Friday, September 2, 2011

Hoboken Journal on Hold

I knew at some point it would come to this but with my commitments I can't keep blogging about politics in the near term. Thus I have decided to put my bog on hold indefinitely. The reasons are both personal and business. I have been working on an exciting new venture at and have decided to focus my efforts on that website. Due to our comprehensive coverage of Hurricane Irene we had a bit of a traffic breakthrough and according to our Histats counter had almost 18,000 hits on Sunday August 28th. Thus I have decided to focus my efforts there where the most eyeballs are.

Without my blog active there are still plenty of sources of information although I might not agree specifically in all instances with any of their editorial slants, for the most part they print what they think is accurate...

Here are some traditional news sites in the Hoboken area:

Hoboken Patch:
Hoboken Now:
Hoboken Reporter:

Pro good-governance/reform blogs:

Mile Square View:
Grafix Avenger:

The City of Hoboken Website:

My Remaining Websites.....

Gardiner for Freeholder: (vote for Kurt Gardiner Row C for Freeholder November 8th)

TheBoken Twitter:
TheBokenOnline Facebook Page:

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And I leave you with a few of my favorite YouTube Videos I produced over the years:

The Political Satire JibJab Series:

The Batman Dance Videos

Peter Cammarano Must Go!