Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Hoboken Journal is Number One On Beth Russo's Witch Hunt list!

I'm Number One! Not number two, Not number three, but number one! The Hoboken Journal is the number one target in a resolution sponsored by Beth Mason and Mike Russo here-ever known as Beth Russo after another alleged vote buying operation in subsidized housing coordinated by the Russo operatives got Beth Mason barely re-elected. This story about the pending resolution tonight has been extensively covered by both MSV and Grafix Avenger blogs and now you can get my take:

Tonight I am wearing the colors of reform betrayal. In 2009 Beth Mason sold
out reform in a deal with the Russos. Mike Russo was heard bragging on FBI tape
how he would own the City Council.  Beth used a color scheme of purple and "Linda Blair
exorcism puke my guts out while Satanically possessed" pea soup green to run her
campaign along with her Mike Russo handpicked slate. Tasteless Lane Bajardi allegedly
was behind the brash color selection.Then again, we always knew he had poor taste.
Heck I am honored. I even beat out the Horsey (Mile Square View) who would rather blog away about Hoboken than make big coin. Many who want good government in Hoboken may appreciate his sacrifice but I'm number one on Mike Mason's hit list! I guess I might be doing something right. Can I gloat a bit?

Tonight, there is a resolution sponsored by the head of the axis of evil and obstructionism that asks for all email correspondence from the Mayor's communication staff that asks for all emails since 2010 to a number of media contacts. I am listed first, Kurt Gardiner of the Hoboken Journal.

Hoboken McCarthyism has reaered
its ugly bushy browed head yet again!
Not You Charlie, Lane Mason and Beth Bajardi!
I am curious to see what the legal opinion is on this matter is. I highly doubt that the City Council has the right to such documents carte blanche. I can say this, that over the course of 2010 to present I received numerous press releases from Juan Melli from his official email account just like any other member of the traditional or new media. In total,  I responded to the 30 of those emails with mainly questions about the release. A couple of times I made some political comments. Some pretty flip, some outright funny (from a certain perspective). Juan maintained professionalism throughout. I can honestly say there is no smoking gun here.

I being the first on the list of targets from Beth Russo have nothing to hide and it turns out I may share some of those responses at some point soon. Beth Mason's McCarthyism strikes again and I for one am not going to stand for it. This is a witch hunt and I will not stand by idly while she tries to tarnish my family name of Gardiner. I can't wait for tonight.

Personal Message to Beth Mason: Welcome to La Familia German style Beth Mason! You attack me then you attack my family. You suck and you and your dirty non-transparent ways will never allow you to be Mayor unless you completely buy the election. 2013 will not be be a good year for you. Tonight won't be so good either.

Link to Resolution Pack: