Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition Urges Passage of the Transportation Bond Issue in Hoboken

The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition urges the passage of the Transportation Bond Issue in Hoboken. This is coming up for potentially at the August 15th Hoboken City Council meeting. Read their note below urging the passage of this bond and try to ignore the shameless plug for Beth Mason who tried so hard to kill the Hospital deal and put Hoboken into bankruptcy for her own political gain. Thankfully Ms. Mason is inept with a puffed up resume and a trail of useless lawsuits. With that said The Mayor may need her vote for passsage....

Now is the time to approve the $1 million Transportation bond issue for safer Hoboken streets. Let’s Get Together and make it happen.

The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition urges the passage of the Transportation Bond Issue. The City Council will have an opportunity at its August 15, 2012 meeting to approve the $1million bond issue that will lead to improvements of Washington , Newark Streets, Observer as well as Sinatra Drive. Six council votes are needed to move this bonding along. At the last meeting, the mayor’s allies were joined by Councilwoman Beth Mason in providing the sixth vote so that the issue goes to a second hearing. Thank you, Councilwoman.

It is hard for many of us who are not in the construction business to understand all if the work that has to be done before a jackhammer can start tearing up cement to take way for new roadway or the installation of new traffic signals. It takes money and time to create explicit engineering plans and accurate projection of costs to get anything started. Money has to be spent to develop those plans. That is what the $1 million bond issue will provide. A municipality has to have plans with input and review by its citizens in order to apply for and receive the future grants that will ultimately get the construction going.

There are other questions that will arise before a vote can be taken. Why go for bonding at this time? We all know that the best time to get a mortgage or to renegotiate an existing mortgage is when interest rates are low. The same advice is true for municipal bonding. It is bargain time. Rates will hardly go lower so NOW is the time to bond. The council should not allow the city to lose out on this opportunity.

The Quality of Life Coalition urges a unanimous vote of approval at the meeting on August 15, 2012. A large number of Hobokenites will be away on vacation at that time, so we need to let our council persons know that they should not miss this opportunity. A YES vote is a good decision from a council looking to the betterment of the city at a low cost.

Helen Manogue, Coordinator
Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition, Inc.

Frances Jennings, Asst. Coordinator
Melissa Abernathy, Secretary
Bill Tobias, Treasurer
Eduardo Gonzalez, Asst. Treasurer
Tom Chartier, P.E.
Ines Garcia Keim
Brad Miller, P.E., PP
Paul Neshamkin