Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hoboken BOE Candidate Steven Feinstein Introduces Himself

Steven Feinstein - Hoboken BOE Candidate
My name is Steven Feinstein and I am running to serve on the Hoboken Board of Education along with Jean Marie Mitchell and Cliff Godfrey on the Kids First ticket.

As a Hoboken resident, husband, father of two Hoboken Public School children (Elysian Charter and Hoboken High School), homeowner, taxpayer and involved citizen, I have supported Kids First and their accomplishments on the Board of Education. I have been involved with Kids First since the beginning and I am proud of the wonderful things happening in the public schools. I share their passion and belief that running a school district in a fair and efficient way allows the resources and money to go where it belongs in the classroom! For example, over $1,000,000 owed to the district was discovered in various audits. That money belongs to the kids, and they got it thanks to Kids First!

I am also very familiar with education and Board service in Hoboken. I served for four years on the Board of the Elysian Charter School and before that, on the Parent Committee of the HOPES Head Start program. I am well aware of the issues we face as parents, as a district and as a community. As a homeowner and small business owner, I am also sensitive to the needs of parents and taxpayers to achieve the best education at the best possible cost. The Board's recently proposed budget has been reduced for a second year in a row bringing it to the lowest level allowable under the law. This is an amazing accomplishment considering there were no teacher layoffs or cuts in programs. In fact, many programs are being added or expanded!

Perhaps the biggest success achieved by the Board is the recent hiring of Dr. Mark Toback, a seasoned superintendent who has a record of success. I am confident that through his strong leadership, our schools and programs will thrive and grow stronger. As a proud Hoboken High School parent, I am excited about the AP classes starting next year and the proposed partnership with local colleges to enable HHS students to matriculate and earn college credit even before graduating. Dr. Toback has hit the ground running and has already begun to implement many of his ideas that will move the district forward and open new doors for all of our kids.

Our schools are definitely moving in the right direction. I want to continue to build on these achievements and ask for you to support me, Jean Marie Mitchell and Cliff Godfrey in moving Hoboken forward!

Please join me in continuing this excellent progress and vote Kids First (3-4-5) on April 27.

Thank you,
Steven Feinstein ◦