Monday, January 31, 2011

Hoboken Shovel Party - Eric Kurta is on a mission! Clear one corner at a time!

The "Eric Kurta Hoboken Snow Shovel Party 2011" continued on Sunday January 30, 2011 with more snow removal efforts.

Collage of Eric Kurta's snow removal efforts over the last several days

I was with snow shoveling ring leader Eric Kurta, Juan Melli and new to the party Gary Holtzman for two hours and the work pressed on. I met up with these guys at 4th and Park and we continued to shovel out more corners in both the 3rd and 1st Wards. Here are a few photos from round two yesterday. If anyone else of strong back wants to participate in the next snow event, work off some calories as well as enjoy the commraderie of doing good deeds for Hoboken, drop me an email at and I will let you know when the next such gathering will occur. I don't care who you voted for, this is about community and community response for the residents of Hoboken. If one little old lady does not slip on one of the shoveled out corners I will say mission accomplished. Every little helps in this nearly unprecedented winter snowpocalypse.

Eric Kurta, Gary Holztman, and Juan Melli shovel out
corner near HUMC (from r to l).

Eric Kurta, Gary Holztman, and Juan Melli shovel out corner near
Church Square Towers (from l to r).

Eric "The Android Shoveler" Kurta takes a brief respite.

Eric Kurta and Gary Holtzman help a man in a wheelchair gain access
by clearing the way.

And we have safe passage. Both Gary and Eric have done their good deed for the day.

Yes, when I wasn't taking photos I pitched in as well.

A brief video from yesterday's efforts on snow removal: