Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mike Lenz Email - Please Join me in making Hoboken even better

Here is a recent email from the Mike Lenz campaign.....

Dear Neighbor,

Election Day is right around the corner (November 2nd) and the campaign is in full swing.

We are planning events and talking to residents across the Ward about our clean campaign to lower taxes, support balanced development, fix flooding, and improve our quality of life.

I am proud to stand with Mayor Zimmer and the Council Majority in moving Hoboken forward.

  • After years of mismanagement by past administrations, we got out of state supervision and finally have an honest budget.
  • We are making the tough choices to lower taxes while keeping our city on a strong fiscal footing.
  • We are improving our quality of life with innovative parking and transit solutions, and a 38% increase in police patroling our streets.  
  • The City Council is holding strong against overdevelopment by stopping the out of scale NJTransit project that would have built 70 story commercial and 45 story residential buildings on Observer Highway and are moving ahead to bring "Hoboken friendly" development to the entire city, including a community pool and a park in the 4th Ward. 
  • As we brace for the effects of hurricane Nicole, I am proud that we are finally building a pump to help solve our flooding problems once and for all.

There is still plenty of work to be done over the next few months. Developers are pushing massive projects in the 4th Ward and with 3 zoning board seats up in December, now is not the time to return to a 'rubber stamp' zoning board. We were able to bring down municipal taxes 5% in the current 6 month transitional budget (the maximum allowed by state law after being under state supervision) but the 2011 Budget will be adopted in the spring. Tough decisions will have to be made and Mayor Zimmer needs a majority of votes on the city council to bring down taxes even further.

We are moving in the right direction but we need to be victorious on Election Day in order to keep our city moving forward. Progress is never easy, but together we will keep making Hoboken even better.

Please attend one of our upcoming events and sign up to help spread our positive clean campaign message to all the residents of the 4th Ward. Our opponent has reunited the Cammarano team and is trying to run an old school campaign, but with your help we won't let them sell us out to developers and political machines.

On November 2nd, I respectfully ask for your vote for 4th Ward City Council. Together we can move forward and make sure that the failed policies of past administrations are behind us for good.

- Mike Lenz

P.S. If you can't attend out Headquarters Opening or Meet and Greet with the Mayor, please consider donating $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to help us get out our message. Can't donate? Please sign up to Volunteer by clicking here. ◦

Dawn Zimmer Fundraiser Scheduled with Cory Booker September 30th- Tonight!

Update 9/30/2010: Event is tonight at Teak down by the PATH Station at 16 Hudson Place. Event starts at 7PM.

Original Post 9/17/2010: I received this email for an upcoming Dawn Zimmer fundraiser on September 30th at Teak with special guest Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark.

From tax cuts to increased parking and street safety, we are making the changes Hoboken needs.

Mayor Zimmer is working to bring a positive and financially secure future for every resident, but we need your help more than ever.

Please come show your support for Mayor Zimmer and the last year of progress by attending our
First Annual Fall Fundraiser:

"An Evening with Mayor Zimmer"

See You There!

An Evening with Mayor Zimmer:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker
Thursday, September 30th

Teak on the Hudson - 16 HUDSON PLACE, HOBOKEN, NJ

7pm-8pm: Pre-Event Reception with Mayor Zimmer
Admission: $250 per person

7pm - 11pm: An Evening with Mayor Zimmer featuring
Newark Mayor Cory Booker
Admission: $100 per person

Please RSVP to or 201-855-9704

*Email Campaign Paid for by Friends of Dawn Zimmer.
Note: Attention all Hoboken candidates: The Hoboken Journal will post notices from all political candidates in Hoboken elections regardless of my editorial positions or voting support as a Hoboken resident. I believe in giving the voter as much information as possible in order to have them make an informed decision my opinions aside. I don't take money for ads so there is no cost associated with posting. In the month of August, 2010 this website  yielded over 30,000 page views, modest but not an insignificant number for a politically focused website with a part time editor. To have a notice for any event posted free of charge please email the Hoboken Journal at ◦

Zimmer Statement on Western Edge Redevelopment Plan.......

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has issues a statement on the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan....


Last night the Zimmer Administration officially handed responsibility for the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan to the City Council.

“The City Council, as the redevelopment agency, has ultimate authority over the redevelopment process, and I thought it was important to clearly mark this transfer by placing the Western Edge resolution on the agenda,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The Zimmer Administration is fully committed to assisting the Council through a collaborative approach and will make professionals available to assist as needed to further refine the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan with input from the public.

Unlike previous plans, the currently proposed Western Edge Redevelopment Plan includes a guaranteed location for the long-promised community center with pool which must be built before developers can open their buildings. The area occupied by this community center accounts for the difference between the amount of open space in the prior plan and the current plan.

“I believe it is important to finally fulfill the promise of bringing a community center to the residents of Hoboken,” added Mayor Zimmer.

The plan brings balanced development, including much-needed retail and commercial space, to Northwest Hoboken which has seen close to 100% residential development over the past 10 years. In addition, the mixed usage helps reduce the tax burden caused by services required by residential development. Importantly, the plan requires that 5 percent of the space be set aside for incubator office space to support existing businesses within Hoboken and create affordable office space for new startup businesses. The Administration has been in discussions with community members and the Stevens Institute of Technology about potential partnerships and use of such a space.

The Administration, working with the Trust for Public Land, has been in discussions and negotiations for the last year to acquire a large area of land adjacent to the Western Edge for a park. The property known as the Henkel site is owned by Cognis. The City currently has $3 million in funding to acquire the site, and the Administration has applied for an additional $2 million in Green Acres funding. The Administration’s intention has been to develop the Western Edge in concert with the adjacent planned park at the Henkel site. The City was close to an agreement to purchase the site, but because Cognis is now being bought out by another entity, discussions were delayed until the closing of the purchase, scheduled for the end of November. The Trust for Public Land has been in communication with the company acquiring the Henkel site, and they are very receptive to working with City.


Photo Caption Contest - Lane Bajardi and Beth Mason

I have some ideas but I am not tipping my hat quite yet as to what captions to add to the following photo from last night's City Council meeting. Lane Bajardi left speaks while his political ally and Mayor/queen in exile, the out-spatula-ed 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason looks on as her liege spouts off his usual clap-trap on the Municipal Garage.

Attention Readers: Come up with something creative in the comments and receive adoration from your fellow Hobokenites. Sorry, no cash reward, I am saving that for Operation Bounty. A clean election is my priority this fall. After all there is not much hope in cleaning up the dialogue in city council meetings so feel free to have some fun below. Satire really can fluster your opponents. Just ask Al Sullivan. 

Lane Bajardi left, Beth Mason right - add your caption in the comments below and make us laugh


Update: 806 Bloomfield Lawsuit with Respect to Zoning- Hearing Decision Pending

Update 9/30/2010: Both parties were in court this morning, before the Honarable Judge Bernadette DeCastro. Both sides presented their case and the judge will advise her decision in about three weeks.

Update 9/29/2010: There is a hearing is open to all before Judge Bernadette DeCastro J.S.C., Room 806 595 Newark Ave, Jersey City tomorrow September 30th, 2010 starting at 9 am. Alfonso G. Carrino of Brunelleschi Construction initially was unsure whether or not the hearing was open to the public but it is. He also met with Hoboken Patch so I am sure they will have a story on this soon. Sorry for the late notice but I just found out today.

Update 8/27/2010: I added some photos of the back down below in the article to hopefully give readers a better idea of the dimensions.  Thanks for the reader suggestion.

Original Post 8/26/2010: Here is a another lawsuit with the City of Hoboken that is a little close to home. I live at 807 Garden Street and have been observing a renovation project over at 806 Bloomfield for the last two years. I have been wondering for over a year as to why the project seemed stalled. As Condo President for my building I was fielding questions from other owners in my condo building as to what was happening with that site. I was made aware of the project when I was properly noticed by mail and the head builder of the project reached out to me to discuss if I had any concerns. I didn't have any complaints at the time from my perspective since the house being renovated was sorely in need of repair and not in compliance with the 60% lot coverage rule that applies to our zoning area. They asked what type of fence we would like to see on out property and I was impressed with their spirit of cooperation.

The previous owners had a building that was unsightly as well as having a dilapidated shed that was adjacent to our property.I couldn't wait for it to be knocked down as I thought it was both unsightly and structurally compromised. The builder Alfonso Carrino who is a partner in Brunelleschi Construction who is based out of Jersey City, walked me through the plans at the time and from my perspective I was happy that the building was being renovated and that my views would ultimately improve when I looked out my back bedroom window. I did note that the building was going from a three floor to a four floor building as the basement was dug out and made into a unit.

Here are some photos to give you a visual of the project.......

The Ugly (Original Look):

806 Bloomfield originally

The Bad (Stalled Project):

View of the back of the stalled project from 807 Garden Street

The Good (New Cornice and Facade):

New facade at 806 Bloomfield
New cornice at 806 Bloomfield
To continue to the rest of the story click read more below:


Tim Occhipinti and Mike Lenz on the Western Redevelopment Plan

The 4th Ward election in looming and coming up before you know it on November 2nd, 2010. Last night at the special City Council meeting both candidates spoke on the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan. Here are their remarks from that meeting on this topic...

Tim Occhipinti's remarks regarding the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan 9/29/2010:

Mike Lenz's remarks on the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan 9/29/2010:

Chime in your thoughts below as to which candidate has the best grasp of the issue. The Hoboken Journal is proving this video to have my niche readership hopefully make a more informed decision come election day for those who live in the 4th Ward. You vote, you decide. ◦

Photos of the Day - Cake Boss Filming in Hoboken

Below are a few photos I was able to snap last night as the Cake Boss show was filming. I took a break from the City Council meeting and was able to get these Paparazzi style shots.

Cake Boss Filming at night

Budy Valestro and entourage

The Cake Boss takes a peak outside

Cake Boss meeting - shorter than a Hoboken City Council meeting - but what isn't?


City Council Meeting Recap and Video 9/29/2010

Last night, the City Council tabled the Western Edge Redevelopment plan. A few citizens had shown up to voice their concerns about their misgivings of the plan. One Hoboken citizen Mark Bogdanos who has handled Real Estate in town for many years stated that there is still much commercial property that is available throughout town. Resident David Liebler voiced his concerns over the the ability to get a mortgage in mixed use residential units as a concern as well as open space and the costs of the pool as an ongoing issue. Councilman Lenz stated that the community pool is a central aspect of the Redevelopment plan and was a promise made many years ago but never implemented. A few other residents spoke for more community meetings being required.

The other concern voiced was that of open space. Councilman Cunningham commented that the Henkel Site is on his and the Administration's radar and is about 6 acres. It is a contaminated site and would have to be re-mediated but that makes it ideal for a park

Mike Lenz was the first to make a motion to table the resolution and it was voted down 9-0. So much for conspiracy theory that the City Council majority always being in lock step with the Mayor.

The Western Edge plan was added to the City Council meeting this week but the original purpose of the meeting implement the budget and that had to be noticed well in advance. The budget amendments went through at the end of the meeting. Once again the public was informed that the amount of money that was availability was less than $20 million. That does not stop some people from telling the same lies over and over again.

It was that very lie telling that prompted blogger Roman Brice of MSV blog to speak up at the end of the meeting. The look of shock on some members of the City Council was entertaining to me since I think it caught the Council of No by surprise. Also, there was no action on the police item on the agenda. Approvals have to be completed first before they can go to the City Council.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

City Provides Update on Issues Regarding Tonight's City Council Meeting

Here is a comminique from the City of Hoboken on what appears to be some issues that have been brought up over tonight's agenda at the Special City Council meeting:

Update on Western Edge, Municipal Budget, Police Layoffs

The Administration is providing updates on several topics of interest to the community.

Western Edge Redevelopment Plan

The Western Edge Redevelopment Plan is the first item for consideration at this evening’s City Council meeting. Several members of the City Council, which is the redevelopment agency for the City, have expressed interest in postponing consideration of the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan in order to solicit additional input from the community. The community concerns have been largely focused on the amount of open space presented in the plan.

The Administration, working with the Trust for Public Land, has been in discussions and negotiations for the last year to acquire a large area of land adjacent to the Western Edge for a park. The property known as the Henkel site is owned by Cognis. The City currently has $3 million in funding to acquire the site, and the Administration has applied for additional Green Acres funding. The Administration’s intention has been to develop the Western Edge in concert with the adjacent planned park at the Henkel site. The City was close to an agreement to purchase the site, but because Cognis is now being bought out by another entity, discussions were delayed until the closing of the purchase, scheduled for the end of November. The Trust for Public Land has been in communication with the company acquiring the Hankel site, and they are very receptive to working with City.

Unlike previous plans, the proposed Western Edge Redevelopment Plan includes a guaranteed location for the long-promised community center with pool which must be built before developers can open their buildings. The plan brings balanced development, including much-needed retail and commercial space, to Northwest Hoboken which has seen close to 100% residential development over the past 10 years. In addition, the mixed usage helps reduce the tax burden caused by services required by residential development.

Municipal Budget

The State of New Jersey conducted a review of the introduced Municipal Budget. Based on feedback received from the review on Friday, September 24th as well as from the budget workshops held with department directors and the Chiefs of Police and Fire, an amendment to the budget will be proposed which includes necessary technical corrections and statutory obligations, but which will not change the total levy amount of the budget. Click here to view the proposed amendment.

The Council will vote on a resolution to advertise the amendment, and if passed, another public hearing will take place on October 6th on the amendment and the budget. The public will have an opportunity at tonight’s meeting and at the future meeting to provide input on the budget and the proposed amendment.

Police Layoffs

The Administration is on track to meeting the goals of creating a more efficient and cost-effective Police force while increasing street patrols by 38 percent. However, meeting those goals while avoiding layoffs will require both the approval of the interlocal agreement between the City and the Hoboken Housing Authority and the follow-through on the commitments to retire from seven Police officers. Mayor Zimmer trusts the integrity of the Police officers who have stated their intention to retire. She therefore expects that there will be no need for any of our young Police officers to lose their jobs. If the officers who have indicated their intention to retire in writing follow through, then the layoffs will be permanently canceled on December 2nd. The planned demotions will still take place on December 2nd with adjustments made to reflect all retirements which may occur.


Mike Lenz Campaign HQ Kickoff This Weekend Saturday and Sunday



What: 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is opening his Campaign Headquarters
Where: 60 Madison St – Ground Floor
When: Saturday, Oct 2 – 11 am AND Sunday, Oct 3 – 1 pm

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz will open his Campaign HQ this weekend and will have two events in order to accommodate the busy schedules of 4th Ward residents.

Mike stated: “With the Arts and Music Fest on Sunday and many people busy with family and sports events on Saturday, we expanded our original opening into to two events. We invite all 4th Ward Residents to come enjoy a hot dog or hamburger and find out more about Mike's campaign to lower taxes, fix flooding, support balanced development, and finally bring a park to the 4th Ward.

Grab a friend and come see the new space, pick up a window sign, and then sign up to volunteer.

Our opponent is reuniting the Cammarano team to try and stop progress in City Hall. They may be able to throw around money, but they don't have our secret weapon: YOU!

This is a grassroots campaign and we need to show our opponents that they can't buy their way to victory. Show the community that you care about the future of the 4th Ward and the entire city. We won't let them return Hoboken to the failed policies of past Administrations.”


What: 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz launches New Family of Websites
When: Right NOW!

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz has launched a newly redesigned website this week that covers the major Issues in his campaign: Honest Budgets and Lower Taxes, Balanced “Hoboken Friendly” Development, Flooding Solutions, Improving our Quality of life, and Running a Clean Campaign. In addition, the campaign has multiple ways to connect with the residents of the 4th Ward who may not have the time to attend one of the many campaign events listed on the site, including Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and Email Updates.

Mike stated: “This election will determine the direction of Hoboken for not just the next 7 months, but for years. Do you want a return to the failed policies of past administrations and city councils, or do you want to keep progress going in Hoboken? I am proud to stand with Mayor Zimmer in lowering taxes, fighting overdevelopment, and bringing integrity to city hall. While my opponent was assembling his web of corruption, we were working hard to create a website that addresses the important issues that matter to the 4th Ward. Please visit our website, see where we stand, share it with your friends, and sign up to get more involved by donating, volunteering, or hosting a house party.” ◦

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz Responds to Opponents False Allegations

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz Responds to Opponents False Allegations

Councilman Lenz responds:

“To begin with, I welcome Tim Occhipinti to the discussion about Clean Campaigns. It is ironic for Tim to accuse someone else of breaking a pledge that he refuses to sign or seriously acknowledge, all in a video that is missing legally required paid for language.

As to his two charges, he is wrong on his facts and misleading in his insinuations. To be completely clear: I stand behind my pledge.

Street Money

The pledge calls for “Street Money” and makes clear I am talking about CASH payments. It goes on and says “all payments for Election Day Workers will be by check and will be fully recorded on ELEC reports.” I followed that in 2001 and I’ll follow that this year. One more point --The fact that Tim is able to falsely attack me is because my ELECs were filed and complete with all checks recorded.

Absentee Ballots and Buying Votes

Tim is talking about my – perfectly legal and above board – hiring of 30 election day workers because he doesn’t want to talk about what his campaign is doing. I hired 30 residents, legally and paid by check, to help get out my message. Another reason was to have people in our T-Shirts to counter the intimidation factor of hundreds of paid ‘workers’ supporting my opponent. Given what those fine people went through that day, they certainly earned their pay. I would be proud to have enough money to hire them again. All heard my message, but none were required to fill out an absentee ballot, vote for me, or even vote in order to get paid. Those will be the rules this year as well. I challenge Tim to make the same commitment.

Late Filing

I remember submitting all my ELEC reports in 2001, but after being appointed to the council, I thought to check them online to ensure everything was posted and complete. What I found to my surprise was that my final report was missing. I immediately checked my files at home where I found my filed copy of the completed report from almost a decade ago. I checked with ELEC and was told to re-submit it along with a note explaining it had been previously filed, which I did. ELEC accepted my submission, put it on the web, and has taken no action to indicate I have done anything wrong.

Campaign Manager Sam Briggs added:

“Tim is now trying to run a ‘campaign of misdirection and slight of hand’ Tim is trying to draw attention from his own misdeeds and backroom deals, but the fact remains that Tim is unable to sign the pledge himself since he will be in violation from day one. As of today, only the Mike Lenz campaign has completed and submitted all ELEC, and only Mike Lenz has made a commitment to not have any able-bodied paid worker vote absentee.

Why can't Tim sign on to these common sense initiatives? Because Mike Novak, a high-ranking member of Tim's Campaign team ( currently has missing ELEC forms from his run with Former Mayor and current Inmate Peter Cammarano's campaign last year. Further, despite telling the press the opposite ( Tim is already personally running a shadow absentee vote campaign that is working day and night to disenfranchise the residents of the 4th Ward (

Additionally it’s sad that Tim has chosen to distract and muddy the waters on a day when there are many big issues affecting the 4th Ward:

1. Last night at a zoning board hearing, the proposed developer of 38 Jackson, who is associated with current Occhipinti Mentor and Former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, pulled his zoning board application so that it can be reheard in a couple months. What happens in a couple months? Three zoning board seats are up before the City Council, and if Tim wins, the developer will once again have a 'business as usual' rubber stamp zoning board. Additionally, Tim has already stated on his own website that he is in favor of giant tax abatements for developers (PILOTS), increasing tax burdens on the already stressed residents of the 4th Ward.

2. Tonight there is the final budget workshop and budget adoption. Residents of the 4th Ward need lower taxes and Councilman Lenz is working with Mayor Zimmer to start by bringing a 5% tax cut in this transitional six month budget. But if Tim is on the City Council, he has already shown his unwillingness to make the tough personnel decisions that are required to continue bringing down taxes ( He has continually stood up against all measures the city has taken to bring down costs and increase our financial footing.

Councilman Lenz will not ‘apologize’ for proposing we run a Clean Campaign, and for Tim to even ask for such a ‘silly’ idea just shows how out of touch he is from the residents of the 4th Ward. Mike Lenz is proud to stand with Mayor Zimmer and fight for lower taxes, balanced development, an end to flooding, and a better quality of life. Tim Occhipiniti and his cast of shady characters are once again showing their true colors: lying to the public, a return to 'politics as usual', and corruption in Hoboken." ◦

Another Phone Poll in Hoboken on Western Edge

"Citizens for Sensible Development"  Phone Poll

There is a another phone poll out there that started yesterday in Hoboken. A group called "Citizens for Sensible Development" called me on my cell phone and ask if I knew about tonight's City Council meeting and the Western Edge Development Plan and I answered yes.

The pollster then went on to describe the plan as adding 400,000 square feet of commercial space and that Mike Lenz will be considering voting on it this evening.

I asked the pollster where this group was located and he said Hoboken. That is interesting since I had another source get the same poll but it mentioned Ravi Bhalla instead of Mike Lenz. My source said he asked his pollster (a woman who had a distinct southern accent) and she said the organization was located down south.  The source further asked if this organization was part of a PAC or political party and the pollster became evasive.

The final question was "Do you think there should be more information that should be given to the public before voting on this initiative?". I answered yes to see what would happen next. I again tried to query the pollster more on the nature of his organization but to no avail. He then asked me if I would like to be patched in to Mike Lenz. I was eventually transferred to Mike Lenz's phone and I left him a brief message that it was me being redirected from a phone poll.

I do not know who is behind this initiative but who ever it is has money. Phone polls such as this are very expensive so it is unlikely that it could be some grass roots citizen organization but not impossible. So the question remains is who or what organization is behind this poll?

Looking at this with some experience of observing political events in Hoboken leaves me to conclude that developer dollars are in play in Hoboken as much is at stake for them financially. Not just with this project but many others as well. In addition the 4th Ward election may determine 3 zoning board seats come December of this year so a lot is a stake for developers to get "their man" into office to regain the City Council majority. I can tell you one thing, "their man" is not Mike Lenz. He is for sensible and balanced development.

Question: Do you think it is wrong for a phone poll to spam City Council members on their personal phone lines? Or is that acceptable and part of a City Council person's job? Do you think the poll is out of genuine concerns or an attempt to be political to undermine the City Council  majority or the Mayor? Share your thoughts below..... ◦

Mike Lenz for 4th Ward City Council - Platform Released on the Issues

Mike Lenz's website ( has a polished new look and he has now published his views on the issues for the 4th Ward City Council seat up for election on November 2nd, 2010. I had published Mike's opponent Tim Occhipiniti's yesterday and now it is his turn to have the mic:

Cut Taxes and Adopt Honest Budgets

Mike Lenz has long led the fight against reckless spending and budget gimmicks. “The key to controlling costs is honesty. Avoiding one shot revenues and financial trickery was the first step,” and Mike says,“now we have to get serious about cutting costs.” As Finance Chair he led the council to reject unaffordable contractual increases and bring down taxes. Mike asserts that, "we have enough money for everything we need but we have none to waste. The city must establish priorities and spend carefully." He continues to work with the council majority, Mayor Zimmer, and her administration to bring taxes down even more in the 2011 Municipal Budget.


• Led Hoboken’s first meaningful budget workshops and sponsored adoption of our first honest budget in close to a decade, making sure it was fully funded and had no tax increase.

• Stood with the City Council majority to reject unaffordable union contracts what would have increased costs and taxes at a time the city just can’t afford it.

• Supported the Council Majority in cutting 10% off the salaries and ending longevity pay for the Mayor, and Directors, and implementing a 1.5% healthcare contribution for all city employees, saving over $600,000 for Hoboken taxpayers.

• Took a strong position on the personnel reductions, the only way to make significant cuts to the budget. He is a strong supporter of the Mayor's plan to avoid police layoffs, increase patrols by 38%, and find significant savings for the taxpayer through retirements, redeployments, and a Hoboken/HHA shared services agreement.

• Working on a transitional budget with a 5% tax decrease. He’s leading the charge for more tax relief in the upcoming 2011 year budget.

Balanced, Hoboken Friendly Development

We need balanced development that strengthens Hoboken's neighborhoods because, “the way development happens in Hoboken will determine our future." Mike adds, "We must support new businesses, create jobs, and demand give-backs for open space, recreation, and affordable housing. Building yet more condos only increases traffic, parking and school crowding problems, further devalues existing units and costs us more than it brings in revenue.” Mike Lenz spoke out and cast the deciding vote as the council rejected an out of scale 12 story residential tower on Newark Street, but he supports development that provides jobs, enhances neighborhoods, and offers 'give-backs' for affordable housing and open space -- including a long overdue Southwest park.


• Is a strong voice against “zoning by variance,” the failed practice of granting approvals to massive projects when they are totally inconsistent with Hoboken’s master plan. Mike opposes development that forces out longtime residents and the artists and small business owners who make our town great, or stands in the way of building a long overdueSouthwest Park, while doing nothing to reduce congestion and bring jobs to our community.

• Was the deciding vote on the Council to reject an out of scale 12 story residential building on Newark Street and could be again on the next project. (Mike doesn’t attend Zoning Board meetings to protect his right to vote on appeal.He would rather be able to make a real difference with his vote, than to grandstand for a campaign soundbite.)

• Fought against the unrestricted use of PILOTs that give unfair tax breaks to some buildings while shifting the tax burden to other residents in the Ward. Fought in favor of a city-wide reval, which will reduce county taxes for all, and apportion city and school taxes more fairly.

• Spoke out to restore the Council’s power to appoint Zoning Board Members, which was an essential step in creating a the new “Hoboken Neighborhood Friendly” attitude on the Zoning Board. Mike’s opponent argued angrily that Mayor Cammarano should have absolute power to pick Zoning Board members the very night before Peter Cammarano was arrested for selling … zoning approvals.

Fixing the Flooding Problem for Good

Mike’s opponent says flooding solutions are ‘a want and not a need.' Mike disagrees. Fixing flooding IS a top priority for the 4th Ward; and it’s long been a priority of Mike’s.

Since the 1990’s Mike’s been fighting the flooding and he’s supported the Mayor's efforts to find flooding solutions from day one. “If it flooded at 6th and Hudson or 12th and Washington like it does at 4th and Jackson or 1st and Harrison, the Army Corp of Engineers would have been building levees here 25 years ago," Mike says, noting that, "the 4th Ward has been forgotten way too long.” Now construction is finally underway for the 100 million gallon/day pumping station serving the Southwest and Mike recognizes, "that’s a start, but there is much more to be done. The sewer needs to be fixed and maintained on a regular basis monitoring has to be utilized to find out what’s really going on. And once we have the facts, we must get action." Councilman Lenz sponsored the resolution to install state of the art sensor technology -- a key milestone in solving flooding for good.


• Supported Dawn Zimmer from day one in her successful effort to get construction started on the long overdue Southwest Pump.

• Sponsored resolution to install state of the art sensor technology – a key milestone in solving flooding for good.

• Raising the flooding issue – and making it a priority – since the 1990’s.

Improving our Quality of Life

The southwest is a diverse and wonderful part of Hoboken and Mike Lenz is working side by side with Mayor Dawn Zimmer to ensure the 4th Ward is forgotten no more. "City Government's job is to preserve and enhance our quality of life with effective, efficient and even innovative services to our citizens. From clean and safe streets, to recreation options for kids, adults and seniors, to a prompt and courteous response when you come to city hall, we are working to improve” Mike says. “After years of mismanagement, we are finally on track to build a sustainable city.” Councilman Lenz has led the successful fight for expanded police presence in the Housing Authority and worked with Mayor Zimmer and Chief Falco to ensure more cops on the beat. He strongly advocated for restoring the senior shuttle, and restoring and expanding the crosstown bus into the “Hop” And he has supported better communication technology in city hall and for emergency services, and supported innovated parking solutions such as the new ‘corner cars program,’ and advanced muni-meters.


• Stood with the Mayor in creating a Hoboken Public Transit System (The Hop) while still keeping the Senior Shuttle that many of the 4th Ward residents need.

• Worked with the Council Majority and the Administration to bring ‘corner cars’ to Hoboken, potentially taking hundreds of cars off the street while giving innovate car rental solutions to those in the Ward who can’t afford the high expenses of car ownership.

• Worked with the Council Majority and Parking Director Ian Sacs to get muni-meters installed in high traffic areas, increasing the number of parking spaces and making sure no quarter ever goes missing again.

• Joining the Administration in bringing improvements to pedestrian and road safety, including more stanchions to ensure cars don’t park illegally close to crosswalks, increased bike lanes and doubling the amount of bike racks, and making sure that crosswalks are clearly marked.

• Worked with the Mayor to redeploy the Police Force, increasing patrols by 38%, increasing the number of Officer's in our schools, reducing the top-heaviness of the department, and more than doubling the amount of officers in the critical 8pm-4am shift, all while bringing significant savings to the City and the Taxpayer."

Clean Campaign Pledge

And Challenges Opponents to Join Him in a Pledge to Run a Race That
Follows The Law, Respects The Voters, And Won’t Litter Our Neighborhoods With Trash.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2010

Today ends a shameful chapter in Hoboken history with former Mayor Peter Cammarano III entering jail on charges of taking $25,000 in cash bribes in exchange for promises of Zoning variances during the 2009 Mayoral election.

Although the cash bribes were the most obvious violation of the law by the Cammarano campaign, there were many illegal and unethical activities, from paying for absentee votes, failing to file campaign spending reports, intimidating voters at the polls, distributing unsigned flyers and other dirty tricks. They even covered our beautiful town in campaign signs on public property and private property without the owner’s permission.

Residents of the 4th Ward deserve better. We deserve a race run on the issues based on respect for the voters and the law. To help make that happen, 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is calling on his opponent, Tim Occhipinti, to join him is signing a clean campaign pledge which, if followed, would end the ‘tradition’ of dirty 4th ward elections. Together we can make this year’s election a model for the city to follow.

Tim Occhipinti has refused to sign the Clean Campaign Pledge. What does he have to hide? ◦

Update: Special Zoning Board Meeting - High Rise at 38 Jackson Seeks Variances Continued September 28, 2010

Brief Update 9/29/2010:

A concerned citizen had this to say about last night's zoning board meeting on the 38 Jackson project:

"The applicant for 38 Jackson asked to suspend his application to make amendments to enhance the plan and make it more in line with what the public has been calling for. The attorney mentioned specifically that this will involve the removal of 1 floor, so that the plan is now down to 11 floors. This happened after 2 full days of testimony, and 2 1/2 hours into the 3rd day of meetings. "

Another source has this to say:

"38 Jackson was withdrawn last night, after 2.5 hours of meeting time, by the applicant. They plan to make "significant" amendments to the plan. The board agreed to allow them to withdraw, but also specified that whenever they submit a fully revised set of plans and documents, the clock would start over; they will not remain in the que based on their earlier filing."

Looks like there will be more to come on this project and that the changes to the plan will be significant according to my other source.

38 Jackson Street Building

Update 9/23/2010:

This note was sent in from a 4th Ward resident recapping Tuesday's meeting. There will be a special meeting next Tuesday September 28th to continue this application by the zoning board:

"This past Tuesday night, the Zoning Board continued the hearing on the variance request for the proposed 348-unit condo project located at 38 Jackson. This was a continuance from the first meeting which took place back in July. During the meeting, the applicant’s traffic consultant was questioned by the attorney representing the applicant, followed by questions from the Board and general public. A special meeting was scheduled for next Tuesday, September 28, to hopefully complete the hearing on this request.

The traffic consultant testified that the proposed 348-unit building will have minimal impact on traffic. He also mentioned that he believed this development would result in a reduction in traffic congestion.

It seemed as if the Board will make every effort to complete this hearing at next Tuesday’s special meeting. The applicant still has another 3 expert witnesses that will testify, each followed by questioning from the Board as well as members of the public. Afterwards, members of the public will have the opportunity to share with the Board their thoughts on the proposed development. This will be followed by a discussion by the Board, and then hopefully a vote."

- 4th Ward Resident


Special Hoboken City Council Meeting Tonight at 7PM

Here is the agenda for tonight's special City Council Meeting. A key piece of the agenda is the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan.


Mayor Dawn Zimmer is calling a Special Meeting of the Hoboken City Council on September 29, 2010 at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers, 94 Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey for the following purposes:


Please note: Formal action may or may not be taken on any of the following items, however the Hoboken City Council may not consider additional Resolutions, Ordinances or any other matter brought before the Hoboken City Council; however, pursuant to the State Supervision Act, all Resolutions may be subject to review and approval by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.








Occhipinti calls on Lenz to apologize for breaking his own ‘clean election pledge’

Here is a press release from Timothy Occhipinti on Mike Lez's clean campaign pledge. It should be noted that a story broke on Hoboken 411 on Mike Lenz's campaign activities in 2001 earlier this week that this release is alluding to. Share your comments below.......

Occhipinti calls on Lenz to apologize for breaking his own ‘clean election pledge’

4th Ward City Council candidate Tim Occhipinti called on Michael Lenz to apologize to residents of the 4th Ward for already breaking his own “clean election pledge.” Lenz broke his own pledge, first by paying out “street money,” then waiting 8 years to file a report with the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

According to his ELEC filings, Michael Lenz paid out thousands of dollars in “street money” during his unsuccessful 2001 city council campaign. The records show more than 30 people were paid “street money” on Election Day, 2001.

According to Lenz’s pledge on “street money:” I pledge to make NO cash payments to workers on Election Day for any reason.

“This is the kind of hypocrisy that turns voters off to elections. Michael Lenz says one thing and does the complete opposite,” said Occhipinti. “A pledge is only a pledge if you intend to keep it. Michael Lenz has already broken this one.”

According to the same documents, Lenz also failed to file his ELEC report for the campaign until 2010, eight years late.

Lenz’s pledge on ELEC filing: Promote transparency by making all required Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) submissions, making every effort to meet established deadlines and promptly posting all ELEC submissions on our own website.

“In the eight years between his unsuccessful city council campaign in 2001 and his ELEC filing in 2010, Michael Lenz missed 30 ELEC report filing deadlines,” said Occhipinti. “Those are just two of the ways that Michael Lenz has violated his own so-called clean election pledge. When Michael Lenz talks about ethics, it seems he’s saying: Do as I say, not as I do.”

Occhipinti called on Lenz to put the political showmanship to rest and “apologize to the people of the 4th Ward for even proposing this cynical pledge, which he obviously never intended to keep himself.”

You can see Occhipinti’s full statement on his campaign blog:

Project Play Voices Conerns over Introduced Western Edge Plan Introduced at Tonight's City Council Meeting

Here is a an email from Project Play voicing their concerns over the introduction of the Western Edge Redevelopment plan at tonight's City Council meeting at 7pm. The group Project Play has issues with the plan not offering enough open space and other conerns. Read below for more detail.

URGENT: Your presence needed at City Council meeting Wednesday 9/29 at 7pm

You may or may not be aware of the plans to redevelop the North Western edge of Hoboken. If you are not, please read Western edge redevelopment.

I attended the meeting on September 15th, 2010 and left VERY concerned about the plan presented and slated to go to the City Council on Wednesday September 29th for review and then to the Planning Board for approval and then back to the City Council for a favorable vote.

What am I asking from you?

COME TO THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING AT 7pm on WEDNESDAY September 29th (at City Hall) and ask the City Council not to rush into sending the plan to the Planning Department. Ask them for a meeting to hear your input.

What's wrong with the plan?

In my humble opinion, a few major things. First and foremost, the City did not solicit any input from residents or the current owners of the property. They merely took criticisms from the last time they tried to designate this a redevelopment zone (and failed), removed some open space and represented it.

Western Edge Plan - Area in Green
The main tenants of the plan consist of too little parking, a huge amount of office space, and less open space then in the previous plan. When speaking about the parking, the response was along the lines of, if you don't have enough parking, people won't have cars (because they won't be able to park). I strongly disagree with this. People who want cars will have them and parking will be a nightmare, as it is throughout much of the rest of the City.

The plan also requires over 350,000 square feet of office space to be mixed into the commercial and residential space. This was one of the biggest points of contention at the meeting. Not a single resident spoke in support of this concept. Several people asked why anyone would want to have their office on the North West side of Hoboken? They asked how they will get there (given that there is no public transportation to that area), and of course, where they would park (given the limited parking in the plan). I've heard people say that they would never want to live over office space. Would you?

The developers say that a mixed use project such as this, is neither build-able nor finance-able. An attorney at the meeting said that if developers don't develop the land, the City would have to condemn it and take it from the owners by eminent domain. This of course would not be acceptable to the owners of the property and a lengthy and extremely costly litigation would ensue. This would realistically cost the City millions and take years (all the while you will have no parks, recreation space or community center). Additionally, if by any chance the City won that lawsuit, by law the City would have to pay "market rate" as if the property were developed. Can you even imagine how much 12 acres of prime developed real estate in Hoboken would cost? Where would the City get the money from? Even if they could get the property, they would have to then find someone to actually develop it. If the current owners can't develop it, how do you think the City will find someone who can develop it?

Think about this - there is significant vacancy in the Hoboken Business Center and in the Monroe Center, two current office locations. Also, NJ Transit plans to build office space (on Observer) and the Rockfeller Group plans to build office space (uptown by Burlington Coat Factory). Neither of these plans are approved, but they are on the table. Both of these locations are much more easily accessible by public transportation and are not in the middle of a residential area. Given the likelihood that these other two spaces will be approved (at some level) for office space, why do we need more?

The bottom line is that Hoboken is short on parks and recreation space. Removing open space is in contradiction to the Master Plan. For years residents have been asking for a community pool. If this development is held up in litigation, it will be decades before we see a pool, additional soccer fields, tennis courts or a community center.

Again, What I am asking from you is to COME TO THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING AT 7pm on WEDNESDAY September 29th (at City Hall) and ask the City Council not to rush into sending the plan to the Planning Department. Ask them for a meeting to hear your input. I have spoken to a lot of families about what they would like to see in this area. Many have said some of what I mentioned above. A pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, a water park, dog run, play ground, and passive open space. Several of you said we need a new school! There is serious over crowding in several schools and many of you plan to stay for the long term which means more kids! I'm sure there are more good ideas that the City would benefit from hearing. Ask for the opportunity to give your input.

Please forward this to anyone you think is interested in making their voice heard. I hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow evening.

Thank you,

- Zabrina
The HFA Project Play Team

Visit for updates and information.

Note: The opinions of Project Play are not necessarily of that of this editor but I am an advocate for as much open space as economically practicable. ◦

Note from Rami Pinchevsky - 4th Ward 2nd District Democratic Committeeman

Here is an update from Rami Pinchevsky, 4th Ward 2nd District Democratic Committeeman on recent issues both city-wide and effecting his ward and district.

What Just Happened with the Police Layoffs:

A lot has been going on lately with the proposed police layoffs, and I figured I'd give a little background information to help folks understand the full story.  Earlier this year the State of NJ released an audit it had prepared on the Hoboken Police Department which called for a reduction in the force.  In response to this audit, Mayor Zimmer proposed a plan that would reorganize the police force resulting in 19 demotions and 18 layoffs.  And due to union rules, and what’s known as 'bumping rights,’ those younger officers with less service would be the first to be let go.

The police layoffs and demotions, coupled with another 18 layoffs from City Hall, were expected to save the taxpayers over $2.5M annually.  However, the plan to layoff police officers was met with significant resistance from the police unions, who launched a PR campaign against the City – many of you might remember seeing the protests in front of City Hall a couple weeks back.

