Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HUMC Meeting Tonight August 17th 6PM- Final Meeting?

The HUMC Authority is having another meeting tonight at 6pm at Assumption Hall in the Hospital. According to a source if all items on the agenda are accomplished this could be the last meeting by the Authority before the HUMC is privatized. Politics aside, privatization at this point does appear the only way to save the Hospital at this juncture. Their debt burden is too large to garner any more public funding. The items on the agenda could be the necessary steps to complete the Hospital sale tonight other than the final approval from the State of New Jersey Health Commisioner.

Below is the Agenda:

1) Open Meeting Act Disclosure Statement
2) Roll-calL
3) Pledge of Allegiance
4) Report fromt he Hospital CEO
5) Report from the Authority
6) New Business
  • Discussion of Certificate of Need
  • Resolution Amending the Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Resolution Approving the Settlement Agreement
  • Other matters that may come before the board.
7) Public Comments.
8) Executive Session Closed to the Public (if necessary)
9) Adjournment of the meeting.

Note: Action will be taken at this meeting.

Link to full agenda:,%202011.pdf

The meeting is at Hoboken University Medical Center located at 308 Willow Avenue Hoboken, NJ
Assumption Hall and starts at 6pm. ◦