Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photos of the Day - Helicopters over the Hudson

I was playing with my new zoom lens (up to 300mm) along the Waterfront of Hoboken today and I got these pictures of helicopters flying over the Hudson. It took some practice and some adjustment of settings on the camera to get these shots but it was fun. Perhaps it is the liberal media spying on the residents from above with surveillance equipment or the vast right wing conspiracy against Hudson County Democrats that would explain the large of number of helicopters I saw fly by in a short period of time. :) Or perhaps the Hudson River is just one big trafficked air corridor being the sanest of explanations.

Boy, the sky was sure blue today! Powder Blue!

Helicopter over the Hudson River in "Conspiracy Black"

Helicopter over the Hudson River in "Emergency Red"

Helicopter over the Hudson River in "Hoboken 411 Pansy Powder Blue"