Saturday, May 15, 2010

POG No Longer has Hoboken 411 Link - Divorce Final?

Graphix Avenger (GA for short) on her blog recently did a brief commentary on the fact that POG had a link to Hoboken 411 but no other real media news sites like Hoboken Now or Hoboken Patch except the Hoboken Reporter. The full story on that site is below:

GA's comments about Hoboken 411 pointed out its partisan content which referred to the Dawn Zimmer chimp photos as an example, prompted the former president of POG Eric Kurta who had a key role in getting the 3 key pay to play ordinances passed in Hoboken to give Grafix Avenger this response on her blog:

"That's some real sharp sleuthing there. Let me do you one better. For most of the three years that I was president of POG, I was also a regular poster and contributor to H411. When the site changed its editorial slant, I ceased my activities on the site. No drama, nor was this a state secret.

At most, I'm guilty of not updating the link list on the POG site to include MSV and Patch, both of which are relatively new to the Hoboken scene. A full revamp of the site will be undertaken this summer - ease down, will ya?"

- Eric Kurta

I am happy to report that the links have actually been updated ahead of Eric Kurta's promised schedule. Not only has Hoboken 411 been eliminated from the list of links but also Masonista site We the People Reports. Beth Mason's WTPR site when it was being updated actually had some useful content. It used to be great for BOE meetings but then either attention span issues, money, or ambition got in the way of a once great resource.

Here is the new link page on POG sans Hoboken 411:

Perry Klaussen's circle of friends is one less again in the blogosphere