The layoffs were set to be effective on Friday, September 24th.  During the few weeks leading up to this past Friday, the Mayor let it be known that her ultimate goal was to reduce the size of the force, whether through attrition (retirements) or layoffs.  She said that the layoffs would be reduced one-to-one for each retirement announced prior to the September 24th effective date.

During a press conference this past Friday, it was announced that due to retirements and a new deal worked out with the Hoboken Housing Authority, no officers were going to be laid off.  The new deal with the HHA will allocate the $0.5M they contribute to the City for extra police presence - which had been used to pay officers overtime to work extra shifts - towards a new 5-man Housing Authority bureau dedicated strictly to that zone.  Additionally, 13 senior officers have either already submitted their retirement papers or at least have agreed to do so by December 1st.

The City also announced a new redeployment plan which calls for more officers actually out on the street patrolling.  According to the Mayor and Police Chief, the new plan will result in a 38% increase in police assigned to the street.

A reduction in costs combined with more officers on the street is a good thing.  And at the end of the day, many folks who are typically at odds with each other, came out together to show support for this plan.  From my perspective, this really seems like a win-win for the City of Hoboken.

Mayor's Fundraiser:

As many of you already know, I've been a big supporter of Mayor Zimmer since back in her early days as our 4th Ward Councilwoman.  There’s just something refreshing about having a Mayor who brings honesty and integrity back to the office.  This Thursday, September 30th, the Friends of Mayor Dawn Zimmer will be hosting a fundraiser to celebrate a year's worth of progress for Hoboken under her strong, well balanced and professional leadership.  Special guest will be Newark Mayor Cory Booker.  I will be attending, and invite each of you to join as well.  It should be a fun night of socializing, enjoying some drinks, and simply spending time with like-minded folks.

Please review the following for the event details:, or

Voter Registration for November 2nd Election:

With the November 2nd election just around the corner, it really is important to make sure you and your neighbors are registered to vote.  October 12th is the last day to register to be eligible to vote in the November 2nd election.  A strong voter turnout is always important as it shows that we care about the issues and that we hold our elected officials responsible for their actions.

Here's a link for the voter registration form:

(Note that if you print this two-sided, you won't have to pay for postage -- see the 2nd page for instructions)

Well, that’s all for now. I hope everyone is doing well. As always, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or just want to discuss neighborhood issues that are important to you. My cell is 201-600-0296.

4th Ward, 2nd District Committeeman ◦

Revolution 67- Film on the Newark Riots at Hoboken Library tonight- 6PM

Reminder: "Revolution 67", a film on the Newark Riots in 1967 is playing at Hoboken Library tonight at 6PM.
Call 201-420-2347 to RSVP.  More details below.....
At the Hoboken Public Library tonight September 29, 2010 at 6PM


4th Ward Poll - Mike Lenz or Timothy Occhipinti

Here is another unscientific web poll for reader participation. This poll concerns a choice of two candidates in the 4th Ward for Hoboken City Council, Mike Lenz and Timothy Occhipinti. Of course in the real election only 4th Ward residents (in theory) can vote in the election so the results of this should not be construed as valid given the readership profile of this site in my estimation.


Henrietta Dwyer says the 13th Congressional District needs jobs here

Here is a press release from Henrietta Dwyer (R) on the issue of Jobs in New Jersey. Henrietta is running for the 13th Congressional District this fall.

Henrietta Dwyer says the 13th Congressional District needs
Jobs Here. Jobs now.

Recent statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics painted a very bleak picture on the jobs front in the 13th district. Unemployment is well above the national and state averages of 9.5% and 9.7% respectively. Unemployment in Hudson County has reached 11.5 %. In the southern end of the district in Perth Amboy unemployment stands at 17.8%. Ms. Dwyer issued the following statement on the present situation.

“Washington told us this past summer would be a recovery summer. Instead we are seeing record jobless numbers in city after city across the district. Those fortunate enough to still have a job, find themselves working longer and longer hours for less pay. Congress has become a collection of career politicians more concerned with photo ops and distractions than they are with fixing this economy.”

“Washington needs to get back to basics so all of us can get back to work. We need less scandals and more practical, down to earth, solutions to move our economy forward. Our district needs the jobs that will only come when Congress decides to support small businesses with pro-growth policies and a clear set of rules. I want to go to Washington to end the confusion and doubt which Congress has created that is wrecking our economy.”

“Career politicians have put this country and this economy on the terrible path it is on today. Our district and our country need a new direction. I have an MBA from St. Peter’s and my background is in the private sector. I know what it will take to bring jobs back and the only special interest I want to serve are the people of this district. My pledge to this district is that I will work hard, work smart and work honorably to represent you in Congress to bring our economy back.”

About Henrietta Dwyer:

Ms. Dwyer was born in Jersey City, grew up in downtown Union City, and has lived in West New York for the past thirty-five years. As a lifelong resident of Hudson County, this district is her home. She received her undergraduate, and Masters Degree from St. Peter’s College and professionally, served as the marketing director of a prestigious New York hospital. She will be campaigning in Hoboken this Sunday at the Arts & Music Festival. ◦

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hoboken Journal and MSV Announce “Operation Bounty”

The Hoboken Journal and MSV Announce “Operation Bounty”
Initiative to Stop Absentee Ballot Fraud

Concern has been elevated on the topic of election fraud and it is raising its serpentine head in the upcoming November 2nd special election for the 4th Ward city council seat. To combat this practice, The Hoboken Journal in conjunction with Mile Square View (MSV) is launching "Operation Bounty," a plan to take absentee ballot fraud head on with a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any individual disenfranchising the vote using absentee ballots in the Hoboken special election.

“Operation Bounty” is not partisan and is not affiliated with any campaign, political group or organization.*

The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View are hopeful for a clean election in November with no malfeasance or electoral skulduggery. In past Hoboken elections, there have been misgivings over the validity of absentee balloting practices and both MSV and the Hoboken Journal extend this reward to discourage any untoward activity that disenfranchises voters. Both the Hoboken Journal and MSV stand together in their pledge to condemn illegal and illicit absentee voting practices by ironically putting our money where our mouth is.

Regardless of which campaign is responsible for any untoward activity, both the Hoboken Journal and the Mile Square View will honor a commitment to reimburse the person responsible for reporting the incident. The reward is payable for the first tip leading to an arrest and conviction.

An example of this concern was picked up in another website below:

PolitickerNJ reporter Timothy J. Carroll has posted multiple stories on the issue of absentee ballot fraud and it's not even October. He quoted a resident familiar with the practice:

“I think you’re not going to see 600 absentee ballots in the 4th Ward, or else somebody’s going to jail,” said another veteran of Hoboken elections."

The Hoboken Journal and the Mile Square View wish to thank all concerned Hoboken residents for their consideration and welcome your support. We encourage our readers to spread the word throughout the 4th Ward that the citizens of Hoboken demand fair elections and do not subscribe to the notion of “winning at all costs”.

*Operation Bounty is paid for by friends of the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View. If you wish to make a pledge to support the goal, email or The $1,000 reward will be increased if sufficient pledges become available. Any difference not covered by fundraising will be underwritten equally by both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View.

Below is the release in pdf form for your viewing and printing convenience:


Bipartisan Ward 4 District 2 Committee Members Welcome West End Station Restaurant

Below is a note from the committee representatives from the 4th Ward district 2 from both the Democratic and Republican committee seats welcoming new restaurant West End Station to the area.....

West End Station --- Welcome to the Neighborhood!

With the West End Station restaurant now open for business, we would like to officially welcome them to the community.  Located in the Sky Club residential building, at the corner of First Street and Harrison Street, the West End Station is the latest creation of Chef Anthony Pino, who has also brought us The Dining Room at Anthony David’s and Bin 14.

As residents of the south-west corner of town, we are extremely excited about this new addition to an area of town lacking in dining options.  The food is a fun hip twist on Chef Pino’s concepts of modern American, with vegetarian and gluten-free options available as well.  The West End Station offers a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful exposed brick, plenty of HD TVs, and a large bar offering fun drink creations and a substantial beer selection.

As members of the Hoboken Democratic and Republican Committees, representing the 4th Ward, 2nd District, we would like to wish the West End Station all the best!  This establishment is truly a great addition to the neighborhood, and we encourage all of our neighbors to swing by, grab a bite and enjoy the atmosphere.  Hopefully this will act as yet another catalyst towards bringing folks together and enhancing our sense of community.

Here’s to much success!

Miriam Pinchevsky and Rami Pinchevsky
Hoboken Democratic Committee - 4th Ward, 2nd District
Kerry Cowart and Peter Morgan
Hoboken Republican Committee - 4th Ward, 2nd District

West End Station
Address: 700 First Street
Hoboken NJ 07030
Phone: 201-216-9580

More on West End Station from their website:

Welcome to West End Station - the brand new restaurant from Chef Anthony Pino and the restaurant group behind Bin 14 and The Dining Room at Anthony David’s, two of Hoboken’s most celebrated restaurants.

We’re located at the Sky Club at the West End of First Street at the corner of Harrison Street. Just a block away from the 2nd Street station of the Light Rail, and miles away from ordinary.

The restaurant opened September 12, 2010 and immediately established a whole new area of Hoboken - The West End. If you’re seeking a relaxed and engaging environment with a lively lounge, you’ll find it here...without the crowds and parking headaches of Washington Street. You’ll also find some great new American Grill Cuisine for all tastes, and NFL football on multiple screens with DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket every week.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be building out our new website. In the meantime, if you’d like to hear about details, specials and upcoming events, just click below and join our email list. We’ll keep you up to date with everything happening on the most swinging side of Hoboken!


Tornado Watch Issued for Hudson County Until 6 PM today! Watch out Dorothy!

From Hoboken City Hall as a cautionary message to Hobokenites:


The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for Hudson County until 6pm, September 28th. Additionally, showers and thunderstorms could produce locally strong wind gusts and heavy rain this afternoon and early this evening.

Wind Precautions
High winds are possible in Hoboken this Tuesday, September 28th. Be sure your property (including construction sites) is secure.

Bring in unsecured objects from patios and balconies and secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture or garbage cans that could blow away and cause damage or injury.

The safest place to be during high winds is indoors. If at all possible postpone outdoor activities.

Watch for flying debris. Tree limbs may break and street signs may become loose during strong wind gusts. Keep an eye toward nearby balconies for loose objects that may fall.

Report downed lines to 201-420-2007 (Hoboken Fire Department) or 911 for assistance. Do not try to free lines or to remove debris yourself.

Avoid anything that may be touching downed lines, including vehicles or tree branches. Warn others to stay away.


Ramos Signs Small Business Lending Bill

From the legislative offices of Ruben Ramos....


Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. applauded yesterday’s signing of the $30 billion federal small business lending bill by President Obama, noting the broader implications it will have for New Jersey businesses, particularly those in Urban Enterprise Zones, which could benefit doubly if the legislature approves a bill recently introduced by Ramos.

“This federal legislation will provide a tremendous boost to small business loan volume, hopefully giving banks more incentive to lend to businesses in our Urban Enterprise Zones and throughout New Jersey,” said Ramos (D-Hudson). “I’d like to thank Senators Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez and Congressman Albio Sires for their support of this important legislation.”

“This stimulus measure ties in nicely with the legislation I recently introduced to provide tax-free treatment on the interest banks earn on loans to small businesses in Urban Enterprise Zones. Together, these measures will provide a double incentive for banks to begin freeing up credit to businesses who have been hit hard by the recession,” added Ramos.

Ramos introduced the legislation (A-3243) last week to help combat the “credit crunch” by creating an incentive for lenders to provide loans to businesses within the state’s Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ). The bill would permit lenders making loans directly to qualified UEZ businesses to receive tax-free treatment on the interest earned on those loans for five years.

“Stimulating the flow of credit is the key to reigniting our economy and sparking job growth. If businesses can expand, they can hire and we can begin getting people off the unemployment rolls and back to work,” added Ramos.

Specifically, the bill permits lenders who are subject to the corporation business tax to deduct from their entire net income the amount of net interest received on loan repayments from a qualified UEZ business that is engaged in the active conduct of trade or business within a UEZ. Additionally, the lenders would be permitted to deduct from their gross income an amount equal to the amount of net interest received the loan repayment. In order to qualify for the tax deduction, the qualified UEZ business must be located solely within a UEZ; the loan must be solely in connection with activity within the UEZ; and the taxpayer claiming the deduction must not have any equity or other ownership interest in the debtor. ◦

Mike Lenz HQ Sneak Peek

I went to Mike Lenz's 4th Ward HQ this weekend after taking a brief gander at Timothy Occhipinti's HQ and took some photos. Here is a sneak peek of Mike's Campaign HQ before their official kickoff sometime this weekend. His relaunched website should be up shortly according to campaign manager Sam Briggs.

HQ Location is 60 Madison Street.

Mike Lenz at the corner of Monroe and Observer Highway
The 4th Ward Clean Campaign pledge.
Inside Mike Lenz campaign HQ before Grand opening this weekend.

Campaign Office has a "Remember When" wall

Remember this?
And this?

4th Ward Map- Perhaps more useful for his opponent who is still finding his way around the ward.