Monday, August 16, 2010

NY Times- Mark Settembre Admits to Being Sneaky

A recent New York Times article just last Friday August 13th has the "crazy house" with the great views in Hoboken mentioned. This house was built by Mark Settembre on the border of 1600 Park and between two overpasses with high traffic. In the article he admits to being "sneaky" in acquiring the property. Is sneaky the new term for corrupt when you don't get caught or was he just wise enough of a guy to put one over on the City of Hoboken? Share your thoughts below....

Photo I had previously taken of the Settembre House
Here is the title and link to the NYT article:
The Mansion Between the Overpasses

Published: August 13, 2010

Here is an excerpt form this article:

How did Mr. Settembre, a Hoboken housing developer, go about getting permission to build a 7,500-square-foot house with a seven-car-garage that fills up almost every square inch of a small triangular property at one end of a site long envisioned as a Hoboken park?

“Very sneakily,” said Mr. Settembre, who moved into his warehouse/loft-style, “single-man’s dream” house in June.


Last year Mr. Settembre applied for two significant zoning variances — for height and setback requirements — in Weehawken; his lot is just over the border. As is legally required, Weehawken officials said, they sent notice to Hoboken officials inviting comment.

For some reason, Hoboken’s planning officials either ignored the notice, or overlooked it.

Editor's Comment: that reason is either incompetence or corruption from where I sit and was under the Roberts Administration.

Later in the article Jim Doyle and Leah Healy were mentioned. Leah Healy remarked the she hoped that he doesn't mind lighted ball fields in his window since that what Hoboken really needs. ◦