Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hoboken 411 for Sale on Craigslist? If True the Price is a Sign of Sheer Megalomania

Update 5/29/2011: The ad mentioned below is no longer on Craigslist. It was pulled after less than a day after this article was up.

Original Post 5/29/2011: A reader sent this email to me today. They spotted an ad on Craigslist for a leading local/community Hoboken website since 2006 . The price: A cool $1.25 million. I don't know if the ad is serious or not but it is likely making a reference to Hoboken 411. I too am leading local website but unlike Perry Klaussen I started in 2008 and I am not for sale.

The price mentioned on Craigslist is about as out there as Perr Klaussen's political reasoning skills. Maybe $25,000 if the brand was not so tarnished but $1.25 Million? Someone needs a real reality adjustment.

Link to ad:

Share you thoughts below as to the possibility this is real and the appropriateness of the price below.....

Is this a prank or is Perry Klaussen tired of leftover pizza and dog food as well as being too
poor in his 40s not to live on his own and need roommates? Time will tell.