Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hoboken Single Stream Recyling Now Online

Below is another messgage from the folks at Green Hoboken.....

As you may be aware, Hoboken recently switched to a "single stream" recycling program which allows us to now mix recyclables AND take all plastics labeled 1 through 7. The attached flyers identify what can and cannot be recycled.

Please pass this on to all of your Hoboken neighbors and remind them that by recycling more we reduce our fees and increase our revenue, making Hoboken more sustainable financially and environmentally.

PLEASE NOTE THAT PLASTIC BAGS SHOULD NOT BE MIXED WITH RECYCLABLES. Most supermarkets have bins for recycling plastic bags near their entrance or exit.

These flyers will be available on the QLC's website and the City of Hoboken website for download.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge
Go to Link: www.hobokennj.org/recycle for the latest information on recycling in Hoboken. Note that single stream recycling could increase recycling by up to 30% according to some experts compared to regular recycling where paper and plastic are separated.

NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan - First Community Meeting

From a "Committee for a Green Hoboken" ....

Reminder NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan - First Community Meeting is Tonight

Good morning, just a reminder that tonight is the first community meeting with Hoboken's planning firm regarding the redevelopment plan for the NJ Transit rail yards. Please show up to provide your comments and concerns.

Time: 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Location: Rue Building Auditorium, 301 Garden Street, Hoboken, 07030

The description of the meeting fromt the City of Hoboken  is below:

"The City of Hoboken is working to produce the Redevelopment Plan for Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yards property. A two phase redevelopment plan, which will reflect the vision and needs of the community, is underway. Phase I of the Redevelopment Plan will be prepared first, focusing on the 1.8 acre portion along Hudson Place – One Hudson Place. The plan for Phase 2 of the plan will include the remaining portion of the 52 acre Hoboken Terminal and Yards.

This is an invitation to participate in a conversation about Phase 1 and Phase 2 Redevelopment Plan and this important site within the City."

Photos of the Day- V22 Osprey Flyby

I haven't been able yet to get shots of any naval vessels during Fleet Week but I have taken a few photos of military aircraft this weekend. These shots are from a flyby on the Hudson of two V-22 Osprey's that are a hybrid of a helicopter and a plane giving the armed forces a distinct tactical advantage.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hoboken 411 for Sale on Craigslist? If True the Price is a Sign of Sheer Megalomania

Update 5/29/2011: The ad mentioned below is no longer on Craigslist. It was pulled after less than a day after this article was up.

Original Post 5/29/2011: A reader sent this email to me today. They spotted an ad on Craigslist for a leading local/community Hoboken website since 2006 . The price: A cool $1.25 million. I don't know if the ad is serious or not but it is likely making a reference to Hoboken 411. I too am leading local website but unlike Perry Klaussen I started in 2008 and I am not for sale.

The price mentioned on Craigslist is about as out there as Perr Klaussen's political reasoning skills. Maybe $25,000 if the brand was not so tarnished but $1.25 Million? Someone needs a real reality adjustment.

Link to ad: http://newyork.craigslist.org/jsy/bfs/2407416547.html

Share you thoughts below as to the possibility this is real and the appropriateness of the price below.....

Is this a prank or is Perry Klaussen tired of leftover pizza and dog food as well as being too
poor in his 40s not to live on his own and need roommates? Time will tell.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pier C Park Photos - Its Really Open Folks and No Mention on Hoboken 411

Let me be the first to say it took a long time to open and then re-open Pier C Park. Whether it was an unfavorable contract from the previous administration, special parts from Mexico on backorder, safety concerns or an uncooperative "City Council of No" led by Beth Mason and Mike Russo it sure took long to open it. But it is open and the kids love it. I saw it for myself yesterday.

Question: why isn't Hoboken 411 reporting it? It is a simple story that residents could use if they are staying in town this weekend. After all Perry Klaussen the owner of Hoboken 411 always brags about how he is the most complete news site in town and yet all he could do last night is monotonously spew out incidents from the police scanner in the typical droll fashion of someone who has experienced head trauma. Just another example of the completely inadequate and flaccid coverage of Hoboken from the supposed largest trafficked site in town according to the biased and delusional Czar of all things pro-Beth Mason, Perry Klaussen.

The permanent gate sand shade structures are all that is left to be installed according to City Director Leo Pelligrini and will be done within the next two weeks.

Enjoy the shots of Pier C Park re-re-opened at last:


Friday, May 27, 2011

Pier C Park Open for Memorial Day Weekend!

From the City of Hoboken:

Pier C Park Open for Memorial Day Weekend

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is pleased to announce that Pier C Park is fully open in time for Memorial Day weekend.

“I’m happy that Hoboken families can finally enjoy all that Pier C Park has to offer,” Mayor Zimmer said.

Pier C Park will be open every day from 8:00 AM until 9:30 PM. ◦

Rumor Mill: Hoboken Journal has Not Been Contacted by The FBI

There are some crazy rumors going on around town about my blog in light of the City Hall investigation that I got wind of from my various sources so let me do my part to go on the record and assert the following true statements:

  • I have not been contacted by the FBI or and law enforcement agency about the City Hall investigation or about my website generally. I don't know any of the details behind that investigation nor do I expect to.
  • There have been a few comments that I have either deleted or edited that crossed the standards of my site. I try to keep it open but when certain comments cross the line they have to be dealt with. Never has a member of law enforcement, the Administration or a lawyer directed me to delete or modify a comment on my site. Citizens have on rare occasions and I review the complaint and act accordingly.
  • I don't know who "Deep Uvula" is or care to. "Deep Uvula" is the unnamed source of Nancy Pincus and her blog on http://www.grafixavenger.blogspot.com/. I have no affiliations or knowledge of "Deep Uvula" other than enjoying the posts on Nancy Pincus' site like everyone else.
  • Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger in no way are coordinated in terms of the content from political handlers. We all actually get along quite swimmingly and sometimes share photos, etc. but we all have our various sources on information and decide when and how to publish what we post. Sure, can people try to influence us on how we cover an event, but we are the final arbiters of our own content and we are all quite independent. Part of the joy of having these three blogs is I never know what to expect unless I get a tip from the Horsey from time to time but he usually just dangles a carrot.
  • I am not paid by anyone to blog on behalf of any one faction. I have Google Ads to offset my costs on the Hoboken Journal and that is it.
Hopefully this clears up some of the hysteria but if you have nay concerns feel free to comment below or reach out to me via email at kurt.gardiner@gmail.com. ◦

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Hoboken Journal Readers!

To all my readers -

I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. I will be in town but I realize many of you will be travelling this weekend. Hoboken Journal Prediction: Parking will be easier as a result. I will be trying to get photos of a photo project I will call "Hoboken After People". It should be a fun project to imagine Hoboken without any people in it. If you have any photos of an empty Hoboken and care to share please send them to kurt.gardiner@gmail.com and let me know how you want to be attributed.

To the innocent members of any family caught up in potential FBI raids that may over the weekend, my consdolensces, but to the guilty, you deserve to be barbequed. The illegailities have gone on long enough!

Peace out informed electorate!

- The Editor (Reformerus_Gianticus) ◦

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boxes of Documents Leaving City Hall!

A good source of mine just sent me a brief note:

"I spotted Mark Tabakin the City of Hoboken's Corporation Counsel, loading an entire hand truck full of boxes of documents into a big black blacked out window SUV, that had government plates. When the SUV left town it seemed to be heading in the direction of FBI headquarters in Newark."

There you have it, the investigation continues....... ◦

Official Statement from Hoboken City Hall on Investigation

Hoboken's Mayoral Office released this official statement on the investigation that residents found out about last week when the IT office on the third floor was padlocked...


As a result of compromised security in the electronic communications within the City (in violation of 18 U.S.C.A. section 2511 and 1030), Mayor Zimmer’s office contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation notifying the agency of the potential breach. The FBI is investigating the matter with the full cooperation of the City. The FBI and the City request that anyone with information that may be relevant to this matter call the FBI’s Newark office at 973-792-3000.

My Comment: There were a lot of rumors thrown out by Hoboken 411 that were not true. At least he got the part about the FBI right but a lot of other rants and conspiracy that he and "Loony Lane" blathered about are complete nonsense. As a reform supporter I always look forward to the FBI coming into Hoboken to help clean up corruption. If one of our guys gets caught up in the drag net so be it but I will tell you I don't think its any reformer this time. That is about as speculative as I care to get. My feeling is that someone is going down hard and when pinched may squeal like a suckling pig. Suey!

Link: http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/18usc2511.htm

For Reference: 18 U.S.C. §2511

Wire and Electronic Communications Interception and Interception of Oral Communications

(1) Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter any person who--
(a) intentionally intercepts, endeavors to intercept, or procures any other person to intercept or endeavor to intercept, any wire, oral, or electronic communication;

(b) intentionally uses, endeavors to use, or procures any other person to use or endeavor to use any electronic, mechanical, or other device to intercept any oral communication when--

(i) such device is affixed to, or otherwise transmits a signal through, a wire, cable, or other like connection used in wire communication; or

(ii) such device transmits communications by radio, or interferes with the transmission of such communication; or

(iii) such person knows, or has reason to know, that such device or any component thereof has been sent through the mail or transported in interstate or foreign commerce; or

(iv) such use or endeavor to use (A) takes place on the premises of any business or other commercial establishment the operations of which affect interstate or foreign commerce; or (B) obtains or is for the purpose of obtaining information relating to the operations of any business or other commercial establishment the operations of which affect interstate or foreign commerce; or

(v) such person acts in the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession of the United States;

(c) intentionally discloses, or endeavors to disclose, to any other person the contents of any wire, oral, or electronic communication, knowing or having reason to know that the information was obtained through the interception of a wire, oral, or electronic communication in violation of this subsection;

(d) intentionally uses, or endeavors to use, the contents of any wire, oral, or electronic communication, knowing or having reason to know that the information was obtained through the interception of a wire, oral, or electronic communication in violation of this subsection; or

(e) (i) intentionally discloses, or endeavors to disclose, to any other person the contents of any wire, oral, or electronic communication, intercepted by means authorized by sections 2511(2)(a)(ii), 2511(2)(b) to (c), 2511(2)(e), 2516, and 2518 of this chapter, (ii) knowing or having reason to know that the information was obtained through the interception of such a communication in connection with a criminal investigation, (iii) having obtained or received the information in connection with a criminal investigation, and (iv) with intent to improperly obstruct, impede, or interfere with a duly authorized criminal investigation,

shall be punished as provided in subsection (4) or shall be subject to suit as provided in subsection (5).

(2)(a)(i) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.] for an operator of a switchboard, or an officer, employee, or agent of a provider of wire or electronic communication service, whose facilities are used in the transmission of a wire or electronic communication, to intercept, disclose, or use that communication in the normal course of his employment while engaged in any activity which is
a necessary incident to the rendition of his service or to the protection of the rights or property of the provider of that service, except that a provider of wire communication service to the public shall not utilize service observing or random monitoring except for mechanical or service quality control checks.

(ii) NNotwithstanding any other law, providers of wire or electronic communication service, their officers, employees, and agents, landlords, custodians, or other persons, are authorized to provide information, facilities, or technical assistance to persons authorized by law to intercept wire, oral, or electronic communications or to conduct electronic surveillance, as defined in section 101 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 [50 USCS § 1801] if such provider, its officers, employees, or agents, landlord, custodian, or other specified person, has been provided with--

(A) a court order directing such assistance signed by the authorizing judge, or

(B) a certification in writing by a person specified in section 2518(7) of this title or the Attorney General of the United States that no warrant or court order is required by law, that all statutory requirements have been met, and that the specified assistance is required, setting forth the period of time during which the provision of the information, facilities, or technical assistance is authorized and specifying the information, facilities, or technical assistance required. No provider of wire or electronic communication service, officer, employee, or agent thereof, or landlord, custodian, or other specified person shall disclose the existence of any interception or surveillance or the device used to accomplish the interception or surveillance with respect to which the person has been furnished a court order or certification under this chapter, except as may otherwise be required by legal process and then only after prior notification to the Attorney General or to the principal prosecuting attorney of a State or any political subdivision of a State, as may be appropriate. Any such disclosure, shall render such person liable for the civil damages provided for in section 2520. No cause of action shall lie in any court against any provider of wire or electronic communication service, its officers, employees, or agents, landlord, custodian, or other specified person for providing information, facilities, or assistance in accordance with the terms of a court order or certification under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.].

(b) IIt shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.] for an officer, employee, or agent of the Federal Communications Commission, in the normal course of his employment and in discharge of the monitoring responsibilities exercised by the Commission in the enforcement of chapter 5 of title 47 [47 USCS §§ 151 et seq.] of the United States Code, to intercept a wire or electronic communication, or oral communication transmitted by radio, or to disclose or use the information thereby obtained.

(c) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.] for a person acting under color of law to intercept a wire, oral, or electronic communication, where such person is a party to the communication or one of the parties to the communication has given prior consent to such interception.

(d) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.] for a person not acting under color of law to intercept a wire, oral, or electronic communication where such person is a party to the communication or where one of the parties to the communication has given prior consent to such interception unless such communication is intercepted for the purpose of committing any criminal or tortious act in violation of the Constitution or laws of the United States or of any State.

(e) NNotwithstanding any other provision of this title or section 705 or 706 of the Communications Act of 1934 [47 USCS § 605 or 606], it shall not be unlawful for an officer, employee, or agent of the United States in the normal course of his official duty to conduct electronic surveillance, as defined in section 101 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 [50 USCS § 1801], as authorized by that Act [50 USCS §§ 1801 et seq.].

(f) Nothing contained in this chapter or chapter 121 or 206 of this title [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq., or 2701 et seq., or 3121 et seq.], or section 705 of the Communications Act of 1934 [47 USCS § 605], shall be deemed to affect the acquisition by the United States Government of foreign intelligence information from international or foreign communications, or foreign intelligence activities conducted in accordance with
otherwise applicable Federal law involving a foreign electronic communications system, utilizing a means other than electronic surveillance as defined in section 101 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 [50 USCS § 1801], and procedures in this chapter or chapter 121 or 206 of this title [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq., or 2701 et seq., or 3121 et seq.] and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 [50 USCS §§
1801 et seq.] shall be the exclusive means by which electronic surveillance, as defined in section 101 of such Act [50 USCS § 1801], and the interception of domestic wire, oral, and electronic communications may be conducted.

(g) IIt shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.] or chapter 121 of this title [18 USCS §§ 2701 et seq.] for any person--

(i) to intercept or access an electronic communication made through an electronic communication system that is configured so that such electronic communication is readily accessible to the general public;

(ii) to intercept any radio communication which is transmitted--

(I) by any station for the use of the general public, or that relates to ships, aircraft, vehicles, or persons in distress;

(II) by any governmental, law enforcement, civil defense, private land mobile, or public safety communications system, including police and fire, readily accessible to the general public;

(III) by a station operating on an authorized frequency within the bands allocated to the amateur, citizens band, or general mobile radio services; or

(IV) by any marine or aeronautical communications system;

(iii) to engage in any conduct which--

(I) is prohibited by section 633 of the Communications Act of 1934; or

(II) is excepted from the application of section 705(a) of the Communications Act of 1934 [47 USCS § 605(a)] by section 705(b) of that Act [47 USCS § 605(b)];

(iv) to intercept any wire or electronic communication the transmission of which is causing harmful interference to any lawfully operating station or consumer electronic equipment, to the extent necessary to identify the source of such interference; or

(v) for other users of the same frequency to intercept any radio communication made through a system that utilizes frequencies monitored by individuals engaged in the provision or the use of such system, if such communication is not scrambled or encrypted.

(h) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.]--

(i) to use a pen register or a trap and trace device (as those terms are defined for the purposes of chapter 206 (relating to pen registers and trap and trace devices) of this title) [18 USCS §§ 3121 et seq.]; or

(ii) for a provider of electronic communication service to record the fact that a wire or electronic communication was initiated or completed in order to protect such provider, another provider furnishing service toward the completion of the wire or electronic communication, or a user of that service, from fraudulent, unlawful or abusive use of such service.

(i) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter [18 USCS §§ 2510 et seq.] for a person acting under color of law to intercept the wire or electronic communications of a computer trespasser transmitted to, through, or from the protected computer, if--

(I) the owner or operator of the protected computer authorizes the interception of the computer trespasser's communications on the protected computer;

(II) the person acting under color of law is lawfully engaged in an investigation;

(III) the person acting under color of law has reasonable grounds to believe that the contents of the computer trespasser's communications will be relevant to the investigation; and

(IV) such interception does not acquire communications other than those transmitted to or from the computer trespasser.


Hoboken Memorial Day Parade 2011 Highlights

Here are some highlights of the 2011 Hoboken Memorial Day Parade held yesterday on 5/25 including both photo and video:


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ravi Bhalla Assembly Kickoff Official Release

This from Ravi Bhalla's campaign manager on last night's kickoff at the Hudson Tavern for his run at NJ Assembly.....


On Tuesday, there was standing room only in Hudson Tavern as Councilman Ravi Bhalla rallied a crowd full of supporters to get involved in his campaign to become the first Asian-American State Assemblyman in New Jersey.

Hoboken Democratic Vice-Chair, Phil Cohen, kicked things off by remarking how excited he was to see Ravi Bhalla take this next step in public service. It was only 2 years ago that Ravi Bhalla became a councilman in order to clean up City Hall and just last year that he ran a campaign to reform the Hoboken Democratic Committee.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer followed up by saying, “we need Ravi Bhalla in Trenton. We may have just retaken the majority on the City Council in Hoboken, but we cannot afford to sit on our laurels. We must keep pushing forward because this culture of corruption and incompetence is like an onion: with every layer we peel back, we expose another.” Mayor Dawn Zimmer ran on a ticket with Councilman Bhalla in ’09 on a reform platform. “The reason we started this reform movement, to end the backward political practices that hurt our families, still hold true on the state level. That is why I fully support Ravi Bhalla for State Assembly,” said Mayor Zimmer.

Ravi Bhalla then took the opportunity to outline his own reasons for running. He spoke about his father’s first days in America and how a friend had initially encouraged his dad to conform by removing his turban. Ravi Bhalla and his father both proudly sport the traditional Sikh religious head covering to this day, which for Ravi, is one of the best things about being American. “It doesn’t matter what race, religion, creed, color, or sexual orientation you are. In America, we can all be treated equally. The fact that I was elected to Hoboken’s City Council is a testament to that fact.”

Councilman Bhalla continued by outlining some of his platform. “Taxes are too high, unemployment is too high, and the reason nothing is being done is because corruption is too rampant. The FBI should not have to be the ethics enforcement agency of Hudson County.” At the end of the event, supporters were encouraged to wear t-shits and buttons and to sign up to volunteer.

For more information on Bhalla for Assembly, please visit http://www.bhallaforassembly.com/

Photo of the Day: NYC Battery Park WWII Memorial

Tonight at 6:45pm Hoboken will have its annual Memorial Day Parade starting at Hoboken City Hall. Today's photo of the day I took on my lunch break at Battery Park of the WWII Memorial. It is quite impressive up close.


False Rumors, True Facts and Honest Opinions: Ravi Bhalla Runs for NJ Assembly

Rumor: If Ravi Bhalla is elected to NJ Assembly, Reform will lose their majority. Not true!

Fact: Absolutely not true until at least November 2012 when a special election will be held.

Opinion: This is very unlikely until at least May 2013 when the at large seat is up for re-election anyway as stipulated below:

If Ravi is elected to NJ Assembly, Reform/Good Governance will not lose their hard won City Council majority. Ravi would continue to serve on the City Council until January 2012, at which time he would be replaced by a vote of the City Council with Mayor Zimmer casting the tie-breaking vote. This means that Ravi’s replacement on the City Council would be selected by his reform Council colleagues and Mayor Zimmer.

This new reform Councilperson would serve through November 2012 when a special election would be held together with the 2012 Presidential election, for the balance of Ravi’s term (June 30, 2013). Given the large turnout for the Presidential election, and the enormous significance Ravi’s election would have in Hudson County politics, pundits in both Ravi Bhalla's and Mayor Zimmer's camp are quite confident that the reform majority would be retained through and beyond Mayor Zimmer’s probable re-election in May 2013.

See NJ Statutes 40A:16-4, 40A:16-7, and 40A:16-8 for confirmation.

My comment: This is a whisper campaign likely started by nefarious agents of Ruben Ramos' campaign (think Lane Bajardi) to suppress Ravi Bhalla's turnout. Ravi getting elected is actually in play here since there are three people looking to get into 2 spots for NJ Assembly. Ravi needs your reform support in Hoboken so make sure you vote row C. I say if you live in Hoboken and like Ruben Ramos and plan to vote for him(for the record I don't but he is a Democrat), also consider voting for Ravi just to make sure Hoboken gets the representation it deserves.

Keep in mind: If you are unregistered in a party but still registered to vote you can vote in the Democratic primary on June 7th but keep in mind you will be automatically reigistered as a Democrat when doing so. You can switch it back later to unregistered if you want. So please consider voting in this primary if you normally don't. Row C down the column if you are a democrat or independent for honest democrats. ◦

Honest Democrats for Hoboken - The Slate: Vote Row C June 7th

The slate of "Hoboken Democrats for Honest Government" on row C in the June 7th primary election is a city-wide team of Democratic committee people that are dedicated to growing Hoboken's Democratic Party and representing a Democratic Party that they can be proud of.

