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Tony Soares Responds to Beth Mason

Here is Tony Soares' response to a recent letter to the editor from Beth Mason on what she acused Tony Soares of saying online an in particular about her children....

Dear Editor,

A man who defends his wife is a quite a noble individual in my opinion. However, a man who tries to destroy a person's reputation while insinuating deplorable behavior and attacking a person's right to earn a living is anything but noble.

Again Beth and Ricky are at it; telling half truths hoping nobody will listen to the other half or draw their own conclusions.

Two weeks ago Ms. Mason published a press release regarding her opinion on the municipal garage, but then went on to tell the story of her family (again) and how much they love Hoboken.

I think it's safe to assume all of us love this city.

Ms. Mason names her children by name and discusses their lives here. I did not. Here is her quote: "My husband, Ricky, and I have lived in Hoboken longer than any other place in our lives. Our daughters Shipley and Virginia were born here and are being raised in Hoboken, which is very much our family’s hometown. "

Here's what I said in response to her press release on one blog: "Beth Mason is a liar, a bully and worst incompetent".

Claiming she knows sealed bid information is a violation of her sworn oath of office and she should be brought up on ethics charges.

She limos her kids to elite private schools in Manhattan, her husband's own endorsement letter for his wife stated 'we owned our home here but lived our lives in NYC.'

I never brought Mason's kids into it; she did. I never mentioned them by name; she did.

I criticized a public official who based on her public comments over the years did not use any school in Hoboken.

Mr. and Mrs Mason let's agree: leave children out of it; along with people's weight, height, disability, volunteer service and low paying substitute teaching positions.

- Tony Soares

Read more background on this story at the Hudson Reporter.....

Here is a letter from Jake Stuiver, a former Mason campaign manager and what he said in response to remarks by Beth Mason:

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason's former campaign manager criticizes her in a letter

Ricky Mason responds against Jake:

Children should not be used in political attacks

And Real Results candidate Liz Markevitch responds as well:

Stuiver pulled punches in call for civil discourse

And even blogger Grafix Avenger chimed in to Liz on her own blog:

And in the Hoboken Reporter Tony Soares' response printed here that he sent me via email:

Hoboken politics Soares responds to Councilwoman Mason and husband

My brief comment: What a cyber-pissing match if I ever saw one before. A least comments are up on these sites as a result. ◦

Hoboken Bard Series: Poem on Da Horsey and Google Maps Phenom in Scotland

There has been an Internet phenomenon on Google Maps about a guy in a horse mask in Aberdeen Scotland appearing on the street views that reminded me of Hoboken's own blogger Roman Brice, proprietor of the Hoboken Horse Blog or MSV. Here is the story in the Herald, a Scottish paper:

"Da Horsey" also picked up on this story today and the link is below:

This story inspired my own poem about Roman Brice, local bloger aka "Da Horsey" and recent developments on the discourse in Hoboken cyberspace:

Ode to Da Horsey

A horse is a horse and of course,
he set up a website for open discourse.

He set up a website not for personal gain,
and he got attacked by a madman named Lane. (allegedly)

He covers the beat for stories he is casin',
And is not well liked within the circles of Beth Mason.

To cover Hoboken he should be given a hand,
and now his 2nd Cousin has been spotted on the web in Scotland.

Da Horsey doesn't do graphics with punch bowls filled with crap,
He just gets his kin to pose on Google street maps.

And now while his kin is discovered in the town of Aberdeen,
Beth Mason and company calls her detractors angry and mean.

Beth's minions have been busy writing BS letters to the paper,
but why was there no comment on Bajardi's assault caper?

Now the people might be turned off by turds I have to admit,
but this website exists to point out Mason and her supporters are just full of sh*t. ◦

Administation Secures $80K in Grants for Pedestrian Safety


Photo Courtesy of City of Hoboken Website
As part of a comprehensive initiative to make Hoboken more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, the Zimmer Administration announced today that it has secured $80,000 in additional funding through the Transportation Trust Fund for improving pedestrian safety at Hudson Place.

A letter from NJDOT Local Aid and Economic Development Director Michael Russo to Mayor Dawn Zimmer stated: "On behalf of Governor Chris Christie, I am pleased to inform you that the City of Hoboken will receive an allotment of $80,000 for Hudson Place Sidewalk Improvements."

"We are so thankful to the NJDOT and the Christie Administration for providing this important funding," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "This is one of the highest pedestrian traffic areas not just in Hoboken, but in the entire state of New Jersey. It's a critical junction in our transportation network and the first thing most visitors experience when they arrive."

In 2008, the City was originally awarded $80,000 in funding through the NJDOT’s Safe Streets to Transit program to improve the sidewalk along Hudson Place near the PATH entrance -- the highest pedestrian volume area in Hoboken. The funding went unused and was discovered by the Zimmer Administration in late 2009. Recognizing that a much better solution would be possible with additional funds, the City prepared a plan and submitted the proposal to the State of New Jersey for consideration.

An additional $80,000 was secured, and the total $160,000 in funding will be used to enhance pedestrian safety along this important segment. The plan includes wider sidewalks, shortened street crossing distances, and expanded pedestrian space adjacent to the PATH head houses.

"Tens of thousands of residents and visitors walk along this narrow sidewalk every day," said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. "We're going to transform this area into a space that is safer for pedestrians, more welcoming to visitors who arrive by public transit, and more fitting of the important role it plays in the lives of the community."


My comment: Every little bit of grant money we get outside of the City and county taxes benefits Hoboken and it bottom line. Increasing revenue from outside sources (grants, etc.) was an issue discussed in the last Mayoral campaign and it is good to see Hoboken finally getting some grants coming in the door for important issues such as pedestrian safety. ◦

Four New members on the Hoboken Planning Board

Last night, at the beginning of the Special Planning Board Meeting, Nadia Mian and Rami Pinchevsky were appointed as Class IV members. Daniel Weaver and David Dening were appointed as alternates. Congratulations to these new appointees and best of luck planning for Hoboken's future. ◦

Photo of the Day - View from Liberty State Park of NYC

Today's Photo of the Day is shot from Jersey City's Liberty State Park on a hazy day. I took this shot on my way to the recent Red Bull Air Race that was held at this park. ◦

Hoboken Premieres Grease Sing-A-Long Tonight at 9PM at Pier A Park

"Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City of Hoboken along with Paramount Pictures invite you to a special premiere of

Wed. June 30th beginning at 9pm at
Pier A Park, First Street and Sinatra Drive

Paramount pictures is releasing a sing-along version of Grease in theaters this summer and Hoboken has been offered the opportunity of a sneak preview before it comes out.Pier A Park is just a short walk from all public transportation including PATH, NY Waterway Ferries, NJ Transit Trains and Buses and Hudson Bergen Light Rail.

Come dressed as your favorite character from the movie and be ready to strut your stuff. There will be mics setup so you can participate karaoke style.

There will be prizes for the best dressed.

Come early and  bring your blanket and a picnic basket.

Event is co-sponsored by Projected Images of Hudson County, The Hudson County Division of Heritage Affairs, Clearview Cinemas and The Shannon.
For more information call 201-420-2207
To see the movie trailer, visit:

Paramount Pictures presents:

A Robert Stigwood/Allan Carr Production
Produced by Robert Stigwood and Allan Carr
Screenplay by Bronte Woodard
Adaptation by Allan Carr
Based on the original musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
Produced on the Broadway Stage by Kenneth Waissman and Maxine Fox
In association with Anthony D’amato
Directed by Randal Kleiser

Cast: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing Special guest appearances by Eve Arden, Frankie Avalon, Joan Blondell, Edd Byrnes, Sid Caesar, Alice Ghostly, Dody Goodman and Sha-Na-Na.

Synopsis: Rydell High’s most famous graduating class is going back to school. Newly restored print brings the highest-grossing musical of all time, GREASE (1978), to the big screen as a sing-along. Join Danny and Sandy with your own crew of T-Birds and Pink Ladies for a carnival ride back to hose amazing summer nights! ◦

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good turnout tonight for Planning Meeting

There is a full house for jthe special Planning Board Meeting for the Re-examination Report tonight. Presentation and public comments to follow. Go to MSV blog for live video.

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Live Video Coverage of Planning Board Meeting by MSV at 7PM

This is a bit of last minute planning but the Special Hoboken Planning Board Meeting tonight is being covered over at the Mile Square View (MSV) with live video. The meeting starts at 7 PM.

Here is the link:

Keep in mind this is an experiment. This will be done from the basement so it is possible that connectivity could be an issue. "Da Horsey" will do his best.


Message from Timothy Occhipinti on Planning Board Meeting Tonight

Here is a message from Timothy Occhipinti on Planning Board Meeting tonight....

Fellow Residents of Hoboken,

I hope your summer is going well and that you enjoy a safe and relaxing 4th of July weekend!

I wanted to call to your attention two meetings in Hoboken that you may be interested in attending.

The first is a special meeting of the Hoboken Planning Board tonight at 7 PM in the basement conference room in city hall.

As per the city's website,

"The Board is in the process of preparing the Reexamination Report of the Master Plan and the City's Development Regulations. The Reexamination Report evaluates the community's planning and development regulation documents and identifies whether the community's policies or objectives have changed since the completion of the last Master Plan.

The Planning Board welcomes members of the public who would like to add their thoughts as to what the City's land use goals and objectives should be going forward and what new land use policies would help guide the City in the proper direction.

The meeting is an informational meeting only, and no formal action will be taken. The meeting is an informational meeting only, and no formal action will be taken. The current Master Plan (2004)":

The second public meeting is tomorrow evening Wednesday June 30th from 6 - 8 PM at the Multi-Service Center located at 2nd and Grand. This meeting will discuss the future Mass Transit Tunnel that will be dug under north Hoboken.

Hoboken411 has more information on the website today including a video explanation of the project.

Your input is vital as we move forward in making Hoboken a better place to live and raise a family.

Tim Occhipinti
4th Ward Council Candidate

My Comment: I like the logo on his banner ad. Nice clean look. ◦

Taxis - Three tips from the Administration

Here is a communication From City Hall about taxis....


The City of Hoboken is reaching out to residents to help enforce taxi and limousine rules and regulations that for years have gone unenforced and have led to considerable frustration.

"We want residents to know that regardless of how things were done in the past, this Administration takes violations of taxi rules very seriously, and we're taking action against those who break the rules," said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. "We're strictly enforcing a 'three strikes and you’re out' policy, but we need residents to let us know when there are violations so we can take action."

Since September, 2009, the City has suspended six drivers, ranging from 3 to 15 days, as a result of increased enforcement. For at least the past six years, and perhaps longer, no drivers had ever previously been suspended in Hoboken during past Administrations.

The top three things residents should know about taxis and limousines:

1. It is legal to hail in Hoboken. Contrary to popular belief, it is legal to hail a licensed yellow cab anywhere in Hoboken, not just at the train terminal. Additionally, the City will soon be launching a virtual hailing system that residents can use from their mobile phones to "hail" a cab to wherever they are and then evaluate the taxi based on the quality of service received.

2. Only one fare per taxi. Taxis may accept only one $5 fare – a person or group of persons going to the same location – per ride. With the permission of the first fare, a second fare may join, but no more. This rule has been laxly enforced and widely violated in the past, but that is no excuse for continued violations, and the Administration will investigate and take action against all reported violations.

3. Call if you see a violation. Residents who believe there is a violation should immediately contact Jennifer Boehm at the Division of Taxi & Limousine Licensing by calling 201-216-1090 or emailing and providing the time of the incident, the taxi number, and a description of what happened. Residents are our eyes and ears, and we can only take action if we know there is a problem. The situation will improve, but only with the help of residents.

Last week while waiting in line at the train station taxi stand, Councilman David Mello noticed a young woman who requested that she did not want to share a cab with other fares. The first cab that took her proceeded to drive slowly with his window rolled down, asking for additional passengers. Only after Councilman Mello intervened did the driver ask the passenger if she was willing to share the ride.

“By being the City’s eyes and ears, the public plays a critical role in reporting violations so that rules can be enforced,” said Councilman Mello. “And you don’t have to be a council person to get follow-through.”

Councilman Mello reported the car number, time and description of the incident by emailing The driver is being suspended for three days.


BOE Special Note: Mary Tremitiedi's Retirement

Richard Tremitiedi sent me this brief note of Mary Tremitiedi's Retirement from the Hoboken School System and that this will be her last BOE meeting tonight........

Mary will be attending her last official Hoboken Board of Education meeting tonight (June 29th) since her retirement is effective July 1st.

Mary Tremitiedi, administrative assistant to the superintendent of schools has assisted three superintendents, Patrick Gagliardi, Jack Raslowski and interim Peter Carter. She is the highest ranking retiree of the approximately 35 school employees who have announced their retirement this year.

During her career of 38 years, she served as the principal of Joseph F. Brandt Middle School . Starting her teaching career in 1971, she has taught in Wallace and Connor’s Schools.

In 1985, she was promoted to Vice Principal and was assigned to Salvatore Calabro and later to A.J. Demarest Elementary School.

Mary also was the President of the Hoboken Teachers Union (NJEA) for 10 years and also served several terms as President the Hoboken Administrators unit.

She will look forward to having this summer off and intends to continue to be active in mentoring educators as well as doing some grant writing.

On her last day of work, June 30th, Mary will be also celebrating twenty years of marriage to her husband Richard, the former Hoboken fire chief.

- Richard Tremitiedi

Hoboken Hertz Connect Program Stats to Date

This is the latest update from city Hall on the Corner Cars program...


Less than two weeks after kicking off the Corner Cars city-wide car-sharing initiative, more than 100 residents have signed up for the program.

As of June 28, there were 21 car-sharing vehicles deployed and 115 new members who signed up using the “Hoboken” promotional code. The 42 vehicles in the initial phase of the program are being rolled out continuously.

“The initial response is very encouraging,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “In some cases, residents have been renting the vehicles even before we’ve had a chance to properly paint and mark the spaces.”

Residents who register and use the promotional code “Hoboken” will receive two free years of membership and a $75 credit to their account. A $25 one-time application fee is required of all users. Residents can learn more about the program at

The new Corner Cars program has also led to several inquiries about giving up residential parking permits.

“We haven’t quite had anyone able to sell their car in a week’s time, but we’re already seeing that people recognize the potential savings of doing so,” added Director Sacs.


Message from Beth Mason on Planning Board Meeting

Here is a brief email message from Beth Mason on tonight's Planning Board Meeting.......

Dear Friend

Tonight the Hoboken Planning Board will hold a special meeting in the Basement Conference Room of City Hall at 7 PM as they prepare to reexamine Hoboken's Master Plan and Development Regulations. This discussion will help determine guidelines for how all parts of our city will be developed over the next two decades.

In 2004, prior to my tenure as Councilwoman, I served on the Planning Board as Chairperson of the Master Plan Sub Committee. Many of us worked together to develop our current Master Plan, which includes sensible residential and commercial development and efficient use of open space so we can create parks for residents and their families.

The Planning Board is asking members of the public who would like to add their thoughts regarding what the city's land use goals and objectives should be going forward and what new land use policies will be helpful in improving our Master Plan.

The meeting is information only and no formal action will be taken. However, I encourage you to attend and make you voice heard so that you have a say in this important matter as we continue to work together to make Hoboken a better place to live and raise a family.

I look forward to seeing you there. Thank you for your time.

- Beth Mason ◦

Board of Education Meeting Tonight June 29. 2010

STATED SESSION June 29, 2010


This meeting is being held in conformity to the Open Public Meetings Act N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et. seq. Proper public notice of the meeting was published in the two local papers on June 26, 2010.

If any Board member or member of the public in attendance believes that the meeting is in violation of the Open Public Meetings Act, the Hoboken Board of Education requests that they make a statement at this time.The Board wishes to make those in attendance aware that this meeting is being recorded on video and will be broadcast by the Board at a later date on CATV Channel 77.

The Hoboken Board of Education is committed to preserving the decorum of the public process and is mindful that we live in the electronic age of computers, cell phones and other electronic communications devices. Nevertheless, we respectfully request that all meeting participants kindly silence their electronic devices during the course of the meeting, and if use of the device is necessary, we ask that you please leave the meeting room if you need to conduct personal business.


Photo of the Day - Tug Boat on the East River

Today's Photo of the Day is an Iphone shot I took recently of a Tug Boat on the East River. ◦

Monday, June 28, 2010

Breaking: Spy vs. Spy - Russian Spy Network Foiled- Included in bust are two former Hoboken Residents

Reader "Eugenious" sent in this breaking story from the New York Times with his own take on the fact yet another pair of Hoboken residents (in this case former) in yet another Federal and International sting operation......

Today the New York Times announced a multi-count indictment against a deep-cover Russian Intelligence Sleeper Network. And the best news, two of the operatives - cover names Richard and Cynthia Murphy - were until recently Hoboken residents. Alas, they moved to Montclair a few years back.

This washes away a lot of the stain inflicted on the town's reputation by a string of bumbling corrupt officials and moronic cops who can't keep their pants on and weapons under control in a Hooters bar. This is big time - high tech intercepts, flash drops, dead drops, operational funds in 100K installments, SigInt and HumInt FBI counter intelligence surveillance, Moscow Center-trained pros targeting State Department policy making and recruiting a far flung network of agents of influence! Way, way more impressive then that idiot Peter Cammarano who scurries of to Malibu Dinner for $25K in bribes, speak clearly into a CI's mic and all but handcuffs himself. That is all behind us now - "Cammarano" who, do you put that on salad?

We can hold our head high now, fellow Hobokenites! We are in the big leagues now!

- Eugenious

Here is an excerpt from the NY Times story:

Once planted in their host country, the agents’ entire lives – “education, bank accounts, car, house, etc.,” the complaint quoted on Moscow message as saying -- would be secretly financed by the Russian government in order to fulfill their mission, which was to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in the United States and send intelligence reports back. 

As the years went by, that arrangement sometimes led to friction, the complaint said, citing an acrimonious exchange of encrypted messages between a pair of alleged agents living under the names Richard and Cynthia Murphy. The couple, who have allegedly operated in the United States since the mid-1990s, decided in 2008 to move from an apartment in Hoboken to a house in Montclair, N.J. – leading to an argument over whether they or the S.V.R. would own it. 

The full New York Times story link is below:

My comment: As Emeril Lagasse would say, now that's kicking' it up a notch! ◦

Hertz Connect Program Hits Home- Questions and Answers

There are now two spots for Hertz Connect cars by my apartment at 8th and Garden Street. One of my neighbors remarked yesterday that there is only one of two cars that are there and that the one car hasn't even been used yet. He said to me that he thought that the extra spot could be used for a normal parking spot until the other vehicle arrives and that he won't be given up his car any time soon. Obviously,this Hertz program is not for everyone. While I wasn't able to get answers on this specific location yet I was able to get answered several other questions my neighbor posed on the program from a Hoboken City Official....

Q- When car is parked how does street get cleaned on street cleaning days?

A- Hertz is responsible for keeping the streets clean. They are doing regular vehicle maintenance to coincide as often as possible with street cleaning, plus regular vehicle use should mean that the vehicles will not be in their spaces at all times. Regardless, they are responsible for making sure the area remains clean. That could mean manual cleaning. They are also responsible for making sure the area is clear when it snows.

Q- What if a spot does not get enough takers after a certain point? Will it be moved to where there is more demand.

A- The original locations are 90 day temporary spaces which will be evaluated at the end of the 90 days. Hertz is responsible for providing the City with regular usage statistics, and with the agreement of the City, they will relocate or add vehicles to meet demand.

Q- Will there be enough demand?

A- Early Indications are yes. At this point many of the spaces are not even marked off and the cars are being used so the Administration at this point is not worried about that being a problem. Demand should be high but if if its not, there are terms in the agreement so that things will be evaluated and adjusted accordingly and decisions will be all data-based.

NYC has a problem where not enough zip cars are available on weekends because that's the most popular time. There is a clause in the agreement saying Hertz has to provide enough vehicles to meet demand at all times, including weekends. The Administration reviewed the car-sharing agreements in dozens of cities and learned from their best practices and their problems as well before moving ahead with this program.

My comments: It is early yet but this program has promise. I was glad to able to speak to a City Official on some points my neighbor brought up but the biggest is that each spot is 90 days and then re-evaluated. Eventually cars will be placed in the appropriate spots according to demand and that is sensible policy. ◦

Hoboken Business Profile - Maxwell's 9.13.34

Window Display
Here is a continuation of my Hoboken Business Series that I will do as time permits...

Store Name: Maxwell's 9.13.34
Type: Antiques, jewelry, home furnishings

Location: 106 Fourth Street (shared with Koru), Hoboken, NJ 07030
Store hours: Tuesday through Sunday noon to 7 PM. Closed Monday.
Phone: 201.659.5789

Description of store: VINTAGE and ANTIQUE furniture and home accessories, fine linens, jewelry galore, silver, crystal, china, clothing and accessories, old world apothecary and custom stationery, and whatever the mood dictates. The assortment is perpetually changing!

The e-commerce site is for 24-7 shopping.

A broad range of timeless and elegant furnishings and appointments to make yours not just a house, but your "home".

JEWELRY: A big seller at this store and here are a few samples from the store's offerings....

bold enamel detailed cameo cocktail ring

French style lorgnette

FURNITURE: This circa 1920's cabriole leg medical / dental cabinet if offered at $795.00 -- in the city, they go for $2,400.00.

BARWARE: A favorite among the guys, there is a mid-century modern assortment of barware in the shop.


NJ Meadowlands Boat Trip - Eco Cruise Highlights

On Friday June 25th, an Eco-Cruise sponsored by the City of Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Leo Pellegrini Director of Human services in conjunction with Scott Siegel and Diana Davis and the Republican Party held a field trip aboard the Robert H. Boyle and the Edward Abbey along the lower Hackensack River.

Eco-Cruises are fun educational tours and raise awreness of the lower Hackensack River watershed as a vital natural and recreational resource.

This event was open to children from the ages of 9-14 and departed from the Multi-Service center at 10:00 am and included some kids from the housing authority. Scott Siegel was very happy with this bi-partisan trip and the kids had fun as well.

Here are some photos of the event below.....

 Hoboken Kids depart from the bus.

The model of the river is explained.

Model playtime.

 From left to right: Tour guide, Diana Davis and Dawn Zimmer.

 Das Boat!

 The Mayor helps oversee the onboarding process.

Councilman Mike Lenz and Scott Siegel


Quote of the Day

One reader sent this quote in for possible inclusion in a post:

“Men enter local politics solely as a result of being unhappily married.”
-C. Northcote Parkinson

That's the same guy who coined “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” which is known as Parkinson’s Law. 

Just passing on a funny quote.  :)

My comment: Or in NJ parlance, I think the second quote should be called New Jersey's Patronage Law! ◦

Hoboken Reporter's Al Sullivan - Corrrection on the Hoboken Democratic Committee Selection!

Update 6/28/2010: Al Sullivan of the Hoboken Reporter intially did a piece on what went down at the Democratic committee meeting reorganization meeting several weeks back. His accounts of the meeting were basically wrong since his sources were engaged in the type of histrionics normally associated with Hoboken 411. Here are excerpts from Al Sullivan's corrected story in the Hudson Reporter online.....
Spun out on the Hoboken committee vote
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer

This column got spun hard last week by Hoboken political insiders with an interest in the upcoming battle for Hoboken’s 4th Ward council seat. There appears to be a coalition of various groups who want to make incumbent Councilman Michael Lenz look weaker than he might actually be. Thus, their accounts of the June 14 Hoboken Democratic Committee meeting – a non-public meeting in which Ravi Bhalla was elected chairman of the local party – were skewed.

Several sources said the first vote for the chair was a tie between Bhalla and his chief challenger, Ines Garcia Keim, who is a strong ally of Councilwoman Beth Mason. The sources said that the outgoing chairman, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr., failed to break the tie, requiring the second vote to be held in public – and thus leaving some city employees open to possible intimidation from Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s administration if they failed to support Bhalla.

Bhalla, Lenz, and others said that this account was simply not true.

“The first vote was to determine whether there was going to be a hand vote or secret ballot for chairmanship,” Bhalla said. “That was a tie.”


Some of the confusion arose because two votes were taken for the chairmanship. This happened not because of the tie, but because the original vote came out 38 for Bhalla and 28 for Keim. Thus, “We obviously miscounted because we knew there were 65 people in the room,” Bhalla said. “We took a more careful count the second time and this came out 38 to 27.”

This vote, Bhalla argued,shows that the reformers who supported him have grown stronger over the last year, not weaker.

“Last year our numbers were in the 20s,” he said. “But we played by the rules. We used a phone bank, palm cards, and knocked on doors. We made no deals and we ran a clean and fair campaign.”


To read the rest click on the link to the right:  Spun out on the Hoboken committee vote
Original Post 6/21/2010: Al Sullivan had this laughably erroneous column in this weekend's online edition of the Hoboken Reporter. For whatever reason (possibly accuracy) it did not make the weekend's print edition. Here is the link to his entire article:

Chaos-among-Hoboken-Democrats? From Al Sullivan Hoboken Reporter

Below are the excerpts from Al Sullivan's Column and my rebuttal and factual corrections......

Al Sullivan: Politics hasn’t changed as much over the last century as people like to pretend - and the selection of a new chairman of the Hoboken Democratic Organization this past Monday showed that almost nothing has changed.

While cigar-smoking political bosses now have to go outside to puff, the same old threats and intimidation appear to have taken place, as factions from an almost evenly split Democratic party struggled to find a new chairperson.

Hoboken Journal: Actually the margin of the vote was 38-27 in favor of Ravi Bhalla or a 58% to 42% split up of the vote. Not exactly an even close tally. And what intimidation? The only city employee that was on the column B slate was Ann Holtzman who was already on board with whatever selection the leadership of Column B had decided.

Al Sullivan: A group calling themselves Real Democrats of Hoboken pushed to get Ines Garcia Keim (a close ally of 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason) named to the powerful top post, while in the end – after some yelling, some foul language, and other threats – Councilman Ravi Bhalla (a close ally of Mayor Dawn Zimmer) was named chairman.

Hoboken Journal: The foul language and verbal threats did not come from the Column B faction supporting Ravi Bhalla. They came from Column C supporting the Russo/Garcia Keim/Mason faction. Lane Bajardi said to a committee person who voted for Ravi and his slate on the way out "Fuck you, Fuck you you piece of shit". There was also Michele Russo leading the walkout during the vote for the honorary chair vote for Dawn Zimmer. Simply bad form and a lack of class though this was not applicable to everyone on the Column C ticket. I was in attendance at the event and saw no evidence of anyone in column B starting something verbally with anyone.


Hoboken Photo of the Day - English World Cup Fever at Farside

Here is a photo indicative of the strong English presence in Hoboken. Many in Hoboken hail from England and stay at some of the larger luxury rentals for a few years while they work in the US. The crowd at Farside was predominately rooting for England but the result was certainly not satisfactory with the English being beaten by a well executing German team 4-1 as well as being denied the typing goal near halftime. Helmers must have been a tad bit cheerful I would imagine. Or simply from an English perspective..... Bollocks! ◦

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old Comments have been archived for the Hoboken Journal

On 6/25/2010 I switched my commenting system to Intense debate. This software has better commenting features than blogger but the comments were not able to be brought over due to a limitation in the setup process by Intense Debate.

I considered this to be a great loss to my readers and close to 7,000 comments could have been lost for ever. Luckily, I had set up a word press version of my blog to act as a backup should something ever happen to my blogger account.

The first site link below is an archive of all posts and comments from November 2008 through June 26th, 2010  for posts and June 25th for comments. Keep in mind this site is in "archive mode" and new comments are moderated and will not be approved.

The Hoboken Journal Archive:

2,036 Posts

For all current posts and comments  go to this site and use this easy to remember link (spread the word too if you are so inclined):

Hoboken Photo of the Day - Maxwell Place Park Waterfront view

Photo from Maxwell Place Park by "Brian The Realtor"


Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Comments System

After much hemming and hawing I decided to switch commenting systems and have moved to Intense Debate. There are some features I really like about it so I decided to make the move. In the process I was not able to migrate over previous comments under blogger so I will be starting from scratch.

Give it a shot. It is much easier to log in and comment than the previous system. Email at if you have any problems or need help. ◦

GOOOAAALLLLL! World Cup Fever - USA vs. Ghana at 2PM Today Saturday June 26

Today the US Soccer team faces off with Ghana at 2PM on ABC, Cablevision channels 7 or 707. For those who are fans of the World Cup like me there are a number of bars in which to see the game. Mulligan's I am sure will be packed as well as Black Bear. Many Hoboken bars over the last several years have expanded thei number of flat screen TVs for sporting events such as these.

Here are the top 10 goals from the tournament so far. Number 1 of course is Landon Donovan's last minute goal in stoppage time that advanced the US team to the round of 16:


Peter Cuningham on the Garage Solution

Peter Cunningham , current Hoboken City Council President and 5th Ward Councilman sent out his remarks on the proposed garage solution publicly announced yesterday by the Zimmer Administration:

"There's more to come on this issue.  While not in a residential neighborhood, I am sensitive to the potential impact it will have in northwest Hoboken.  I am confident that the plans as outlined and forthcoming by the administration will achieve common goals for all affected."

Thanks, Peter

Hoboken Photo of the Day - Welcome Sign

Today's Photo of the Day is of the welcome to Hoboken sign in the Northwest part of town......


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Mayor on the latest Municipal Garage Location and Temporary Solution

Here is the latest from the Office of the Mayor in Hoboken on the Municipal Garage location search....


Mayor Dawn Zimmer will ask the City Council to vote on a proposal for the future of the City’s public works municipal garage at the upcoming Council meeting on July 14th.

“What we are proposing will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and have no impact on any residential areas,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “No traditional site-based solution comes close to the cost savings of this innovative approach.”

The City currently requires indoor space for vehicle maintenance and outdoor space for vehicle storage. There is the possibility that the City could end up with two garage locations if the City entered into a lease for a temporary new location and retained the existing municipal garage if the developer is unable to close on the sale. Additionally, the cost to retrofit a leased location which we may only need for a few months would cost at least $100,000, not including the cost of monthly rental.

To avoid this scenario, the Administration is proposing a creative solution which addresses the City’s vehicle maintenance and storage needs while saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Administration has decided to outsource all maintenance of its vehicles for 60 days until the status of the existing municipal garage site is clear on the planned closing date, August 13, 2010. By outsourcing the maintenance, the City eliminates the short term need for indoor garage space.

To address the City’s needs for outdoor vehicle storage space, the Administration will introduce a Resolution authorizing the closure of Clinton Street between 15th Street and 16th Street. Appropriate easements will be provided for adjacent property owners. The impact on traffic will be minimal since there are already plans for the closure of Clinton Street beneath the 14th Street Viaduct as part of Hudson County's plan for that structure's rehabilitation later this year.

“We’re looking to continually save taxpayers money through out-of-the-box approaches to problem-solving,” added Business Administrator Arch Liston.

These solutions will not impact any residential areas of the community, preclude the possibility of ending up with two garages, and provide significant cost savings to taxpayers.
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Hoboken Journal Exclusive- Mike Lenz Campaign Fundraising Kickoff Success

Mike Lenz had his initial campaign fundraiser last night for the 4th Ward special election coming this fall and another one in May of 2011. It should be duly noted that's Augie Torres was not in attendance for this event and thus whatever might be said on that site about this event will not be a first hand account or perhaps even made up. For this well attended event of real Hoboken reformers, Tony Soares organized the invitations, 2nd Ward resident and potential City Council Candidate Tom Greaney handled the RSVPs and 4th Ward resident Jake Stuiver, former Beth Mason campaign manager and his wife provided the use of their back court yard common area for the event.

The Mayor and her husband, as well Councilman Bhalla, Mello and Cunningham were also there to show their support from the City Council.  Donations were also made in the form of a check only. Councilman Lenz also has setup the facility to take online donations on his website. The crowd consisted of Hoboken reformers and no City Council persons from Jersey City or other outside influences seeking to expand their power base were there. This was an event that was about keeping the momentum going in Hoboken by the people who are generally behind the changes the Zimmer Administration is making. Mayor Zimmer identified Councilman Mike Lenz and his performance as a Councilman as a key component in keeping that progress going.

A good turnout of about 75 people and 60 at peak showed up for the event. None were accidentally counted as contributors instead of being random bar patrons. The count was done several times by more than one person (besides myself) to ensure reporting accuracy.

Mike Lenz going over the issues.

Mike Lenz holding Court and displaying that winning political smile that wins over the electorate and 4 out of 5 dentists. There of course a good deal substance behind that smile since
 Mike seemed very pleased with the turnout.

Another shot of the crowd.

And Mo DeGenaro, bouncing back from a recent bout of illness and showing his support for Mike Lenz.

Jake Stuiver Reads his prepared remarks showing his support for Mike Lenz.

And now for the video highlights of Mike Lenz and Dawn Zimmer both giving an unscripted speech to supporters....

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer supports 4th Ward City Councilman Lenz at Fundraiser 6-24-2010:

Hoboken 4th Ward City Councilman Lenz at Fundraiser 6-24-2010:

Editorialized Note: Maurice Fitzgibbons was not present at this event and thus was not spotted whispering in the ears of either the Mayor or Councilman Mike Lenz telling them what to say next and this videographer found that refreshing. Councilman Mike Lenz will have my support this fall as he has demonstrated he is the most qualified person to be on the City Council and he generally supports the good things the Mayor is trying to accomplish for the 4th Ward and the residents of Hoboken as a whole.  For the sake of transparency I thought it would be good to put that out there to my readers. ◦

Hoboken Photo of the Day - Marina

Here is a photo of Hoboken's Marina on the North East part of town on a nice sunny day.....


Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Website Feature- Hoboken Event Calendar Page

I have added a new feature on this website called the Hoboken Event Calendar Page. So far I have added most of the Cultural Affairs Events and all of the regular City Council Meetings for 2010. Email me at if there is anything else you would like to add relating to Hoboken events. I hope that my readers will find this feature somewhat useful and I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. ◦

Master Plan Planning Board Meeting - June 29, 2010


The Hoboken Planning Board will hold a Special Meeting on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 7pm in the Basement Conference Room of City Hall, 94 Washington Street.

The Board is in the process of preparing the Reexamination Report of the Master Plan and the City’s Development Regulations. The Reexamination Report evaluates the community’s planning and development regulation documents and identifies whether the community’s policies or objectives have changed since the completion of the last Master Plan.

The Planning Board welcomes members of the public who would like to add their thoughts as to what the City's land use goals and objectives should be going forward and what new land use policies would help guide the City in the proper direction.

The meeting is an informational meeting only, and no formal action will be taken. The current Master Plan (2004) is available online at:


Ruben Ramos Legislative Update

Ruben Ramos and others on  Bill creating Mental health facilities evaluation task force advances

Measure in Response to Proposed Closing of Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital

(TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assembly members Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr., Ruben J. Ramos, Jr., and Valerie Vainieri Huttle that would establish to create an evaluation task force for mental health facilities was released Thursday from the Assembly Budget Committee.

The legislators sponsored the bill in response to a line item in Gov. Christie’s proposed budget that would have closed the Senator Garret W. Hagedorn Gero-Psychiatric Hospital – the only geriatric psychiatric facility in New Jersey – at the end of the 2011 fiscal year. Thanks to a budget compromise reached on the 21st, Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital is no longer slated for closure.

“To put it bluntly, closing the only gero-psychiatric facility in the state is a mistake,” said Diegnan (D-Middlesex). “The top priority of this task force must be to take whatever actions are necessary to keep Hagedorn open. The patients and their families deserve nothing less.”

“Rushing the closure of Hagedorn would be foolish and dangerous,” said Ramos (D-Hudson) “We saw how past relocation efforts failed with Marlboro and Ancora and no one wants a repeat of those mistakes. Before we take any action that will affect hundreds of mentally ill individuals we should be sure that they are absolutely necessary.”

“Rather than simply guessing, or approaching the problem piecemeal, the task force will provide us with concrete data on the status of New Jersey’s mental healthcare network,” said Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen). “From there, we will be able to clearly see the best way to efficiently, safely and cost effectively serve the mentally ill community.”