Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mayor Dawn Zimmer helps a resident in need

Long time resident Margaret O'Brien sent these photos to me that she took this morning of Mayor Dawn Zimmer helping a resident into an ambulance at 5:30am this morning. Here is a quote from her note:

"Our Mayor was out there in a Flashing Emergency at 5:30am helping a severely ill woman on chemo get out of her wheelchair onto a gurney into a flashing ambulance. She has muscle and a heart from Hoboken."

"Let me hear anybody say she was not concerned with the snow, or hasn't learned anything from the previous storm."

I agree with Margaret O'Brien that the Mayor has learned lessons on snow removal and you saw that from the last storm. Hopefully that progress will continue with this storm as well. Thanks to Margaret O'Brien for sharing these photos. I understand the point she is trying to make by sharing them with me. Point taken. Sorry for the low resolution photos. It can be very hard to get good pics in the snow.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer up at 5:30am after assisting a resident in need.
Director Jennifer Maier and Joel Mestra also assisted the woman in need.

Here is a tweet from Dawn Zimmer that confirms the story: