Monday, April 4, 2011

Beth Mason Screws up or Lies Again: Take your pick!

Beth Mason is at it again with another incorrect statement. One of her recent mailers throws a member of her own congregation at Hoboken's only Synagogue by falsely asserting that Drew Moss can't be treasurer of Dawn Zimmer's Candidate Committee when in fact he can. This is what happens to Beth when one her key advisers is a pathological liar with limited reading comprehension, no college degree and a whole heap of anger management issues and no ethics.

In her mailer Beth Mason claimed that Drew Moss could not be Treasurer of Dawn Zimmer's Candidate Committee while also being the Chair of the Political Committee Move Hoboken Forward. In fact he can and here is the language straight from the NJ Compliance Manual.....

From page 7 of NJ ELEC's Compliance Manual for Continuing Political Committees (CPCs), Legislative Leadership Committees (LLCs) and Political Party Committees (PPCs):

No person serving as a chairperson of a political party committee (PPC) or a legislative leadership committee (LLC) shall be eligible to be appointed to or serve as:

1. Chairperson, campaign treasurer, or deputy campaign treasurer of a candidate committee or joint candidates committee, other than a candidate or joint candidates committee established to further the election of that person as a candidate;
2. Chairperson, campaign treasurer, or deputy campaign treasurer of a political committee; or,
3. Chairperson, treasurer, or deputy treasurer of a continuing political committee (CPC).


You see that the exception is right there in black and white and yet Beth or one of her handlers simply fails to comprehend that her assertion is not application since Dawn Zimmer's Committee is a Candidate Commitee and not one of the other types and thus Drew is fine here. To double check I called NJ ELEC and spoke to a woman named Danielle ans she he confirmed that my reading is indeed correct and there is no violation here.

Can we ever trust Beth Mason again? On anything? She can't even get the facts straight and apparently believes in a scorched earth approach where anyone in her way to power will be crushed by false accusations. This has really become a character issue in that Beth Mason has none, all issues aside.

For Reference, here is Beth Mason's twisted and false mailer: