Friday, May 14, 2010

My new threads- Clever writing by Reader plywood

"My new threads"

Here is a clever piece by cunning linguist and chief punologist reader plywood who has a few things to say about the latest city council developments.......

I know how some of us can get roped into the grandstanding rhetoric at Council meetings or on blogs. It's frustrating; it's always the same old lines, yet they always leave us hanging by a thread. Plenty of talk about binding contracts, but they're knot resolved. It seems no-one wins, and it is always a tie, leaving us wanting more. I don't really want to get entwined in this latest string of events but seems that big business has heard this insatiable need and has responded to it! At first I thought they were pulling my rope, but imagine my delight as I today learned Home Depot now sells a full line of these!

Your freelance stringer,

plywood ◦