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Reader Mail from Infotainme on Hoboken 411 and Zimmophobia

Here is a reader editorial from Infotainme on Hoboken 411 and Zimmophobia. Again this is not necessarilly my opinion but that of the writer who submitted this article....

"Infotainme" on Hoboken 411 and Zimmophobia- Reader Mail

“Who cares what Hoboken Revolt has to say? They are nothing more than a Zimmer front posing as a non-partisan entity.” -Ric Flair.

”Is it any wonder why Revolt is often tagged as a front for Dawn Zimmer? I had so much hope for this organization remaining a fair and non-partisan taxpayer advocacy group.” -Hobokengirl76.

”For all you Zimmer lovers who cannot tolerate their new messiah being held accountable - then you shouldn’t have voted for her to hold public office.” -H411.

”I just reminded people that Zimmer is not the messiah figure her Zealots tried to sell us.” -RedHaven.

“What is these 'Reds' anyway? Every time ya turn around, somebody callin' somebody else a Red. What is these 'Reds' anyway?” -Tom Joad, “The Grapes of Wrath.”

Zimmer worship, fanaticism, idolatry. It has to be the most reported, least verified menace-to-society since UFOs. We don’t yet know exactly what it is, but we do know it’s virtually everywhere as we can see in the random blog sampling above.

We should count ourselves lucky to live in a place so rife with vigilant Zimmophobes that Zimmer’s role in every problem that has plagued the city from time immemorial is readily identified. Consider: police reports of UFOs suggest that the phenomenon was most often seen, as in “I seen,” “We seen,” “Me and him seen,” etc. But the more insidious, UZO, Unexplained Zimmer Outrage, can apparently only be felt or sensed by its many witnesses/victims who are usually at a loss to clarify further.

In fact the posts cited above offer scant support for their Zimmophobic ravings. 411’s tirade is classically UZOid. To the untrained eye, nothing in the commentary preceding it suggests the blind devotion to Zimmer that put all those bees in 411’s addled bonnet.

More proof the devil doesn’t exist, you say? Easily dismissed as just more impotent rage from the house-bound web frau. Just old lady 411 threatening the TV with a wooden spoon again, right? Or is that bat-sh!t crazy broad coincidentally right this time, hmmm? Just plain delusional – or delusional like a fox? Let’s take a closer look.

Due to the shadowy, primarily nocturnal movements of the Zimmergeist we have little actual evidence to go on and must rely on the halting statements taken from her victims. But with careful marketing and a decent FX budget, a terrifying portrait should emerge.

Picture if you will… a she-beast on a fog-enshrouded heath. Yes, ok, we don’t have a heath, but we can get one if we need it for affect, right? I’m not going to sit here and watch this whole project go down the crapper because no one can get off his ass and find me a goddam heath, ok? Ever heard of location scouting? Hello!? Am I talking to myself, here? Ponderous, man, ponderous.

Where were we? She-beast, heath, something, something … Ok, let’s go with cloven hooves and, and flaming eyes. Yeah, gotta have those. She leads a suicidally devoted cult. Ok, story problem: most reports have her completely under the control of Mike Lenz. So in other words my maniacal death cult leader isn’t even in charge of her own death cult? Is that what you’re telling me? Perfect, just effing perfect. I need the guy that stole the Oxycontin to meet me in my trailer in 5 minutes.

…Ok… we can fix this. Back it up a little. Keep the enflamed eyes. What’s not to like about a foggy heath and a suicidally devoted death cult. Mom and apple pie. But let’s lose the hooves. Instead we have Mike Lenz, a millionaire many times over thanks to his $65,000 county job. He’s playing… he’s playing a…not a harmonica…penny whistle maybe…what would he play… Wait – downloading genius… A concertina! He’s playing this little concertina.

We see him leaning out of a window on Monroe Street with his concertina. The notes drift south, make a left at 1st and then –scofflawically- a right down Madison, seeping into a darkened Zimmer Manor, lit only by a single candle in the slowly rising and falling private elevator operated by a one-armed* zombie . And when Lenz hits certain notes the Zimmer eye-flame thing happens, and the death cult stirs, indicating they’re ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. I like it, I like it. What’s happening with my heath? Word to the wise - the Oxycontin’s wearing off.

* ”We'll never know how many people lost their limbs so Dawn Zimmer could have a four story luxury condo with a private elevator.” MarkLower

Another, far less cinematically viable view holds that Zimmer is no one’s diva (except, one hopes, Mr Grosbard). Accordingly it is stated that Zimmer is in many ways simply the default candidate of the too-many faceted reform movement. She has benefited greatly from the miscues of a politically tone-deaf opposition. It is further suggested that even a cursory survey of her ‘supporters’ reveals sharp differences on national, state, and even local issues. Their independent thinking and general fractiousness makes them extremely poor candidates to be drones for anyone. Supposedly.

And supposedly –supposedly- these supporters are just tired of the analytical laziness of the ‘critique’ of Zimmer –the scratch off tickets, Lenz, Soares, the constant warnings of a pending sell-out, eg, “Once the Zimmer Zealots get the message that Lenz has made a deal and Russo is now with Zimmer they will change their internet spin on how ‘evil’ the Russos are.” -RedHaven.

Yes, Captain, the frozen strawberries. You proved it with geometric logic…

Where these criticisms may have once registered as legitimate beef at least in the eyes of the beholder, their repetition at every turn has downgraded them significantly to reformers who now regard them as the arsenal of an unreflective opposition that is more interested in holding the floor than honest dialog or making a point. They maintain that the pro-Zimmer vehemence that has been ‘observed’ is in fact anti-backsliding vehemence directed at apologists for certain unacceptable compromises. And they suggest that the apologists know it and are using claims of Zimmer fanaticism as a smokescreen and subject changer.

Finally, these Zimmophobia…phobic …phobes… inexplicably claim that people who are deliberative and un-demonstrative are not necessarily weak-minded or easily manipulated by concertina-playing others.

Critics of this terminally dull point of view, including this reporter in spades, point to its deplorably limited entertainment value and likely inability to sustain a 24 by 7 pissing contest across multiple websites and other media as the race heats up.

So back to juicy. The following film reveals often-before seen footage of the shocking testimony of some of Zimmer’s victims. It is not, repeat NOT, suitable for younger viewers.

Predictably, Zimmer apologists have pounced on one victim’s claim that he “got better” after being turned into a newt. Does anyone really ever ‘get better’ after such an ordeal? Have they no sense of decency at long last? Have they left no sense of decency?

To find a truly shameless UZO we must return to that hotbed of Zimmophobia, Hoboken 411.

According to polling data H411 subscribers were 8 times more likely than the population at large to be “trying to buy,” or believing they “already owned” Robot Insurance* and a whopping 67 times more likely than other urban dwellers to be “keeping a pitchfork ready just in case.” In fact its UZO sightings are so rampant that the site is known in law enforcement circles as “Area 411.”


But even this haven of paranoia and dietary fiber was not safe from Zimmer’s slithering sycophants. Suffering succotash!

Consider the tawdry tale of one Eric Kurta.

Fatally attracted to 411’s dining-and-distortion demographic, Mr. Kurta has long hung his muck-rake in the web matron’s garage amid the confiscated baseballs and Frisbees. Kurta is the soy burger, if you will, to the layers of mayonnaise, bacon bits, and velveeta that comprise political coverage on 411. Bon appetite.

For a while his carefully crafted persona as a principle-focused protector of the public good fooled many. But the hubris that brings down all uber-villains finally caught up to this Kaiser Sosay of open government. He badly misunderestimated his hand-picked readership’s genius for making lemons out of lemonade.

And so it was that when our covert subversive returned to the scene of his many past propaganda postings, each calculated to sound like ‘informing the public,’ this time he found angry villagers waiting for him with flaming torches and farm implements. They’d easily seen through his so-called ‘research’ into the funding behind the anti-Zimmer smear fliers and addressed instead his real objectives.

After a smattering of polite that-shot-didn’t-suck golf applause, the hot lights were turned on the supposed do-gooder.

“estevens and POG do not go after ‘reformer’ wrong-doings, only those of BnRs.”

”Eric simply does not believe that ‘reformers’ like Zimmer could do wrong even when there is evidence.”

”Estevens = Zimmer Zealot”

”You’re the same guy who is quite vocal about hating certain people and favoring others in Hoboken politics so you’ve made it known where the president of POG stands.”

He seemed to know just a little too much about dodgy campaign finances, didn’t he? Yes, just a little too much. Why exactly? Would he mind taking off his shoes and letting us see his hooves -er– feet? Was he partial to concertina music. Isn’t it true that POG actually stands for People for Open Graves?

One final question. Mr. Kurta - Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Zimmunist Party?

The obviously guilty, cornered, “hate” driven Kurta withered under intense questioning from 411’s robot insurance-emboldened interrogators. He attempted a series of equally feeble subterfuges, all of which might be summed up as “Wha…?” But it was plain to wishful thinkers everywhere that he was at last caught in his own web of treachery and deceit.

Perhaps he won’t trouble us any longer. Perhaps. But we must never assume we are finally safe. Just as our beloved Elk is ever vigilant for the danger on his left, so we must remain on guard against the horrors of reform. As we come down to the end of the summer blockbuster that is our real life, the portents are all around us.

Item: Were those the husks of human-sized pods strewn along the Light Rail tracks?

Item: Upon seeing otherworldly pictures of Zimmer in 411, the Zimmer children were said to run from the room screaming, “That’s not mommy, that’s not mommy!”

Item: Isn't the Zimmobile -already the subject intense suspicion- secretly registered, not in Hoboken, but … in Grover’s Mill?

It has even been said that this reporter is a ‘Zimmer-lover’ and pulling your leg to some nefarious purpose. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although it does follow that I would have to pull your leg in order to eat it. Quid pro quo.

Love your suit…

- Infotainme (reader of this blog) ◦

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hoboken Police Department Meet and Greet Recap

Update 8/26/2009: Below are some speeches on You Tube at last week's Police Community meeting on Public Safety for certain 5th Ward residents, There will be more meetings such as these to come for other areas of town.

Police Chief Falco:

Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer:

5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Original Story 8/20/2009:
Chief Falco and resident Margaret O'Brien

Last night I attended a community Police Meeting for residents in Hoboken from 8-12th Streets and Washington through Willow at the Wallace School. The meeting was attended by about 50 residents and covered issues such as parking, 911 calls, school issues, bike safety, burglaries, traffic and pedestrian Safety and also a survey to be filled out to give police feedback.

Chief Falco was the first speaker and address his concern and focus on public safety and quality of life issues. He said he would be bringing more of an "old school" approach to the police department that was disciplined and more like the military.

Dawn Zimmer spoke next and emphasized that she is big advocate of public safety and that Hoboken should aggressively pursue grants to raise pedestrian and motorist awareness.

Peter Cunningham also stressed the importance of public safety and mentioned traffic awareness devices to remind motorists of their speed as well as potentially reducing speed limits further. The current Hoboken speed limit is 25 miles an hour. Peter said that a meeting 6 months from now could be scheduled to see what progress has been made.

Lt. Ferrante spoke on parking and said that there is always the balancing act of writing too many tickets or too few. The Hoboken Police force's priorities on parking enforcement are fire hydrants, corner parking, and handicapped parking. The Parking Utility generally handles meters and yellow zones. Lt. Farrante also addressed another issue of Police Cars on duty not parking in legal parking areas. His comments were in response to a number of photos of cop cars posted on web sites (such as Hoboken 411?) . He explained that if a cop is on a break and needs to respond to an issue they have to have their car close by in case they are called and a legal spot isn't always available.

Another officer spoke of the of grants over the last several years that Hoboken has received to bolster pedestrian safety such as traffic lights, four way stops signs and flashing signs.

Burglaries were addressed by Lt. Ferrante as this is an issue that has affected this area of the Fith Ward generally. Here are a couple of points he brought up:

  • The Hoboken Police Department will do a security survey of any building that has been burglarized.
  • If a building has been burglarized, the probability it could happen again is 50% higher than average.
  • Security cameras are a useful deterrent.
  • The police department does not publish burglary locations since that information could be used by criminals to data mine potential targets.
  • Lighting both front and back is important as a deterrent.

At the end there was a question and answer session that I did not attend as I had to be somewhere else. The meeting wrapped up around 9:30 PM.

This meeting was tailored to the specific concerns of this area of town. There will be other meetings to be scheduled by the Police Department in the future for those areas as part of their outreach to the community.

Here was the agenda:


1) Welcome, Overview and Introductions (Lt. Ken Ferrante)
2) Chief Anthony P. Falco Sr.
3) Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer
4) Councilman Peter Cunningham
5) Parking Problems (Lt. Ferrante)
6) 911/420-2100 Calls for emergencies-service (P.O. Anthony Fesken)
7) School Openings/ School Issues- Parking and Juvenile issues (P.O. Joe Mezzina)
8) Bike Safety (P.O. William Oquendo)
9) Burglaries (Lt. Ferrante)
10) Traffic/Pedestrian Safety (Sgt. James Marnell)
11) Police Survey (Sgt. Marnell) 10 MINUTE BREAK
12) Questions and Answers (30 minutes)

Below is the Police handout with some important tips on Slideshare:

Below is the survey on the Hoboken Police department. Please download and fill this out and return to the Police department. It would be ideal if the police department could get several thousand responses to this. You do not have to put your name but the nearest cross street would help the police assess where they are most needed.

Here is your chance to give the Hoboken Police department your feedback:


Senator Ted Kennedy dies at 77 years of age

Senator Edward "Ted" M. Kennedy of Massachusetts passed away late Tuesday night. He is being mourned by both Democrats and Republicans alike. Had he been able to combat his illness and stay around a little while longer, I believe he would have been a key contributor to crafting sensible health care reform in the US Senate. Despite some personal shortcomings, his body of work as a legislator and ability to reach across the aisle and compromise has earned him the respect of his colleagues. He will not be easily replaced. RIP Ted.

Below is the NY Times article on his passing:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Editorial: Sensible Health Insurance - a progressive perspective

While I consider my website to be mainly about local event and politics I will consider topics on the national level when time permits. Here is an editorial on the current debate about changing the health care system in this country. The opinion is not necessarily mine but rather a blogger reader, my father:

Editorial: Sensible Health Insurance - a progressive perspective

Common sense dictates that benefiting as a consequence of the misfortune of others is immoral. This is precisely what for profit private insurance does. Its sole purpose is to maximize profit for the benefit of its shareholders. Who are these share holders? A sizable portion of private insurance stock is owned by its top executives and Board members. Profits are maximized by restricting and/or denying service resulting in the availability of funds for outrageous bonuses.

Free market ideologues claim that a public health care plan would ration medical care. Rationing already exists. It is called ability to pay. Those fortunate to have “Gold Standard Insurance” or wealthy can receive the very best care. Those with standard insurance may be denied certain tests or treatments and may only select Doctors approved by their insurance plan. Thus it is private “Bean Counter” bureaucrats who stand between patient and physician; not the government.

The purposeful fabrication that we must take more time to discover what will work is simply a delaying tactic. We already know what works. It’s called Medicare. The standard Medicare plan permits patients to select a physician of their choosing and allows that physician to provide testing and treatment as appropriate. There is no ethically valid reason to support a system of health care that allows those most fortunate to receive a higher level of care than anyone else. Medicare for all provides the basis for a single payer universal health insurance program. Only a single payer system can contain costs which are inflated for the purpose of rewarding share holders. If all are covered by a single publicly financed plan this will assure that the best quality of care is available to all and it will restrain those who would restrict care for financial reasons. One need only to look at what happened to the notion of privatizing Social Security to realize that a single payer public health insurance plan would be tamper proof.

Other advantages also attend a single payer public health care plan. A database of medical records in standard format can be made available to authorized care providers to assist physicians in their duties. This data base can also be used, in cooperation with appropriate medical boards, to identify patterns of practice, and with the assistance of the American Statistical Society, to evaluate patient outcomes. Such collaboration must be undertaken in a collegial not confrontational environment. Accountants and Lawyers should therefore be excluded from participation in such endeavors because their professions thrive upon confrontation. Their roles should be limited to discovery and prosecution of fraud, for fraud motivated by greed will develop in any unguarded system.

In the 1870’s Kanzler Otto von Bismarck introduced a single payer health insurance plan to the Prussian Empire. It has been in existence now for over 130 years and has worked very well, even through two devastating world wars. No one ever accused Herr Bismarck of being a socialist. Anything less than a single payer publicly funded health insurance plan is an abandonment of the progressive agenda and those who would compromise deserve no support now or in the future from the “Liberal” community.

- Richard C. Gardiner (the man partly responsible for spawning Reformerus_Gianticus) ◦

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sinatra Park Music Event- Julio Fernandez and friends August 28th 7-9PM

Here is another promising event in the City of Hoboken's Outdoor Concert series coming up this this Thursday August 27th. Julio Fernandez is the ultra talented guitarist in the world renowned Jazz-Fusion group Spyro Gyra. Gerardo Velez is one of the best percussionists I have ever heard not to mention the flare in which he performs so this promises as always to be a great muscial treat. Oh yeah and it is free. Save your money, stay in Hoboken!

The City of Hoboken and The Burgiss Group
Julio Fernandez and Friends

Julio Fernandez - guitar/vocals
Benny Harrison - keys/vocals
Tom Bowes - vocals,
Gene Perez - bass
Tony Beard - drums/vocals,
Don Harris - trumpet
Richie Cannata - sax
Gerardo Velez - percussion
plus special guests.

Thursday August 27th 7pm to 9pm
Sinatra Park
Sinatra Drive between 4th and 5th Streets in Hoboken NJ


MLB Makeover Suggestion - 28 Teams, Four 7 Team Divisions

As some of you may know I am a NY Yankee fan. I was happy to see the Yankees take two out of three last night against the Red Sox. It was truly offensive series with Both teams racking up 29 runs each in the three game series. No pitchers duels here.

The scores were:

  • Friday- Yankees 20, Boston 11
  • Saturday- Boston 14, Yankees 1
  • Sunday- Yankees 8, Boston 4
As much as I am excited about the Yankees 7.5 games series lead and the 18 or so games played between these two teams every year where it is always an event regardless of the score. Heck, you get more baseball for the money when these two teams play since it seems every game is about at least 4 hours long even if it doesn't go into extra innings.

With that said, isn't it time that another fairer scheduling alternative be considered such as the one below proposed by ESPN. One of their baseball gurus Buck Showalter proposes the following:

  • 28 teams (2 team contraction).
  • Four 7 team regional divisions.
  • Each team plays each other 6 times (3 Home, 3 away) for 162 games.
  • Two or four team wild cards for playoffs.
  • Resolve DH issues (I say keep the DH).

Here are the benefits to such an approach:

  • Fairness in scheduling in terms of travel for teams.
  • Fans get to see every team every year.
  • Team with best record gets home field advantage.
  • Contraction of two teams means higher quality product for teams that remain.

Impact to local clubs. This proposal would result in the following "local region":

Babe Ruth Region

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Red Sox
  • NY Mets
  • NY Yankees
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Toronto Blue-Jays
  • Washington Nationals

This would mean that we would not see 18 Yankees and Red Sox games everywhere but it would certainly allow local fans to see every team and result ina fairer schedule in my opinion.

What do you think about this proposal? Between this and Beth Mason's minor league ballpark proposal as part of a large scale NW redevelopment project, there is a lot of reasons for Hoboken's fans of America's National pastime to have baseball on the brain.

Here is a link to the video from ESPN:

Discussion Thread - Neo-Cons Vs. Knee Jerk Liberals

The Hoboken Journal is really a blog about local politics but every once in while it could be fun to see where readers stand on a national political level. So here is the thread some of you already seem to have got a head start on. Remember: keep it civil.

Discussion Thread - Neo-Cons Vs. Knee Jerk Liberals

Here are some admittedly leading starter questions to get the proverbial ball rolling:

- Is deficit spending the way to go to get us out of the economic slump?
- If deficit spending is the ticket, has the money been spent wisely or has it been mis-appropriated by the President and Congress?
- Should Obama taken more of a role in shaping where the stimulus money should have went? (This Editor thinks yes but that a stimulus was absolutely needed to get the economy from slipping further).
- Or should we just lower taxes for the rich and have them invest their millions overseas or buy more yachts? After all yacht building produces jobs.
- Are rich people rich because they are better than everyone else, hardworking, Machiavellian, or just lucky?
- Which one is the clear winner here Keynesian Economics, Supply Side Economics, or principles of both? (This actually requires some open minded analysis).
- If you buy into a larger role for government as a liberal, doesn't NJ's Hudson County machine give you a moment for re-evaluation on that belief given all the waste you can see right in front of your face?
- Or is it a bit of nonsense to try to compare government to private businesses in terms of efficiency?

My comment: Remember keep it civil. :) ◦

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patricia Waiters is Running for Mayor of Hoboken

Patricia Waiters, a former Peter Cammarano supporter declared her intention to run for Mayor yesterday. Here is the story on's Hoboken Now:

Patricia Waiters along with Barbara Claviera were seen with Peter Cammarano when he was arrested on July 23rd at Newark.

My comment: That makes two running for Mayor so far...

Dawn Zimmer
Patricia Waiters

Here are some other possibilities:

Beth Mason (on record mulling over a possible run)
Frank "Pupie" Raia ( no statement from him yet on this, but he does likes to run for a lot of offices)
Frank Orsini (no official word from him yet)
Mike Russo (no official word from him yet)

The deadline to file for this special election is September 28th by 4PM at the Hoboken City Clerk's Office. 100 valid signatures are needed to be eligible for the ballot November 3rd, 2009. ◦

Swingadelic at Sinatra Park tonight 7-9PM

Swingadelic at Sinatra Park
Tonight! August 20th, 2009 from 7-9PM

For some big band sound go see Swingadelic at Sinatra Park tonight 7-9PM August 20th, 2009.

This is a part of the outdoor concert series sponsored by the City of Hoboken. Swingadelic often plays at Maxwell's in the Fall and Winter every other Monday night. They are all excellent musicians and fun to listen to if you are into big band or swing. This event at Sinatra Park is free.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reader Post - The Greying of Hoboken 411

Update 8/19/2009: Moved this up to the top of the website due to comment volume. It is ok to ta'k about the BOE and its progress since that seems to be on everyone's mind. It might be a good idea to bring up a BOE thread on this site soon. For now that topic can be extended to this thread.

The Greying of Hoboken 411

Here is a letter to the editor from reader and poster Infotainme. Again these are the opinions of the writer and not necessarily those of this editor. Read on and feel free to comment below:

Reading this week’s dependably goofy analysis of Zimmer’s new hire on 411, “Zimmer Expands City Payroll,” I had an odd flashback to watching TV with my grandmother. 60 Minutes, then Murder She Wrote. Part of it anyway. And then I would put the tea service away, cover her with a shawl, and carefully turn the TV off as she dozed.

You’ve noticed the signs for a while, mixed in with 411’s reflexively slanted ‘reporting’. “I’m tired.” “You don’t appreciate what I go through.” “My feet are swollen.” All right, all right, then - why don’t you go sit in your favorite chair and I’ll put on some tea. There’s a story about cats with six toes on 60 Minutes.

For a while it registered somewhere between a wince and a cringe. You were reluctant to ask, “How was your day?” for fear of getting an earful about every person who took up too much room on the bus, or ‘smelled,’ or had a ‘funny accent,’ or did not have 10 items or less. At one time these were offset by happier reflections. But now not so much. Before long it will be time to increase the font size for the ‘targeted audience demographic’ and apply for special parking privileges.

This phenomenon, the greying of 411, has accelerated noticeably since Zimmer was sworn in as acting mayor. It is awkwardly apparent in the, um –oh, let’s pretend it’s an article for old time’s sake- on the hiring of Daniel Bryan.

The first thing that catches the eye -and is meant to catch the eye- is that backward baseball cap. Wait –two backward baseball caps. The ruffian! Picking up on Frau 411’s unease at this breach of decorum, a member of her crotchety coterie grouses, “Hopefully he dresses appropriately for the job and leaves the frat boy look at home for Friday and Saturday nights when this guys and his friends are pissing on peoples doors.” Yeah, ya hoodlum! What he said, ya door-pisser! I thought people like you were rounded up in the Palmer Raids.

Doddering on, trying to explain how swapping out a $125k “chief of staff” for a $35k aide is not a bargain, 411 questions the competence of “the young Mr Bryan.”

Or the young Master Bryan perhaps? You can just feel the itch to toss in “the young punk Mr. Bryan” or “that smart-alecky whipper-snapper Bryan.” Mercifully, the faux Times writing style held off these impulses.

But as the day wore on, the cloistered, once-relevant, figure became cranky beneath his green eye shade, as he often does when the light is changing over, and started deleting posts until everyone stopped talking in embarrassed deference to the frailties of age. “You have a problem with what I wrote? Take it up with me via email.” The cyber equivalent of, “Hey, you kids get off my lawn. That ball lands over here again, I swear to God I’m keepin’ it!” And so he will. Ask around.

Not surprisingly, 411’s announcement yesterday of this coming Wednesday’s community meeting on public safety issues with the HPD at Wallace omits all reference to Peter Cunningham, one of the meeting’s principal organizers. Cunningham does not wear backward baseball caps as such, but clearly he has backward cap tendencies as far as granny 411 is concerned: he is dead to her.

HobokenNow, which reports on the community as a whole rather than on an increasingly small circle of still-living friends, handled it slightly differently: “Peter Cunningham organizes community policing meeting next week.”

With the unintended irony that now coats the site like algae in a neglected fish tank, 411 makes reference to “Zimmer’s internet response team.” You mean like a ‘response team’ that generates Pravda-like ‘interpretations’ of reality excluding whatever is politically inconvenient and posts them as gospel on a commercial website - that kind of internet response team?

Ok, so 411 doesn’t want to be politically relevant anymore. We can’t ask it to be. But we’ll have to live with the consequences that arise when it tries to be relevant. You always hope your grandma will give up driving at more or less the time that she should give up driving. But this can’t be guaranteed. 411 isn’t ready to face that fact yet, despite continually mounting evidence to the contrary. So don’t assume you are safe on the sidewalk, so to speak.

The thumbnail of Winston Churchill at his most dyspeptic that serves as avatar on the suddenly-rare Red Haven posts has become the perfect symbol for the site. That sullen, crusty I-know-no-one-loves-me-anymore-but-I-don’t-care punim of long past glory; the paradoxical baby face of Churchill’s later years glowering at these backward-hatted infidels. There, there, now, your lordship. It’s just a passing cloud. Let’s go see what’s on the Hallmark Channel.

- Infotainme


Heirloom Tomato-Tasting Festival - Sunday August 23, 1-5 PM

A Taste of History at the Heirloom Tomato-Tasting Festival
Sunday August 23, 1-5 PM

Some heirlooms aren't intended for museum collections; they're meant to be savored by the palate. Heirloom tomatoes, grown from old-fashioned varieties that have been passed down from one generation to the next because of their superior taste, are celebrated every year with a free tasting event in the breezeway next to the Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson St. On Sunday, August 23, 1 - 5 p.m., the Museum presents its Tenth Annual Heirloom Tomato-Tasting Festival. The event, as always, is free.

Despite the blight afflicting much of the area's home gardens and small farms, Wantage, N.J.-based farmers Rich and Sue Sisti will have plenty of tomatoes for tasting from their Catalpa Ridge Farm and some of their neighboring New Jersey farmers. Favorites over the years have included the tart "Aunt Ruby's German Green," the supremely flavorful "Brandywine Pink," and the ever-popular "Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter."

New varieties are grown every year, so if you were at the tasting in years past, you'll find new tomatoes for sampling this year (in colors ranging from white to yellow to striped to green to purple and even a few red ones). Catalpa Ridge Farm will also have packaged dips, pestos and salsas made from farm ingredients, and will be offering a few new tomato varieties, including Super Snow Berry, Small Fry and Lemon Boy. They'll also bring a selection of farm-fresh produce including garlic, herbs, peppers, onions, eggplant, summer squash and more!

Once again, Catalpa Ridge will return in October with even more garlic varieties for our Third Annual Heirloom Garlic Festival, so mark your calendar for Saturday, October 18, from 1 to 5 p.m., for free tastings of recipes made from "the stinking rose."

For more information about either festival, call the Museum at (201) 656-2240, or visit
. ◦

Hoboken Police Department - Meet and Greet The New Chief Anthony P. Falco 8/19/2009

Hoboken Police Department Meet and Greet The New Chief
Anthony P. Falco Sr.- Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Hosted by the Hoboken Community Policing Unit

Tomight: Wednesday August 19, 2009 at 7:00PM there will be acommunity policing meeting at Wallace School Gymnasium 11th St & Willow Avenue. This is for residents of 8th to 12th Streets, Washington to Willow Ave only. There will be presentations on Parking Problems, 911 Calls, School Safety, Bike Safety, Burglaries, and Traffic/Pedestrian Safety.

Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer and organizer Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham will also be there in addition to the new Police Chief Anthony P. Falco Sr. At the end there will be Police/Community Survey and a Question and Answer Period.

Below is the flier on Slideshare:


Dawn Zimmer - Update on First Two Weeks

Here is an update from Dawn Zimmer on her first two weeks as acting Mayor of Hoboken...

Dear Friends, The first two weeks in office has been, to say the least, eventful!
Here's a quick rundown of some happenings at City Hall:

Openings: I urgently ask all residents to apply for the open jobs on our website.

In addition, there are openings on the Rent Control Board, the Library Board, the Hospital Board. Please send all resumes and cover letters by next Tuesday to Good luck!

Tragedy on the Hudson
As you all know, on August 8th, we experienced a tragedy on our waterfront. My heart goes out to the families and friends affected.

Our community and safety forces performed admirably, and made our city proud. Hoboken's Police Department, Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management, alongside countless other agencies and individuals, showed the nation that Hoboken does not back down from a challenge.

We responded with speed, precision and restraint. Also, when asked to keep a respectful distance from the investigation, our community showed class and grace. The entire nation saw our city shine brightest in a difficult time.

First weeks in the Mayor's OfficeI am working diligently to address a number of issues in the Mayor's Office. Most importantly, I've been reviewing and analyzing all of the issues that impact our budget.

This includes negotiations with the Police and Fire Department unions, the Municipal Garage, and operations of every department in City Hall.

First law signing:

This past Monday, I signed into law the ordinance moving the power to appoint members to the Zoning Board from the Mayor to the Council. This is only the first of many steps we are taking to restore the balance of power to reduce the opportunity for corruption.

Summer fun/Next weekend & Spaghetti Dinner on Sept. 3rd:
Summer is ending soon, and with it goes the opportunity to enjoy many of our area's outdoor activities. This is also the last weekend for a great biking program across the river, the Summer Streets biking program.

Check out the map at:
NYC closes down a route from lower Manhattan to Central Park for runners and cyclists. My 8 and 10-year old boys thoroughly enjoyed cycling this route last weekend. (We took the PATH to Christopher Street and headed to the park, but the ferry is also a great option since the route can be biked from a north or south direction).

Sept. 3rd: Save the date for the spaghetti dinner on the waterfront near Frank Sinatra Park.

Look forward to catching up with many of you there.
There's so much more to tell!

- Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Hoboken 411 Shenanigans - Katie_Scarlett Defends Peter Cunningham

More Hoboken 411 Shenanigans - Katie_Scarlett Defends Peter Cunningham

Here is a reader submission from today on Pery Klaussen's latest campaign of misinformation against Dawn Zimmer and her allies.

Editor's Note: While this is the opinion of the reader submission I will note this reminds me of the final straw in my falling out with Hoboken 411 as a credible source of information. I had tried to contact Perry Klaussen (Hoboken 411) a while ago when he falsely claimed Dawn Zimmer called for vigilantism at a community meeting disguised as a reader submission. Since I was at the meeting myself I knew this most certainly was not the case. When I wrote Perry several times to retract that falsehood he never responded back. That is when I knew he was out to attack Dawn Zimmer at all costs, truth be damned.

Here is the intro from Katie_Scarlett:


Just as an FYI, Perry is lying about Cunningham in his "More Fallout From Cammarano Arrest" thread, and he is refusing to allow my Katie Scarlett posts to post (nor is he responding to email).

Maybe you can throw this up on your site?

- Katie Scarlett

Here's what Perry says (in red to represent the bloody distortions that are escalating on that site):

Donors thumb nose at Pay-to-Play ordinance. Among the donors that contributed to the New Frontier PAC were engineering firms CMX Inc. and Remington & Vernick, as well as the law firm Gluck Walrath. All three have received contracts from Hoboken, according to public records. CMX Inc. donated $2,500 and received a $65,185 contract last year to perform environmental engineering at a public works garage the city is interested in selling. That contract was increased to $98,445 in June. The firm donated $2,500 to New Frontier in May, according to campaign finance records.

Remington & Vernick received an engineering contract that could not exceed $50,000 from Hoboken in 2007. The firm donated $4,000 to the New Frontier Committee in February 2008. Gluck Walrath received a $104,606 contract from Hoboken and a $171,187 contract from the Hoboken Municipal (Hospital) Authority. Records show five attorneys from the firm donated $275 each to the New Frontier PAC in February 2007.

OK - stop here. The word Hospital is in parentheses because it was omitted appear in the paper.

Gluck Walrath is Hoboken’s Bond Counsel.

They get paid every time another bond is issued. This would be a good time to point out that although POG and others have been watching Gluck Walrath’s contributions you won’t hear boo about them from Councilman Peter Cunningham.

The Fifth Ward rep is also a sales rep for the arm of BNY/Mellon that brokers Municipal Bond deals. He sells his bank’s services to municipalities and has to play nice with firms like Gluck that handle the bond deals. (Whoops! There goes that pesky “truth telling” again! Some people really hate it when I do that!)

Here is the link to the offending article:

This is what Katie_Scarlett has to say:

I just can't in good conscience let this misrepresentation of how these municipal bond deals work sit out on the internet and potentially ruin Peter's Cunningham's reputation. To start, The Bank of New York either acts as the Trustee to the Bondholders or the Letter of Credit Bank (or both) on most of the bond deals with which they're involved. While Peter is in the sales arm of BNY Mellon, his work is Trustee bank related. To be clear, the Trustee on these deals upholds the Bondholders rights and is brought into the deals long after the deals have been brokered and the terms set (the Underwriter/Borrower & Issuer hammer those details out prior to the Trustee being chosen). The Trustee Bank is chosen after a bidding process, sometimes a bid on the individual deal, sometimes a bid that holds for a period of time or for a series of deals to be issued over time under the same General Indenture. Trustee Banks can and have been fired for nonperformance. I do not personally have knowledge of any instances where that has happened to BNY Mellon.

In addition, Bond Counsel basically nothing to do with choosing the Trustee on the transaction, unless they're complaining that a bank is difficult to work with (but the Issuers know this, as the banks pay out the interest payments and manage the funds, and it becomes apparent quickly who is and who is not a good Bond Trustee).

This means that Peter's clients, Peter being a representative of the Trustee Bank, are actually the *Issuer* of the Bonds. To repeat, Bond Counsel has zip to do with who is appointed Trustee Bank, and the Trustee Bank is brought in at the end of the transaction after a bidding process. The deals are NOT brokered by the Trustee Bank. Trustee Banks are retained based on a bid procedure, and the only real players in the NYC Metro Area are US Bank, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank & BNY. BNY is the #1 Trustee bank and has a stellar reputation. It is hard to imagine that a council member can sway the City or the Hospital Authority to disregard bids and just take his bank as Trustee bank. Now, if he worked for Bond Counsel, who btw are Bond Counsel to the Issuer (the city in this case) that'd be different entirely. I believe current Bond Counsel should be fired and a RFP should be sent out immediately to find new counsel.

Katie Scarlett


Hoboken Green Drinks Event - Tuesday August 18th 6:00-8:00 PM

Hoboken Green Drinks Event - Tuesday August 18th

The Quality of Life Coalition's Committee for a Green Hoboken invites you to join us for our next Hoboken Green Drinks event.

What: Every month, people who are interested in environmental issues meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks. Expect a lively mix of professionals from business, non-profits, academia, and government. It's a great way of catching up with people you know and also for making new contacts. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organizing network. These events are very simple and unstructured, but many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals and had moments of serendipity. It's a force for the good and we'd like to help bring it into your world!

When: Tuesday August 18th 6:00-8:00 PM (with drink specials for our event!)

Where: Maxwells (Washington and 11th in Hoboken) in the front lounge area

For more information please feel free to email me at

Thanks and we'll see you there!

Julie Tecza
Organizer, Hoboken Green Drinks ◦

Meeting on NW Plan Proposal August 19, 2009 7PM

Here is an announcement from Helen Manogue of the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition:

North West Plan Proposal

Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition, Inc. Don’t Miss This! August 19, 2009!

Become informed! Know what you’re talking about! Then speak out!Give your opinions and suggestions.

Don’t wait. The Coalition doesn’t want YOU to miss this opportunity to learn about a proposed plan for the northern section of Hoboken and to provide YOUR reactions and ideas.

Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: St. Matthew Lutheran Parish Hall 57 8th St.
Between Washington and Hudson Sts.)
Presenter: Councilwoman Beth Mason and Mason’s plan for the North End of Hoboken.

The Coalition will be hosting similar events for the public presentation of and comments upon development plans for other sectors of the city over the next several months.

These events are intended to be LOOK, LEARN, ACT opportunities that seek your views.

Hosting of these events neither implies nor indicates the endorsement by the coalition of any plans. When such decisions are reached, the Coalition will provide appropriate statements.

If you have questions: call 201-963-3511. ◦

Reader Mail - Please Show up to Today's Zoning Board Meeting

Here is a note from Dan Tumpson aksing concerned citizens to show up at tonight's zoning board meeting to voice their concerns over 226 Park Avenue zoning variance:

Fellow Citizens concerned about the proposed 226 Park Avenue zoning variance application (and about upzoning through variance in general):

Attached is file "226 Park Avenue ZB hearing statement 05.doc" which contains my statement to the Zoning Board opposing the 226 Park Avenue application for variances to increase the building height to 4 stories, the lot coverage to 70%, and to decrease the front yard setback from 10 feet to 0 feet.

Please have a look at this document and if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or additions, please send them to my email address:

Also, please come to the Zoning Board hearing on Tuesday, August 18th, at 7 PM at City Hall. (Enter from the Newark Street entrance.) It is vital that as many citizens as possible question the applicant's experts and make statements to the Board explaining how the proposed changes will negatively effect them and the neighborhood and asking the Board to deny the variances. This is the only way that the Board will be persuaded to deny the variances.

This application is an example of a very serious problem in Hoboken involving upzoning - that is increasing Hoboken's height and density. Aside from the harm to the residents in the immediate neighborhood (e.g. covering up windows, blocking light and air, increased flooding and traffic, less parking, destruction of historic structures), there is the more general harm of creating a precedent for giving variances when the public is harmed and when the law specifies that no variances can be given. This undermines the protections of the zoning law, and will result in a City-wide decline in our quality of life.

I therefore also ask that you forward this email and attachment to any other concerned citizens to encourage them to come to the meeting as well and to testify to the harm that will be done and to demand that the variances be denied. Only our united presence and protest at the zoning board hearing will stop these harmful variances from being granted and stop this illegal and damaging upzoning of our town.

I hope to see you Tuesday! Best wishes.

Dan Tumpson

Here is the attachment Dan was refering to on Slideshare:


Monday, August 17, 2009

Video- Colbert Goes after Glenn Beck

Here is a very funny video where Steven Colbert goes after Glenn Beck, a Fox News commentator who represents the twisted voice of the extreme Right Wing in this country and has recently lost major sponsors such as Geico and P&G on his show.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Glenn-Harried Glenn-Lost
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMeryl Streep


Highlights from Hoboken Veterans Lunch on 8/16/2009

Here are some highlights from yesterday's veteran's lunch at the Hoboken Fire Museum. This lunch was a nice gesture to the men that have served our country so bravely.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Video Highlights - Hoboken Free Kayaking Event - 8-15-2009

Here are video highlights from yesterday's Hoboken Free Kayaking event. Well over 100 people showed up and generally got about 20 minutes of kayaking time. I shot this from the Maxwell place park near the boat house.


Letter to the Editor - Political Reform in Hoboken

Letter to the Editor - Political Reform in Hoboken by Scott Siegel

Here is a letter from Scott Siegel who frequently attends City Council meetings calling for political reform from Acting Mayor Zimmer and the City Council:

The ugly case involving Peter Camaranno makes ethics reform in Hoboken a priority. I urge the City Council and acting Mayor Zimmer to consider the following:

1) Impose a zero tolerance policy on all employees. If anyone is indicted on a felony charge relating to their city job, that person should be immediately suspended without pay. They should be allowed to retain their benefits (no one wants to see a child not have health care). The pay should be escrowed. If guilty the pay is forfeited. If innocent the pay is returned with interest and a public apology and they can return to their job.

2) Benefits and pensions should be forfeited in the event of a felony conviction.

3) No official can assume office without filing their ELEC reports. A two week period from the filing is when that person can assume office or employment.

4) Each senior appointee should be made available to be questioned by the public before approval is given.

5) All employees must sign a legal document outlining ethical responsibilities.

6) A background check and employer verification must take place before assuming office or a position.

7) All potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed.

8) Except for safety personnel, Hoboken should scrap the residency requirement for employees. This leads to patronage and corruption.

9) The above should be updated every year, if applicable.

10) Term limits (2 elections) should be enacted to avoid complacency that arises from multi term service. The same should be held for directors.

While this will not solve corruption it should demonstrate to all employees that Hoboken is serious and will no longer tolerate unethical behavior.

-Scott Siegel

Editor's Note: Please note that this is the opinion of Scott Siegel and not necessarily of this editor. If you would like to submit your own letters email me at and I will publish as long as factual assertions can be substantiated. All opinions are welcome.


Hoboken Boathouse - Family Kayaling Day - Saturday August 15 1-5PM

Update 8/16/2009: Here are some photo highlights from yesterday's Hoboken Free Kayaking event. Well over 100 people showed up and generally got about 20 minutes of kayaking time.

Original Story 8/14/20009: The Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse will host the final Summer 2009 Family Kayaking Day at the Maxwell Place Boathouse on Saturday, August 15th from 1pm – 5pm.

Hoboken Boathouse – in partnership with the City of Hoboken and Downtown Boathouse of New York City – has sponsored free kayaking in Hoboken for the past six years, serving over 3,500 paddlers. The Hoboken Boathouse is a non-profit organization supported by volunteers, boathouse space from the City of Hoboken, and borrowed kayaking equipment from the Downtown Boathouse.

Kayaking Days offer a unique opportunity for Hoboken residents and visitors to experience the city from the Hudson River. The programs are free, open to all, and require no reservations. Trained kayakers will be on-hand to provide tips for new paddlers. The boathouse is located in Maxwell Place Park near the intersection of Sinatra Drive and Maxwell Place (metered parking is available on the east side of Sinatra Drive).

For all participants planning to kayak, please be able to swim (a must), come prepared to get a little wet (bathing suit, sandals, etc) - and don't forget your sunscreen! Hoboken Boathouse will provide all necessary equipment (kayak, paddle, life jacket). Please note that all programs are tentative based on weather and water conditions, and are subject to cancellation. For the latest information on Hoboken Boathouse programs, please email, visit our website at or join on Facebook.


Video- Charles Barone & his Just Jazzin Orchestra Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Last night Charles Barone & his Just Jazzin Orchestra paid a tribute to Frank Sinatra from 7 pm to 9 pm. There was a very good crowd who filled the outdoor seating area to see these guys perform. I was able to capture one of the last numbers and upload to YouTube:


Discussion Thread - My Hoboken 411 story

Update 8/15/2009:

Here is another account of the bias and comment deletion that goes on at Hoboken 411. Again, these people who are coming forward are not part of the inner workings of the Zimmer campaign.

Editors Note: Please note this is the opinion of an anonymous contributor and and not the opinion of this editor. In fact I don't think what the comments either Michael Lenz or Tony Soares used write on Hoboken 411 were out of line given comments that were allowed on that site and as such did not justify their banning on the basis of Hoboken 411's policies. This is where I diasgree with the content in the comments below. It is not my intent to throw either Tony or Michael under the bus but rather to continue to provide an open forum. Here is the sole opinion of the anonymous contributor....

For those wondering about why 411 hates all goes back to his lack journalistic practices. When he backs a candidate, he raves about that candidate, does not allow opposition, does not allow critical articles about that person, kisses up, and then hopes to be repaid with advertising, exclusives, etc. Any real paper does not do that: If they think one candidate is the clear leader, they will just print the facts and hope readers are smart enough to figure it out. There are sometimes still biases but everyone sees them in different ways.

Even those who do not like the JJ or Reporter have to admit they cover all sides, do not ban people, and there are letters for and against all candidates in the Reporter's famous letters page every week. (warning, they make you be under 500 words or they send it back for cutting.)

Now Perry, at first, backed Zimmer over Campos, even saying something about Campos acting retarded. There was a Reporter story about Zimmer and Cunningham even hiring Perry to do web design for their campaigns, a possible conflict.

Somewhere along the way Perry stopped liking Zimmer's allies like Mike Lenz and Tony Soares, who posted crap on his website. I can't fault him for that.

(There was a whole story on about this but that site appears to have left us.)

He began backing Mason, who seemed a shoe-in early on. Oh, he also ran posts by (name removed by editor only because assertion is not 100% verifiable), a big Masonite, without ever saying who was writing them. And some very slanted stuff about Zimmer. But NADA about Mason's many problems (including when she sent him press releases full of poorly researched facts and he would print them. Case in point, she wrote about 5 workforce housing projects that she said had never been approved by the council. She allowed him to 'break' this story. He hadn't actually done any research, and neither for that matter had Mason, and a few days later when the REAL press wrote about the units, they noted truthfully that the council had approved them two years ago. Mason's vow to see if the whole thing was illegal suddenly got quiet and she never spoke of this again. Even if you disagreed with the housing what happened to Masons investigation? She should have asked questions first.

I could log in and write this but I have to be careful of my identity. Just know that for people griping, there ARE alternatives to posting and learning the news. This site, Hoboken Now, and all post political news and don't ban comments. See you there.

- Anonymous

Update 3:45 PM: Here are some other reader comments on this topic:

From anonymous:

As pointed out on H411 already: says "Hoboken411 broke the top story of the week yesterday (hours before any other NJ media)" But the NY Times (and your site) had stories about it less than an hour later.

My comment: The NY Times has the best information up the quickest. I was on site for most of the two days. His coverage was based as a content aggregator via web surfing and reader pictures submitted in. I never saw him once near the crash site.

From Princess_Buttercup (Facebook reader):

The only thing that site is good for is to find out about the ever so present water main breaks. Other than that, it blows.

My comment: H411 is pretty good for the weather and doomed businesses too. :)

From Mark (submitted earlier):

Just wanted to let your readers know I've been banished from H411 for the following entry:
Lets try again! I will post this on every other blog if it gets taken off of this one again!

Let's see. During the first election Hoboken 411 had Beth Mason advertising banners all over it. During the runoff they chanced to Cammarano banners. Could the reason for H411's bias be that the check from Cammarano hasn't cleared yet (He's waiting on line)? Or the fact that there was no advertising revenue from the Zimmer camp (He wants to crush them into powder) making 411 lean a certain way?

H411 has the same freedom of speech as anyone of us do.

All I am saying is to always remember who the messenger is!

My Comment: Regarding the last line "All I am saying is to always remember who the messenger is!" I couldn't agree more!

Original Story:

I have decided to establish this thread for any of my readers who want to comment on the following behaviors that they may have experienced on the website called Hoboken411(H411):

1) Can't view site at all, ip address blocked.
2) No comments go through.
3) Comments go through but are modified.
4) Comments don't always go through.
5) Pictures of one candidate much worse than others (either out of focus or doctored via Photoshop).
6) Article passed as news and not editorial but blatantly one sided.
7) You suspect he has exaggerated his numbers a bit. Back this up with evidence.
8) Any other chicanery that I haven't mentioned here.

You can either comment below or send me an email at When sending me an email please provide the link to the thread or story and let me know how you would like to be attributed. Please keep to the facts as I believe nothing needs to be made up here given the number of incidents that I have heard about.

Editor's Note: Remember one thing, if you tried to impersonate and log into the H411 site with multiple identities that is against his policy. Please elaborate why you may have done so if that is the case. I don't believe in censorship, but if something is too hateful or that I believe non-factual I do reserve the right to delete it. Be honest. The truth will always come back to bite the smear merchants back.

Here is my public service to all those who have been denied access H411 that is marketed as a community forum. ◦

Photo of the Day - Cornucopia Destiny

I was walking around the Maxwell place pier and I spotted a few big ships docked off of Uptown Hoboken. This is a photo of the Cornucopia Destiny. There is another ship that is even bigger namd the Cornucopia Majesty that was also docked yesterday.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wounded Warriors and Carlo's Bakery Tour - Sunday 1 PM

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Fire Chief Richard Blohm, and the Hoboken Fire Department to welcome Injured Iraq War Veterans, former POW's from WWII, and Freemasons

Hoboken- Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Fire Chief Blohm will welcome six injured veterans of the Iraq War, along with former POW's of WWII, and Freemasons to Hoboken, New Jersey. Every year, the Wounded Warriors program brings a number of injured veterans to visit New York City, and for the first time, they are making Hoboken a part of their trip. This trip is sponsored by the Wounded Warriors Project. (

This Sunday, August 16, 2009, around 1 p.m., a 110 foot FDNY fireboat will bring six "Wounded Warriors" and their families, along with former POW's of WWII, and some members of the Freemasons to Hoboken.

“I am extremely honored to stand with Chief Blohm, the Fire Department and Hoboken veterans in welcoming these heroes to our town,” said Mayor Zimmer. “I commend the Wounded Warriors program for honoring heroes from all over the country.”

The boat will dock just south of Pier A Park. They will make their way to Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, located at 95 Washington Street, to meet the cast of TLC’s hit series "Cake Boss." They then will proceed to meet some of Hoboken’s Firemen and enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by them and sponsored by Chief Blohm and Mayor Zimmer.


Car Wash to raise funds for Cheer Dynamics All-Star Youth Team - Today

Here is a fund raising happening today from Ines Garcia-Keim. Get your car washed today and help out the Cheer Dynamics All-Star Youth Team!

What: Car Wash to raise funds for Cheer Dynamics All-Star Youth Team
When: Today, Saturday, August 15
Time: 9:30 AM until 6:00 PM
Place: 11th St and Willow Ave in front of Wallace School
Donation: $5.00 per car, $7.00 per van

The Hoboken Cheer Dynamics cheerleaders consist of 3 teams of about 20 girls each, ranging in ages from 5 to 18 years old. Since 1992, Cheer Dynamics has excelled in competitive all-star cheerleading, having won 12 national championships and numerous state and regional championships. Today's fundraiser benefits the Youth team (under 12 years old).

For more information about Cheer Dynamics, please contact Coach David Gonzalez at or feel free to email me directly. I am the proud parent of an all-star cheerleader and co-captain of the Youth Team. My daughter absolutely loves it and believe me, it is very hard work and requires a tremendous commitment. The City of Hoboken has cut their funding dramatically so they need to do more fundraising than ever to cover costs of competition, training, and travel. Unlike other all-star teams, Cheer Dynamics collects no dues so it is open to everyone regardless of ability to pay as long as the team member helps to raise money in activities such as today's.

Please be generous!

See you there. Thank you.

Ines Garcia-Keim ◦

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beth Mason - No press releases or statements today -WTF?

I guess it is news when Beth Mason is not in the news. No new statements or press releases have been reported today from Beth Mason or her legions of political advisers and supporters. Did I speak too soon? After all it is still only 2:15PM in the afternoon. :) ◦

Photos from Uptown Farmer's Market 8-13-2009

Below are a few photos I uploaded to Flickr from yesterday's Uptown Farmer's Market at 14th and Husdon Streets. I arrived there at about 6:30PM and bought some sweet pickles that were delicious as well as very fresh Jersey cherry tomatoes. The were two vegetable vendors, two bread and other prepared food vendors as well as the pickle guy. For a small market I thought there was a pretty good selection of fresh veggies.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hoboken's Uptown Farmer's Market - Thurdays 3- 7:30 PM

Hoboken's Uptown Farmer's Market - Thurdays 3- 7:30 PM

Held every Thursday, 3-7:30 PM on Hudson St between 13th and 14th Streets. This is sponsored by the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition. There are 5 vendors: 2 local farmers, a pickle vendor, and a bakery each from Montclair and Hoboken Farms. All vendors are members of the NJ Council of Farmers and Communities. Here is the link to their website:

Note: There is also the original Farmer's Market near City Hall and outside CVS every Tuesday until the fall.


Hoboken's Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Block Party- September 3rd 5 PM- 8PM

The 5th annual Spaghetti Dinner is an event I have attended several time in the past and it is a good cause. Many people from all walks of life in Hoboken attend and it is festive and for a good cause.

Hoboken's Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Block Party is back on!!!

Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken
present the 5th Annual

Spaghetti Dinner Block Party
Thursday, Sept. 3rd • 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Walkway along Sinatra Drive bet. 1st & 2nd Streets

Tickets are $15.00 in advance (deadline for discount tickets is Friday
Aug. 28th)
Tickets purchased after deadline are $20.00 each
To reserve a table of 10 = $150.00.
Tickets are limited

Meal includes:
4 kinds of pasta, meatballs, sausage, salad, bread & dessert

Wine, beer, water, soda, will also be available at additional cost and
sold to raise funds for the Hoboken Ambulance Corp.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased
at City Hall, the Cultural Affairs Office
94 Washington Street
Call 201-420-2207

By Mail: Checks should be made out to the City of Hoboken
and can be mailed to:
the Hoboken Division of Cultural Affairs
94 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

Include a piece of paper with your name address & phone number and how
many tickets you would like to purchase.

For more information, call 201-420-2207 or go to

The Spaghetti Dinner Block Party was an event that was started in 2005 to celebrate Hoboken's 150th Anniversary - The idea was to recreate a community event that took place in 1955 for the City's 100th Anniversary - a Spaghetti Dinner Block Party on Washington Street, except it is now along the waterfront.

It has been a huge success. People really enjoy it so we've been doing it every year since. Just a fun way to end the summer. Tables are set up along the walkway on Frank Sinatra Drive so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. People bring their families and businesses entertain their employees. It is one big outdoor community dinner party. ◦

Hoboken High School Mini Carnival September 2, 2009 3-7PM

Here is event coming up at JFK Stadium for the Hoboken High School:

Hoboken High School

Back to School
Mini Carnival
September 2, 2009
3:00 to 7:00 pm
JFK Stadium
10th & Jefferson St.

$5.00 Entrance Fee
Purchase tickets for attractions
once inside the stadium

Sponsored by the Class of 2011 & 2012

Thank You,

Judith Burrell
Class Advisor