They are running against the HCDO team headed by Michele Russo, 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo's mother and wife of formerly convicted Mayor Anthony Russo for corruption. A plea deal likely saved her from going to jail as well. The "Old Guard"are very organized and likely want to use this committee to wheel money from outside developer interests as they have done in the past to sell Hoboken out. Reformers and Good Governance advocates need to make sure this does not happen.

The slate of Honest Democrats is supported by Mayor Zimmer and her City Council Majority. They are also supported by the Hoboken Journal  (me) and other fine residents that know what is a stake. If Zimmer's slate on row C were to win that would send a very strong message to county and state bosses that want to use Hoboken to pilfer with huge over development at NJ Transit and Rockefeller Group uptown. We can't allow that to happen.

You can find the good guys and gals in Column C on June 7. Below is a list of candidates in chart form by Ward and District.


Ravi Bhalla Fundraising Party Photos at Hudson Tavern May 24th

This year City Councilman at large Ravi Bhalla is running in the Democratic Primary for NJ Assembly. Last night he had a fundraiser event at Hudson Tavern which was attended by the following politicos: Phil Cohen, Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino, Dave Mello, Dawn Zimmer and many of the committee candidates for row C "Democrats for Honest Government". Don't let the other posers fool you. Row C is for the real reform and good governance Democrats for Hoboken committee in the June 7th primary.

Ravi was introduced by Phil Cohen and Mayor Dawn Zimmer and then gave his reasons for running in this election. His biggest point was to make sure Hoboken is being represented which he asserted that was not happening now. Reports are that Ruben Ramos has been undermining the Mayor wherever he can and Ravi offers the voters a chance to change that. Ruben Ramos reports in the Statewide party bosses and often gives Hoboken short shrift. Vote Row C for change on June 7th!

Here are some photos of the event:


Ravi Bhalla to be at PATH Station this morning

I'm getting this out a bit latebut here goes....


On Wednesday May 25, Councilman Ravi Bhalla will hold remote office hours at the PATH Station on the corner of Observer Highway and Hudson St in Hoboken from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM. The remote office hours are part of Councilman Bhalla’s continuing efforts to make Hoboken’s government more accessible to residents. “These remote office hours will help many people who commute back and forth from New York City who simply don’t have time or don’t think to take care of municipal matters that directly affect their daily lives. It’s just another small way I can improve the quality of life for Hoboken residents.”

Councilman Bhalla will be listening to the concerns of Hoboken residents, informing them about business before the City Council, and assisting them with voter registration, vote by mail, and change of address forms. ◦

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hoboken 2011 Elections: Winners and Losers from the BOE

I have had time to reflect on this year's school board and municipal elections and here is my take on the winners and losers of the BOE first. I will follow up with the municipal elections later this week :

Winner- Carmelo Garcia and his so called "Independents":

Bottom Line: Carmelo Garcia and crew got out their vote and the reformers didn't. Such is the reality in Hoboken politics. The "old guard" always gets out their vote and for the reformers it is hit or miss. If 5,500 people had voted in this election the result would have been different. But under a 4,000 vote total is like a death sentence to reform regardless of candidates. Carmelo "Wheeling and Dealing" Garcia and his hangers on of  flip-flopping Peter "What are my Orders Pupie, Kiss Beth Mason's Ring and Up Mike Russo's Corrupt Butt" Biancamano and Frances Rhodes "I want my Junket" Kearns pretty much got out their maximum vote 2,250 this election which is on par for previous "old Guard" performances in one-on-one matchups.

Thus, to the victor go the spoils and we are talking about a potential $59 million budget in which he can place many political friends in low-show jobs as a reward for their electioneering efforts. Alas, they will have to wait until next year before they have a chance to take back the majority. Taxpayers: your wallets are safe this year from the graft of a Carmelo Garcia led school board. Curious that Maureen Sullivan voted for him as president this year which most assuredly conflicts with her ideological stance on cutting expenses.

Loser- Fair Elections and Following BOE Policy:

Carmelo Garcia and his team of independents have several key items missing from their ELEC reports. Things like campaign literature, money for campaign "workers" if you can even call them that are still conspicuously absent from them at last check. This disregard for the ELEC rules spills over into BOE policy as well. Take Paula Ohaus for example. Carmello Garcia's political activity on that issue this last month has made a mockery of the Hoboken School Board and his oath to uphold policy. His has been caught red-handed in the past with his fiscal shenanigans and if he should regain the majority next year watch the disregard for rules to go into full swing. The kind of reckless disregard that will get this School in a major multi-million dollar lawsuit one day. Mark my words.

Loser- Kids First:

This may be an arresting development to some but it is time to face facts people. Not enough affluent parents could give a crap about Hoboken's District Public Schools. Sure, a variety of factors led to the poor turnout in this year's school board election including a holiday, no majority really at stake this year, no headliners on the Kids First ticket but the number one killer for this slate was voter apathy. When less than 4,000 people vote in a City Wide election for School Board out of a population of 50,000 the reformers/good governance slates will lose every time. The Slate didn't matter much or did it? Kind of a chicken and egg argument but the result is the same: setback.

Push- "Marauding" Maureen Sullivan:

Anti public school Public School Board member Maureen Sullivan didn't run a slate this year and chose to sit this one out. Her turn is up next year. In Vegas parlance when there is no winner it is called a push. Reformers will get a chance next year to ensure that Maureen Sullivan's slate consisting of her, Liz Markevitch and one other and Kids First compete for votes and give back the voting majority to whoever the "old guard" is sponsoring.  Which brings me to my final point: Why bother?

Loser- My interest in School Board Issues:

If enough taxpaying parents in the middle class who can't afford private schools don't exist or care about "District" Public Schools in Hoboken, then why in the hell should I? After all I don't have kids. I did for the right reasons support the continued improvement of Hoboken Schools for the sake of community. Better "District" Public schools to me always meant a better community. However, not enough parents are educated on the issues that face the School Board. Even more importantly, not enough care. As long as that is the case why bother? As long as there is a pop-up school like HOLA where affluent or connected parents can send their children to segregate them from the rest of the students, district schools don't really have a real chance for improvement. How is that for some unreal results? PJ O'Rourke and Maureen Sullivan will be happy campers.

In order to make Public Schools better in Hoboken the kids who are not performing well need to do better and that over time will possibly attract more affluent parents to consider sending their kids to public schools in Hoboken. However that is just a long term possibility and not the most likely of outcomes. Why waste my time? There is always the 2013 Mayoral race to gear up for. My personal time is too valuable to try and help parents that will sell out their children's education for $40 a vote or don't care at all for public schools. Besides the occaisional post on BOE topics I am done here.

That's right, I am done. Finished with the BOE on any kind of substantive basis. Hope that with Carmelo and Crew, should they get the majority back, that the budget goes to $80 million for all I care and test scores plummet. If that doesn't wake anybody up I don't know what will.  At least Hoboken will get its money out of the County with the increased jail services.

My comment: By making my last point I am not encouraging people to not be involved in Hoboken BOE matters, I simply saying I have given what I can to public educational causes and refuse to give any more substantial chunks of my time on this area. ◦

Mayor Zimmer and Local Retailers Urge residents to "Shop Hoboken" June 11-12th

From Hoboken City Hall....


Mayor Dawn Zimmer joined local merchants at Anastasia’s Accessories to announce “Shop Hoboken” — a two day event to encourage residents to support local retailers. Nearly 40 participating retailers throughout Hoboken will offer various specials on Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and 12th.

Photo courtesy of City of Hoboken
“Our independent retailers create a unique identity for our city and are an important part of what makes Hoboken so vibrant,” said Mayor Zimmer. “The diverse mix of shops makes us a destination that attracts tourists from throughout the region and drives our local economy. I encourage residents to support our local merchants, especially during these challenging economic times, so we can preserve Hoboken’s distinct character and charm.”

Shopping locally creates more local jobs and promotes environmental sustainability. The City will be providing complimentary shuttle service on both Shop Hoboken days.

“As retailers, ‘Shop Hoboken’ is a way for us to thank residents for their continued support during these difficult times,” said Anastasia Kamper, owner of Anastasia’s Accessories. “Supporting local businesses creates local jobs and keeps dollars in the local economy. Research shows that for every $100 spent locally at independent retailers, $68 stays in the community.”

A list of participating retailers is available on the City website at http://www.hobokennj.org/shophoboken

Link: http://www.hobokennj.org/news/mayor-zimmer-and-local-retailers-urge-residents-to-shop-hoboken

Carmelo Garcia Knocking Down the Projects! WTF? End of the World Afterall?

Well, not exactly. I tease the Carmelo....

Here is the latest gem from Carmelo Garcia who is the head of the HHA. He is rewarding his loyal voting base (loyal for the $40 a vote) by razing the projects. Of course there are assurances that no one will be displaced. Yeah right! Oh yeah, increased density too! Winner winner chicken dinner! Where is David Liebler to pump up this project? Fi fi fo fum, I smell a political operative to make me a deal/meal.To my knowledge this plan wasn't presented to the residents of the Housing Authority first. Talk about a lack of transparency by Beth Mason supported candidate Carmelo Garcia. Read on in the release and feel free to comment below.....

Hoboken Housing Authority Vision 20/20 Plan, Hoboken.......


Hoboken Housing Authority; Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects and Planners

Hoboken's rebirth from a former industrial working-class city to a more affluent, modern, bustling, comeback city has made it a poster child for 21st-century urban revitalization. But the city’s success has not come without consequences; popular demand has diminished the availability of affordable housing, as many older apartments have been converted to market-rate rentals and expensive luxury condominiums. As a result, Hoboken's low-income residents have had to rely increasingly on the availability of housing in the public housing projects.

The Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) is the largest provider of low-income housing in the city. Like other older, urban public housing agencies in New Jersey, the HHA has a housing stock that is obsolete, below current safety and environmental standards and costly to maintain. The main campus of the HHA, constructed in 1949, contains 806 family-oriented public housing units in 25 separate buildings on a 17-acre site in the southwestern portion of the city. The buildings are poorly configured, isolated at the back of town and challenged by issues typical of World War II-era public housing projects: concentration of poverty, wasteful energy consumption, inability to serve handicapped residents, lack of opportunity for upward migration and poorly planned placement of buildings, creating hidden outdoor spaces giving rise to crime-related safety issues.

When evaluating whether to renovate or to rebuild its housing stock, the HHA determined that rebuilding was the only option. Over time, the cost to upgrade, repair and maintain the existing buildings would exceed the cost of providing new modern, sustainable, affordable housing in a mixed-income neighborhood. Two recent developments gave the housing authority an extraordinary opportunity to proceed with a rebuilding plan. Completion of NJ Transit’s Hudson Bergen Light Rail, with stops at Second Street and Ninth Street directly adjacent to the HHA campus, greatly improved access to the neighborhood. This, together with relatively high property values associated with the recent influx of new market-rate luxury housing directly adjacent along Jackson Street, created a unique set of conditions ripe for total transformation.

The combination of its own equity in the property along with the capacity for more dense redevelopment on site, gave the housing authority confidence that it could attract public and private investment for the transformation of the HHA campus into a sustainable, transit-oriented, mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood. The Vision 20/20 Plan adopted by the HHA calls for phased development, with residents relocated into new buildings in order to vacate the older buildings one at a time. Each empty building would then be razed to create a development site for a new residential building that would mirror the style of the surrounding residential neighborhood. At the completion of each phase, the number of new units would exceed the number of decommissioned units, ensuring that existing residents will not be displaced and, at the same time, providing for a variety of mixed-income housing options, allowing for upward mobility within the neighborhood and a deconcentration of poverty.

The neighborhood redevelopment plan also allows for the extension of the city street grid through the site and includes facilities for recreation, transit, early childhood education and charter schools, retail space, shops and restaurants, and community program space for job skills training. ◦

Ravi Bhalla for Assembly Kick-off This Tuesday

From the campaign of Ravi Bhalla for NJ Assembly....


On Tuesday, Ravi Bhalla will host a special campaign kick-off event at Hoboken's own Hudson Tavern at 51 14th Street at 6:30PM. Supporters from all over Hudson County will be joining with the Assembly hopeful to show support, share stories from the field, and listen to Bhalla outline his reasons for running.

The assembly campaign in the recently redrawn 33rd Legislative District has been mostly quiet this year, but as anyone who has been near Bhalla's First St headquarters will attest, the pace has picked up dramatically. “I have seen tons of people coming in and out of the place this entire week. Today I counted no less than 2 dozen enter, then leave with Bhalla t-shirts and clipboards,” said Jennifer Rock.

Momentum for Ravi Bhalla has increased significantly in the past few weeks. As the Hudson County Democratic Organization once again battles against itself during the Democratic Primary, many view Ravi Bhalla's candidacy as a chance to significantly boost the opportunity of Democratic Committee candidates running off the line. “You better believe that when I go knock on doors and talk to voters that I'm talking about Ravi Bhalla too. He's already been knocking on doors in this neighborhood, so I'm hoping to build both of our name recognition,” said committee candidate Joe Branco.

Last year, Ravi Bhalla led a group of community activists to reform the Hoboken Democratic Committee by electing a new majority and wrestling control away from the Russo clan. Despite those efforts, the Hudson County Democratic Organization gave the official party line for this year's election to the Russo ticket anyway. This power grab has motivated Hoboken's reform community to take a stand for themselves and for Ravi Bhalla.

These Democratic Committee candidates, running under the banner “Democrats for Honest Government,” have more motivation than their own candidacy. As a City Councilman in Hoboken, Ravi Bhalla has already worked to reduce taxes by over 15%. He has fought for real, progressive initiatives like Corner Cars, which have cut down on the number of parking passes. He even took a stand and proposed campaign finance reform in Hoboken that would have ended pay-to-play and wheeling, leveling the playing field for candidates with real community support. With all of these accomplishments on his resume, reformers are anxious to see what he can do in Trenton.

“I have so much respect for the Democrats for Honest Government slate this year. Frankly, I am excited to have the support of such active and civic minded members of the community. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,” said Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

For more information on Bhalla for Assembly, please visit http://www.bhallaforassembly.com/

Friday, May 20, 2011

Secaucus Pool Open to Hoboken Residents at Reduced Rate

From the City of Hoboken, yet another highly political press release from communication Czar Juan Melli (just joking):

Secaucus Pool Open to Hoboken Residents at Reduced Rate

As a result of an interlocal agreement between the cities of Hoboken and Secaucus, residents of Hoboken may use the Secaucus municipal pool at a reduced rate.

Click here to download the application form: http://www.hobokennj.org/docs/rec/secaucus-pool-application-2011.pdf

Citywide Garage Sale in Hoboken Saturday May 21st

From the City of Hoboken:

Hoboken Citywide Gate Sale & Flea Market
around Church Square Park
Sat. May 21st, 9am to 4pm

Takes place all over Hoboken. Find everything from the mundane to the unusual. People are cleaning out their closets, basements & backyards.

If you need something, chances are you'll find it here, all at discount prices: including children & adult clothing, furniture, electronics, jewelry, housewares, home decor, sports equipment, toys, artwork, photography, vintage items, CDs, DVDs, 45 & 33 RPM records, books & so much more.

For a list of locations, go to www.hobokennj.org/citywide-yard-sale

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoboken Terminal and Yard Redevelopment Plan - First Community Meeting May 31st

From the City of Hoboken.....

Hoboken Terminal and Yard Redevelopment Plan - First Community Meeting

The City of Hoboken is working to produce the Redevelopment Plan for Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yards property. A two phase redevelopment plan, which will reflect the vision and needs of the community, is underway. Phase I of the Redevelopment Plan will be prepared first, focusing on the 1.8 acre portion along Hudson Place – One Hudson Place. The plan for Phase 2 of the plan will include the remaining portion of the 52 acre Hoboken Terminal and Yards.

This is an invitation to participate in a conversation about Phase 1 and Phase 2 Redevelopment Plan and this important site within the City.

Date: Tuesday, May 31st 2011
Time: 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Location: Rue Building Auditorium, 301 Garden Street, Hoboken, 07030

The first community meeting will:

• Review existing site conditions and constraints for One Hudson Place property.
• Discuss issues, opportunities, and your priorities to guide the Redevelopment Plan.

We want to share our ideas and hear yours. Help us in this effort by attending and encouraging your family and friends to do so as well.

Contact Information
City of Hoboken
94 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Email: redevelopmentnjtransit@hobokennj.org
Website: http://www.hobokennj.org/hobokenterminal
Flyer: http://www.hobokennj.org/docs/communitydev/Hoboken-Terminal-Public-Meeting-5-31-11.pdf

Setting the Record Straight- Melissa Longo Assistant Corporation Counsel

It has been reported by Hoboken Patch and the Hudson Reporter that a criminal investigation regarding City Hall personnel is underway, according to Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo.

Melissa called me this morning to confirm that there is an investigation going on and that the investigation is not related to the Resolution on last night's agenda sponsored by Beth Mason that calls for the City of Hoboken's emails to media outlets from the Mayor's two communication aides.

She stated that the matter involves an employee of the City of Hoboken and that the name is being withheld as per policy while the investigation is being conducted.

I observed that the 3rd Floor in City Hall IT office was padlocked as of last night. The City Council also went into closed session at the beginning of the meeting but the reason was not specified to the public (that's why we have closed sessions folks).

Longo added that it was irresponsible that a certain website would publish such false rumors but declined to go on record as to the name. I figure my readers can guess as to which one was spreading the lies by going to the following link to help feed Perry Klaussen. He looks disheveled lately but someone is keeping him fed. He is almost is big as me and that makes him one fat guy.

Das Link to Beth Mason's own "Hoboken Wiki Leaks" website: http://hoboken411.com/archives/64703

My Remarks on Beth Russo's Spanish Inquisition Style Email Request Resolution of the Zimmer Administration

Last night the Resolution sponsored by Beth Mason and Mike Russo to get at all emails from Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her communication staff was tabled. I got wind of that possibility and decided to go home and get some rest. I want to minimize the amount of time Beth Mason wastes of mine. It turned out to be a good decision. Here are my prepared remarks the were rendered moot due to the tabling of that witch hunt of a resolution:

"I am here tonight to respond to this witch hunt of a resolution perpetuated and sponsored by hypocritical self- anointed queen of transparency and the clown prince of corruption Beth Russo. Beth Mason and Mike Russo are being combined here as a political singularity. They are representative of the stagnation and obstructionism that has besieged Hoboken City Council Chambers with the “Council of No” gaining the Majority in November of 2010. This all accomplished with the help of Tim Occhipinti’s political puppetry. All of his “rubber stamp” anti-Zimmer votes that he has cast since are in no doubt tied to the wheeling in excess of $13.4 K by Beth Mason on his behalf for that election.

I am not a legal expert in these matters but I understand it to be the case that the City Council really doesn’t have any powers here. In any case I will defer to Corporate Counsel for the most part. It is clear that Bethy and Mikey (sounds all cozy and family-like, right?) are clearly reaching here and looking for something. But what? I wonder if they care to elaborate? Seems like a witch hunt to me. Well, if it is this oversized warlock is here to shed some light on the situation and defend his family name. You guys are familiar with the concept of La Familia right? Welcome to my German version of it!

Over the course of 2010 to the present I have received hundreds of emails from Juan Melli in his official capacity as Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s communication contact. I would assume that I am one of many that are copied on his emails that go out to traditional media as well as new media (bloggers).

These emails were either press releases or media advisories. I all his emails I only responded to 30 of these with either questions or the occasional snarky political commentary. Based on my precursory view of the emails Juan Melli at all times maintained his professionalism. In the interest of transparency, even though there are no legal requirements for me to do so here are a few samples of my responses via email to Juan Melli at Hobokennj.org…
Juan Melli Press Release sent to media on the Expansion of the Hop:

My sarcastic reply unrelated to the the HOP but another political issue from within reform at the time:

Juan did not reply to this email.  

Here is a second email from Juan. He posted an update on Church Square Towers Trees and I thought that one of the pictures looked suggestive as well as the fact I wanted to correct a spelling error. At the time Lane Bajardi was on his anti-poop jihadist phase when Nancy Pincus had done a lampooning graphic of BOE Real Results slate as turds in a punch bowl. I was being flip as well as looking out for Hoboken's best interest in not publishing a photo of a hand and a tree that was sexually suggestive in nature. Lane Bajardi might have gone nuts. Wait, he already is/was!

Juan did not reply any more in the thread other than to thank me for correcting the speling error.

This is just from 2 of the 30 of the instances over more than one year where I replied to Juan directly at his Hoboken email. There is nothing in any of these emails from Juan than press releases or media advisories and perhaps a handful of web links to articles that may have been of interested. At no point did I take any direction from the Administration and it was left up to me as to whether to publish or not. In most cases I did.

A few off color remarks by yours truly......

Smoking Gun?

Ok, I guess you got me!

My father always said that prohibitions are usually established by those who have partaken of the forbidden fruit. Internationally we have Osama Bin Laden who despite preaching about Americans being infidels was caught with a boatload of porn. Those titles I can only begin to imagine being like “Jerka Jerka, What’s behind that burka?” You get the idea.

Now we have Beth Mason being elected with incomplete ELEC reports. She had the following expenses and very little of it was on her ELECs before the May election including:

  • Website advertisements on Hoboken 411 and Hoboken Patch.
  • Newspaper ads in the Hoboken Reporter.
  • Paid Consultants.
  • Video ads and TV commercials.
  • Lane Bajardi and Perry Klaussen not listed on her expenses.
  • Campaign fliers.
  • Legal expenses required to unearth dirt on Tom Greaney's bankruptcy.

Some transparency huh? Looks like good old dad was right after all."


No Giant Speech Tonight- Beth Mason Tables Witch Hunt

Update 5/19/2011: As suspected, the resolution was tabled. Perhaps Beth Mason was not trusting Nino's vote when it came to this resolution. Anyway I am glad I didn't waste my time waiting on the worst City Council President in recent Hoboken history (Beth Mason) and her chicken sh*t witch hunt. Perhaps she calculated the blow back wouldn't be worth the price of admission.

Original Post 5/18/2011 8:50 PM: I left the City Council Meeting 20 minutes ago. I will be publishing my prepared remarks tomorrow instead. I got there hung out a bit but couldn't wait until the end of the meeting to let Beth Mason have it. This way I am sure to get the last word against her minion Lane Bajardi. He finally showed up at City Council chambers.

Da Horsey is planning to speak. Could be a hoot!

- Posted while on the go. ◦

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hoboken City Council Meeting Tonight starting at 7PM

Hoboken City Council Meeting is tonight starting at 7PM. No live blog tonight as I will be in attendance.


Hoboken McCarthyism - Charlie McCarthy that is

Update 5/18/2011: Since Beth Russo (Beth Mason and Mike Russo combined as a political singularity with near infinite gravity to suck at the taxpayer's wallet with their pandering and ineptitude) have brought it upon themselves to go after normal citizenry in a McCarthyesque way, I figured I would bump up this post to remind us of one of the diminutive agents behind the dark forces that drives Beth Mason's power lust.

Original Post 12/7/2010: If there ever was a talking puppet for Beth Mason in Hoboken, it would be this sycophantic, race baiting Napoleanic hate monger, known for his anti-Zimmer venom and hate towards progress at City Council meetings. He is usually spotted wearing a suit although some question whether he is gainfully employed. He occasionally dons props like an easel (giving him the nickname "weasel with an easel") in an attempt to take out all political opponents. Most people ignore him unless of course they are on the side of Mason/Russo syndicate that want to sabotage the Mayor's agenda.

Here is a political cartoon (photo-shop) of this person, who has become a bit of a pariah, the topic of the police blotter (just once so far), and the butt of many jokes from people who really want effective government. You can almost imagine Beth Mason pulling the strings while the useless and twisted so called Hoboken 411 (Mason 411)  talking points come out of the comically contrived yet buttery baritone voice against all reason. Take a guess as to who I could be referring to. In some circles he is an alleged ghost writer of Hoboken 411 and is also known as Channel 78's diminutive anchorman. He also is on record for assaulting Roman Brice but that case was settled via mediation as a opposed to medication which he and Hoboken 411 proprietor Perry Klaussen should be on. C'mon take a guess.

Hoboken's Charlie McCarthy- Guess who!


The Hoboken Journal is Number One On Beth Russo's Witch Hunt list!

I'm Number One! Not number two, Not number three, but number one! The Hoboken Journal is the number one target in a resolution sponsored by Beth Mason and Mike Russo here-ever known as Beth Russo after another alleged vote buying operation in subsidized housing coordinated by the Russo operatives got Beth Mason barely re-elected. This story about the pending resolution tonight has been extensively covered by both MSV and Grafix Avenger blogs and now you can get my take:

Tonight I am wearing the colors of reform betrayal. In 2009 Beth Mason sold
out reform in a deal with the Russos. Mike Russo was heard bragging on FBI tape
how he would own the City Council.  Beth used a color scheme of purple and "Linda Blair
exorcism puke my guts out while Satanically possessed" pea soup green to run her
campaign along with her Mike Russo handpicked slate. Tasteless Lane Bajardi allegedly
was behind the brash color selection.Then again, we always knew he had poor taste.
Heck I am honored. I even beat out the Horsey (Mile Square View) who would rather blog away about Hoboken than make big coin. Many who want good government in Hoboken may appreciate his sacrifice but I'm number one on Mike Mason's hit list! I guess I might be doing something right. Can I gloat a bit?

Tonight, there is a resolution sponsored by the head of the axis of evil and obstructionism that asks for all email correspondence from the Mayor's communication staff that asks for all emails since 2010 to a number of media contacts. I am listed first, Kurt Gardiner of the Hoboken Journal.

Hoboken McCarthyism has reaered
its ugly bushy browed head yet again!
Not You Charlie, Lane Mason and Beth Bajardi!
I am curious to see what the legal opinion is on this matter is. I highly doubt that the City Council has the right to such documents carte blanche. I can say this, that over the course of 2010 to present I received numerous press releases from Juan Melli from his official email account just like any other member of the traditional or new media. In total,  I responded to the 30 of those emails with mainly questions about the release. A couple of times I made some political comments. Some pretty flip, some outright funny (from a certain perspective). Juan maintained professionalism throughout. I can honestly say there is no smoking gun here.

I being the first on the list of targets from Beth Russo have nothing to hide and it turns out I may share some of those responses at some point soon. Beth Mason's McCarthyism strikes again and I for one am not going to stand for it. This is a witch hunt and I will not stand by idly while she tries to tarnish my family name of Gardiner. I can't wait for tonight.

Personal Message to Beth Mason: Welcome to La Familia German style Beth Mason! You attack me then you attack my family. You suck and you and your dirty non-transparent ways will never allow you to be Mayor unless you completely buy the election. 2013 will not be be a good year for you. Tonight won't be so good either.

Link to Resolution Pack: http://www.hobokennj.org/docs/council/respack11/respac-5-18-11.pdf


2013 Mayoral Election Analysis: Number Crunching by The Giant

Note: This article was published last week and due to a technical glitch with blogger was finally restored yesterday.

While it is true that Dawn Zimmer did get the City Council Majority back by just winning two out of four City Council seats, it is also true that her allies directly received only 43% percent of the vote. It would seem that to the simple minded Zimmer haters out there that she is in big trouble in 2013 as her candidates were outmatched 57% to 43% percent but that doesn't tell the complete picture. People without college degrees should refrain form any numerical analysis as ghost writers on Hoboken 411 because they don't understand how the numbers work in Hoboken. All the little diminutive bushy eyebrowed Zimmer hater knows is how to spin an anti Zimmer negative yarn over and over again and day after day.

That percentage is misleading due to a couple of factors when it comes to 2013 Mayoral election results and here is why I think why. Number 1, about 100 2011 votes in Ward 2 were not for Beth Mason in Ward 2. I think Zimmer gets those in 2013. In the 5th Ward about 100 of Scott Delea's 2011 votes will also go to Zimmer and not to the old guard in 2013. Scott was a "wishy washy fake reformery guy" and probably plucked about 100 votes from Peter Cunningham.

I also made a very minor adjustment to Jen Giatinno in the 6th Ward as Zimmer will pick up at least 20 votes from the rent control advocates that voted for Nino instead. They will have nowhere else to go in all likelihood. With those adjustments that brings the vote percentages to 54% to 46% with Zimmer on the losing end but keep in mind that is only with a turnout of only 8000 votes. I think just about any political insider not choking on their own Zimmer hate induced bile will know that Zimmer loses in 2013 if only 8000 people show up . The old guard will get out their numbers as always and it will be game over.

For 2013, 8000 total votes in the Hoboken Mayoral race however is not very likely to happen.

I think 11,000 total votes is the most likely number of total votes based on past elections. 14,000 in November of 2009 was an anomaly since that was a hotly contested governors race. The key assumption to my analysis is that for every 1000 votes over 8000 voters in Hoboken, it breaks 667 to 333 for Zimmer or about 2-1. You can change that assumption around and get different results but I am going with that ratio since the old guard base is finite and the pool of any voters over the hard political core will come from people not in subsidized situations but instead pay taxes or rent at market rates. Those people will not be voting for people who make well over $120K per year to get a big fat subsidy in Church Towers for example. Higher voter turnout bodes well for Dawn Zimmer. Most people would agree with that that follow Hoboken politics closely.

10,000 total votes seems to be the break even plus point for Zimmer under these assumptions and the margins just get larger from there. Dawn Zimmer will have a majority for 18 months and will have to make progress on many fronts to maintain her popularity but if that holds up then a good turnout in 2013 of over 11,000 voters should give her the narrow margin of victory she needs to get over the top and be elected for a second term. The field will be crowded so I expect a runoff.  

Granted there are a lot of assumptions in this model but I am fairly confident that the following will go down:

1) 10,000 to 12,000 will likely vote in the 2013 Hoboken Mayoral Election, not 8,000. This is not a given.Voter apathy is a disease in Hoboken that fuels the Mason-Russo axis of corruption and gives them what power they have.

2) Dawn Zimmer would be the odds on favorite barring any political catastrophe in the next two years.

3) Zimmer's margin for error would not be very large unless the vote count approaches 13000 or 14000 and this is not likely.

4) The filed will likely be crowded with several old guard candidates throwing their hat in the ring. The fractured alliance that got Timmy his support in November of 2010 will not last until then. Too many egos and big swinging dicks with that crew for the top spot.

5) There will be a runoff between Dawn and the top vote getting candidate.

6) Beth Mason will likely not be in the runoff. She will not get the core old guard vote unless everyone else that covets the Mayor slot in the old guard defers to her. Not likely.

Of course if elections get moved to November turnout will definitely go up. That is also a distinct possibility.

Share your thoughts on my admittedly rudimentary analysis below:


Unofficial Election Results by Ward and District

Note: This article was finally restored by Blogger after a glitch. The article published last week includes machine votes and vote by mail but not provisionals. All election results held up after the provisionals were counted.

Here are the unofficial election results for the May 2011 City Council Races in Hoboken. Provisionals are not yet officially tallied an the elections are usually certified by Friday after a Tuesday election.

The results mirror in some ways the results of the April BOE election where Zimmer's allies took the 5th and the 6th although the total votes for the "old Guard" were more City Wide. The 2013 Mayor's race promises to be interesting indeed.


Click It Or Ticket Seat Belt Enforcement And Education Campaign

From the City of Hoboken:

Click It Or Ticket Seat Belt
Enforcement And Education Campaign

Law Enforcement Officers will begin a comprehensive vehicular safety project from May 23 - June 5, 2011. The purpose of the 2011 “Click it or Ticket” program is to increase safety belt usage in New Jersey, and at the same time, save lives. During this period Hoboken Police Officers will be cracking down on unbuckled motorists as part of the National “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

The goal of the program is to increase the statewide safety belt usage rate to 100%. The current safety belt usage rate in New Jersey is 93.73, and the rate has steadily risen during the last thirteen years.

During the 2010 Click it or Ticket campaign, 406 police agencies participated in the two-week initiative. As a result of the effort, law enforcement officers issued 35,671 seat belt citations, 5,832 speeding summonses and made 592 drunk driving arrests.

“Using a seat belt is the simplest way for a motorist and his or her passengers to protect themselves when on the road”, said Gary Poedubicky, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. “Motor vehicle occupants who buckle-up are up to 75 percent less likely to face life threatening injuries in a car crash”. ◦

Hoboken Police To Host National Night Out

From the office of the Mayor:

Hoboken Police To Host National Night Out

On Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, Chief Anthony P. Falco Sr., along with the Hoboken Police Department’s Community Policing Unit and Mayor Dawn Zimmer will be hosting our annual National Night Out. National Night Out is a nationwide event that allows the community workers to give back to their community. The goals of National Night Out are 1) Heighten crime and drug awareness; 2) Generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime programs; 3) Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community partnership; 4) Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

This year, we would like to see more of the Hoboken community involved in this event. If you wish to participate, please contact Sergeant Melissa Gigante at 201-420-2100. We look forward to working together with you to make our community safer, stronger and more unified than ever before!

Link: http://www.hobokennj.org/news/hoboken-police-to-host-national-night-out/

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letter to the Editor: Jean Marie Mitchell on Recent Hoboken School Events

Letter To The Editor: Former School Board Member Jean Marie Mitchell
The former school board member talks about recent developments.

To The Editor:

Does a gifted history teacher get to write his own “permission slip,” pile his students into his car and drive them off on a "field trip?" What if they are broadsided by another car? What if they check into a motel overnight and a student gets hurt or worse? Who is responsible? Who pays the doctor’s bill or the legal judgment? What about a football coach whose stars get opportunities for college scholarships otherwise far out of their reach? Does it matter if the championships are won by playing kids who are academically ineligible? What happens to the standards for those kids' education? What about the kids who didn’t get to play? What about the teams they beat? Do the ends really justify the means?

Most everyone - students, parents, the public, the Board, and Superintendent Dr. Mark Toback - supports the theatre program at Hoboken High. We’re all proud of the great performances Paula Ohaus has inspired our kids to achieve, but even her fans have acknowledged problems with the tactics by which she has achieved these goals. They acknowledge the sleepovers at her house, the financial irregularities, the out-of-district students getting major roles in a school play, and the unauthorized trips in private cars but they defend Ms. Ohaus’s good intentions. Doesn’t a great artist deserve a second chance, or even a third? Maybe, but there have been many chances under three superintendents and Ms. Ohaus has been very clear about her contempt for the rules she flouts. She stated publicly that she intends to continue the sleepovers and other practices. She is not looking for another chance; she wants the rules to change, at least for her.

Ms. Ohaus would have us believe that her practices are minor problems, but they are not. They are clear violations of common-sense rules we have in place to protect the district from legal liability and students from harm. Her actions imply that the district is wrong, for example, to require background checks on adults in close contact with teenagers or to prevent those teenagers from spending the night in her private home. I think the district board is right to require these safeguards. If something tragic happened, a judge would be well within his rights to throw the book at us. Never mind what the parents would say.

I believe that learning to live by society’s rules and learning to excel within reasonable boundaries is part of becoming an adult. I believe that lesson is as important as winning a game or getting a standing ovation. Our new superintendent, Dr. Toback understands this. He is raising the bar. He is committed to a great theater program, while also protecting our children and our district. I also believe that as a community, we need to stand up and let him know we support him. Please call him (201-356-3601) or email (mark.toback@hoboken.k12.nj.us) to let him know that he has your support to lead our district.

Jean Marie Mitchell
Hoboken School District Parent ◦