Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Councilman Peter Cunningham Supports Kids First and Yes to Election Reform Questions #1 and #3

Here is a message from the highly civic minded and professional 5th Ward City Councilman Peter Cunningham on elections today. Hoboken's 5th Ward residents are generally happy with Peter's Stewardship and concern  for all residents whether they live in brownstones or reside at Fox Hills:

Good evening friends, family and neighbors,

I hope we are beginning to see some improvement in our lives as we assess, give thanks and continue to support those around us less fortunate.  As we continue to pick up the pieces from the wrath of Sandy, the below note from the Administration highlights the following:

Power issues, tomorrow's elections, public transportation, FEMA claims, donations, garbage pick up and parking regulations.

Besides the all important presidential election tomorrow, there are several local issues on the ballot of importance. 
SCHOOL BOARDS:  As many of you know, I have worked with the Kids First team for years.  Many thanks to all who have supported these great leaders and policy makers which continue to cut waste, improve the efficiency, eliminate patronage, introduce new programs, improve public school education and increase our property values by putting Kids First.

Please see their most recent flyer below, and vote K-L-M for Kluepfel, Mitchell & McAllister. 
I can guarantee you that the other slate supported by the minority council members and financed with contributions that violate campaign finance reform we passed last year will attempt voter fraud.  They will try to take advantage of the hurricane and possible low voter turn out as a result.  Please vote, as all polling locations are powered up and ready to go! 

Public Question Number 3:  I favor moving the elections to November (like the school board election tomorrow) and eliminating the run off.  Consolidating elections in November makes it easier to vote, and increase voter turn out.  A much higher voter turn out mitigates the abuses like what we've seen with hundreds of illegal absentee ballots.  It also reduces taxpayer costs associated with multiple elections. 

Public Question Number 1:
  Would eliminate the need for a runoff election (currently if you don't get to 50% of the vote as a municipal candidate the first go-around, you have to run in an additional and unnecessary election a couple weeks later - something that has never changed the course of a Hoboken Mayoral race), while Question 3 would move the elections from May to November.  Please VOTE YES to BOTH questions 1 and 3

Thank you for your indulgence.  Let me know if you have any additional questions, and please pass on as you see fit.

- Peter

Peter Cunnigham 5th Ward Councilman City of Hoboken 

Release from Hoboken City Hall on November 5th....


All 3 substations in Hoboken have been repaired and energized. If you still do not have power, contact PSE&G by calling 800-436-7734 or through MyAccount at www.pseg.com so they can troubleshoot. There may be issues between the substation and your home (tap lines, transformers, service drops, etc), or you may need to contact an electrician to inspect and potentially repair the electrical panel or wiring within your building. The City has a team of electricians to check on equipment and make sure it is functioning and safe before power can be restored to buildings. This is a necessary step in order to restore power to those remaining buildings. If you still do not have power, call the Hoboken Utility Help Line (9am-5pm) at 214-561-0671/0672/0674/0675 and we will put your address on a list for inspections. Once an electrician becomes available, we will then dispatch them to your site. The City also strongly encourages individuals to coordinate to have their own electrician do this inspection and submit the inspection verification form in order to notify the City that the site has been inspected.  Those forms for your electrician to fill out for verification are located at: www.hobokennj.org/sandy/Construction-Electrical.pdf
If using a City deployed inspector, the City will pay for the initial assessment, but any repairs that are necessary will need to be coordinated and paid for by the property owner.  Property owners may be able to be reimbursed by FEMA for such expenses. Similar processes will be required for restoring gas service.

The Election will be held for Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Voting hours are 6am to 8pm.

Voting will take place at usual polling locations EXCEPT for Ward 4, District 5. The Boys & Girls Club sustained major damage so the 4-5 polling location will be relocated to the Multi Service Center (124 Grand St). The polling location at 3-3 (15 Church Towers) will have power and WILL NOT move.
Options to find your polling location:
· Visit: www.hobokennj.org/departments/city-clerk/voter-information/
· Text your address to 877-877
· Polling location locator: https://voter.njsvrs.com/PublicAccess/jsp/PollPlace/PollPlaceSearch.jsp

In Hoboken, in addition to voting for federal offices, voters will also vote for school board and three local ballot questions related to moving local elections to November, rent control, and eliminating runoff elections.

Public Transportation
· Beginning Tuesday, November 6th, limited PATH service will run on the Journal Square - 33 Street line from 5 a.m. through 10 p.m., seven days a week. Trains will not stop at Christopher Street or 9th Street stations.Trains do not stop in Hoboken, but Hoboken residents can walk or bike to Newport along the Waterfront Walkway.
· NJ TRANSIT doubled the number of buses on Monday and is working with the FTA to add more buses on Tuesday to alleviate crowding.
· NY Waterway has resumed normal weekday bus and ferry service from 14th Street and Hoboken Terminal.
· Hudson-Bergen Light Rail will be operating with limited service between Tonnelle Avenue and Hoboken Terminal in Hoboken, and with shuttle service from Hoboken Terminal to Marin Blvd. in Jersey City on 20 minute intervals.
· All pedestrian access to Hoboken Terminal is from the waterfront ONLY.
Disaster Relief (FEMA)
If you suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy, it is absolutely essential that you register for disaster assistance from FEMA. Document (photos, etc) the damage and save receipts.
· Call: 800-621-FEMA (3362)
· Online: www.disasterassistance.gov.
If you have oil contamination, fumes, etc, write to complaints@hudsonregionalhealth.org with your name, address, phone and description.
Food & Beverage Sales
Establishments must be inspected and cleared for opening prior to establishing operation. Please contact: The Hoboken Health Department, 94 Washington Street, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030. (201) 420-2375. Although you must call for an inspection, we would also prefer that you email the Health Department as well: fsasso@hobokennj.org.
Trash pickup has resumed. Additional trucks have been brought in to supplement crews. Please be patient while crews work as quickly as possible and postpone throwing out large amounts of trash unless necessary. Damaged furniture can be left at curb. Separate white goods (appliances) into separate pile. They must be recycled. NO electronics. No hazardous waste.
Donations to the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund can be made online or by mail. For information visit: www.rebuildhoboken.org. Please – no more donations of supplies. We are fully stocked and in the process of sorting and distributing supplies. Please donate to other communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
Ragamuffin Parade
The City of Hoboken wants to make sure that all Hoboken children have the chance to participate in Halloween. As a result, since power has not yet been completely restored at this time, we are rescheduling the Ragamuffin parade for this Monday, November 12, 2012. The time and additional details will be announced shortly.
Parking enforcement is suspended through Monday, November 12, 2012 at 8pm. If your car was damaged by flooding, please have it towed as quickly as possible.
Hoboken public schools are closed on Tuesday. ◦