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Hoboken Journal Exclusive! Peter Cammarano campaigns for Tim Occhipinti!

Some might say, "I thought that the corrupt f*cker was behind bars". Yes he still is. Sometimes in New Jersey, although rarely, if you do the crime you can do the time. No, Peter Cammarano wasn't campaigning on behalf Tim Occhipinti but rather it was citizen activist Greg Bond campaigning on behalf of Mike Lenz with his own paid for language outside of downtown Starbucks last night. Greg was donning a two sided mask with Tim Occhipinti on the front and Peter Cammarano on the back. In other words he was two faced, like many of Tim Occhipinti's core campaign supporters.

Is that Timmy Occho-Cammarano or Peter Occhipinti? Hard to say.

Does Tim really "Want to be like Peter Cammarano" i.e. behind bars?

An interested citizen grabs the campaign literature.

Beloved reformer and satirist Greg Bond hams it up and is serious at the same time. If that makes him elitist I love it and so should the concerned taxpayers too. Does the real Tim Occhipinti hide behind a mask? Voters who haven't yet made up their mind should consider that question on Tuesday if they live in the 4th Ward (or Puerto Rico in the case of a paid campaign worker/voter for the Tim Occhipinti campaign)
For more information about this citizen activist's work go to ◦

Democratic Committee Meet And Greet Photo Recap

On Thursday October 28, 2010 at 6pm Democratic Committee Chair Ravi Bhalla put together a meet and greet for Democratic Candidates Frank Schillari for Sheriff and Congressman Albio Sires who is running for re-election to Congress. The event was at Room 84 on Washington Street and thanks go out to Joe Bronco who owns Room 84 which has hosted political events in the past. Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Mike Lenz and a few other local politicians were in attendance. Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti did show up but they did so very late. Timid Tim was without any of his handlers and slid out barely noticed. Beth Mason showed up so late it was almost like she wasn't there at all. Has Beth Mason ever showed up on time for an event (besides perhaps her big 50th birthday party she arranged in her own self-serving honor)? Just saying. Any way I digress.

There were introductions by Ravi Bhalla, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Athony Romano and Ruben Ramos. Frack Schillari gae a brief speech about why he was running for Sheriff and then the floor turned to Albio Sires. Albio reminded voters that the last few years have been tough for Democrats. He stated that the number one priority is jobs. He noted that jobs have been created in the current Administration but the results are not enough. He also spoke about the things that Democats behind Obama stand for that are important like Health Care. As far as local issues he touched on funding for the flooding and for Stevens Institute. The event lasted until a little after 7pm.

Below are some photos of the event.

Susan Chait and family meet Albio Sires and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Frank Schillari talks with Hoboken Patch Reporter.

From Left to Right Peter Biancamano, Brian Assadourian, Councilman Ravinder Bhalla and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

NJ Assemblyman Ruben Ramos with Sheriff Candidate Frank Schillari and Congressman Albio Sires.

Freeholder Anthony "Stick Romano", Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Democratic Committee Chair Ravi Bhalla,
Ruben Ramos who supported legislation to eliminate car sharing tax yet supports Tim Occhipinti who wants to can the very
successful Corner Cars program and send us back into the Dave Roberts Dark Ages with respect to Parking and Transportation as well as cowtow to the Rockefeller group who has plans for 40 plus story highrises in the NW part of town , Sheriff Candidate Frank Schillari and Congressman Albio Sires.

Sheriff Candidate Frank Schillari, Ravi Bhalla, Peter Biancamano, and Joe Bronco.


Mike Lenz Meet and Greet Photo Recap

Thursday night at the new West End Station Mike Lenz hosted a meet and greet at West End Station I stopped by to take a few photos and make a few observations. One of those was the turnout was pretty good. Mike had a few of his usual core supporters like Tony Soares and the Mayor show up but also residents of the 4th Ward as well. They will never make a  movie about Mike Lenz's political campaigning prowess called "the Natural" as he is more disposed of just doing the work, but it was encouraging that I was able to see him have extensive conversations with quite a few 4th residents during the meet and greet.

Outside the event two youths were handing out the Hoboken 411 unsubstantiated smear piece on Mike Lenz courtesy of the ghost writer Lane Bajardi on behalf of the Tim Occhipinti campaign. On my walk home  made a loop around Tim Occhipinti's headquarters around 10PM to spot yet another late night meeting at Tim Occhipinti's HQ. From my perspective it looked the cast from the Sopranos. For a campaign that once seemed cocky about their chances to win (and yes they are the odds on favorite based on my anecdotal assessment of this election) these late night meetings are either indicative of hard work or some serious track covering based on the recent allegations brought to light by the Lenz campaign.

Below are a few photos from the event......

Mike Lenz talking to Constituents

A Mike Lenz "Volunteer" - $40 per vote not required

Good turnout for meet and greet


Friday, October 29, 2010

Court Hearing Today at 2pm on Lenz vs. Occhipinti Election Fraud Complaint

Update at 4:55 PM:

Statement on Court Case from Mike Lenz Campaign Manager Sam Briggs:

"The reports by our opponents and certain journalists that our case was “thrown out of court” are incorrect and represent wishful thinking on behalf of the Occhipinti campaign. Judge Maurice Galipoli ruled that our application to have Vote by Mail ballots sequestered was “premature” in part because the Hudson County Superintendant of Elections is in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the clear and solid evidence of allegations of pervasive Election fraud by the Occhipinti campaign. He did not issue any opinion or rule on the merits of the allegations that are still being investigated.

Evidence of fraud will, in any event, be presented to the Hudson County Board of elections during the challenge process now and after the election. In light of the substantial evidence already developed and the investigations being conducted by the Superintendent of Elections, we are confident that the ultimate judgement will be in our favor when the allegations are considered on their merits. "

My take: The opera aint over till the fat lady sings. Stayed tuned.

Update at 4:30 PM:

Politiker NJ's Tim Carroll also has an update confirming the motion was denied:

Update at 3:45 PM: I received a text message from two sources that indicated that the Plaintiffs (Mike Lenz) had the complaint tossed out (not on merits but the judge said "the application was premature") that the campaign was trying to get an appeal. I will keep you posted of any further developments. Only in Hudson County!

Original Post:
From Sam Briggs Mike Lenz Campaign Manager:

There will be a Hearing for Counsel from each party today at 2 pm in front of Judge Gallipoli to get temporary restraint. Due to the irreversible harm if the illegal ballots are counted (not only to the Mike Lenz campaign but also the Campaigns of Henrietta Dwyer, Congressman Sires, Sheriff Perez, and Undersheriff Schillari), the Lenz Campaign is calling for all Mail in Ballots to be sequestered until an investigation by the Superintendent of Elections and the Attorney General's Office can be completed.

Oct 29, 2010 at 2 pm
Hon. Maurice Gallipoli
Hudson County Courthouse
595 Newark Ave (Courtroom 906)
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Hearing for Counsel

Order to Show Cause

Complaint Part 1 of 2:

Complaint Part 2 of 2:


4th Ward Candidates’ Views on Development of NJ Transit Site

I received this email from the Hoboken Rail Yards task Force on the 4th Ward Candidate's views on NJ Transit development:

Hi Kurt.

I realize you've likely rec'd this and that the 4th Ward is looking more and more like a temporary war zone.

HOWEVER, speaking of lasting impact, not heat of the moment, the Rail Yards redevelopment will directly impact the Ward's future. Actually, there's a big chance much of the Rail Yards will be in the 4th Ward.

Meanwhile the impacts include:
• Construction process elements, from noise, debris, air quality
• Traffic, both during the construction and permanently, as some new workers/residents may or will use cars, even at peak hours
• Many 4th Ward residents could live in shadows if the buildings go too high.
• Many or most 4th Ward residents will "have to" or "be lucky to" pass by and through the Rail Yards development on their way to PATH, the ferry, NJT Trains or simply in new-found walks around town.

Accordingly we had both candidates weigh in on the process and future of the full 52 acres. Their feedback is attached.

We'd appreciate your coverage of their statements. All the best.

 4th Ward Candidates’ Views on Development of NJ Transit Site
Concept of Initial plan from NJ Tranist regarding bus terminal area

Hoboken, NJ – Oct. 27, 2010 – After the 4th Ward Candidates Forum hosted Oct. 13 by the Hoboken civic organizations People for Open Government and Quality of Life Coalition, the Hoboken Rail Yards Task Force approached each candidate, Timothy Occhipinti and Michael Lenz, for a fuller statement of their views on development plans for the New Jersey Transit property, which is partially bounded by the 4th Ward. As the official redevelopment agency for the city, the City Council will have decision-making power over any proposals for the area, which has been designated as an area in need of redevelopment.

The Hoboken Rail Yards Task Force, a group of concerned community members who are working together to help ensure an open and community-based approach to developing this important piece of land, directed the following question to each of the candidates:

The Master Plan recommends preserving the view corridor of the historic Terminal building, avoiding construction over the tracks and limiting the height of any development on the property to be consistent with surrounding areas.

As the City and NJ Transit begin planning for this area, we are interested in your view on the appropriate planning process and specific parameters. The latter would include, but not be limited to: height in stories, height in feet and/or height relative to other buildings, number of employees in related offices, number of new residents in related residential buildings, mix of residential/commercial office and other uses, and pacing of the development.

What is the appropriate scale and use for non-transit development on the NJ Transit property?

The candidates’ responses, in their own words:

Mike Lenz: My views on development on the NJ Transit site mirror my views on Hoboken development generally: development must enhance the neighborhood ambiance of our town and must not increase the burden on taxpayers, worsen congestion, or aggravate flooding or parking problems.

Step one is standing firmly against NJ Transit’s claim – supported by state legislation proposed by State Senator Sarlo – that it has the right to develop non-transit projects without local approval. Mayor Zimmer has insisted that NJ Transit sign an Interlocal Agreement making clear that Hoboken has final say over non-transit development of the site. She has stated she won’t agree to let NJ Transit build a single building until that agreement is signed. I fully support the Mayor’s strong and unequivocal position.

As for what kind of development I would consider acceptable in that area, new development should conform to the existing character of the neighborhood, and have overall density levels no higher than the north side of Observer Highway. The project should be at least 50% office/incubator/commercial with a continuous street-level retail presence to provide jobs and minimize cost and congestion. The residential portion should emphasize family housing, with an ample supply of three-bedroom apartments.

“Give backs” that benefit and enhance the neighborhood should include a substantial contribution toward the cost of acquiring and building the Southwest Park. We should follow the open process that the Administration and the City Council has adopted for all redevelopment projects, to ensure that we’ve received and incorporated community input.

Tim Occhipinti: We need NJ Transit to serve Hoboken before Hoboken serves NJ Transit. The original LCOR/FXFOWLE “Vision” for Hoboken was a disaster. I hope nothing like that is ever proposed again because it would not have my support. I believe the people of Hoboken must have sole authority to determine what non-transit development looks like in our town. I would oppose any effort to remove or undermine our home rule on zoning matters. I would support every effort to legally prepare the City of Hoboken to protect its rights on this issue, and will personally go to Trenton to spread that message if needed.

As for the proposed office building, I attended the informational meeting regarding the proposal and was not satisfied with the lack of details from NJ Transit. They claim it will be “no taller than the W Hotel,” and reports say 17 commercial stories (which are taller than residential stories). I am not comfortable with 17 stories, well over 200 feet tall, on the corner of Hudson Street and Hudson Place. I don’t like the precedent it sets for adjoining properties, not only on NJTransit land, but also on the open parking lot on Observer between Hudson and Washington.

I do, however, believe a plan for additional, modern office space on that triangle should be considered, but only if it will improve the current pedestrian situation at the PATH entrances and Bus Terminal. However, I do not support what NJTransit has proposed for the Bus Terminal. It’s not appropriate and ends the entry/exit pattern onto Observer Highway, dumping more bus traffic onto our already congested roads. This is a deal breaker. 

I am running to put the 4th ward first. That means any proposal for additional development must also improve the quality of life for residents of the 4th ward. NJTransit’s original proposal for 45-story residential towers lining Observer Highway from Washington to Henderson would have been a crushing blow to the already overburdened downtown road and sewer system.

Any new development on Observer Highway must put Hoboken’s infrastructure needs first. I know what I love about Hoboken’s small-scale character, but I am not a Planning professional. I can’t write up a proposed Redevelopment Plan for you. I will rely on Hoboken’s planners, engineers and other professionals – NOT NJTransit’s – to help guide us through the process of determining the Hoboken-led plan for all NJTransit properties.

About the Hoboken Rail Yards Task Force:
The Task Force was formed in the wake of the third public meeting held by the City to present the NJ Transit Rail Yards redevelopment plan, when it was made clear that the designated planners, FXFOWLE, had incorporated none of the feedback expressed by members of the community at the previous two meetings. The group advocates development of the rail yards in a scale and manner that complements the larger community it will be joining. New development at this crucial site will impact Hoboken for many generations. ◦

Senior Bus Hours Extended for Hoboken Hop

It was a initially a mistake IMHO for the current Zimmer Administration to change the schedule for the Senior bus even though the Hop is a very good program conceptually to give Hoboken more public transportation options. It would appear that this Adminstration does indeed listen to its constituents and has responded with the following improvement.....


Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini announced today that starting Monday, November 1, 2010, the Senior Shuttle bus will begin its daily schedule one hour earlier. The Senior Shuttle route, which shares a bus with the Red Hop, will now begin at 9:10 am departing the Multi-Service Center on its regular route. The only difference will be that instead of starting at 10:10 am, it will begin an hour earlier at 9:10 am. Accordingly, the Red Hop route in the morning will end an hour earlier. The Senior Shuttle will continue to operate throughout the day until 3:45 pm, with its last stop at the Multi-Service Center. The only interruption of this service is during the driver's lunch break from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

"We heard that seniors really needed that additional hour, and we were able to make it work," said Director Pellegrini.

In addition to the extended hours, close tracking of schedule and route performance has resulted in significantly improved reliability. Based on feedback Mayor Zimmer and Council Members Peter Cunningham, David Mello and Michael Lenz received from seniors, many of the major concerns about punctuality and staying on-route are being resolved. City Hall staff have been monitoring punctuality via the on-board GPS systems and on-street corroboration. Nonetheless, Director Sacs acknowledged that there is a continuing need to improve these services.

New City of Hoboken Senior Bus Schedule (as of 10/29/2010)
"I recognize it's a slow turnaround, but we're working this out,” said Director Sacs. “I'd like to thank all the seniors for their patience and understanding as we step carefully through the process of restoring a critical senior amenity.”

On Thursday, October 28, Directors Sacs and Pellegrini stopped in at the Multi-Service Center during bingo to deliver the update and answer questions. Drivers are now required to radio in to the Parking Utility whenever they are taken off-route by road closures or if they get delayed by traffic.

Seniors may ride all Hop buses for free and can call in to the Parking Utility (201-653-1919) or the Senior Services office at the Multi-Center Center (201-420-2054) to find out about any schedule delays or changes.

Click below to download the updated Senior Shuttle Flyer with route and schedule:


Hoboken Moves towards Privatization of Hospital

One of Dawn Zimmer's campaign promises was to privatize the HUMC. The deal is by no means done but it would appear some progress is being accomplished on this front. Read below for the press release......

Hoboken University Medical Center Releases Financial Statements

The City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority continue to make progress towards the goal of privatizing the Hoboken University Medical Center.

In August, an RFP was issued seeking proposals for transforming the hospital from City auspices with the goals of keeping an acute care hospital open in Hoboken with essential inpatient and diagnostic services under ownership that has access to capital, retaining hospital jobs, and replacing the current City $52 million bond guarantee.

A number of interesting proposals were submitted, and last week Mayor Dawn Zimmer and HMHA Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo held two Stakeholder meetings to get community input on the core services of the Hospital. Approximately 30 Hoboken residents and hospital staff members participated in each of the meetings.

“Upon taking office, my Administration immediately began the process of pursuing strategic opportunities to take advantage of the market place so that we can maintain an acute care facility within our City,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Equally important, we want to relieve the Hoboken taxpayers of the approximately $52 million in bond guarantees. I also want to thank all of the volunteers for participating in the community discussions that will inform the Board’s ultimate proposal for the sale of the hospital.”experienced a net loss of approximately $16.3 million in 2009, compared with a net loss of $21.7 million in 2008. Previous operating losses have been stemmed, and the hospital is on track to meet its budget for Fiscal Year 2010.

The hospital experienced a net loss of approximately $16.3 million in 2009, compared with a net loss of $21.7 million in 2008. Previous operating losses have been stemmed, and the hospital is on track to meet its budget for Fiscal Year 2010.

In the past year, the hospital, through the contribution of management and staff, has introduced a variety of enhanced services including the STEP (Senior Treatment and Evaluation Program) Unit, and increased the utilization of the Emergency Room, which saw a more than 700 patient increase for the month of September, 2010 compared to 2009.

On October 27, 2010, the HMHA board reviewed the initial proposals for strategic opportunities from interested parties in closed session, and three committees have been established to consider the proposals: one to consider the quality of the other hospitals that are bidding, one to examine bond-related issues, and another to coordinate continued review of the submitted bids. The board will return with a final proposal which will then be introduced to the community in a public meeting for comment. A state representative from the Department of Health is fully involved in the process.

“The long-term sustainability of the hospital is best achieved by moving forward with the plan to privatize the hospital -- ending the city's ownership and transitioning governance to a new non-governmental entity,” added Mayor Zimmer. “The transition process is now well underway.”

Click below to download the hospital financial statement:


Tim Occhipinti Campaign and Hoboken 411 very cozy

This flier from Tim Occhipinti's campaign was being handed out by two youths in the 4th Wad last night.The flier is based on a smear piece from Hoboken 411. It is true that Lenz did get two donations from small developers and it is also true that the story from blogger Hoboken 411 has no sources and has established no basis for quid quo pro.

This flier I believe is a distraction to the bigger issue of election fraud. Changing the subject is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Being in bed with the wrong political side has been Hoboken 411's MO ever since he aligned with Beth Mason and turned on Dawn Zimmer. The funny part is Tim's team is bashing the blogs that support Zimmer yet they cite Hoboken 411 as if it was a legitimate news source. What a joke!

Straight from Hoboken 411 to Tim's Campaign. Flier even has what I call the "H411 F#ck you" font


Zimmer Tweets on Mike Lenz and Corner Cars

Here is Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer's tweet after her attendance at Michael Lenz's meet and greet last night at West End Station.


US Attorney's Office sets up Election Day Hotline

Politicker NJ is reporting that the U.S. Attorney's Office sets up Election Day hotline:

An Election Day Hotline has been established by U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman on Election Day  which is November 2, 2010 this year to receive and respond to reports of election irregularities, voter intimidation, malfeasance, mischief, sskulduggery, or other questionable Election Day activities including vote by mail fraud. Kudos to Politicker NJ for their public service announcement.

The Election Hotline is (609) 656-2558.

Given the allegations yesterday levied by the Lenz Campaign on systemic voter fraud (due process must of course occur) this could perhaps be my most important post of the day. Make sure to put this number on speed dial on your cell phone. You can also send me an email at if you see anything unusual. I will be donning a video camera to record an unusual activity myself on election day. The only problem is, given my size I can be seen coming a mile away. :) ◦

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David Cruz Responds to Lenz Campaign Allegations of Voter Fraud

I asked David Cruz for a statement via email regarding the complaint filed today by the Mike Lenz campaign alleging voter fraud by those associated with the Tim Occhipinti campaign......

Hoboken Journal:
"Any comment on the record based on the Lenz campaign lawsuit filed today?"

David Cruz, Tim Occhipinti Spokesman:

"This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, an obvious attempt at deflection from the real issue of Michael Lenz meeting with a developer who had an appeal pending before the city council. These allegations are false and they are another example of the Lenz campaign targeting the most vulnerable residents of the 4th ward. We're certain that his shopworn campaign stunt will be seen for what it is, and come Tuesday, residents from across the 4th ward will be heard from, loudly and clearly. Michael Lenz, who claims to love the people of the 4th ward, will have to live with his own conscience."

Breaking - Mike Lenz Campaign Files Lawsuit Alleging Election Fraud

From the Mike Lenz campaign:

The Mike Lenz for Council campaign has filed a complaint and order to show cause today in New Jersey Superior Court as a result of what we believe to be strong evidence that the Occhipinti campaign has embarked on an organized program of paying voters $40 or more to cast Vote by Mail ballots. Mr. Occhipinti’s own ELEC filings reveal that out of 79 individuals identified as campaign workers, 78 cast vote by mail ballots contemporaneously with receiving the payment. In addition, several individuals have provided affidavits confirming that they were paid in exchange for casting Vote by Mail ballots.

Election Fraud is a serious matter, and the Mike Lenz campaign is confident that the Board of Elections, the New Jersey Attorney General and the Superior Court will review all of the evidence and make the decisions necessary t.o ensure that Hoboken’s 4th Ward residents receive the honest and fair election to which they are entitled.

Complaint is posted on the Mike Lenz Campaign website at:

My addition to story:

Below is the smoking gun from the complaint. 3 residents have sworn affidivits that they were paid $40 for their votes. A 4th testified as to living in Peurto Rico. Diego Merado of 221 Jackson mentions Matt Callichio by name in his sworn statement that he was paid $40 and gave his mail in ballot to Matt.  Diego also added Matt Callichio watched as he filled out his ballot, a clear violation if found to be true.


Affidavit of 4th Ward Resident Diego Mercado documenting voter fraud.

Also complaint is embedded below for your reference:

My comment: This evidence if found to be valid in a court of law is a game changer. Lets be patient and let due process run its course. It is possible that if this turns out to be pervasive it could end up in the 4th Ward seat sitting vacant until the spring or invalidating many of Tim Occhipinti's votes (by mail) and giving Mr. Lenz the margin he needs for victory. Or perhaps this will come to nothing but I somehow doubt it. You actually have people coming forward with sworn testimony. For the skepitcal who may support Tim just ask yourself why in the hell would these people coming forward subject themselves to the likely harassment if it was not true? Things that make you go hmmm.....

Peter Cammarano Part II, the sequel, has arrived in Hoboken this time almost on the eve of election day rather than 21 days after as it was in 2009. ◦

"Hoboken Advocate" on Watershed Election on Tuesday - Vote for Michael Lenz!

I received this email from "Hoboken Advocate" who is a resident of Hoboken and is supporting Mike Lenz. His/her well thought out points behind his/her support are below. I amped up the graphic a bit with some verbiage to go with Uncle Sam but here is the email in its entirety below:

Please vote for Mike Lenz, the 5th Vote on the City Council, on Tuesday, November 2nd so that we can keep moving the 4th Ward and the City forward.

I support Michael Lenz. As your neighbor, I urge you to vote for Lenz. Please make time to go to the polls.

The 4th Ward seat is important for the 4th Ward regarding issues that pertain to the neighborhood: Safety, flooding, Senior Services (the 4th Ward is home to the Hoboken Low Income Housing Authority which has a large Senior population) open space, rent control.

This seat is also important to all of Hoboken because the Council votes on Hoboken wide issue that effect all of us and certainly our taxes such as continuing through on the:

Property Tax Reduction:

  • Hoboken Fire Department audit - there are likely similar savings to the Police Dept to be had at the Fire Dept. Cuts and any redeployment will not happen if the old regime takes control of the Council.
  • Executing against improper administration of subsidized housing programs - this represents millions of uncollected tax revenue every year that is going to buildings that by and large have too many residents who make well over the income limit. We are subsidizing a huge number of affluent people for what?? Because in the past they controlled the local government.
  • Continued contract negotiations for benefit concessions for the Police and Fire contracts
  • Privatization of the Hoboken University Medical Center (which the city is backing and has been losing money year over year - privatization will get us out of being liable for losses and bond payments.)

Other issues that I cannot see being addressed without Mike Lenz:

  • Build a large SW Park and bring balanced development for our neighborhood: Two essential studies will be completed within months - and we risk losing the chance to build a park without Mike Lenz on the Council. A Russo led Council will turn us back with a Developer friendly Zoning Board that gives away variances.
  • Solving the flooding cost-effectively for the long term: Mike fought very hard to make sure the 4th Ward pump that will help the neighborhood next spring was built FIRST not LAST as originally planned. We need the Zimmer team to keep moving on solving this urgent issue.
  •  Continue bringing innovative transportation options like Hertz Connect Corner Cars & the HOP bus. Mike's opponent stands against these programs, and a Russo led majority will stop them.

This will be yet another extremely close election when every vote counts. So please make sure to vote.

Even if your friends don't live in the 4th Ward, tell them to spread the word too. They may know someone who knows someone in the 4th ward. ◦

Somewhere over the Rainbow in NYC!

My commute via the NY Waterway ferry from Pier 11 to Hoboken last night was one of the most interesting weather anomalies I have experienced. The trip started with pouring rain and fog and about five minutes into the journey the rain stopped , the fog cleared and a vivid rainbow appeared looping in New York City from downtown to midtown. I have never seen anything like this rainbow before; at least not in NYC where it could be seen end to end and in such vivid detail. Everyone on the boat took notice and the cell phones were out taking numerous photos. My photos don't do it justice since I only had my cell phone but I think you will get the idea.

Anomaly, this word is not just for rationalizing rigged elections. :)


Uptown Hoboken Gets Webified for Halloween!

Uptown Hoboken has officially been webified for Halloween. There are many Halloween decorations about town but the fashion trend seems to be to put faux spider webs outside many homes. The epicenter of this trend apon casual inspection seems to be 12th and Garden Street. It seems putting fake spider webs outside your home seems to be the newest way of keeping up with the Joneses.

Webs go multi story for this corner lot houshold!

At the corner of 11th and Garden, bugs are alit in a spider's web. Winner of best decoration award IMHO!


Hoboken's "Surrender your Permit" program yields surrenders (of cars)

Here is another update from City Hall on a program spearheaded by Director Ian Sacs to help alleviate some of the parking issues in Hoboken. Policy simpletons like Frank Raia and Tim Occhipinti (via puppet strings default) think the solution to parking is to simply build more garages (which does not work) while Ian Sacs continues come up with innovative solutions to reduce vehicular demand......


Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs announced today that as of last Monday, the recently implemented "Surrender Your Permit" ( program designed to encourage residents to live car-free reached its first milestone of 21 residents giving up their car and surrendering their parking permit. This means that more than half of the spaces reserved for Corner Cars are already accounted for in just a few short weeks' time. Since then several additional residents have also surrendered their permits.

As residents learn that using Corner Cars can cost $3,000 to $5,000 less than owning a car, the City is realizing fewer cars parked on-street, and those who need their car for daily commutes are enjoying the benefits of a less stressful hunt for a parking space. In addition, residents who move in to Hoboken are much less likely to bring a car with them thanks to the availability of Corner Cars.

"It might not be intuitive that adding car-sharing vehicles on our streets would make the parking situation better, but the results speak for themselves. I'm excited that residents are making the economic decision to sell their cars and eschew the burden of owning a car in Hoboken," said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. "If you don't commute by car every day, we make it easy and enjoyable to live without the hassle and high cost of owning a car. When you do need a car, our Corner Cars program provides cars for rent starting at $5/hour."

“Surrender Your Permit" and Corner Cars are part of the Zimmer Administration's strategy to address the parking problem by also reducing demand for parking instead of simply building more expensive structured parking and encouraging higher rates of car ownership. The programs have received considerable attention worldwide for their innovative approach to chronic urban parking and traffic concerns, including features in the New York Times, University of California Berkeley's Transportation Journal, Discovery Channel's Planet Green website, and the Urban Transportation Monitor, a highly respected industry journal.

Although Corner Cars membership is very high city-wide, there are few residents in the Housing Authority, who could benefit from the low-cost alternative to owning a vehicle, signed up for the program. During a recent visit by Mayor Zimmer to the Housing Authority to promote the program, more than a dozen residents registered on the spot for Corner Cars.

“I'm proud to support Corner Cars because it's more than just a creative solution to our parking and congestion problems – it’s also about giving all residents, regardless of income, access to the mobility they need,” said 4th Ward Councilman Michael Lenz. “I applaud Director Sacs for the success of the program in Southwest Hoboken and Mayor Zimmer for her initiative to sign up residents in the Housing Authority.”

A common concern about the Corner Cars program is that these cars, placed on-street for visibility and convenience, make it more difficult for residents to find parking. In fact, statistics for car-sharing programs both nationwide and in Hoboken consistently show the opposite. Based on nine years of car-sharing in Hoboken, statistics have shown that for each car-sharing vehicle available in Hoboken, more than 17 households choose to give up their car, and an additional 20 households postpone or choose not to buy a car due to the convenience of car-sharing. Not included in these statistics are the thousands of residents who move to Hoboken and choose to not bring a car with them because of the availability and convenience of car-sharing.

"Surrender Your Permit" is a complementary campaign designed to make the benefits of Hoboken's alternative transportation options evident by offering a host of incentives to residents who choose to give up their cars and surrender their permit to the Parking Utility. Residents in lease agreements with their cars may have to wait a few months before participating, but the program will continue so that the City can make it as easy as possible for residents to live car-free.


Quote of the Week - From Politicker NJ on Beth Mason

Beth Mason at a Hoboken City Council Meeting
Here is the quote of the week from Politicker NJ on Beth Mason's early re-election announcement:

"Political watchers are dumbfounded as to why Mason would run an ad now when most viewers are counting the hours until Election Day just to make the ubiquitous ads stop. Not to mention that rates are higher - but apparenly Mason doesn't care."

To read the whole roast go to this link below:

Message from Mayor Dawn Zimmer on two meet and greets

There are two meet and greets tonight that Mayor Zimmer would like to inform the electoraet about tonight......

Dear Friends,

I write to encourage you to attend two meet and greets tonight. Come join me for a "Meet and Greet Crawl!"

Tonight, October 28th:

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm:

Meet Congressman Albio Sires and Undersheriff Frank Schillarifor Hudson County Sheriff at Room 84 across from City Hall.

7:00 - 9:00 pm:

Join me for a get together with 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz, Councilman-at-large Dave Mello, and Hoboken Democratic Committee member Rami Pinchevsky at West End Station at The Sky Club, 1st and Harrison St.

Hear the latest election news and learn why this 4th Ward election is so important for our neighborhood and all of Hoboken.

If you have ever wondered what role your congressman and sheriff can play in improving the quality of life here in Hoboken, this event at Room 84 is an opportunity for you to ask direct questions to the candidates and learn more about their views.

Then, meet at the West End Station, at the Sky Club entrance, to conclude a fun and informative evening with me and 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz.

I hope to see you tonight!

Dawn Zimmer
Mayor ◦

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talk of the Town - More Weird Beth Mason Behavior

Here is the continuation of the original Hoboken Journal Talk of the Town series:

I got this tip from a reader that has to do with Beth Mason's announcement that she was running for re-election in the Second Ward during Monday night football just two days ago. It has been  reported that she made appearances in 2nd Ward Sports Bars trying to buy the house a round on her. Here is the account from a Hoboken Journal reader:

"So, I was at City Bistro last night watching the Giants (up on the roof), when someone came up and said Beth was going around to the bars in the area (Madison, Liberty, etc) and buying the whole bar a round.


My comment: Weird indeed but nothing about Beth Mason surprises me any more.

Everyone who follows politics knows that Beth Mason was running for re-election. Whether or a supporter or a detractor anyone acquainted with Beth Mason knows the raw ambition that drives her quest for power and electoral domination. However, the harder Beth Mason tries the more she fails. in this case it would seem she tried to appeal to the younger crowds in Hoboken and my guess if she was trying to appear it backfired miserably like a Lane Bajardi post election defeat.

Based on that strange encounter of a Beth Mason kind, here is my idea for Beth Mason's new campaign logo/header:

So much for the much anticipated Beth Mason family values campaign, corrupting young minds with drink. Temperance, my congeration  is the only path to salvation! Just kidding:) ◦

The 11-Day ELEC reports are in! Mike Lenz vs. Tim Occhipinti

October 22, 2010 was the 11-day ELEC report filing deadline for both 4th Ward Candidates Mike Lenz and Timothy Occhipinti. Both candidates filed on time and the fundraising lead (of what was actually reported) is now in favor of Tim Occhipinti $37K to $31K or so for Mike Lenz. One other distinction between the two candidate's is that Tim Occhipinti's ELEC has quite a few paid campaign workers at $40 a pop. A sample of those campign workers is below along with the ELEC Reports....

Sample of 80 or so Campaign/Vote by mail workers from the machine candidate Tim Occhipinti on his 10-22-2010 ELECs

Tim Occhipinti 11-day ELEC 10-22-2010 filing for 4th Ward Special Election:

Mike Lenz 11-day ELEC 10-22-2010 filing for 4th Ward Special Election:


Meet Albio Sires and Frank Schillari October 28 6pm-7pm at Room 84

This announcement was sent to me from members of the Hoboken Democratic Committee. It is a good chance to meet two of the candidates that are running for office next week. Congressman Albio Sires and Hudson Sheriff Candidate Frank Schillari will be in attendance.


Bike Hoboken Meeting at Wicked Wolf - Saturday October 30, 12:00 PM at Pier A for bike rise

Here is a note I got from Josh Meyers on a bike ride and meeting this coming Saturday by Bike Hoboken....

Introducing Bike Hoboken

Good morning all,

I'd like to take this time to introduce a new bike advocacy group in town, Bike Hoboken. Some of you may already be familiar with us, but for those that aren't, our cause is simple: we want to make Hoboken synonymous with bike-friendliness. In the month since we've initiated our group, over 200 enthused residents have joined the cause. We've already seen a small amount of success with the installation of a few bike racks just south of the Green Rock Tap and Grill within the past few weeks.

This Saturday around noon we are planning our first group get-together. We will begin with a group ride around town and culminate with an informal meeting at the Wicked Wolf Tavern. All are invited to attend. If you're interested in the ride, we'll kick off from the War Memorial at Pier A Park. If you just want to check out the meeting, we'll be back to the Wicked Wolf around 12:30PM.

If anybody is interested, our website is You can sign up for our mailing list via the website. We also have a page on Facebook @ All are welcome to "Like" us.

Hope to see you this weekend.


Josh Meyers
Bike Hoboken ◦

Something in the Water?

This was sent out yesterday to notify Hoboken and Jersey City residents the possibility of brown colored water on Thursday and Friday this week........


Jersey City And Hoboken Customers May Temporarily Have Discolored Water

HARRINGTON PARK, NJ, October 26, 2010 – United Water has completed maintenance projects which required a shutdown of Jersey City’s water supply aqueduct and treatment plant. The plant is scheduled to go back online on Wednesday, October 27.

Harmless sediment in the mains may be disturbed when the plant is put back into service. As a result, United Water customers in Jersey City and Hoboken may have discolored water on Thursday or Friday. Although the discolored water poses no health threat, customers may want to let it run clear before using it for drinking, cooking or washing clothes.

“We will gradually increase water flow from the plant to minimize the possibility of discoloration,” said John Hroncich, operations manager, United Water Jersey City. “Our crews will also flush hydrants to remove any sediment which may be in the water mains.”

Example of discolored water in bathtub
Hroncich explained that United Water inspected and performed maintenance on the 100-year old aqueduct tunnel system. In addition, improvements were made at the city’s water treatment plant in Boonton to help ensure water quality and service reliability.

Customers in Jersey City and Hoboken have been receiving water through an interconnection with the Passaic Valley Water Commission and the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission since October 18.

For more information, visit or call the customer service center at 800-575-4433.

United Water Jersey City provides water service to approximately 250,000 residents in Jersey City and supplies wholesale water to Hoboken, Lyndhurst and West Caldwell. The company operates the Jersey City water system through a contract agreement with the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority.

Ragamuffin Parade this Sunday October 31, 2010 at 1PM

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City of Hoboken
invite residents and visitors to the Hoboken Annual

Ragamuffin Parade and Costume Contest
Sunday October 31, Begins at 1pm
Line of march begins at 12:15pm on Washington Street
between 13th and 14th Street, featuring bands, floats and more.

Followed by a costume contest at the Little League Field on 5th St. and River Terrace. Prizes awarded in five age categories.

Featuring music, lots of great costumes, prizes, Polka Dot and so much more

Costume Contest begins at approximately 2:15pm at The Little League Field, 5th Street & River Terrace featuring MC: Polka Dot


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Beth Mason Poll- How much will the politically tone deaf 2nd Ward Councilwoman spend?

I don't know if Beth Mason's very early release of a campaign TV ad last night  is more indicative her lust for attention or the fact that she has an uncanny ability to waste money on a tarnished reform brand. Here is a new poll asking you the reader how much you think she will spend of her husband Ricky Mason's money in the upcoming election to retain her seat as City Councilperson. Keep in mind Beth got "whipped by A. Spatula 85% to 15 % on a recent Hoboken Journal poll with about 300 votes cast. Feel free to comment below....


4th Ward "Vote By Mail" count exceeds 500 ballots!

Da Horsey over at MSV has asked me to also publish his expose on the number of "Mail-In-Ballots" that have been submitted in the 4th Ward election so far. According to Da Horsey who gathered this information....

  • There are 544 vote by mail ballot requests already made.
  • Over 300 of those outstanding ballots have already been returned.
It would appear that the big push in Ward 4 District 4 has been made to get out the vote for the true machine candidate Tim Occhinpinti. Anyone who looks at the amount of so called mail in ballots from that District and thinks Tim is an independent candidate who upholds the highest degree of integrity in his campaign including the members of his staff might want to take a closer look at the operation going on in their Ward.

If these ballots were mailed in independently by voters who chose their candidates independently without others in the room (to assist them with the "noise") than those votes are completely valid. If the person who filled it out had to give it to a courier (who then supposedly mailed it in on the person's behalf ) in exchange for a promise that they would be paid on election day for working on election day then there is a problem. Vote by mail procedures were set up to have citizens vote by mail and not have them delivered by unscrupulous couriers or collected and then mailed in by those same couriers. The mailing in is optimally done by the person casting the ballot to ensure their vote is counted and to assure proper chain of custody with no breaches ofballot security. The operations going on in the 4th Ward are not what Common Cause had in mind when they spoke in favor of vote by mail.

To read the whole story go to MSV at this link:


Justin DePescale Supports Tim Occhipinti

Here is a letter of support from Justin DePascale who is a Hoboken Police Officer for Tim Occhipinti in the upcoming 4th Ward Special election....

I am writing this letter to lend support to my friend Tim Occhipinti for the upcoming election on November 2, 2010, in the 4th Ward.

Tim represents so many thousands of Hoboken residents that look for honest government, respect for tradition, and a government that works on behalf of its people. I found it remarkable that Hoboken unfortunately had to pay a 6 million dollar tax increase to Hudson County, an increase that Occhipinti would have fought against. I found it amazing to learn that Michael Lenz was hired by Hudson County, given a raise, a credit for health insurance, and also holds an important position in terms of Hudson County politics. Like Occhipinti I started to think about how this would affect the city of Hoboken. I then also learned that neither Michael Lenz, who claims to have great concern for the city’s finances, nor Mayor Zimmer did anything to try to appeal the largest tax increase of any city in Hudson County, in the history of county government. To date, there has been no appeal and no lawsuit against the county for this incredible increase (as Bayonne and Secaucus have done in ht past). How are we not to believe that the involvement of Michael Lenz in the Hudson County political machine is somehow preventing this appeal?

I know that Tim and I share a lot of the same desires for our city, a city where we should not be beholden to such unfair circumstances. And if such circumstances occur, I expect my government to fight for my city, not to be complacent. I also know that Tim has full support of our Police Department, and will stand by us even after election season if over. If you support a government that is honest and a police department that does what’s right for our city, please support Tim Occhipinti on November 2, 2010.

- Justin L. DePascale

New Parking Meters Improve Accountability for Hoboken

Another update from the City of Hoboken on parking and transportation issues:


The City of Hoboken announced today that the pilot implementation of multi-space meters along the east side of Washington Street has resulted in dramatically improved auditing capabilities for coin collections and shows a nearly 30 percent increase in revenue. The results of the eight week pilot implementation conclusively demonstrate that multi-space meters do exactly what they were promised to do by Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs; namely, improve accountability and increase revenue.

The new multi-space meters include real-time internal auditing, automated back-office reporting, and a coin box retrieval protocol that allows a match between a printed receipt from the machine and the deposit slip from the bank.
“Hoboken residents continue to pay the price for decades of corruption, but thanks to these strong accountability measures, the era of missing quarters is over,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

"The audit receipts from the meters exactly match the bank deposit slips to the cent," said Director Sacs. "With the use of these machines, there will be no questions about collection and deposit methods in our City's metered parking zones. Nearly half of all transactions are cashless via new credit card capabilities, and we're also capturing more revenue previously lost to broken meters."

Some concerns about the new meters, such as speed of credit card transactions, display messages, and clarity of instruction cards, are currently being evaluated, and improvements to these concerns are underway. Last week, the unclear "Free Parking" message displayed overnight was replaced with "Free Parking 9pm to 9am", and the machines have all been retrofitted with faster modems to improve credit card transaction speeds. The Parking Utility is also currently developing more concise instruction cards.

The vendor contract was awarded earlier this year to Metric Parking via a competitive bid process that included two phases. The first pilot phase was intended to test the claims of the technology in Hoboken and evaluate whether a full implementation works for the City. In Phase I, the multi-space meters were gradually introduced along the eastern side of Washington Street in July and August, and collections receipts were compared to the traditional meters along the west side of the street. Additional revenue from the new technology has already covered the cost for two of the ten new machines. In coming months, the Parking Utility will be working with the vendor to identify other areas where replacing single-space meters with the new multi-space meters makes sense.


Beth Mason Announces her Relection Campaign!

Another failed (hopefully) expensive campaign for the ages coming to a political theater near you (if you are paying attention and chances are if you are reading this site you are)........

Dear Friend,

Over the past four years we have worked together to continue to make the 2nd Ward a better place to live and raise a family. I am very proud of the things we have accomplished, but there is more to do. Most importantly we need to make sure we use the current budget surplus to lower our property taxes.

That is why I am taking this opportunity to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Hoboken City Council. I hope you’ll consider supporting me. In the coming weeks I will launch my re-election website and introduce my platform. I am looking forward to an exciting campaign.

I look forward to seeing you soon. As always do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of any assistance at (201)-916-8244 or

Thank you for your time.

-Beth Mason

Watch Announcement Video Below!

My comment: Beth's Announcement also made ESPN during the Giants/Cowboys game. I almost broke my TV when I threw something at it when her ad came on. Good grief, she can't event wait until after the November 2nd election to start her campaign. By the time May rolls around I have a feeling that Ricky's checkbook will be missing a few zeros. I consider it bad form that she made her announcement before the conclusion of the November special election. It comes of as very selfish. One thing which stands out to me is it would appear that all of her husband's money can't buy her one thing and that is class. ◦

Monday, October 25, 2010

Letter to The Editor - Rami Pinchevsky Supports Zimmer and Urges 4th Ward Residents to Vote for Mike Lenz

Here is a letter of supporter from Rami Pinchevsky urging voters in the 4th Ward to cast their ballot for Mike Lenz to help continue the Mayor's agenda which in his opinion is heading in the right direction....

Below is my letter encouraging my fellow 4th ward residents to vote for Lenz this November.......

I want to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow 4th Ward residents to support and vote for Michael Lenz for City Council on the November 2nd ballot. Let me first state that Michael and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, nor do I agree with all of his past decisions. However, this upcoming election isn’t about Michael. It’s about what’s best for our City, and what’s best for our Ward.

As a supporter of Mayor Zimmer, I believe it is very important to keep her positive agenda for Hoboken moving forward. Being a homeowner in the 4th Ward, I’m happy that taxes are starting to go down, and that the flooding issue is finally being addressed. But the Mayor needs a Council majority to continue with these efforts. With many important decisions to be made over the next 6-8 months, I think it’s important that we keep Michael on the Council, and keep the majority intact. From the many municipal board appointments, to the 2011 Municipal Budget, we need a solid 5 votes on the Council.

I understand there are many folks out there who aren’t happy with either choice in this special election. However, I ask that if you support Mayor Zimmer and her many accomplishments, then it’s important to do what it takes to continue our City’s progress in the right direction, and keep this Council majority alive. Again, I strongly urge all of my neighbors to vote for Michael Lenz on November 2nd.

Thank you,

Rami Pinchevsky
4th Ward, 2nd District Committeeman


Hoboken Launches "Twenty is Plenty" Driver Safety Awareness Program

Another QLC and public safety awareness initiative from the City of Hoboken.......

Public Awareness Campaign Aims To Make Hoboken Streets Safer For Pedestrians

The City of Hoboken is launching the "Twenty is Plenty" driving and pedestrian safety public awareness campaign to encourage drivers to consider driving no faster than 20 mph despite the 25 mph speed limit on most Hoboken streets. The campaign is inspired by the “20’s Plenty for Us” effort started in Britain.

“We live in one of the most walkable cities in the world, but if we want our streets to be truly inviting and safe for everyone – including children walking to school and the elderly and disabled crossing the street -- then we all need to slow down a little bit,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Making our streets safer and move vibrant is good for residents, visitors, and businesses.”

While driving in New Jersey is often high speed, Hoboken’s community streets are full of people on foot, so slow driving isn’t just the law – it saves lives. Most streets in Hoboken have a 25 mph speed limit, but that is a maximum speed limit; driving just 5 mph slower has a profound impact on the safety of walking residents.

During a collision with a vehicle driving 40 mph, the chance of pedestrian death is 85% according to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, but the risk of fatality drops dramatically with lower speeds.

“In fact, for drivers speeding along our streets at 30 mph, the risk of pedestrian fatality is 40%,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “If drivers keep to 20 mph on our streets, the risk drops to just 5%!”

The City is promoting the Twenty is Plenty effort through newspapers, flyers at the Parking Utility, and with electronic street signs at major incoming streets.

Since everyone in Hoboken finds themselves walking from time to time, advocacy for slower driving is advocacy for all of us. For that reason, the City is advocating slower driving for the safety of you, your family, and your neighbors.

Click below to view the Twenty is Plenty website and download the information sheet and flyer:


Zimmer Letter Endorsing Mike Lenz Not Published in Hoboken Reporter

This letter was sent by the mayor to the Hoboken Reporter last Tuesday. It was confirmed for publication in last weekend's paper but mysteriously not published. This has been supplied to me by a close associate of the Mayor.

Letter to Editor from Mayor Zimmer

Dear Editor,

Tim Occhipinti’s letter published last week provides the strongest possible argument for supporting his opponent, 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz. While I have no reason to believe Mr. Occhipinti is not himself well meaning, his letter, and his performance in the debates last week, make clear that he lacks the requisite understanding of important issues to be able to properly represent my neighborhood - the 4th Ward.

For years, 4th Ward candidates, including me, have promised to move forward on flooding solutions. All 4th Ward residents know that a solution is not (as Mr. Occhipinti said to the City Council), is not merely something we we want, it is something we desperately need. During my short time as Mayor, we have finally, for the first time, made real strides toward solutions. The wet weather pump on Observer Highway is the most important pump and the one which by far will have the most impact on 4th Ward flooding. I fought hard to make certain that this crucial pump was built FIRST not LAST, as originally proposed by Councilman Ramos and others. Under the original Roberts/Ramos plan the first pump built would have been uptown on 15th street and would have done absolutely NOTHING to reduce flooding in the 4th Ward. The new 4th Ward pump should be operational in time for next spring’s flooding season, providing enormous relief to the 4th Ward. Mr. Occhipinti seems not to know that this pump was scheduled to be built last, or else finds it politically inconvenient to acknowledge this fact.

The three additional pumps recommended by the North Hudson Sewerage plan will cost at least $36 million not one penny of which will be paid for by the Sewerage Authority. It is the Hoboken taxpayer who is expected to pay this enormous cost. By a 9-0 vote, the City Council approved the use of Emnet Sensor technology which could help Hoboken craft more effective and less expensive solutions, potentially saving the taxpayer millions. In the only example of independence he has shown from the Russo obstructionist agenda, Tim Occhipinti has opposed Hoboken’s investment in this technology, making him the only candidate in the history of the 4th Ward to run AGAINST a flooding solution.

Mr. Occhipinti blames various blogs for publicizing his ties to his political patrons who are the same people who misled Hoboken about Peter Cammarano and who have worked on the City Council to obstruct positive change. Mike Lenz and I don’t always agree, but we are proud to be on the same team. Mr. Occhipinti is on a team too, but instead of proudly acknowledging it he denies it and blames others for letting people know. The voters of the 4th Ward have a right to know who the major backers of each candidate are so they can cast an informed vote on Election day.

Mike Lenz and the rest of the Zimmer Team have started to deliver real positive change to our City, after years of corruption, irresponsibility and neglect. Please support Mike Lenz on November 2nd to enable us to complete the job.

- Mayor Dawn Zimmer

My Comment: I find it very odd to say the least that the Mayor's letter was not published in the Hoboken Reporter. You can say what you want about the blogs not being impartial but don't ever assume that our local newspaper is impartial as well. So much for a balanced editorial policy. ◦

Friday, October 22, 2010

Viral Video on 4th Ward Campaign

This viral video by citizen Greg Bond is a funny take on the 4th Ward Election. Greg is an active citizen and follower of the Hoboken political scene. He also has a penchant for video production as this humorous take on the 4th Ward election indicates....


Message from 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham

Here is a quick note from Peter Cunningham on events coming up this weekend:

Neighbors, Family and Friends,

A couple of events of interest this weekend: Jubilee Center Fundraiser, Jersey City Lacrosse clinic, and supporting Michael Lenz for council...

Jubilee Center Fundraiser

Many of you know about the Jubilee Center, and the great work they do for Hoboken's children in public housing.  The Jubilee Center is an after school and summer safe haven for children in Hoboken's public housing  neighborhood.  The Center provides quality after school programming for over 70 students from K-6th grade, it provides needed activities full time during school breaks throughout the year.  In addition to education and activities, the Jubilee Center provides warm meals to its students daily.

Tonight at the Elks Club, 1005 Washington Street,  parents of our community will host an annual fundraiser to benefit of the Hoboken Jubilee Center.  The event starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm and includes an open bar, light food and dancing.  Dinner in advance would be a good idea, so make it a night out!

The price of admission is $50 in advance (either register at Rubee's Closet at 1028 Washington Street or online at the Jubilee Center web site at or $60 at the door.

 Jersey City Lacrosse Clinic

We all know the over programming of our children is a constant challenge, however, lacrosse is a great team sport and potentially another outlet or choice to add to the mix for consideration.  I spoke to the organizers recently, as well as the City's Director of Health and Human Services (Hoboken's Recreation), about promoting lacrosse in Hoboken and throughout Hudson County.

This Sunday Jersey City's St. Peter's Prep will host a lacrosse clinic for boys and girls by Jersey City Lacrosse (local non profit) with the assistance of Steven's Institute players and coaches.  The clinic is Sunday at 2pm at St. Peter's Prep field at sussex and van vosrt streets, one block south of Grand.  The following note provides additional details and their website for registration.  Hope to see you there.

Hello Jersey City Lacrosse Folks:

We are looking forward to the upcoming clinic on Sunday. Among some familiar faces, there will be assistant coaches and players from Stevens Institute of Technology's Men's Lacrosse team and possibly players from the Women's lacrosse team as well.

A few practical details:

1. Rain: forecast for Sunday is 68 degrees and 30% chance of a "few showers" so we should be OK. However, please check your email on Sunday at 12 noon to see if there is a cancellation (in that instance we will try to reschedule.)

RAIN on SUNDAY: Check your email at 12 noon
2. We will have both boys and girls lacrosse sticks available for purchase for $25.00 -- that price is at or below store/online prices and all proceeds go to Jersey City Lacrosse.

3. Please remember to dress your children appropriately for lacrosse and the weather.

We look forward to seeing you and/or your lacrosse playing children on the field at St. Peter's Prep at 2 pm Sunday!

Jersey City Lacrosse

Questions? Call: 201-951-0478

Supporting Mike Lenz for 4th Ward City Council

Lastly and just as important, we have an election November 2nd for Hoboken's 4th Ward council representative.  As I said last week, SW Hoboken is a critical part of our City.  All of Hoboken and especially the Fourth Ward needs representation that's experienced in tackling all the issues such as infrastructure (flooding), development, finance, quality of life and public safety.

Mike Lenz has a demonstrated track record over the last 12 months of achieving solutions to these very important issues.

We need Mike, the Fourth Ward needs Mike, the City of Hoboken needs Mike.  It's time to get involved, and we need your help today with just over two weeks left to campaign.  Please read up on Mike Lenz, and consider volunteering your time, and/or making a contribution.

Here's the debate from last week courtesy of Hoboken People for Open Governmentt

Let's keep Hoboken moving forward and do all that we can to support Mike Lenz for Fouth Ward Councilmen.  We cannot afford it!

Any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to reach out, and kindly consider passing this note onto neighbors, family and friends.  Enjoy the weekend!

Peter Cunningham ◦