Friday, January 28, 2011

Walgreens open for business

After some significant delays the Walgreen's in Hoboken is now open for business.  I stopped in yesterday 1/27/2011 to check out Hoboken's latest retail pharma option. It is located at the former TD North Bank building at 101 Washington Street near the CVS. It does make me wonder if both of these pharmacies survive?

Below is a gallery of photos of the new place. I think they did a pretty good job of restoring the building where they left in as many of the original features as they could. I never wish ill of any new business but to me the opulence of the building doesn't seem to fit the type of store that is now in there. Perhaps that will be their competitive advantage. They will be able to easily boast that they have a more attractive store than CVS. We will have to see if that pans out given that product lines and prices more or less are the same. One difference that I noticed about their product line vs. CVS is that they have fresh produce and prepared meals. Readers: Let me know how the prices stack up in the comments below:

My Comment for Discussion: The optimal type of business for that building could be some kind of supper club. I am thinking big bands and concerts but that would require a major investment. It would be another option than perhaps a sports bar. I don't know if it is viable but that would that would have great potential. In the meantime I wish Walgreen's well and Hoboken shoppers can look forward to a bit of opulence when going to the drug store. ◦