Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dawn Zimmer Photos - Grassroots Campaign

Here is an email sent out yesterday at 5PM. The Zimmer campaign was trying to get a picture that would capture the grassroots essence of her campaign by getting volunteers together for a group photo early this morning. Not a bad turnout on such short notice.

We're going to have a photographer take a picture of all Zimmer and The Change That Works Slate supporters! We want to capture that this is truly a GRASSROOTS campaign. We would love if all of you, and your families, would come to Church Square Park and have a group photo taken with Dawn and the team. The most important endorsement, the one that really matters, is from all of us and our families!

Here are the details:
Date: Sunday, May 30th (Tomorrow)
Time: 10.30 am
Location: Church Square Park

Here are few photos from the event:

The Main photo on the stairs

Grass Roots Signage - Remember Susan Powter? The other side has a Zimmer window sign

Group birds eye view - getting ready for photos


Primary Elections this Tuesday June 2nd

This upcoming Tuesday is the NJ primary election. Governor Jon Corzine is running against 3 opponents in the Democratic Primary namely, Jeff Boss, Roger Bacon, and Carl Bergmanson. The 2 State Assembly, one Surrogate, 4 female State Committee members, 4 male State Committee members are all unopposed. All of the column B candidates are part of the Hudson County Democratic Party political apparatus.

In ward 5, District 1 where this ballot is taken from I am running against Mark Sacco along side Theresa Minutillo for Democratic Committee seats. One male and one female are elligible for each Ward and district combination and voters must be registered as a Democrat to cast their ballots.

This is my frist foray into politics from the elected office perspective. The Democratic committee seat is a minor role but it is important to elect members who will pledge to not use the committee to funnel money to local elections to get around ELEC regulations as was done in the past. Vote 17E for Theresa Minutillo and 18E for Kurt Gardiner for County Democrat Committee in Ward 5 and district 1. The Ward and District is shown below in the diagram in yellow with the checkmark which basically comprises 4 blocks. I will publish the complete list of all democratic committee candidates running later today.

The Republicans have a battle for Governor in their primary between flat tax proponent Steve Lonegan, Guilliani backed moderate Chris Christie, and Rick Merkt. All other positions are unopposed.


Peter Cammarano Fundraiser at the W Hotel June 1st

Update: This event is tommorow June 1st. Don't forget to bring your checkbook if you are supporting Peter Cammarano. Donations start at $250 a pop.

Here is an upcoming fundraiser for Peter Cammarano for Mayor on Monday June 1st at the W Hotel. With contribution suggestions starting at $250 and up this is only an event for the well heeled or connected in or outside of Hoboken. I wonder if Perry Klaussen from Hoboken 411 will get a comp for this given all the free ads (with no paid for language) that he has posted for the Cammarano campaign. No official word on that, just my speculation for the sake of a joke. Here is the invite sent out via email:

Please join Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Mike Novak, Josh Hodes, Joseph Branco, Michael Schaffer (and the Event Host Committee) for the first ever political reception at the W Hotel in support of :

The Honorable Peter Cammarano
Candidate for Mayor of Hoboken

Monday, June 1st

6:30 PM VIP Reception
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM Cocktail Reception

W Hotel
225 River Dr.
Hoboken, NJ

Cocktail Reception - $250
VIP Reception - Sponsor: $1,000 Co-Host: $2,600 Host: $5,000

For more information and to RSVP, please contact:

Alison Zayas
Mike Novak


Latest Mailers from Dawn Zimmer

Following up several mailbox stuffers from Team Cammarano are a few from Dawn Zimmer. She claims "It is time to turn the page on the Roberts Administration".

Another assertion is that Cammarno passed Robert's budget every time. Dawn also highlights her vote against Chruch Square PILOTS subsidy fopr those making over $100,000 per year and tough action on the personnel costs that are 80% of the operating budget.


Peter Cammarano - Latest Fliers Part Deux

Peter Cammarano had a few fliers in the mail for this weekend. Take a look at his latest mailbox stuffers with a few of my comments:

On the flier above, I found it funny when the Jersey Journal quoted "Cammarano walks in both Hobokens" as I thought there was only one. There are two mind sets though, one is patronage as usual which in my opinion Peter represents quite nicely and a service based philosophy (only hire what you need) that Dawn Zimmer represents. Feel free to comment below.

This flier tauts Peter's experience as an attorney and his City Council experience. I would like to point out that neither candidate has P&L experience listed which is a main function of what ideally a Mayor should have. As a lawyer filling out your time sheets and dealing with a small admin staff is not the same as running a $100 million (Hopefully less) city. Same goes for Dawn. Peter has 2 more years experience than Dawn as City Council member but what does that experience mean if you are on the wrong side of the vote most of the time? Again just my opinion please comment below. ◦

Saturday, May 30, 2009

If I Had $100, 000,000 - Letter to the Editor

Here is a letter to the editor from Scott Siegel. Scot specializes as bond trader and knows quite a bit about municipal bonds. He has been an excellent source of information from time to time for this fledgling blog:

If I Had $100, 000,000 - Letter to the Editor
on the HUMC by Scott Siegel

One discussion at the Mayoral debate covered Hoboken Hospital. This was very revealing. Peter said we got the hospital debt free, but never gave his figure for the new debt. He also stated that we haven’t used our full bonding capacity. Dawn stated that the figure was $52mm. The Moody’s report cited by Dawn confirms that the figure is indeed $52mm. We have bonded $52mm Peter. HUMC just last month refinanced a $10.8mm loan. We also have a $40.45mm loan outstanding. The actual total is $51.25mm (due to a slightly less issuance cost on the last loan). He also believes that that hospital is “thriving”. In fact the report stated that its cash position is a mere 7.6 days. A very precarious figure. The net income (loss) on a cash basis was minus $4mm last year. Including non cash items such as depreciation the total loss came to $11mm! Peter voted enthusiastically for the hospital, Dawn was not on the Council at that time. The centerpiece on the hospital’s revival is its new emergency room. Previously designed to handle 18,000 patient visits a year it currently handles 32,000. Emergency care is historically highly non insured. This is 40% of HUMC’s volume. Peter was completely unaware that $9mm in construction funds were cannibalized to pay for ongoing operating expenses. The money was supposed to be used for additional construction This move created higher costs to the city. When you use construction funds in this manner, you violate the tax exempt status of the issue, creating a taxable loan (at a corresponding higher interest rate). He calls the $9mm “minuscule”! Dawn was quite aware. This is about as big a red flag on Peter’s judgment as there is.

More amazing was Peter’s valuation on the property at a whopping $100-300mm. Two years ago the property was valued at $29mm. Only Peter believes that its value has risen. According to his math the land has a present value of $35-40mm ($50mm less his $10-15mm “potential liability” after a sale to Hoboken). If you bought real estate 2 years ago do you believe that its value is up? There is a method to his madness. If we “upzone”, meaning 50 story buildings in the center of town. Combined with 27 story buildings on Observer Highway is what Peter thinks this town needs.

This not the first time that Peter was numerically challenged. Last December I was making the point that real estate (including Hoboken) was in the early phases of decline and that we would receive lower tax receipts than forecasted. Only one Council member shook his head no, no, no. That of course was Peter Camaranno. I guess the developers, real estate agents and unions have made their point quite clear. No wonder Dawn kept repeating Roberts Camaranno, Peter made the analogy himself.

Scott Siegel

My Comment: Here are some addtional articles I have published on the HUMC's situation for additional Background information:

Two articles on the recent financing of the HUMC:

Recent interest only bond issued

Interest only financing? Isn't that partially what got this country in the mortgage meltdown in the first place? The only rationale for an interest only loan is either to play politics with the budget and make the numbers look good now in terms of total payments per year or that you think the Hospital will fail soon so why bother paying down the principal. Good grief, more of the same Roberts budget chicanery.

This shows the debt schedule

Actually, in the debate Dawn Zimmer was right. The HUMC is tapped out of their recent financial commitments according to this debt schedule. All $52 million has been bonded for. Peter Cammarano was wrong on this and in his defense I don't think he has been following this closely. He put his trust in Harvey Holtzman and crew. Doesn't that make you stop and question his judgement on financing or his ability to informed or tell the truth? It does for me.

Peter Cammarano painting quite the rosy picture of the HUMC in June of 2008:

Peter Cammarano on June 2nd, 2008 at a special council meeting on the HUMC stated that we should take the report from the HUMC on its face value and that they were the experts. To question the hospital bordered on paranoia. Look where we are now with the Hospital. You decide if Beth Mason was paranoid. I for one suspected she was right on this issue and now I know she was right all along.


Photos of the Day - Post Mayoral Debate

Here are two photos from the aftermath of the Mayoral Debate at Our Lady of Grace on May 28th:

Peter Cammarano and Angel Alicea

Dawn Zimmmer and Ravi Bhalla

Editors Note: No photo shop was used on Dawn Zimmer unlike another website known for that. ◦

Friday, May 29, 2009

There goes Hoboken 411 Again and Again and Again!

Here is the latest incarnation from Perry Klaussen of Hoboken 411. He has borrowed the campaign colors of Dawn Zimmer and placed a banner ad on his site that has the ballot position of Peter Cammarano and his slate but no names and no paid for. The banner then goes of course to Peter Cammarano's site. That Perry Klaussen is one funny guy. :) This has to be some kind of practical joke because he can't seriously thinking that he wil sway any voters with this stunt.

What does make this bizarre is that Perry just a few weeks ago posted an article that attacked Peter Cammarano's personal life. It was a post that Peter Cammarano denounced as completly untrue and vile. A few weeks later when I spoke to Peter Cammarano he seemed rather non-chalant about the fact his ad was on Hoboken 411. After all who dosen't like free advertising? What he was serious about was to make sure that they at least did account for the donation in kind on the ELEC report.

So how does Perry Klaussen go from attacking Peter the week before the first election and then go to giving out free ads and writing essentially puff pieces for the Cammarano campaign? Things that make you go hmmmm.... Yet today he claims "Hoboken 411 is not a political website" in one of his articles today. Here is the link to the article that contains this claim:

Below are several reader submissions of the misleading banner ad:

Here is the Peter Cammarano ad with no paid for that was seen today and mentioned previously. The Cammarano campaign's legal counsel had sent a letter to Hoboken 411 to put paid for language on the ad but it looks like that has not been done for yet. To be clear Hoboken 411 has the right to put up any ads it sees fit but if he in fact put this up on his own according to Cammarano's lawyer, this should have the paid for language on it indicating who paid for the ad. Why is it Perry Mason-Klaussen can't seem to comply? If I was to start placing political ads on my website I would at least make sure I didn't violate any ELEC laws.


Ravi Bhalla on Absentee Ballots

Here is a message to get out the vote from Ravi Bhalla who is on Dawn Zimmer's Slate for City Council in the runoff election:

4 Days Left To Request An Absentee Ballot!

The Mayoral and City Council elections are 10 days away and it is very important we get as many people to vote as possible.

This is an extremely close race, and being that many of our supporters are hard-working professionals with young families, we know how hard it is to get to the polls. That is why we are encouraging those of you with busy schedules to fill out an Absentee Ballot Request Form and Vote By Mail.

To help facilitate this process we are more then happy to have an Absentee Ballot Request Form dropped off for you at your home or place of business.The form must be post-marked by June 2nd. We are often running back and forth to the Hudson County Clerk for various reasons, and we can deliver your Absentee Ballot Request Form for you as well!

It literally takes 30 seconds to fill out and will make the difference in this race.
Dawn Zimmer and The Change That Works Slate need your help in order to make the necessary changes in Hoboken. If we all work together, we will win, and there will be A NEW DAWN IN HOBOKEN.

If you would like an Absentee Ballot Request Form delivered to you, please contact Cynthia at (646) 229-4684.

Or, You may call our Headquarters at (201)428-4239.


POG - Video from Hoboken Mayoral Debate on 5/28/2009

Eric Kurta of People For Open Government has finished processing the video from last night's Mayoral Debate between Dawn Zimmer and Peter Cammarano. Click on the TV below to get the page on POG that shows the videos:

Click on TV above for complete video of debate


Dawn Zimmer's Council Slate Challenges Peter Cammarano's Slate to a Debate

Update 5/29/2009 3:50PM: There still has been no response from the Peter Cammarano campaign or from their campaign to the organizaers for the POG/QLC debate. I will keep you posted if anything develops.

Here is a press release from Dawn Zimmer's campaign calling for a City Council Debate as well which has not taken place since the runoff segment of the campaign began:



Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello today challenged their opponents, Raul Morales, Angel Alicia, and Vinnie Addeo to a debate next week before the June 9 runoff election.

"Hoboken voters need to be able to directly compare our contrasting visions and policy ideas before they vote on June 9th," Marsh, Bhalla, and Mello said. "We need a vigorous discussion of the issues and look forward to putting forward our proposals for reducing the crushing tax burden, restoring fiscal responsibility and bringing the changes we need to Hoboken government."

There has yet to be a Council debate during the runoff election.


Mayoral Debate Highlights Part 2

Here are the closing statements from each of the two Mayoral Candidates at last night's Mayoral debate between Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer. For more extensive coverage go to POG's website at They had extensive coverage of the first Mayoral and City Council Debates but it did take a little time to get all of the video processed. Consider this a sneek peek:

Dawn Zimmer Closing Statement:

Peter Cammarano Closing Statement:


Mayoral Debate Highlights - Part 1

I attended last night's Mayoral Debate at 5th and Willow. Here are some video highlights from the debate on two issues. I will have more coming later. For full coverage check out POG's website at


NJ Transit Development


Photo of the Day - Vinnie Addeo and Ravi Bhalla

Ravi Bhalla (left) and Vincent Addeo (right) - No they are not on the same team

Here is a photo of Ravi Bhalla and Vincent Addeo from last night's Mayoral Debate at Our Lady of Grace Church Annex at 5th and Willow. Vincent and Ravi may be on opposite sides of the ballot but this photo captures the congeniality and mutual respect the two candidates have for one another.

Much is made about the potential for mud slinging to ensue and the final days of this close Mayoral and City Council race but at least for this moment I was able to capture a moment of civility and camaraderie between two candidates in opposition. ◦

Hoboken Historical Museum’s 12th Annual Secret Garden Tour - May 31st

Hoboken Historical Museum’s 12th Annual Secret Garden Tour

Showcases Natural Wonders in Urban SettingHoboken, N.J. – Some gardeners manage to pull off minor miracles by creating natural oases in this hardcore urban environment. Gardeners and non-gardeners alike are invited to indulge their curiosity and gather urban gardening tips on the Hoboken Historical Museum’s 12th Annual Secret Garden Tour, Sunday, May 31, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Rain date: June 7). More than a dozen residential gardens will open their gates to tour goers to support the Museum’s fundraising efforts. The tour is sponsored by Hufnagel Landscaping, with support from Beethoven’s Veranda and the 14th Street Garden Center in Jersey City, with assistance from the Hoboken Garden Club.

It’s the public’s chance to peek behind Hoboken’s row houses, condominiums and converted factory buildings into spaces that reveal gardeners’ creativity and determination to stay in touch with nature in an urban area. Guided tours depart from the Museum on the half-hour, and last about two hours. Four bonus stops are offered this year. Comfortable shoes are advised.

The Secret Garden Tour includes a wide range of garden designs by both dedicated gardening enthusiasts and professional designers, with clever solutions to such challenging issues as entertaining children and adults, coping with shade, and sheltering koi and frogs. One of this year’s gardens was featured in New Jersey Monthly. It is making a re-appearance on the tour by popular demand. It features Gothic-style ruins seemingly transported intact from the Irish countryside. A striking stained-glass window mimics those of the neighboring church, which inspired this design element.

Other gardens include members of the Hoboken Garden Club and yards designed by top-flight landscape architects. Two gardens incorporate artistic decorations. Optional satellite stops this year give tourgoers a chance to travel to the top of the Palisades cliff above Hoboken via the light-rail elevator and a sneak peek at the rooftop landscape atop the exclusive Garden Street Lofts at 14th and Garden Sts.

Tickets are $20 for Hoboken Historical Museum members and Hoboken Garden Club members, and for tickets purchased in advance; non-members pay $25 on the day of tour. Children under age 13 admitted free. For advance tickets stop by 1301 Hudson St., or call the Museum at 201-656-2240, option 6. Tickets are also available at several retail locations around town – see posters or visit our website for those locations: ◦

Reader Photo - How things should be done

A reader sent this in to me and it is a Public Notice from New York City about development. It is a public notification that is placed on a community bulletin board. This way more than just residents within 200 feet of property can get notice on such things as zoning variances and building additions such as in this case. The reader said to me " This is how it should be done".

Question: Shold we have more notification in Hoboken regarding Zoning Variances to the population at large? For explanation: on a WebSite?


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peter Cammarano's New Website - Very Good Design

Peter Cammarano's New Website Look

One Peter Cammarano supporter wrote me to do a piece about Peter Cammarano's new look on his website. This person has been a good source for me in terms of giving me information from time to time to clarify happenings on the campaign trail. Although I am on the record as being a Zimmer supporter, I too have to say that this revamp is an example of very good Internet design for a campaign website. I am just a blogger without fine arts proclivities but I do like the streamlined look of the new web site.

Now that I have given an honest assessment of the design I will next delve into the content. There are new videos added on the front page as well as the issues broken out on single page where you can collapse or expand by issue. I could not find the 16 page well presented platform document on the site that was published just one week before the May 12th initial election. It looks like the points were extracted from there and put on the issues page which is also a new addition. There are also more Youtube videos that have bene posted as well.

In contrast, Dawn Zimmer's website in a fairly functional one but in the opinion of many lacks the design flair of the Cammarano Website. In my opinion that is simply a question of financing. The Zimmer campaign has focused more on mailers and due to it's grass roots origins can't match the big money donors of the Cammarano campaign and spend a lot of money on a web site. The fundraising numbers were fairly close in the first round but I do predict the next ELEC filings will show Peter Cammarano pulling away in the fundraising due to large donor contributions as the choices have now narrowed. Peter no doubt has established himself as the establishment candidate. It is important to note that Dawn Zimmer has had her platform up for months now while Peter is just putting it up on the website this late in the election, not- withstanding the high level platform document published one week before the first election.

Here are the issues on Peter Cammarano's Website:

Here are the issues listed on Dawn Zimmer's Website:

Tax Relief Plan
The Budget and Taxes
Smart Development
Safe, Clean, and Friendly
Schools and the HUMC

Question for Readers: Does the design of a candidate's website give him or her an edge in the election? Or is it really the voting record, positions taken, faith that voters have in the candidate, endorsements, trust factor and other intangibles?


Reminder- Mayoral Debate Tonight 7:30PM

Here is one last reminder for Tonight's Mayoral Debate from Eric Kurta who is President of POG (People For Open Government) :
Mayoral Candidates Debate

Thursday May 28, 2009

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Our Lady of Grace School

5th and Willow Avenue

· Meet the candidates
· Learn their positions
· Hear them debate the issues
· Become informed


Bob Bowdon – Experienced television news anchor and reporter, including six years with Bloomberg Television

Sponsored by :

Parish of Our Lady of Grace/St. Joseph (OLG)
People for Open Government (POG) and
Quality of Life Coalition (QLC)

Run-off Election Day:

June 9, 2009


Hoboken Moms Support Zimmer! - 60 in Fact!

Update 5/28/2009 2:30 PM :

The list has now grown to 60 moms officially supporting Dawn Zimmer. Here is the complete list with the additions. More moms are continuing contacting the Zimmer campaign as of this update:

1. Laura Siegel
2. Tali Gillette
3. Pam Laden
4. Jennifer Giattino
5. Jen Cunningham
6. Theresa Minutillo
7. Ruth McAllister
8. Rose Marie Markle
9. Liz Mulholland
10. Heather Khazen
11. Lauren Blumenfeld
12. Liz Urtecho
13. Aimee Sacks
14. Terri Kannenberg
15. Barbara Bravo
16. Rosemarie Pullano
17. Maggie Sarachek
18. Betty Szeto
19. Pat Kelly
20. Lauren Sapira
21. Julie Steinberg
22. Sonya Gidumal Chazin
23. Katherine Zucker
24. Holly Dwyer
25. Sylvia Dundon
26. Christine Harman
27. Deb Rosner
28. Frances Jennings
29. Colleen Oakley
30. Monica Kumar
31. Sonya Mansur
32. Jenny Tunick
33. Molly Schnyder
34. Jennifer Spadavecchia
35. Liz Omilinsky
36. Phyllis Messner
37. Heather Collins
38. Lisa Farrell
39. Hillary Quist
40. Amy Faucher
41. Cathy Tennaro
42. Christina Huntington
43. Angela Zener
44. Dilly Rai
45. Susan Chait
46. Monique Haas
47. Carrie Phillips
48. Lisa Kashish
49. Mary Ann Bowen
50. Tracey Schnabel
51. Jean Marie Mitchell
52. Meghan Brott
53. Elissa Brachfeld
54. Fili Zinal
55. Nancy Pincus
56. Andrea Hession
57. Stacy Mello
58. Bindya Bhalla
59. Alyse Battaglia
60. Cecilia Steele


Hoboken Middle School - Classical Program Review

Here is an event that was held in March of this year at the Demarest Middle School forwarded to me by Elizabeth Marketvitch:

Classical Program Review- Demarest Middle School

In March our 5th and 6th graders attended a wonderful concert of classical music at Demarest Middle School. "Save the Music" organized by Joel Suben, who wrote and received a grant to sponsor the concert. Our children attended free of charge. We had the opportunity to hear a World Class orchestra composed of players from the New York Philharmonic, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, The NYC Ballet Theater Orchestra and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra-some of the finest players in the world.

It was an outstanding performance!!

The Children listened to excerpts of music by Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Strauss, Rimsky-Korsakov and Scarmolin.The program provided an introduction to musical character and story in symphonic music. The children prepared for this program by listening to the music that was on the program, reading very short biographies of the composers and information about the Romantic Period, and having discussions and homework about the music that we listened to. I was delighted with how much the children had to say about the music and the composers in their discussions and homework assignments. The children loved the performance and the music.

Mary Guthrie,
Music Teacher Elysian Charter

Here is the embedded video highlight of the program with host Joel Suben:


Photo of the Day - Baseball Monument

Here is a spring time photo of the baseball monument at 11th and Washington Street.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Letter to the Editor - Tony Soares on the Beatles and Peter Cammarano

Letter to the Editor - Tony Soares
on the Beatles and Cammarano vs. Zimmer

Here is a humorous letter from Tony Soares countering Peter Cammarano's campaign strategy of bringing the Beatles into the electoral venacular:

Before the May 12th election, Peter Cammarano decried “vile mudslinging.” He called on voters to reject “the sordid politics ofHoboken’s past.” It would have been a good plan if he’d kept to it. Imagine – a civil run off election decided on issues, character, and competence. We could have heard Peter explaining his record as part of the Roberts council majority and how things would have worked better if only he were in charge. Dawn Zimmer of course would just keep advocating for the fundamental change that works for all of us. Now, judging from the nasty turn his campaign is taking Peter has changed his tune. There is far less talking about substance and far more about superficiality –- baseless personal attacks and silly gotcha games like who knows more about the Beatles. The Beatles!?! Help!

Peter has been calling for Eight Days a Week of meaningful debates and as soon as he gets one – sponsored by the Hoboken Reporter – it’s Hello, Goodbye to the issues. Suddenly the poster boy for protecting political jobs all over Hoboken wants to attack others. Hey Peter, keep focused here. Tell Me Why you’re calling out someone else as the “poster child for patronage” when Dawn’s your opponent, you yourself work for a politically connected firm, are running on a platform of no layoffs and no demotions, and are scouring the state for big money developers and politicians saying I Want to Hold your Hand!

I know Peter can be charming and that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band moment was funny, if a little lame. He’s all We Can Work it Out when he thinks he can get your support. But when his ambition is thwarted he unleashes a typical Hudson County Helter Skelter Campaign like the one he ran for Chris Campos, complete with attack mailers and ELEC violations.

As for me, I’ll stay with Dawn Zimmer where It's Getting Better All the Time.
Next Tuesday, let’s not be The Fool on the Hill. Let's send Peter down The Long and Winding Road and put an end to his politics as usual. All Together Now, let’s vote for Zimmer, because our homes, our children’s educations and any chance for a real park in the southwest depend on it. And let’s not forget flooding. Dawn Zimmer offers real practical solutions. Peter offers A Yellow Submarine. It’s time for a new Dawn in Hoboken. Next Tuesday, let’s all say Here Comes the Sun.

- Tony Soares ◦

7 Year Old Wows the Crowds at Sporting Venues with her Singing

Here is an inspirational video to help take the edge off Hoboken Politics:

Gina Marie Incandela, a talented 7-year-old who as a toddler had a speech disorder that made it impossible for her to form words can be seen and heard singing here during the NBA's Orlando Magic home game 3 against the Boston Celtics in the previous round.

She has quite the mature voice for a child her age. Here is her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, a song that consistently tests the vocal abilities of even accomplished singers. The Magic are 4-0 when she sings. Next thing you know Steinbrenner will be trying to hire her for the Yankees! :) Amazing.


Quadricentennial Tug and Barge Tour at Hoboken

There are some events coming up at Erie Lackawanna for the Quadricentennial Tug and Barge Tour docked at Hoboken. For more details go to the following website or read below:

FILM: “Steamboat Bill Junior” Starring Buster Keaton. The 1928 film will be introduced and presented with live piano accompaniment by Ben Model, silent film accompanist at MoMA. Buster Keaton plays the son of a riverboat captain who comes home from college to help run the family business. Also being shown archival footage of NY Harbor filmed between 1896-1906. Program presented by Projected Images of Hudson County. May 28 at 7:30 pm. Tickets: $8 in advance at or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $10 at the door.

STAGED READING: “On the Waterfront” Budd Schulberg’s classic story of the New York/New Jersey waterfronts and the racketeering unions controlling it. Produced by the Brave New World Repertory Theatre, May 29 Complimentary wine & cheese 7:30 pm, Staged Reading 8:00 pm, Tickets: $18 in advance at or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $18 at the door if available.

MUSIC: “The Fuzzy Lemons” – Family-Friendly Rock & Roll, The Fuzzy Lemons. May 30 at 2:30 pm. Tickets $12 in advance at or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $14 at the door.

MUSIC: “Sunset Music Series” Featuring sea shanties by The Crimson Pirates. Drinks and light refreshments available. May 30 starting at 8 pm. $10 in advance at or toll-free (877) 238-5596. Tickets $12 at the door.


A Message from Lower Hoboken Taxes

Here is an email from Lower Hoboken Taxes about upcoming events around Hoboken as they pertain to the political landscape:

A message to all members of Lower Hoboken Taxes

The run off election is only 12 days away on June 9th. Come hear Dawn Zimmer and Peter Cammarano debate the top issues THIS THURSDAY! Details are below. We strongly recommend that everyone attend. The candidates need to see that our members are watching and expect big budget cuts when the 2010 budget is created by the new mayor in July!

Upcoming Events:

* Mayoral Debate between Zimmer and Cammarano this Thursday, May 28th, 7:30-9pm. Our Lady of Grace Church Hall 400 Willow Ave Sponsored by the People for Open Government, Quality of Life Coalition and OLG.

* Council Meeting next Wed. June 3rd, 7pm at City Hall.

What happened last week....

Mayoral Race:

* The Hoboken Reporter hosted the mayoral candidates for a Q&A forum. Click this link to read about it and watch the video.

* Former Mayoral Candidate and Councilwoman Beth Mason announced she is supporting Dawn Zimmer in the run off. Read about it here:

* Councilman Ruben Ramos announced he is supporting Peter Cammarano in the run off. Read about it here:

* As we told you last week, the Board of Education had many spend related items on the agenda for their May meeting held last Tuesday. The board voted to table many of the contracts until an attorney can be hired to give a second opinion. Read the Hoboken Reporter's recap of last weeks BOE Meeting here:

Absentee ballot applications for the June 9th runoff election can be found here:

Stay Involved, Love Your Town and VOTE! Together we can Lower Hoboken Taxes!
Visit Lower Hoboken Taxes at:

Another Dawn Zimmer Meet and Greet from Jake and Rachelle Stuiver - May 30th

Here is a quick email from Jake Stuiver, campaign manager from Beth Mason's run for Mayor. Like Beth he is officially supporting Dawn for Mayor and Ravi Bhalla for City Council:

Me and my wife, Rachelle, are hosting a Dawn Zimmer meet-and-greet in our courtyard this Saturday. Can you add it to the list you've posted on your blog? It's from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 30, at 227 Adams St., buzzer #2, ground-floor courtyard. We will be running the grill and serving beverages, burger, hot dogs and some veggie stuff. All are welcome, and it will be kid- and pet-friendly.

- Jake

My comment: I am glad to see that Jake has decided to endorse Zimmer and support her with such a gathering. Obviously Beth Mason was his first choice but from what I can tell Dawn is the Mayoral candidate that best represents his views on what a Mayor for Hoboken should do. He is now backing it up with action as well as verbal support given earlier. ◦

Hot Time in the City: Life/Action FireWalk in Hoboken NJ, May 30, 2009

Update 5/27/2009: This event is coming up this Saturday. Don't get burned! :) Register in advance. Original post was 5/11/2009.

Hot Time in the City: Life/Action FireWalk in Hoboken NJ, May 30, 2009

Fire is the age old symbol of purification, change and transformation for many cultures all over the world. On May 30th, a group of people will gather in Hoboken, NJ to remove their limiting beliefs by taking the first step, and then another and another…over 15 feet of more over 1200-degree hot coals.

The Life/Action Firewalk facilitated by Larry Levine will take place at the Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ, from 6-10PM on May 30. While the cost is $99, this Firewalk Event, unlike most others, comes with a full money-back guarantee: “End the Event ready to change your life, or leave the Event early and get a full refund…no questions asked,” is the promise offered to participants.

Levine is a certified Firewalk Instructor who has been leading business groups and others in the firewalk experience for over 15 years. Levine has facilitated FireWalks for more than 10,000 people.

The Life/Action Firewalk in Hoboken, NJ, has a strong seminar component, whereby Levine will probe the many core beliefs people hold, and let them experience how these beliefs are holding them back. Participants will challenge themselves by choosing to break boards with their bare hands, bend poles of steel rebar, walk on broken glass, and more. The event culminates in the actual FireWalk, the walking on hot coals, where again, the choice to participate is made by each person at that moment.

“Any challenges that were feared in the past will seem easy after this night,” says Larry Levine. As President of Core Remedy Group, Levine’s company is committed to helping people change their lives through the FireWalk experience and more.

Levine has observed that companies that want their employees to do new things start with education. Then, they sometimes go further and use motivational techniques to get employees “pumped up”. Often these strategies fail, because they don’t root out the underlying beliefs that people have that are the true obstacles to engaging in new behaviors. And people will rarely act against their core beliefs, states Levine, especially since most of these beliefs are held in the unconscious.

“To be effective in making changes, both in business and in your personal life, it is necessary to first change the core beliefs about what is and what isn’t possible, “ says Levine.

What does the Life/Action FireWalk have to do with succeeding at facing and overcoming business and personal life challenges? “Well, if you can walk on glowing hot coals…what can’t you do?” Levine summarizes.

For more information contact

Photos of the Day - Cast Iron Building

Here are two photos of the Cast Iron residential building near the A&P:


The Hoboken Journal - Hacked Again!

Yesterday in the afternoon, someone yet again impersonated my account Reformerus_Gianticus in a comment that really crossed the line of decorum and was outright racist. When I discovered the derogatory post I immediately deleted it.

This comment was an attempt by those who oppose my efforts in creating an open forum and is truly disgusting in the use of language to divide the City and smear my reputation. Furthermore, within a few minutes a poster Pilgrim36 was posting that I had indeed wrote the comment. What a fabrication. Clearly this site has more the 17 readers to garner such attention by my detractors.

Until I get on a new platform my post name may have to change in response the future hacker attempts. For now I will post as Reformerus_Gianticus_Bloggerus_Hobokenus. Jeez that is a long winded name! Ha ha. Check my profile if you are in doubt. If the profile matches the comment and it seems out of whack based on my previous posts the impersonator has been at it again.

For now, I encourage all that register and comment to keep it on the issues and the candidates record. If you choose to make accusations do back them up with evidence. Just a strong suggestion, not blogger facisim.

