthie McCallister because I don't want to see our schools and classrooms regress. As a teacher in my 12th year of service to at-risk children, I appreciate that this slate truly does put the kids first. They DON'T see the massive school board budget as a patronage piggy bank for financing unnecessary jobs for friends. They DO understand that our school funds need to be invested in the classroom first and foremost, and that at risk kids simply need as many resources as possible if we are to move their education and performance in the right direction. As a South Bronx teacher, I know all too well that schools need to fill the learning gap that too many kids enter classrooms burdened by. Only by putting the kids first, and making sure the overwhelming majority of budget spending remains in the classroom, can we hope to ensure that all of our kids succeed.


Our local rent control laws still need adjustment. However, this public question will destroy any semblance of rent control in this city by exempting condo buildings. I agree that small landlords should not be burdened by rent control laws that are too harsh. But there's a much better way to accomplish this than via support of this public question. So, please vote "NO" on Hoboken Public Question #2, but "YES" on Questions #1 and #3 (regarding a full move to a single fall election).

And most importantly of all, vote today, and vote in Hoboken. It's where you live, and it's where you should vote.

- City Councilman at Large Dave Mello and 4th Ward Resident