Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pier C Park Photos - Its Really Open Folks and No Mention on Hoboken 411

Let me be the first to say it took a long time to open and then re-open Pier C Park. Whether it was an unfavorable contract from the previous administration, special parts from Mexico on backorder, safety concerns or an uncooperative "City Council of No" led by Beth Mason and Mike Russo it sure took long to open it. But it is open and the kids love it. I saw it for myself yesterday.

Question: why isn't Hoboken 411 reporting it? It is a simple story that residents could use if they are staying in town this weekend. After all Perry Klaussen the owner of Hoboken 411 always brags about how he is the most complete news site in town and yet all he could do last night is monotonously spew out incidents from the police scanner in the typical droll fashion of someone who has experienced head trauma. Just another example of the completely inadequate and flaccid coverage of Hoboken from the supposed largest trafficked site in town according to the biased and delusional Czar of all things pro-Beth Mason, Perry Klaussen.

The permanent gate sand shade structures are all that is left to be installed according to City Director Leo Pelligrini and will be done within the next two weeks.

Enjoy the shots of Pier C Park re-re-opened at last: