Friday, September 28, 2012

HFHA Says Vote No to Public Question on Rent Control

There is an important Public Question on the Ballot this November concerning rent control.Here is an email circulating from one side the Hoboken Fair Housing Association who are advocates for rent control staying the way it is. I will be studying this issue and presenting both viewpoints in favor of the Public Question and in this case saying no the changes to rent control proposed.

Dear Fellow Hoboken Voters:

We are forwarding the informational letter below to you to warn you that a PUBLIC QUESTION will be on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot proposing amendments to Hoboken's Rent Control Ordinance, which, if approved by the voters, will eliminate Rent Control tenant protections in Hoboken and will force many renters to lose their homes.

If you want to protect Hoboken's renters, you MUST VOTE AGAINST the Rent Control amendments and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same!


It is absolutely vital that you forward this email to as many Hoboken renters and other concerned Hoboken voters as you can.

This note above the letter is designed so you can simply forward it without having to write your own note.

It is best to insert your list of email addresses into a Bcc: address field so that you don't violate your friend's privacy by distributing their email addresses!

An email tree is an effective way to distribute information widely and quickly, but only if you forward the information to as many recipients as possible.

Could you also send confirmation to that you received this email (and have forwarded it) so that HFHA can get an idea of how effectively the email tree is expanding? One simple way to send the confirmation is to put into the To: address field when you put the list of email addresses to which you are forwarding this email into the Bcc: address field.

As you may know, Hoboken currently has a Rent Control (“RC”) Ordinance which limits yearly rent increases and keeps Hoboken rental housing affordable for many of its less wealthy renters.

If you are a Hoboken renter (i.e. tenant), or if you have any friends or neighbors who rent their apartment in Hoboken, then this email is intended to warn you that Rent Control is in danger of being eliminated and that Hoboken renters could consequently lose their homes.

This threat to tenants is described below, along with actions you can take to defend yourselves and your friends and neighbors who rent in Hoboken.
The Threat of the RC Initiative to Renters

Mile Square Taxpayers Association (“MSTA”), a landlord/developer/realtor group, recently circulated an initiative petition which will put proposed amendments to the Hoboken RC Ordinance on the November 6, 2012 ballot.

If the voters approve these RC amendments, it will mark the beginning of the end of RC protections in Hoboken, putting many Renters at immediate risk of losing their homes.

The RC amendments that will be on the November ballot state that “Upon the voluntary, un-coerced vacation or court ordered eviction” of any tenant protected by the existing RC ordinance, his/her unit will either be permanently exempted from RC (if the unit is in a building with 4 or fewer units) or, for all other units, be subject to a complete vacancy decontrol (i.e. an unlimited rental increase) each time the unit becomes vacant.

Even though this language clearly eliminates RC protections in all units once the current tenant vacates, it seems to suggest that current tenants are protected.  Be warned: this is not true.

NJ State law gives the landlord the right to obtain a “court ordered eviction” from (1) a condo or a unit in a 1-3 unit building (where the landlord either already occupies a unit or wants to occupy the tenant’s unit) at the end of the current lease with nothing more than a 60-day eviction notice, and (2) from a pre-condo conversion building with any number of units by converting the building to condos and giving the tenant a 3-year condo eviction notice.
Thus, NJ law allows a landlord to obtain a “court ordered eviction” of a current tenant from ANY rental unit. Of course, owners of larger buildings who don't want to convert their rental units to condos might instead resort to harassment in order to convince their tenants to leave “voluntarily”.

Under the current RC law, there is no incentive for a landlord to evict a tenant in these ways because the rent that the next tenant can be charged is limited by the RC law.

Under the proposed RC amendments that will be on the ballot in November, all rental units will be either permanently exempted from RC or completely decontrolled on each vacancy, so the landlord can charge a new tenant any rent he wants to.This will obviously provide a huge incentive to evict current tenants.

Thus, landlords will have both the legal means and the motivation to evict current tenants once Hoboken’s RC laws are gutted.

Bottom line:  if the MSTA-initiated RC amendments are approved by Hoboken voters in November, then RC protections will be eliminated for new tenants and the landlords will have a strong motivation to evict current tenants in order to jack up the rent for new tenants.  If the voters approve these RC amendments, many renters will lose their homes.

What Can Renters Do to Defend Themselves?

Renters and their concerned friends and neighbors must unite and work together to insure that the MSTA Initiative is rejected by the voters in the November election. Hoboken’s voters must be made aware of the danger and must go to the polls and vote against these MSTA RC amendments.Thus, every citizen who wants to stop this attack on RC must (1) vote against the RC amendments in November, and (2) spread the word to fellow renters, friends, and neighbors.

The Hoboken Fair Housing Association (“HFHA”) is a group of Hoboken citizens who are united to defend Hoboken renters. HFHA is working to get the word out to stop the MSTA Initiative by having members go door-to-door to circulate information and to donate time and funds to spread the word. You can join HFHA, contribute to the cause, or gain more information on this issue by going to the HFHA website:

Please Pass This Information On!

You can help to spread this warning by forwarding this informational email to everyone you feel should know. Please let them know that the November ballot will include a PUBLIC QUESTION asking whether the MSTA initiated RC amendments should be approved.Please warn them that if the RC amendments are approved by the voters, there will be serious consequences,including many renters losing their homes.Please emphasize that they MUST VOTE AGAINST the RC amendments and tell their friends and neighbors to do the same!

Finally, please ask the recipients of the forwarded email to forward it to their fellow renters, friends, and neighbors.An expanding email tree has the potential for spreading important information to a large population very quickly, but only if the recipients forward the message to as many concerned citizens as they can!

Together we can DEFEND Hoboken renters by getting out the vote to DEFEAT the MSTA initiative in November. If we want our friends and neighbors to be able to remain in Hoboken, then we have no other option.
-Hoboken Fair Housing Association


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Voter Registration Drive This Sunday September 30th

City Councilman Ravi Bhalla is having a voter registration drive this Sunday.  The deadline to register in the upcoming election is October 16th, 2012 ...

We Need Your Help to Make Sure Hoboken Votes!

Dear Friends,

As we approach the November 6th Presidential election and the voter registration deadline of October 16th to vote in this election, we need as many volunteers as possible to help register new residents at this Sunday's Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival. Here are the details:

When: This Sunday, September 30, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
What: Voter Registration, Outreach and Education
Where: Washington Street - look out for the Hoboken Votes! table
Why: To make our voice heard as a community!

Can you volunteer 2 hours of your time this Sunday to help us register new Hoboken residents? If so, email me at or call at 201-647-6090 and let me know when you can join us!

If you cannot volunteer this Sunday, but want to register voters at your condominium/apartment building, neighborhood, or an event, please contact me and we'll be there to give you everything you need to make sure everyone in your building and neighborhood is registered to vote!

Thank you and see you this Sunday!

Ravi S. Bhalla
Councilman-at-Large ◦

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

City of Hoboken Prevails on Arezzo and Andriani Removal Federal Cases

Two more ongoing legal cases settled by the City of Hoboken with respect to Al Arezzo and Angelo Andriani. Thats a lot of A's if you know what I mean. Kudos to the Administration for standing their ground and sending a message to everyone else who might in the future wrongfully sue the Administration for wrongful termination when the cause for termination is anything but wrong. No more easy paydays for ethically challenged former employees looking to cash in on prior weak kneed Administrations that would prefer to keep legal fees low only to pay out settlements instead. No, this Administration prefers to stand its ground when it is right and therefore protect the taxpayer from future malfeasance. Read on and celebrate both justice and the protection of the Hoboken taxpayer....


The New Jersey Civil Service Commission issued a Final Administrative Action upholding the City of Hoboken’s decision to terminate Alfred Arezzo as Construction Code Official.

“We are continuing with our search for a permanent construction code official and invite applications from all qualified individuals,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “While the process can be lengthy and costly, the City will continue to vigorously defend itself to protect the interests of our community.”

Arezzo, who had served as City Construction Official, had been suspended following his refusal to attend mandatory sexual harassment training, interference with his subordinates’ attendance at the training and insubordinate behavior towards the City’s Business Administrator. Arezzo was terminated shortly after his suspension following his retaliatory destruction of City owned property, including the destruction of a laptop hard drive which contained information regarding public matters. Charged with insubordination, conduct unbecoming a public employee, misuse of public property and other sufficient cause, Arezzo’s termination was a result of the City’s continued efforts to ensure that all employees act in accordance with the high standards and expectations of both the City’s administration and its residents.

