Monday, April 4, 2011

Photo of the Day- Mike Russo on TV?

A reader submitted today's photo showing the "Secret Millionaire: Third Ward" suggesting that perhaps Mike Russo is on  a recent TV Guide play list. Now, the Hoboken Journal has no way of knowing what Mike Russo's financial worth is since there is no current means testing at Church Towers for what was intended to be middle income housing. The Hoboken Journal supports middle income housing in concept but wishes that means testing done on a yearly basis like in NYC to prevent abuse. That would include public figures like Mike Russo who receive such a taxpayer subsidy. His mother reportedly made a lot of money in Real Estate commissions as families were burnt out of their home in the 80's and yet the Russo family still lives there supported in part by the taxpayer.

If Mike Russo in conjunction with the queen of obstructionism Beth Mason, wants the emails of Dawn Zimmer's Cabinet then I say he provide full financial disclosure and let the taxpayers of Hoboken know whether or not his family truly needs to be subsidized by the taxpayers of Hoboken or not. Lift the shroud of secrecy on Church Towers. Indeed most of the families that live there do need the assistance but we should make these apartments available to those who need it not those who hide their wealth by owning a $1 share in a Jersey Shore vacation home.

Is this a TV show about Mike Russo- Let his 15 minutes of fame begin. Oops- He already has a nice mention in the new book "The Jersey Sting" offering to take a $5,000 bribe but never showing up to collect.