Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hoboken McCarthyism - Charlie McCarthy that is

Update 5/18/2011: Since Beth Russo (Beth Mason and Mike Russo combined as a political singularity with near infinite gravity to suck at the taxpayer's wallet with their pandering and ineptitude) have brought it upon themselves to go after normal citizenry in a McCarthyesque way, I figured I would bump up this post to remind us of one of the diminutive agents behind the dark forces that drives Beth Mason's power lust.

Original Post 12/7/2010: If there ever was a talking puppet for Beth Mason in Hoboken, it would be this sycophantic, race baiting Napoleanic hate monger, known for his anti-Zimmer venom and hate towards progress at City Council meetings. He is usually spotted wearing a suit although some question whether he is gainfully employed. He occasionally dons props like an easel (giving him the nickname "weasel with an easel") in an attempt to take out all political opponents. Most people ignore him unless of course they are on the side of Mason/Russo syndicate that want to sabotage the Mayor's agenda.

Here is a political cartoon (photo-shop) of this person, who has become a bit of a pariah, the topic of the police blotter (just once so far), and the butt of many jokes from people who really want effective government. You can almost imagine Beth Mason pulling the strings while the useless and twisted so called Hoboken 411 (Mason 411)  talking points come out of the comically contrived yet buttery baritone voice against all reason. Take a guess as to who I could be referring to. In some circles he is an alleged ghost writer of Hoboken 411 and is also known as Channel 78's diminutive anchorman. He also is on record for assaulting Roman Brice but that case was settled via mediation as a opposed to medication which he and Hoboken 411 proprietor Perry Klaussen should be on. C'mon take a guess.

Hoboken's Charlie McCarthy- Guess who!