In upholding Arezzo’s termination, the Civil Service Commission noted his highly insubordinate behavior towards the City’s Business Administrator as well as the seriousness of destroying City-owned property. Echoing the City’s own concerns, the Commission concluded that “such an egregious act by a long term employee in a position of public trust cannot be tolerated and is worthy of removal.”

The Final Administrative Action is available on the City website:

In addition, the Honorable William J. Martini, United States District Court Judge for the District of New Jersey, yesterday dismissed the federal case filed by former Police Lieutenant Angelo Andriani against the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Police Department, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Police Chief Anthony Falco, and Police Captain Edimiro Garcia. The Judge dismissed all claims of discrimination and retaliation asserted by Andriani.

The court order is available on the City website:

Mr. Arezzo and Mr. Andriani are each involved in additional ongoing litigation with the City.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Carol Marsh Resigns - Mayor Zimmer Thanks her for her Service

Last night Carol Marsh, City Councilwoman resigned from her position effective next City Council meeting October 5th, 2012. She cited personal reasons as the reason for her resignation last night at the end of the City Council meeting.

Carol Marsh reads resignation letter at Hoboken City Council meeting last night
 And here are the Mayor's comments on the resignaiton....


Mayor Zimmer issued the following statement after At-Large Councilwoman Carol Marsh announced yesterday that she would be resigning from the City Council:

“I want to thank Councilwoman Marsh for the enormous contributions that she has made to our City in her many years of public service. She has been a powerful voice for good government and an inspiration for many, including myself. It has been an honor to have worked with her and served with her.

Few people understand how challenging elected office is and the commitment and sacrifice it requires not just by the elected official but by their entire family. Councilwoman Marsh’s leadership on the Council will be sorely missed.

I wish her and her family the very best.”


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kids First Kickoff Sunday September 23 2-4pm at Turtle Club

This Sunday The Kids First Slate of Ruth McAllister, Jean Marie Mitchell and Hoboken Charter School Founder Tom Kluepfel are having their BOE Campaign Kickoff this Sunday from 2-4pm at the Turtle Club. The Turtle Club is located at 936 Park Avenue in Hoboken, NJ.

The Kids First Slate will not be with one of the key members Theresa Minutillo who decided to step down after 2 terms of service. Note that all three members of Kids First will need to win in order to maintain their majority. During the 3 year majority of Kids First many positive developments have occurred including cleaning up the administrative processes and waste including the elimination of low show jobs, lowering the tax levy as much as possible, putting more instruction and money back into the classrooms and the hiring of an experienced Administrator in Dr. Toback. For Dr. Toback to continue his fine work to date, these three candidates who have all long supported the Hoboken District Schools will need to be re-elected or the progress that Dr. Toback has made will come to a halt and a new era of uncertainty and possible proliferation of patronage which will promulgate profusely and profoundly, pounding on the pupils possibilities for proper pedagogy.

NJ Transit to Present Their Railyards Plans Tonight at 6:30pm

NJ Transit is holding the second of their two public sessions regarding their plans to redevelop the area of Hoboken Rail yards. They held their first session this morning. They are planning on presenting their more denser version of the redevelopment plan as compared to the City of Hoboken's plan to the Public. The second meeting is tonight at the Hoboken Train Station Waiting Room starting at 6:30pm. Here are some slides that serve as a preview of their plans.



Hoboken Fall Arts and Music Festival September 30, 2012 on Washington Street

Back again, this twice a year Festival has a lot of variety to offer Hoboken residents and visitors....

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and The City of Hoboken
proudly present the

Hoboken Fall Arts and Music Festival
Sunday Sept. 30, 2012 - 11am to 6pm
Admission is Free - Rain or shine
Washington Street between Observer Highway and 7th Street

Featuring over 300 artists, sculptors, photographers and local crafters, as well as rides, games, face painting, local businesses, restaurants, food vendors, and much more.

Plus 3 stages of live music and a special section for children with rides, games, creative activities, face painting, sand art and more.

Featuring performances by:

The Sensational Soul Cruisers: The SSC embody the sounds of Classic Philly Soul, Motown, Disco and Stax. Horn player J.T. Bowen was a member of Clarence Clemon’s solo project (Clemon’s was Bruce Springsteen’s longtime tenor sax player in The E Street Band) and was joined onstage by Springsteen himself when he performed at Clarence's memorial concert at The Stone Pony. The rhythm section was the band behind the extremely popular Eddie and The Cruisers. The group performs over 200 shows a year and has performed at such prestigious venues as Radio City Music Hall, The Copacabana, The Whitney Museum, The South Street Seaport & more.

The Push Stars: After relentless touring, radio play and numerous awards, the happy-to-believe pop rocker band The Push Stars gained a passionately loyal national fan base. They've toured with Matchbox Twenty and their latest album "Paint The Town" was produced by Greg Collins (No Doubt, Jewel, Matchbox Twenty). Their music has been featured in the films "Something About Mary" and "Me Myself and Irene," and on TV in the shows "ER" and "Malcolm In The Middle."

Megan Riley: Megan Riley, working closely with virtuoso guitarist James Mastro (Patti Smith, Ian Hunter) has released her third album “The Well” to critical acclaim after taking six years off from the music business to marry and raise a child. A dark and moving mixture of Irish fatalism and Southern Gothic Macabre, the album also features Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame member Lenny Kaye of The Patti Smith Group. A native of Memphis, she now lives in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband and young daughter.

Hello Radio: Local favorites Hello Radio formed in 2002 by members Mike Shanley, Ray Melisko and “Radar.” They refer to their sound as “Life Music,” combining elements of rock, electronica and hip hop. They released their first full length album in 2005 on Hometown Records and have toured extensively through Eastern and Central US and Canada. Their new EP “Letters To Texas” was released in Aug 2012.

The New Loretta Revue: Nashville comes to Hoboken! Alt-honky-tonkers, The Lonesome Prairie Dogs, team up with country chanteuse Tammy Faye Starlite to pay musical tribute to the brilliant, ever- feisty, rocking-and-rolling reigning Queen of Country Music, the incomparable Miss Loretta Lynn. Sing along and square-dance (or mile-square dance!) if you're so inclined!

Goodbye Friday: an energetic four-piece, Pop/Rock boy band from Hopatcong, N.J. They have performed all over the tri-state area at Bamboozle, Webster Hall, Stony Pony and many other clubs & festivals in the NJ area; 2nd place Winners of the Bamboozle Break Contest, finalists in Z100 Hometown Heroes Contest, video won at the 2012 Garden State Film Festival, and more.

Gene D. Plumber: a long-time favorite Hoboken musician. He plays guitar and sings with an eclectic brand of music he calls “tex-mex-abilly.”

Silver Plane Crucifix: Jersey City electronic indie rock band born of long hot neighborhood summer nights. Featuring Rory Bauers, Johnny Bauers, Evan Dibbs, Timothy Erbach.

and much more…

Volunteers Needed
Once again we are reaching out for support. Volunteers are greatly needed to help with vendor setup the morning of the event from 7:30am to 11:00am. Anyone interested in helping should contact Geri Fallo in the Cultural Affairs Office at 201-420-2207 or

Special features include:
  • Fine artists are primarily located between 2nd & 3rd Streets, 5th to 6th Streets on the west side, and artists from the Monroe Center will be located between Newark and 1st Streets, so if you are an art collector, these are the places to check out first. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, etc.
  • Crafters will be displaying and selling throughout: handmade: pottery, metalwork, wood items, furniture, blown and fused glass, quilts, household items made from recycled materials, batik clothing, hand painted furniture, candles, jewelry, dried florals, soaps and bath salts and much more.
  • Children’s activities on 3rd street with rides, games, creative activities, face painting, sand art, balloons, live performances and more.
  • Food: Lots of great food throughout offering an eclectic variety of international foods including Thai, Indian, Greek, French, Mexican, Cajun and Italian.
  • Car dealers will be displaying new models on 1st Street between Washington Street & Bloomfield Street.
How to Get to the Festival:

Located just 3 blocks from all public transportation: PATH, NJ Transit Trains & buses, NY Waterway Ferries & the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. For details, visit:


Supported in part by a grant from New Jersey Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.
Optimum, United Water, Walgreens, WKTU, Dyson,, The Hoboken Reporter, Capital One Bank, KTU, PATH and Port Authority of NY and NJ

For more info call 201-420-2207 or email
For updates, visit:


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vote Yes for November Fundraiser at Arthur's in Hoboken September 20th 6-8pm

 These notes were sent out earlier today and last week from the Vote Yes in November Committee.

 Vote Yes For November's Fundraiser Reminder: 

Just a friendly reminder that this Thursday from 6 to 8 pm at Arthur's Tavern is Vote Yes For November's important fundraiser for the Vote Yes for November initiatives to consolidate Hoboken municipal elections!  We are hoping that all of you will come out for this important cause - this critical step of fundraising will most likely determine whether or not we will be successful at the ballot voting for these initiatives in November. 

If you haven't already done so, please A) RSVP at (preferable),, B) DONATE at, and C) invite your friends to the event.  Even if you are unable to attend, a donation is much appreciated.

Vote Yes For November's Initial Note Last Week:

Thank you all for your efforts in the initial petition process to consolidate the local Hoboken municipal elections.  In case you missed, it, we were successful at putting the two initiative questions on the ballot this upcoming Election Day in November with over 1,800 signatures from Hoboken residents!  All your hard work in obtaining petition signatures paid off.

As many of you know, we have an important fundraiser on behalf of our efforts coming up [this] Thursday, September 20 at 6 pm at Arthur's Tavern (237 Washington Street).  The cost is $100 per person.  This is an important fundraising event - in order for Hoboken voters to be educated about our initiative questions, we need to raise funds to pay for our communication efforts.  The more we can pay for our communication efforts (ie mailers, website, email), the more likely Hoboken voters will vote in favor of our initiatives.  Without the necessary funds, the less likely our initiatives to consolidate Hoboken municipal elections will pass at the ballot this November.  We know opponents of our efforts will already be coming out to vote against our initiatives in mass - we need to spend ever dollar we can to educate voters about the benefits of consolidating elections.

Here's how you can help - in addition to contributing at our fundraiser (you can also give online at and click donate at the top), please pass along the invitation to your friends and follow up with phone calls to confirm their attendance.  The invite is attached.  You can RSVP on the website, or by calling Alessio at (201) 457-9028.


Mayor Zimmer Recommends Two Good Causes This Week

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has two worthy causes and fundraisers for your calendar this week...

Dear Friends,

I am writing to personally invite you to two very important fundraising events [this] week.

Hoboken Charter School Fundraiser
Tuesday, September 18th
at the Turtle Club, 936 Park Avenue
6-9 PM

As most of you know, Hoboken Charter School’s building was badly damaged in a fire last week. While insurance will cover a great deal of the costs, there is immediate need for additional help.

The Hoboken Rotary is sponsoring this event and the Turtle Club is offering a complimentary beverage to anyone who donates $10 at the door.

Vote Yes for November Fundraiser
Thursday, September 20th
at Arthurs Tavern, 237 Washington Street
6-8 PM

The citizen sponsored election reform to consolidate municipal elections on Election Day in November is critically important to the future of our town.

Holding our elections on Election Day will empower Hoboken citizens by increasing voter participation, reducing voter fatigue, reducing the seemingly endless barrage of campaign literature and saving taxpayers money.

Unfortunately, the well financed enemies of reform are gearing up to oppose this much needed reform. Please help this citizen’s group by giving them the resources they need to get these reforms enacted by the voters this November.

The event will include light refreshments and open bar for beer and wine. The requested contribution is $100 ($150 for couples).

I will be attending both events and look forward to seeing many of you there.


Mayor Dawn Zimmer


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Odor in the Court?- Beth Mason Political Operative Matt Callichio Files Harrassment Charges Against Blogger for Merely Asking him a Question

Matt Calicchio pictured left with his boss Beth Mason right
Beth Mason Political Operative Matt Callichio and employee of the "art gallery" - Gallery 1200 aka the Mason Family Civic League has filed harrassment charges Against Roman Brice. The case has been moved to Jersey City Municipal Court since Calicchio is a Democratic Committeeman in the fourth ward and is a full time employee of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

The charges stem from merely asking him a a question about a harassment case that BOE board member Theresa Minutillo filed against him in the fall of 2010. Calicchio filed harassment charges April 12th before his harassment case went to trial in Union City.

Two hearings on this case were held in Hoboken, May and July. A third court appearance is now upcoming soon in the case requiring Roman Brice to take yet another day off and deal with this "harassment" charge.

The handwritten Complaint summary filed by Matt Callichio April 12, 2012


In April 2012, word was out the seven months of hearings in the Minutillo harassment case was headed to trial in May with Matt Callicio the named defendant. According to sources close to Roman Brice who pens the website MSV in Hoboken, this is what's transpired to date:
  • Roman on the morning of April 12th sent a text inquiring to Matt Calicchio if a trial date had been set.
  • Matt has had MSV's phone number since the prior year and they had spoken and texted before in 2011.
  • Matt responded in text as if he did not know who was asking the question.
  • In response, Roman made a phone call, Matt did not answer the question about the trial date and the line disconnected.
  • Not sure if the line was an ATT&T drop, a call back was made leaving a voicemail inviting Matt to call and discuss any set trial date.
  • That was the first and only contact made to that point with Matt Calicchio in all of 2012 by Mr. Brice.
  • Matt was likely still unhappy about being caught in a lie with the infamous Giattino sign theft at Kayla's cleaners. MSV had done this story on that incident as linked here:
  • Matt Calicchio was contacted late morning (11:30 am ) April 12th to be interviewed about any scheduled trial date with Theresa Minutillo in Union City.
  • He retaliated by filing a harassment charge 4:30 pm later the same day at the Hoboken Police Department..
  • MSV did its story on the Minutillo case and released it the following week on April 19th.

First hearing in Hoboken earlier in 2012:
  • Matt Calicchio arrived to court and was seated with Ryan Yacco, Beth Mason's Civic League Program Director and 2011 Beth Mason for Council Campaign Manager.
  • Mediation was held and scheduled for another round. Matt attempted to have editorial control over MSV inserted.
  • Frank Raia arrived and looked over the room and went to where Matt was seated shaking his hand.
  • He then leaned over and asked Ryan Yacco to get up and he sat down next to Matt Calicchio.
  • Ryan Yacco went outside and then spoke to a third Beth Mason political operative (Matt and Ryan being #1 and #2)
  • During the hearing after mediation, Ryan Yacco went to the front of the room and took notes during the entire hearing.
Editor's Note: The attendees in the room for the first hearing lends credence this is a politically motivated case and nothing more.

Second hearing in Hoboken later in 2012:
  • There were no Mason political operatives in attendance this time (other than Matt).
  • Prosecutor Tracy Zur - never discussed the harassment charge from April.
  • Instead she pointed to a photo of Matt Calicchio taken when he walked by an outdoor eatery claiming "this had to stop".
  • Prosecutor claimed that Matt Calicchio was being followed to work and his job (no evidence was provided).
  • Prosecutor acted as if taking a photo of a public official was a legal problem - that's not in the April complaint. Mr. Brice has been taking pictures at City Council meetings for three years.
  • Matt claimed he had witnesses and the list was only given to Prosecutor Tracy Zur, no one else saw it Question: How do you produce witnesses to a phone call?
  • Repeated attempts to generate additional complaints by Matt have failed with the HPD apparently revolving around two photos taken in public including a City Council meeting.
  • Matt brought printouts of his attempted complaints to be processed and gave them to the prosecutor. The prosecutor acted as if those complaints made to Hoboken Police Dept. were to be acted upon in the hearing even though no complaint was issued by HPD and had nothing to do with the April complaint.
  • The judge asked Matt Calicchio if it was true he was an elected official in the 4th ward for Democratic Committee.
  • Matt Callichio said he wasn't sure.
  • Roman Brice said yes it's true.
  • The judge asked Matt again.
  • Matt said he wasn't certain
  • Roman Brice told the judge all Democratic committee people had been extended another full year (into 2013).
  • Roman Brice then told the judge Matt works for Councilwoman Beth Mason.
  • The judge asked Matt if this was true.
  • Matt claimed he worked for the Mason's "Art Gallery"
  • Roman Brice replied, "Yes your honor, Beth Mason"
  • The judge again asked Matt if that was the case.
  • Matt said he worked for the Mason family.
  • Judge Mongiello then responded - "And is she part of the family?" He then continued in the hearing without awaiting an answer noting he was moving the case out of Hoboken.
End of 2nd hearing Recap:
  • The judge told Matt Calicchio to stay away from Roman Brice and if he sees him on the street to cross over to the other side.
  • The prosecutor Tracy Zur yelled out during the hearing that MSV "called" re: wrote that Matt Calcchio is a pedophile (Editor's Note: apparently another charge taken at face value from Calicchio).
  • The prosecutor twice requested that there be a restraining order placed on Roman Brice.
  • The judge denied her requests.
  • The judge explained to everyone present he could go outside and walk on Washington Street and anyone could take his picture saying it's not against the law.
  • As the judge concluded his remarks Matt bursted out yelling "He's being served a civil lawsuit tomorrow!"
  • Judge Mongiello dryly responded, "We don't do that here."

Editor's Note: This last comment by Matt Callicio shows the coordinated awareness of the civil lawsuit against Brice, Pincus and 10 plus anonymous bloggers - called by some a SLAPP lawsuit using the courts as a tool for political intimidation.

Matt continues to lie in court and this case as in the instance of the Minutillo case serves as my proof for that statement. That's the lesson learned from getting away with perjury in Union City in the Minutillo trial. Judge Macias at the end of the trial called the testimony of Matt Calicchio and Tania Garcia, both Mason Civic League employees completely "fabricated".

Do you think Matt Callichio is abusing the courts in this case by filing a harassment charge against Roman Brice for merely asking a question? I see this as an abuse of the judiciary and call an odor in the court. With Matt having the backing of boss and public figure Beth "Money Bags" Mason the ability to legally harass political opponents seems to have no boundaries.

Background on the Prosecutor: For those interested in the background of one of Hoboken's prosecutors Tracy Zur, the record shows she was appointed for 2012 as Hoboken prosecutor here:

The actual resolution showing she is paid 65K for work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Municipal Court is at the link:

Also Note: I have not contacted 4th ward Committeeman Matt Calicchio for this story. I don't want to be forced to take time out to go to court to explain to the judge I asked an elected official a question. Matt is welcome to comment here if he so chooses. I will not censor his comments and allow him to respond if he so chooses.


Hoboken Skate Park Renovation in Progress

More news on Parks from the City of Hoboken...


Madison Street Park Will Temporarily Close for Repairs

Hoboken’s Castle Point Skate Park, located on Sinatra Drive, is in the process of being renovated. More than half of the equipment is in need of resurfacing and several damaged subsurface areas are being repaired or replaced. All steel grind edges, copings and thresholds will be securely bolted or welded to the ramp framing. Repairs are in progress and expected to last at least through next week, weather permitting. Sections of the park will remain open during repairs.

In addition, minor repairs are needed to the play surface in Madison Street Park. The park will be closed for renovations on Friday, September 14 and Saturday, September 15.

“The year of the parks continues with the renovation of our waterfront skate park,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We’ve renovated playgrounds at Jackson Street Park, Madison Street Park and Legion Park and made a down payment to buy land for a Southwest Park. Construction is almost complete at Mama Johnson Field, and will soon begin at Church Square Park, Sinatra Park, and 1600 Park.” ◦

Ian Sacs - City of Hoboken Hoboken Transportation and Parking Director Moving on and New Hire for Finance Director


Solomon Steplight City of Hoboken Finance Director
Mayor Zimmer welcomes Solomon Steplight as new Finance Director Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced that Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs will be leaving his position on October 15, 2012 and that she has appointed Solomon Steplight as Finance Director effective today.

Director Sacs recently informed Mayor Zimmer that he and his family are moving to Europe. He has agreed to assist with completing major ongoing projects on a consulting basis.

“Ian put Hoboken on the map as a leader in progressive transportation initiatives,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “He brought us new technologies like multi meters and an online permit sale system, started a nationally-recognized car-sharing program, set into motion years of roadway safety design improvements, expanded customer service hours, made our streets more accommodating for all users and reduced car crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists, eliminated garage waiting lists, and expanded our shuttle system and bicycling infrastructure. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for Hoboken.”

“My choice is best for our family, yet nonetheless difficult,” said Director Sacs. “I thank Mayor Zimmer for the opportunity to serve Hoboken; it has been a sincere pleasure working alongside her team of stellar professionals.”

Mr. Steplight’s strong managerial experience includes serving as Assistant Finance Director in Newark and as Director of Finance, Strategy and Administration at a national nonprofit organization. His resume is available on the City website: “I thank Director Trasente for his service to Hoboken through a difficult time, for being a part of putting our finances back on track, and for agreeing to assist through a transition period,” said Mayor Zimmer. “During his time as Finance Director, we have made City Hall more efficient and seen a significant reduction in the municipal tax levy.” ◦

Statement from Mayor Zimmer on Passing of E. Norman Wilson


Mayor Dawn Zimmer issued the following statement on learning of the passing of former Councilman E. Norman Wilson early this morning:

“My thoughts today are with his sister, Carol Ann, his friends, and all of those whose lives he helped improve. I am thankful for his decades of service to our community as a Councilmember, as director of HOPES, and for his role in saving Hoboken University Medical Center as a commissioner of the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority.”

