Friday, August 7, 2009

Discussion Thread - Operational Audits - Workforce Analysis

Update 8/7/2009: With Dawn Zimmer now acting Mayor and the Fire and Police operational audits not completed by Judy Tripodi (in draft mode), I think it is time to bring up this topic again. It is important to have real facts and real data for the City to negotiate properly with all the Unions so that we are as efficient as possible given all the state rules and contracts that righfully protect employees. With the appropriate facts and analysis from these audits the new Mayor in conjuction with Judy Tripodi can make the right choices if efficiencies are to be had without jeapordizing Public Safety. We can all agree on the fact that we need fully functional fire and police departments. What is debateable is how much we should spend and on what to provide those services to Hoboken residents. Feel free to comment below:
Discussion Thread
Operational Audits - Workforce Analysis

Another topic for discussion is for our new Mayor, whoever he or she may be, is whether or not to bring in an outside firm to do operational audits on the City to determine to what extent Hoboken government is running efficiently.

An operational audit would span the following areas of Hoboken Governance:

1) City Hall
2) Fire Department
3) Police Department

The new Mayor could use the promised operational audits from the State, Judy Tripodi and company or go to an outside firm like Beth Mason proposed last year. If an outside firm were to come in ideally it would be done in a competitive bid process to get the best outside people to come in and give an objective analysis.

Here are some leading questions statements to get the discussion going:

- Should an operational audit be done from the outside on Hoboken?

- If so should we just let Judy Tripodi and the state finish the job that they started almost a year ago or should we bring in a neutral party/firm to assist?

- What is the holdup with the State operational audit of fire and police and why is is it taking so long?

- Should we just listen to Chief Blohm of Fire and Chief Falco of Police since they know Hoboken best? Damn the experts!

- Lets say for arguments sake such an audit would be around $300,000. Is that just too much money?

- Without any formal analysis can't our future Mayor make a few phone calls to other comparable fire and police to get a general idea of the level of services needed?

- Is it a good idea to say no layoffs of Fire and Police during negotiations of union contracts? Is that how you would play poker?