Over and out.

- The Editor ◦

Green Jobs Day Event at Stevens - Thursday May 28th

NJ Entrepreneurs to Show New Jobs Potential of Renewable Energy

Businesses Say Strong Clean Energy Jobs Bill From Congress Is Needed

Leading entrepreneurs from New Jersey's renewable energy sector are gathering Thursday to demonstrate the immense potential of renewable energy – from solar, geothermal, and energy-efficient construction – to generate new jobs and grow the economy throughout the state.

The meeting, one of 90 "Green Jobs Day" events across the country on Thursday, will include a tour of a 487 kW solar photovoltaic system at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. Speakers will show how their completed, current, and planned renewable energy projects will help New Jersey reach its mandated 20 percent of electricity from renewable energy by 2020, while growing the economy and creating new jobs across a wide range of pay scales and skills.

The event is organized by, a national political action committee, with 134,000 members in New Jersey and close to five million nationwide.

A clean energy jobs bill, called the American Clean Energy and Security Act, is expected to come to a vote in the House of Representatives this summer. For New Jersey to reach its full economic and new jobs potential from renewable energy, increased federal support and incentives are essential.

Overhead satellite view of Stevens Campus

WHEN: 10:30 AM to 12:30PM Thursday, May 28, 2009

WHERE: Stevens Institute of Technology, Babbio Center,
Room 1045th Street and River Terrace
Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Link to Campus Map:

WHO: Executives of renewable energy companies with projects throughout New Jersey:

3rd Rock Systems & Technologies Inc., solar
ENRGi Eastern Natural Resource Group Inc., geothermal
Aeon Solar Inc., solar
MDM PC, commercial green building design
Nina's Nuances Interior Design Inc., green and energy efficient design


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dawn Zimmer - Upcoming Events for the Week

Dawn Zimmer Events This Week

The Dawn Zimmer campaign has the following events for this week according to her website. Here are the links to find out more information:

May 26: Meet and Greet Hosted by Lauren and Michael Blumenfeld

May 27: Coffee Hour with Moms for Change

May 28: Mayoral Debate

May 29: Philly2Hoboken Meet and Greet at Mulligan's

May 30: Coffee and Canvass with the Candidates

May 30: Jake and Rachelle Stuiver Meet and Greet

Ramos to Formally Endorse Peter Cammarano 4PM Tomorrow

Assemblyman Ramos to formally endorse Cammarano at Press Conference Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.

(Hoboken, N.J.) - Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Jr. will formally endorse Councilman Peter Cammarano for Mayor of Hoboken at a press conference Wednesday, May 27th at 4:00 p.m. at the Hoboken Terminal Train Station. In a previously released statement, Ramos praised Cammarano and called him "clearly the more competent candidate" in the run-off election to be held June 9th. Ramos remarked that Cammarano's opponent, Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer, "has a real problem making decisions," and referred to her abstention on the recent budget vote.


Welcome Back Photo - Sponge Bob

Readers: Welcome back after your weekend Holiday. Here is a friendly start to the shortened work week from none other than Sponge Bob. I took this photo over the weekend when I was in New York City. Other websites on Hoboken seem to focus on dogs and businesses about to go under but I think my fetish for humans in fictitious furry costumes is truly coming to light. And some of you thought the owner of Hoboken 411 was demented! :) Cheers!

But seriously, I think including Sponge Bob in a blog about Hoboken is appropriate because it is child friendly, and symbolic of the mopping up that needs to be done during this election cycle.


QLC/POG Mayoral Debate set for Thursday May 28, 2009

Update 5/26/2009: Mayoral Debate this Thursday!! Mark your calendars.

Original Story 5/20/2009: Here is a press release from Helen Manogue of QLC to announce that the QLC/POG Mayoral Debate has been set for May 28,2009:

Mayoral candidates meet for debate
Thursday, May 28, 2009 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Hoboken, NJ – May 20, 2009 – Hoboken voters will have the opportunity to hear from the two remaining candidates running for the position of mayor on Thursday, May 28, 2009 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The debate will be sponsored by People for Open Government and the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition, along with Our Lady of Grace/St. Joseph Parish and The Church at Hoboken..

The event will take place in the auditorium of the school at Our Lady of Grace, corner of Willow Avenue at Fifth Street. As at the previous candidates’ forums sponsored by these groups, the debate will be moderated by veteran TV reporter, anchorman, and documentary filmmaker, Bob Bowdon, whose on-camera reporting encompasses interviews with prominent personalities such as the chief executive officers of Citibank and Chase. He was with Bloomberg News for six years and is currently executive director of the Smith Family Foundation, which sponsors a monthly public policy forum that airs nationally on the Dish Network and also every Sunday night at 7 p.m. on Cablevision Network’s channel 18. One of Mr. Bowdon’s documentary films has been chosen for viewing in the Hoboken International Film Festival to be held starting May 30, 2009.

POG and QLC are non-profit, non-partisan citizen organizations that have been active in Hoboken during the last decade and have organized previous candidates’ forums.
Our Lady of Grace/St. Joseph Parish and The Church at Hoboken are joining in the sponsorship of the debate in order to make information available about the candidates in this important June 9, 2009 election.

POG ( is known for advocating for passage of anti-pay-to-play legislation as well as ordinances requiring electronic access to local government documents. It produced a package of ordinances that ultimately were adopted as city law. The ordinances include requiring competitively negotiated professional contracts and developer contribution disclosures.

The QLC ( actively supported POG initiatives and was instrumental in forging the western alignment of the Light Rail route in Hoboken, and joined with several other groups fighting to secure 1600 Park Avenue as designated parkland. Recently, QLC worked with Hoboken Heritage to protect portions of the Holy Innocents site from demolition and construction of a mid-rise building. It also participated in the recent successful effort to save the Neumann Leathers building from demolition and in promoting scrutiny of plans before the Hoboken Planning Board for 65-story and 45-story buildings proposed for the Erie Lackawanna train yards in southern Hoboken. In March 2008 the Coalition and its Committee for a Green Hoboken secured the unanimous passage of the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, a commitment to work for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions throughout the municipality.


Comments Suspended for Anonymous Users

Update 5/26/2009:

After a day of reflection I have decided to keep the requirement of signing in for comments permanent. In the short run it might result in less traffic but in the long run it will make threads more readable as you will be able to follow other posters better (as per commenter Lincoln_logger). It will be up to the commenter to decide how anonymous they want to remain. By signing in on the blogger platform I don't know anything about commenters other than their post name. This blog is on Google's back-end and I don't have access.

Also, The second paragraph in my response yesterday could be read as sarcastic but these are assertions made to me directly and paraphrased or comments he has made to others who have reached out to me to post their events. One person got an earful for even sending their event to my website before his.

Sorry Perry Klaussen, despite your fascist tendencies to want to be the only go-to web site in Hoboken, it is not going to happen. When I decided to start my own blog it was initially to just have editorial control (the pulling of the purple pillow poem) but it has now become very apparent for need to have an MSNBC to your Fox News (credit to anonymous commenter on that one). It is important that Hoboken have other sources for information from different perspectives. has content that H411 does not have. Even tough they have endorsed Cammarano and the stories show some reflection of that as evidenced by the glowing writeup of a BBQ in the projects and the omission of the Zimmer slate at a recent Senior event, their site shows more balance of coverage than H411. The more the merrier I say.

Original Post 5/25/2009:

The vitriol is getting a little too much on this site and I have decided to take a few days off of monitoring the comments. Thus, comments have been temporarily suspended for anonymous users. If you are registered you can still comment. If you can't post without spewing hate, I don't want the traffic. If you want to demonize Lane, Kim and Jim Vance go ahead and do it on I am not defending them but these comments go too far. If it is in fact true that they are supporting Peter Cammarano (I personally have no evidence of that fact) then great, they did a lot of help for Beth Mason.

It is time for a time out. To my more civil readers, I am sorry but a little break from this is what the doctor ordered. For completely unbiased and poignant coverage of all political events, go to Hoboken 411. It is the most heavily trafficked, best written website about dogs, cats, doomed businesses and the seedy lives of select politicians in Hoboken ever written. In fact the owner is one of the most upfront, straightforward, most mentally balanced people to ever run a website of all time. The world is truly blessed to have a great and swell person such as Perry Klaussen and I am happy to give him back what little traffic I have. Since his website is open to all comers and opinions I am happy to oblige. ◦

Ruben Ramos Endorses Peter Cammarano

Here is further evidence that the status quo is coalescing around their candidate Peter Cammarano for the runoff of Mayor of Hoboken. In this press release from the Cammarano campaign, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is endorsing the candidacy for Peter Cammarano for Mayor of Hoboken:

Assemblyman Ramos Endorses Peter Cammarano
and Criticizes Zimmer's "problem making decisions"

(Hoboken, N.J.) -- Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Jr. has not endorsed any candidate for Hoboken mayor - until now. And Peter Cammarano couldn't be happier. "After serving the past two years on the City Council with both Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer, it's very clear to me that Peter is far more qualified, more professional and much better prepared to be our next mayor," says Ramos. "I am very proud to endorse Peter and I will be working very hard to help him win this election."

Ramos says he is breaking his previously neutral stance because the election is so important and the difference between the two candidates is so striking. "Peter is clearly the more competent candidate. He has a much better grasp of the issues and he is much more decisive. Zimmer has a real problem making decisions. Her abstention on this year's city budget was just baffling. This budget was prepared by the state, not the mayor. As a Council Member, you must vote yes or no. You can't abstain, it's just indefensible."

Zimmer's decision to attack Cammarano in a newspaper ad this weekend prompted Ramos to announce his endorsement today. "Zimmer is going negative instead of sticking to the issues and it seems pretty desperate to me. For her to question Peter's leadership ability is just foolish."
Cammarano calls Ramos' decision, "the most significant and important endorsement of the campaign" and thanked the Assemblyman warmly. "I am very pleased to have Ruben's support," says Cammarano. "Ruben is the most popular elected official in the city. This is a real boost for our campaign." ◦

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photo of the Day - HOHA 5 Mile Run Last Sunday

Here is a photo from last Sunday's HOHA 5 Mile Classic before the race. About 550 runners participated in the race:


Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Photo Shop Fun - A Gentle Push

Photoshop by Graphix_Avenger

A reader and contributor to my site preffering the moniker Graphix_Avenger has submitted another gem from Photo Shop that gently tries to push Beth Mason into endorsing Dawn Zimmer's entire slate. In no way is it meant as a dig on Beth but rather expresses the hope that due to her two remaining slate members going over to the Cammarano slate (Addeo and Morales), she would reconsider and back Dave Mello and Carol Marsh.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Peter Cammarano Adds Addeo and Morales to Slate

Update 5/22/2009 2:00PM: Moved this to the top as the discussion is still flowing with the comments.

Original posting 5/20/2009:
Below is a press release from Peter Cammarano announcing the addition of Vincent Addeo and Raul Morales Jr. onto his slate. They were the two council candidates who made the runoff from Beth Mason's slate

Council Candidates Addeo and Morales
Join Cammarano Team
Calling Peter "Best Qualified and More Competent"

(Hoboken, N.J.) -- Hoboken City Council Candidates Vincent Addeo and Raul Morales, Jr. are endorsing Peter Cammarano for Mayor and will be running on his team with Council Candidate Angel Alicea in the June 9 run-off election.

"The question facing Hoboken is which candidate is best qualified and more capable of turning city government around and the answer is clearly Peter Cammarano," says Addeo. "Peter is a smart young attorney who understands government and has a solid plan to cut taxes and bring Hoboken real change."

Morales also says that Cammarano is the best choice for Hoboken.
"Peter is the most competent candidate and he has a very detailed platform and clear ideas for reducing property taxes and making government more efficient," he says. "These are the issues that people care about and that's why Peter will win this election."

Cammarano welcomes both candidates to his team. "I know Vinny and Raul very well and I know they share my commitment to cutting taxes and changing the way City Hall does business," he says. "We have the same practical goals. We want to overhaul city government, protect our families and our neighborhoods and make this great City an even better place."

Cammarano says that he has been "overwhelmed" by the support he has received from both in and out of Hoboken since finishing first in the May 12 election. "Our campaign has a tremendous amount of momentum, but we take nothing for granted and will continue to fight for every vote right up until the polls close on June 9."


More Photos of Hoboken Memorial Day Parade

Go to Heaven Hell or Hoboken Blog for More
Photos of the Hoboken Memorial Day Parade

Cropped photo of Hoboken Memorial Day Parade from blog Heaven Hell or Hoboken.

One reader sent me in a link to other photos from the Hoboken Memorial Day Parade to share. To see other photos of the Hoboken Memorial Day Parade you can go to the blog Heaven Hell or Hoboken which is at There is no writing on the blog but a lot of interesting photos based on certain topics that catch the editor's eye. I have also added this to my Hoboken blog list on the right navigation bar.


Dawn Zimmer Event - Moms for Change May 27th 9:30AM

Here is an upcoming event for Dawn Zimmer's campaign that I recieved from City Council candidate Ravi Bhalla:

Moms For Change Coffee Hour
Wednesday, May 27th at 9:30am
Starbucks Uptown (1205 Hudson Street)

Moms For Change is hosting a casual and fun coffee hour, for you and your family, at Starbucks Uptown!

Come on down, and please feel free to bring the kids, to have coffee with Dawn Zimmer and The Change That Works Slate!

This is a great chance to discuss issues that concern you and your family with Dawn and the Change That Works Slate. Plus, you will have an opportunity to meet other concerned Hoboken Moms.

When: Wednesday, May27th at 9:30am

We look forward to seeing and chatting with you!

Where: Starbucks Uptown (1205 Hudson Street)


Just in case this location does not work for you, we will be hosting the same event next week at a Cafe Downtown! Feel free to come to both events. The more the merrier!

Thank You!

Ravi S. Bhalla
Candidate, Hoboken City Council


Flickr Photostream - Yankee Stadium Pics 5/21/2209

Here are some photos from the Yankees game I attended last night. The Yankees beat Baltimore by the score of 7-4 to continue their win streak to 9 games in a row.

I love the new stadium in terms of its newness, venues both food and retail, layout and accessibility to Mass Transit. I will be back. I do recommend going via the Yankee Clipper, for 22 dollars round trip it is a good deal and they serve beer at much lower prices than at the Stadium.


Flickr Photostream - Yankee Clipper

Here are some views from my trip via the Yankee Clipper up to Yankee Stadium last night to see the Yankees beat Baltimore 7-4.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hoboken Journal To Visit New Yankee Stadium for the First Time

I got some cheap seats (bleachers ) from a friend and will be attending my first Yankee game in the new Stadium tonight. Should be a fun experience as the weather is great and the Yankees have been doing well as of late. ◦

Verizon FIOS Promotion - Chance to be Reality TV Star

Here is a promo email on a contest sponsored by Verizon to promote FiOS and give someone a technology makeover valued at over $20,000 plus the chance to be a reality TV star.

Verizon Gives New Jersey Consumers a Chance to Star in Their
Own TV Show and Win a Home Technology Makeover
My FiOS Home: Ultimate Upgrade Kicks-off Summer-long Campaign

Starting May 26, Verizon will ask New Jersey consumers to show off their creative, energetic and unique personality for a chance to star in their own home makeover reality TV show and win a dream technology upgrade valued at $20,000.

Verizon’s My FiOS Home:

Ultimate Upgrade campaign asks residents in Northern New Jersey to create a 90-second video answering the question: “What’s your ultimate FiOS entertainment fantasy, and why do you deserve to win Verizon’s Ultimate Home Upgrade?” Consumers can go to for information on creating and uploading their videos, or can attend a Verizon event, which features interactive kiosks, contests and celebrities such as Kevin Boss of the New York Giants, and will be held at local festivals and celebrations. Winning entries for different prize levels will be selected by a panel of judges and consumers’ online voting.

Upcoming Verizon events will be held at the Bradley Beach Memorial Day Parade and Craft Fair in Bradley Beach, New Jersey (May 23) and Monmouth Park Family Fun Day in Oceanport, New Jersey (May 24). Additional events will be held throughout the summer, and a listing can be found by going to

Reality TV Show Star:

One grand prize winner from New Jersey will be given the opportunity to star in a 28-minute, vignette-style reality show capturing their experiences – from their initial selection, to installation of their FiOS Ultimate Home Upgrade, to their personal interaction with FiOS’ game-changing TV and blazing-fast Internet service. The home makeover program will showcase real life experiences using Verizon’s voice, TV, and Internet services and air on local TV and online at the end of the My FiOS Home campaign.

Home Tech Makeover Prizes:

Two New Jersey winners – selected by a panel of Verizon judges – will win the Ultimate Home Entertainment Upgrade grand prize package, valued at $20,000, which includes: Free Verizon FiOS service for one year, a 55" LCD HDTV, a 40” LCD HDTV, a 5.1-Channel Blu-ray Disc Player Home Theater System, a surround sound speaker package and a laptop computer. Additionally, two “Fan Favorite” video winners – as determined by judges and consumers’ daily online voting – each will receive a 40" LCD HDTV and a laptop computer. Consumers voting for “Fan Favorites” automatically will be entered for a weekly drawing to win a Web cam.

“Verizon is thrilled to give New Jersey consumers a chance to show off their unique personality through the My FiOS Home campaign,” said Tom Maguire, Verizon's president for the Mid-Atlantic region. “This engaging and interactive promotion allows everyone to experience FiOS’ superior entertainment and broadband services, and possibly win some amazing prizes while having fun.” Verizon is the only TV and Internet service provider to deliver an all-digital, fiber-optic-powered broadband experience straight to consumers' homes.

For more information about My FiOS Home: Ultimate Upgrade, a listing of casting event venues and to vote for favorite video entries, visit and click on My FiOS Home: Ultimate Upgrade. ◦

Fledgling Blog Gains Momentum - Site Stats

I figured it was time to give my readers an update on the recent uptick in traffic numbers. Unlike another website, I am transparent about my site statistics and give you the real raw numbers. As traffic numbers go I don't care about how my site does in relation to others since it is comparing apples to oranges and the site seems to be gaining momentum. In the period from 5/1/2009 to 5/14/2009 I averaged over 80 comments per day (the rate of 29,200 per year) is just one example of such growth.

I would like to thank you my readers for showing interest in this site as it continues to develop. Most of the support has been positive but there have been bumps along the way. The issue that has come up that requires some attention by me is the comments. Yes, I have deleted the most egregious posts from my website when requested as well as monitor the comments manually to make sure I can maintain some level of decorum. I don't currently have the technical platform to do sophisticated filtering (yet) so this is a manual process. One viewer accused me of encouraging these type of comments. Nothing could be further from the truth but I do agree extra vigilance is required. Again, If you have a problem with any comment as being over the top please politely email me at and I will take appropriate action. I do want to keep this an open forum but if the abuse becomes too rampant I will have to do strict monitoring of each comment. I do not want to go that route.

Feel free to forward me any suggestions or even constructive criticism (no personal attacks, I know I'm fat already and need to lose weight and my height is a combination of genetics and proximity to a nuclear power plant ha ha).

Thanks again for helping grow this online community.

- The Editor

As of 5/21/2009 10:30 am

As of 5/21/2009 10:30 am


Photos of the Day - More Memorial Day Parade Highlights

Here are some photos from the front of the Hoboken Memorial Day Parade that was held yesterday starting 6:30PM:

Note to Readers: If care to share some of your photos from the parade please email me at and let me know how you would like to be credited. A little narrative behind the photo would be nice as well.