Editor's Note: E. Norman Wilson is the Second former HUMC Commissioner to pass away this year. Is saving a hospital hazardous to your Health especially when someone like Beth Mason did everything she could to scuttle the sale of the hospital.


Monday, September 10, 2012

City of Hoboken to Host Annual September 11th Interfaith Memorial Service

From the City of Hoboken a memorial service for the victims of 9/11 tomorrow at 6:30pm at Pier A Park...


The Hoboken community will come together to share in its annual September 11th Interfaith Memorial Service for the victims, their families, the City of Hoboken, and the entire nation. Fifty seven Hoboken residents were lost on September 11, 2001.

The service will take place on Tuesday, September 11th at 6:30 pm. on the southeast corner of Hoboken’s Pier A Park – the site of a makeshift memorial on September 11, 2001. All are invited to attend. ◦

City of Hoboken Seeks Volunteers for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The latest training session for new CERT team volunteers has been announced by the City of Hoboken....

Interested Community Members Invited to Apply for Training

The City of Hoboken seeks to continue to build its Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and has scheduled a CERT training program for community members interested in volunteering.

CERT training promotes a partnering effort between emergency services and the people that they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations, or workplaces in basic response skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency response capability for their area.

If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the community’s professional response, CERT members can assist others by applying the basic response and organizational skills that they learned during training. These skills can help save and sustain lives following a disaster until help arrives. CERT skills also apply to daily emergencies.

If interested in joining CERT, please download and complete the application ( and return by email to Participation in CERT requires the successful completion of a training course on a range of subject matter specific to emergency response and disaster relief.

All classes will be conducted at the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 707 Clinton Street starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 9:30 pm. The training schedule is as follows:
  • 10/23/2012 - Disaster Preparedness
  • 10/30/2012 - Fire safety
  • 11/6/2012 - Disaster Medical Operations 1
  • 11/13/2012 - Disaster Medical Operations 2
  • 11/15/2012 - Light Search and Rescue Operations
  • 11/29/2012 - CERT Organization
  • 12/6/2012 - Disaster Psychology
  • 12/13/2012 - Terrorism and CERT
A final exam will be at the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps at a date to be determined.

Participants must attend every module of training as well as participate in the final emergency simulation exercise in order to receive certification as a fully trained CERT Team member.

Upon completion of the training, each participant will be issued a CERT Member Emergency Kit to maintain for future deployments. ◦

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

City Council Meeting Tonight Starting at 7pm

Tonight's City Council meeting has a lot on the agenda. Below are some of the key items for tonight:
  1. Ordinance to move the elections to November. 
  2. Reading on Petition to eliminate Runoff elections from City Clerk of Hoboken. 
  3. Ordinance for Repairs on Pier A Park and 9/11 Memorial.
  4. Presentation by the Planning Board on the NJ Transit plan proposed by the City of Hoboken. 
  5. Dueling Sidewalk Cafe Ordinances. 
That is just to name a few items. Should be a late night irrespective of whether "City Council of No" (Occhipinti, Mason, Russo, Castellano) who are often either unprepared or just play ignorant or uniformed has obstructionism on the brain.


Live video by Ustream


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama Watch Party this Thursday at Marty O'Briens in Hoboken

There is an informal viewing party for Hobokenites this Thursday for Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention. Details are below in a letter from Mayor Dawn Zimmer...

Dear Friends,

Please join me for an Obama Watch Party, this Thursday at Marty O'Brien's (1st & Bloomfield) from 8:30 - midnight.

Marty O'Brien's is offering our group some great drink and food specials for this event!

We’ve heard from Governor Romney, and Congressman Ryan about their vision for America’s future, and I look forward to hearing President Obama’s response and his vision together with all of you.

Last week Congressman Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in under 3 hours, when in fact his time was four hours, and one minute.

Finishing a marathon is a great achievement no matter what your time. Had Mr. Ryan not "misremembered" I would have been impressed, given that my marathon time was a lowly four hours and 30 minutes.

I know my time, and like all runners, I will never forget it. I don’t know if President Obama or Vice President Biden have ever run a marathon, but I hope if they did, they would be honest about their time.

Let's come together to hear President Obama stand up for the ideals that have made our country great.

Everyone is welcome! (Democrats, Republicans, & Independents, as long as you pledge to tell the truth about your running times!)

See you Thursday!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer