Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You too can intervene with Respect to Jersey City Gas Pipeline Proposal- Deadline is Today!

I had this email forward to me to publish on my website. Today is the last day to file as an individual for "intervenor" status on the proposed gas pipeline project by Spectra in Jersey City. Some people feel this will affect Hoboken resident sas well. The information to do so is below....

Time is Running Out to Block Jersey City Gas Pipeline

This Wednesday, January 26th at 5PM, is the deadline for anyone to file as an intervenor against Spectra Energy's pipeline route through Jersey City. This is the proposed pipeline that Spectra wants to build through Jersey City to supply gas to NYC. There is the option for Spectra to go via the Hudson but its cheaper
for Spectra to go through Jersey City, hence the company's proposal. This is safety issue, and a quality of life issue at its core with zero benfit to us as residents of Jersey City.

Our team of volunteers has from the beginning done the most to stop this pipeline from threatening Jersey City. Now we need your help . While NO Gas Pipeline, Jersey City's Mayor and many others, including individuals and neighborhood groups have filed to intervene, you still have time to show that you also don't want Spectra's pipeline to endanger our health and safety of our children, schools, jobs, property and our future growth.

As this link below says for assurance: "Registering as an intervener does not obligate you to do anything further. However, to comment on or otherwise participate in the FERC process you must have registered by the deadline. On the other hand, if you do no register with FERC as an intervener by the deadline, you will be shut out of the process and you will have no voice in protecting and preserving your well being."

Simple Steps to File below.

FERC: File as Intervenor - How to File and Why


Jersey City Councilman Fulop urges residents to intervene on gas-pipeline expansion: