Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Special City Council Meeting Slated for Thursday August 18th at 7PM

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has called a special City Council Meeting for August 18th, 2011 at 7PM which is linked to the activities of the HUMC Authority meeting tonight about the privatization of the HUMC medical center.

The meeting will address only three items all relating to the transfer of the Hospital to HUMC Holdco:

1) Resolution to affirm an emergency contract with Okin, Hollander and Deluca to handle issues relating to the bankruptcy filings of the HUMC.
2) Resolution authorizing a closed session to discuss pending litigation relating to the HUMC and Hudson Healthcare, Inc.
3) Resolution to approve a settlement agreement between the City of Hoboken , The HUMC and Hudson Healthcare, Inc.

Below is the memo from Mayor Dawn Zimmer calling for the meeting as of August 11, 2011 and the links to supporting documentation...

Meeting Notice: Special Meeting o the Hoboken City Council for August 18 2011
Bankruptcy Lawyer Bio: Hollander Biography
HHI Bankruptcy Release:  HHI Bankruptcy release

My comment: Once this deal is done this will be the Mayor fulfilling one of her major campaign promises to get the City of Hoboken out of over $60 million in bad debt associated with the Hospital. The larger the stakes for Mayor Zimmer to complete a goal, the more the faction of Russo and Mason try to obstruct and obfuscate. This will be a major political victory for Mayor Zimmer and the "old guard" can't stand it. ◦