Saturday, October 31, 2009

HUMC Video Report - 2008 Audit

Here is a video report from Cablevision uploaded by estevens65 on the Hospital Audit Results for 2008. This was recorded earlier this week.

In the report Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer was quoted as saying "As part of the original acquisition, Hoboken guaranteed $52 million of the Hospital's debt. Given our own fiscal problems, we are not in a financial position to guarantee additional debt, or to provide operating subsidies. "

I will treat this statement as a campaign promise.


Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade 2009 Video Highlights

Below are the Annual Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade video highlights from today. The parade had a large turnout and moved at a fairly brisk pace.


Polling Place Correction from Hoboken Revolt

This was a message sent members of Hoboken Revolt but pertians to anyone who votes in Ward 6 District 2 or 7:

"If you live in Ward 6, Districts 2 or 7 and previously voted at Sts. Peter and Paul Church, you will now be voting in the LOBBY of Marine View Plaza at 4th and Hudson. The Board of Elections sent out a change notice but incorrectly said that it was in the community room. We will have signs and personnel stationed at the corner of Hudson and 4th to help direct you to this polling location. Love Your Town VOTE!"

You can visit Hoboken Revolt at:

Hoboken Ragumuffin Parade Photos

Here are some photos from the Hoboken Ragumuffin Parade held from 1PM -to about 1:45 PM today. I must say that some of the Adults were into it as much as the kids. Video to be released later after moderate editing and uploading:


Nathan Brinkman Video - Endorsing Chris Christie

Another hat tip to "Da Horsey" (Mile Square View a.k.a. Hoboken Horse Blog) for suggesting this link to a video of Hoboken Mayoral Candidate Nathan Brinkman endorsing Chris Christie for Governor of NJ in the upcomming election. Video by perrylin0904:


Elysian Cafe 80's Halloween Dance Party Tonight 10PM-2AM

The Elysian Cafe is having an 80's Dance Party tonight from 10PM-2AM. The cover is $10 and there are prizes for Best 80's Costume and winner of a Dance-Off with the restaurant's super energized owner Eugene Flinn. Call 201-798-5898 for additional information.


Jersey Journal Endorses Dawn Zimmer for Mayor

Could it be that the Jersey Journal finally got it right for a change when it comes to endorsing a Hoboken Mayor. Let us all hope. One thing is for sure that the Jersey Journal tends to pick the winner of each election since I have been in Hoboken. Last night at 12:05 AM the Jersey Journal endorsed Dawn Zimmer for Hoboken Mayor.

Some of the reasons stated for their endorsement were:

1) Returning Zoning Board appointments to the City Council
2) New Process for reviewing PILOTS.
3) Energy Audit completed with action plan.
4) Roadmap to end State supervision created.
5) Modernization of City Hall with basic computer technology.
6) Dawn's energy and eagerness to serve the City of Hoboken.

The endorsement concludes:

"Zimmer is energetic and eager to serve the city. The Jersey Journal believes voters should give her four years to see what she can do with the team being assembled."

Read the full endorsement below:

Happy Halloween - 16(17) Scary Halloween Quotes

Both Halloween and Hoboken election cycles have a fetish with the macabre. Combine the two in close proximity with a local election and whoa, look out! Click on the embedded flash audio player below and hear some of the scariest horror quotes ever uttered in a movie. My favorites are #1 and #16.

16(17) Scary Halloween Quotes

1. Silence of the Lambs: "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"
2. Hellraiser: Bloodline: “Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. Gentlemen, I AM PAIN.”
3. The Shining: “Here’s Johnny!”
4. The Sixth Sense: “I see dead people.”
5. Halloween: “I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes, the Devil’s eyes.”
6. When a Stranger Calls: “Have you checked the children?”
7. The Lost Boys: “You are one of us Michael!”
8. Child’s Play: “Hi I’m Chucky, wanna play?”
9. Dawn of the Dead: “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk on Earth.”
10. Dracula: “I am Dracula.”
11. Dracula: “Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.”
12. Dracula: “Aren’t you drinking? I never drink….wine.”
13. The Exorcism of Emily Rose: “I am Lucifer, the Devil in the flesh.”
14. Friday the 13th: “Kill her mommy! Kill her!”
15. Night of the Living Dead: “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”
16. The Exorcist: The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!”
17. Peter Cammarano QLC Forum: “The Hospital is thriving" (okay, I added that one but oh, the horror) ◦

Photo of the Morning - Corzine Country

This is the photo of the morning for sure. Hung outside the Elysian Cafe at 10th and Washington Street is this very large banner declaring Hoboken Corzine Country. While this banner might be a bit excessive at leat it is not Dave Roberts for Mayor circa 2005. :)


Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade - Today! - 12:15pm Lineup

Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade Today October 31st! - 12:15pm Lineup

This parade is always a charming event for our ever increasing stroller saturated streets in Hoboken. The parade starts at 1pm. Here is the information from the City's website....

Time: On Saturday October 31, Begins at 1pm
Location: Line of march begins at 12:15pm on Washington Street between 13th & 14th Street featuring bands, floats and more.

Followed by a costume contest at the Little League Field on 5th St. & River Terrace. Prizes awarded in five age categories.

Featuring local live music, floats, lots of great costumes and so much more....

The Costume Contest begins approximately at 2:15pm at The Little League Field, 5th Street & River Terrace featuring: Mother Goose & Earl Hicks.

For more information call Hoboken City Hall at 201-420-2207.


Midnight Flier Madness - Smear Flier

Someone's campaign is getting mighty desperate to pull a stupid stunt like this. Below is a midnight flier that insinuates that Tony Soares is running a write-in campaign for Mayor that was distributed around town today. I don't even have to call Tony to know it is false. It states that the NY Times , Hoboken 411 and my humble blog, The Hoboken Journal have all endorsed Tony for Mayor. That is a real hoot considering Hoboken 411 cyber-fuhrer's dislike/antipathy for Tony in his many mocking pictorials exploiting Tony's Dwarfism. For the record, I endorse Zimmer for Mayor and not Tony. Additionally, Donna Antonucci is not the Treasurer of such an endeavor.

While it is great to be mentioned along such esteemed news sources such as the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal, I really resent the fact that my blog is mentioned in the same paragraph with that cyber-fascist, Glenn Beck loving, pseudo pornographic, hate-filled, misogynistic maniacal matrix of misinformation, smear-mongering, bi-polar, grabastic*, douche-tastic, Cammarano trampoline worshipping, pseudo journalistic sh#t fest with the piss myself drunk yellow colorings known as Hoboken 411.

Am I too harsh? Guess my fangs are coming out for Halloween election season. :) Actually, I have nothing but love for Hoboken 411. Had I not seen first hand how comments and content are handled, twisted, and suppressed and then objected and was subsequently blocked/banned, I never would have persued starting my own blog. For every action there is ........

Click on the image above to see a larger copy

Here is the text of the Midnight Flier:

Get ready for more midnight fliers. If you see any other of these fliers on the street and can scan one in, please send the scan to my email: and let me know how you want to be credited.


Friday, October 30, 2009

The Taco Truck - Yum Yum!

I decided to walk along the pier on my way home and stumbled across the Taco Truck. I got the fish taco and rice and beans. The fish taco and rice and beans were quite tasty! A little spice makes everything nice!

I spoke with one of the partners and they currently do lunch at Journal Square as well as Hoboken. He said the business was better at Journal Square but the turnout for the Hoboken lunch crowd was better than expected.

Keeping with the modern times they have a website as well as a Twitter account to find out where the truck will be. The owners stated they plan a restaurant in Hoboken which will be opening at future date.


Mason Endorses Governor Jon Corzine for Re-Election

This popped in my inbox today from the Beth Mason Campaign:

Mason Endorses Governor Jon Corzine for Re-Election

Hoboken, NJ-- "Today, I have decided to officially endorse the re-election of Governor Jon Corzine. This is not a decision I have reached lightly -- but I feel that leadership is about making decisions, and it's vitally important to make my voice heard and do what is best for the city of Hoboken.

As a resident of the second ward, Jon is a constituent of mine and I know him well. It's clear that he's the best choice for the future of Hoboken. The key issues that he has fought for in Trenton are deeply meaningful to myself and many others in the city. Jon has taken on the health insurance lobby to guarantee coverage for mammograms and appropriate hospital stays for new mothers. He has made education a top priority, by funding new school development and vitally important early childhood education programs, and fought for tax relief for senior citizens. Meanwhile, he has done it all while reducing the size and cost of state government. That's a lesson we can take to heart here in Hoboken -- that you can find ways to be fiscally responsible while providing the government services and programs that people depend on.

Jon Corzine is a true friend of Hoboken. Like myself and thousands of our residents, he chose to live here because he recognized our city's beauty and vibrancy. He always has his adopted home town and all of Hudson County in mind when he's making the key decisions that affect us all. It is truly a luxury to have such a great partner in the governor's office -- and it is one that we should fight to keep.

Among all the reasons to support the governor, one may have been overlooked in this campaign: judicial appointments. The next governor could appoint several justices to the State Supreme Court, and with Jon Corzine in office we can be sure that they will be progressive and fair people who will keep our state moving forward, not backward.

Thank you, and I hope to see you at the polls on Tuesday." -Beth Mason

My comment: This is an official endorsement from Beth Mason of Governor Corzine in his re-election bid. Just this last Wednesday, Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer at the behest of the Governor's campaign made some opening remarks appreciating the support that Jon Corzine has given the Mayor on several issues relating to Hoboken. While her introduction stopped short of saying "I endorse Jon Corzine", I would really be splitting semantic hairs if one can't assume some level of support from the Acting Mayor. A call to Dawn Zimmer's campaign manager Sam Briggs confirmed that Dawn will be voting her conscience and likely her party line and is asking voters to support her regardless of who they support for Governor. As Hoboken 411 pointed out, if a mayoral candidate supporting Jon Corzine is a show stopper for you than consider another candidate for Mayor (which now will include Beth Mason and possibly Frank Raia and Kim Glatt who were also in attendance at the Campaign rally last Wednesday). Turn-about is fair play Hoboken 411! :) ◦

Photos of the Day - Frank Raia's Campaign HQ

Here are some nightime photos of Frank Raia's HQ on lower Washington Street that I took earlier this week.

Frank's Campaign HQ on 120 Washington Street - you can't see inside the windows very well. Not too transparent.: )

Here is a novel display idea. Frank Raia with his talking points on TV on a loop. This reminds me of Max Headroom from the early MTV days.


Ravi Bhalla - Setting the Record Straight on Taxes & the Budget

Below is a statement from Hoboken City Councilman at Large Ravinder S. Bhalla on the misinformation being spread by the Beth Mason campaign on the tax situation:

Ravi Bhalla - Setting the Record Straight on Taxes & the Budget

Dear Friends,

I write to set the record straight about some of the outright falsehoods that are being spread in this mayoral campaign and to urge you to say no to false and negative attacks and vote for Dawn Zimmer this Tuesday.

Regrettably, Beth Mason has been misleading voters in slick mailers and television ads that there is going to be a 15% tax increase - a number that is devoid of any factual basis and is simply made out of thin air.

Here are the facts: this week State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi told the Jersey Journal, Hoboken Reporter and the Hoboken Horse blog that our that taxes will be going down. Ms. Tripodi also said that she agrees with Mayor Zimmer that the budget should be presented as a whole and that its release is about 4 weeks away.

I know first-hand that Acting Mayor Zimmer is actively working with the State Fiscal Monitor to introduce a budget that is honest, complete, fully funded without gimmicks and provides the most tax relief possible. Mayor Zimmer believes it is far more important to get the budget right than to satisfy politically motivated calls to get it done quickly. And that is exactly what she is is doing.

Zimmer has begun to put Hoboken back on the right path. I urge you to vote for her Tuesday, so she can finish the job.


Ravi S. Bhalla


P.S. Polls are open from 6am to 8pm. If you have any questions about your polling location, please call the Hudson County Board of Elections at 201-369-3435 ◦

Hoboken Ballot for November 3rd

Here is a copy of the Hoboken Ballot for November 3rd courtesy of the "Artie Lange for Mayor" campaign.

Hoboken Election Ballot

Tripodi on Hoboken Now- Property Taxes going down an average of $400

Here is the latest update on property taxes by Amy Sarah Clark from the news blog Hoboken Now:

Hoboken's fiscal monitor, Judy Tripodi, told Hoboken Now in an exclusive interview this morning that taxes are going down hundreds of dollars.

Asked for a percentage, Tripodi said she didn't want to speak in percentages, but that she expected that taxes would be going down about $400 for the average residence, which is valued (for tax purposes) at $160,000.

The news that taxes would be going down was broken by Mile Square View earlier this week, but at that time, Tripodi declined to give a figure.

Many of the candidates running for mayor against acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer have said she has been holding back a draft of the budget until after the election to hide an increase in taxes.But according to Tripodi, not only are taxes going down, but that it's not Zimmer's call as to when the budget is released.

To read the rest of the story go to this link below:

My comment: We will have to wait and see. Now we have a fourth source that confirms Judy is in charge of the budget release and not the acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Of course, no mention of this on Hoboken 411. Surprised? I'm not. ◦

Vote Yes on Public Question 1 - Email

On November 3rd, Hoboken voters get to choose their mayor and state governor but there is also another important vote as well to support continued funding for the New Jersey Historic Trust.

The email from Allen Kratz was forwarded to me by Gary Holtzman. While Gary and I may not support the same candidate for Hoboken Mayor, it should be clear we both agree that funding this trust is important since over the years Hoboken has benefited greatly from this in terms of helping to improve the quality of life.

Email from Gary Holtzman:

Our own incredible Hoboken historic places supporter Allen Kratz has said it best, so I'll step out of the way & just forward his email.

- Gary Holtzman

Email from Allen Kratz:

This coming Tuesday, I encourage you to vote "yes" to continue funding for the New Jersey Historic Trust.

During the past two decades, historic sites in Hoboken have received more than $2.7 million in matching grants for restoration from the New Jersey Historic Trust:

1991 Hoboken Terminal, $400,000
1992 Hoboken Terminal, $300,000
1997 Our Lady of Grace Church, $358,514
2005 Hoboken City Hall, $535,327
2006 United Synagogue/Star of Israel Synagogue, $380,000
2008 Hoboken Public Library, $750,000

Many other historic sites in Hoboken could become eligible for preservation grants from the New Jersey Historic Trust. I urge a "yes" vote to continue this funding opportunity for owners of historic sites in Hoboken.

- Allen Kratz

Public Question #1 - November 3, 2009 Authorizes the State to issue bonds to provide moneys for funding historic preservation projects and the acquisition and preservation of farmland and open space.

Provides two more years, or $12 million, of funding for historic preservation.
In 20 years, the Historic Trust awarded more than $123 million in matching grants for preservation planning and “bricks and mortar” capital preservation projects to 532 worthy historic sites throughout the State.

This public investment saves buildings from destruction, preserves quality of life in communities, creates public awareness and creates a legacy for generations of New Jersey residents yet to come.

Investing in historic preservation recycles building materials and helps save the environment, creates construction jobs and helps develops tourism destinations that can boost economic development. ◦

Reader Letter - What Does Your Vote Mean to You?

Here is a reader editorial about the upcoming election from Hoboken Journal poster and reader Lincoln_logger:

What does your vote mean to you?

It's important to consider what your expectations are for the mayor we are all about to elect. What are you going to get for your vote?

If you vote for Frank Raia, you are voting for budgetary incompetence. During his six years on the Board of Education, Frank Raia gave out tax payer's money like it was candy at a parade. The result was a BoE budget that swelled with bloated salaries and failed programs, making Hoboken schools cost per child one of the highest in the state. Not unlike what Dave Robert's did with his 8 years as mayor. Do you want to vote for that?

If you vote for Beth Mason, you are voting for a person who obviously craves the limelight more than anything else. Beth Mason's platform and strategies have changed more often than the daily specials at the Malibu. In the past six months, we've heard Beth say just about everything, from "Develop or Die" to "fight the NJ Transit project". The problem is, no one can believe anything she says after the mixed messages and negative (and false) attacks she's spawned. Is that kind of uncertainty what you want to vote for?

A vote for Kimberly Glatt is really a vote for the unknown. All that we really know she's capable of so far is paying people from Union City to come to Hoboken and wear white t-shirts. She's been spouting empty rhetoric and taken no hard stances on any important issues such as development, taxes, or cutting salaries from the budget. We have seen that she's willing to leap head-first and commit $30 million dollars to fix flooding, which we don't even know if it is necessary yet. Is that what you want to vote for?

A vote for Nathan Brinkman, Everton Wilson, Patricia Waiters, or even Artie Lange is honestly a wasted vote. I'm sure they're all nice people, but they have no chance of winning.

If you want your vote to count for fiscal responsibility, transparency in our city government, and halting over-development in our town, there is a choice for you. Dawn Zimmer has already shown she's up for the job with her accomplishments in the last few months. Imagine what good can be done with a whole term.

- Lincoln_logger

My Comment: Ditto. ◦

Halloween Pumpkin Party Tonight October 30th

Here is an event sponsored by the Hoboken Historical Museum tonight from 5-7PM:


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Corzine Rally Recap from October 28, 2009

Update 7:30PM:

Here is a video of Cory Booker giving the big buildup speech for Jon Corzine. I apologize in advance for the poor video quality since I had to film this in zoom mode with poor lighting.That coupled with a bum shoulder led to some shaky moments. The video is not the complete speech but a good portion of it.

Here is a slideshow showing some pictures of the event:

Original post 10/29/2009:

Last night at Teak near the Path Station in Hoboken over 400 people attended Jon Corzine's campaign rally from 7-10PM. I had originally estimated the crowd at 250 but I received a more reliable estimate from someone who had the doorman's clicker count. There were many local politicos in attendance. Current City Council members Mike Russo with his mom, Carol Marsh, Terry Castellano, Ravi Bhalla, and Beth Mason. Mayoral candidates Kimberly Glatt and Frank Raia along with the executives of the Hoboken Democratic Committee.

The following people spoke at the rally, Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano, State Assemblyman Ruben Ramos. The speaker though that drew the most buzz was the eloquent Cory Booker, Mayor from Newark , NJ. Cory As predicted gave a passionate speech tying in the concepts of the Democratic party to actual political actions by the current Governor. Corzine followed Mr. Booker indicated Cory's speech left little else to say "but I rest my case". He continued on however to talk about the issues that New Jersey faces and about getting out the vote for Tuesday since in his own words "elections do matter".

There was an open bar a free appetizers to start off along with some good groovy music. The event ended around 10:30 PM.

According to one source, Beth Mason was upset that she wasn't alongside the Governor on the podium. None of the other City Council members were asked to be up on stage, just the acting Mayor who so happens to be Dawn Zimmer. Some consider it a snub, I just chalk it up to the Governor's team calling the shots on who got to speak. I find Beth Mason's coveting of Dawn's media time to be getting quite tiresome. I am sure I am not the only one to share that sentiment.

I have video and pictures and will post later tonight. I didn't get a chance to process them from my cameras this morning. ◦

Bret Schundler Endorses Brinkman for Mayor

This just came in from the Brinkman campaign:

Bret Schundler Endorses Brinkman for Mayor

(HOBOKEN, October 29) – Former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler – the Republican who famously ended a 75-year losing streak for Republicans when he took office in Jersey City in 1992 after winning a multi-candidate special election with no run-off, and then was reelected twice, overwhelmingly, after demonstrating that innovative solutions and the ideals of lower taxes, less regulation, and reduced government spending can work to improve the lives of the residents of a community, even in urban areas – today endorsed Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken.

“In many ways, Nathan Brinkman reminds me of, well, me at that age — he’s not a member of anybody’s political machine, he doesn’t owe any party bosses any favors, he’s free to do what he thinks is best for the people who live in his community,” said Schundler. “He understands that the role of government is to serve its citizens, and not the other way around, and he understands that more often than not, the best answers come not from empowering government, but from empowering people.

“If I lived in Hoboken, rather than Jersey City, I’d be voting for Nathan Brinkman on Tuesday.”

“I’m honored to accept Bret Schundler’s endorsement,” said Brinkman. “The folks I’ve talked to who were living here in Hoboken when Bret was Mayor of Jersey City speak of him with fondness, and respect, and even a bit of envy that they were living in Hoboken while he was making such great strides in Jersey City.

“Bret showed during his time as Mayor of Jersey City that putting people ahead of government bureaucrats, and keeping property taxes down, create a formula for success. We need more of his kind of thinking in Hoboken City Hall, and that’s exactly what I intend to bring to the job as Hoboken’s Mayor.” ◦

Mason Meet and Greet Tonight at Northern Soul 7PM

Here is another meet and greet with Beth Mason who is running for Mayor in case you don't have a TV or read the newspaper. There will be free food and drink for those who might be down on their luck or simply want to tie one on. Oh, yes and you get to meet Beth Mason if you haven't met her already. One reader who is a verbally flagellating smear merchant and cyber-bully Flame Bacardi (real name withheld for fear of retribution to protect his pristine reputation and possible legal threats) said he won't be going since he feels like he knows Beth Mason from all those commercials that ran. Besides, he has more dirt to dig up on the other candidates before election. "From Fortune 500 to coolest mom ever, and the biggest non-ELEC directly reported ad presence on Hoboken 411 is enough to get my vote even if I can't find parking". You have to admire the simple mind sometimes. :) Just kidding.

The event is for real and if you are still undecided it can't hurt to get a little something free in the process. I do encourage all of the undecideds to see the other candidates such as Frank Raia, Dawn Zimmer and Kim Glatt who all have offices on Washington Street as well. Nathan Brinkman does not have an HQ but has information on his website to contact him. The one thing that all the candidates have in common is they all want your vote. I am openly supporting Dawn Zimmer so don't rely on this blog, Hoboken 411, or any of the news sites in town exclusively to make up your mind. If you have time and want to make a better informed decision before voting, try to take the time and find the candidates out canvassing this final weekend.

Mason Meet and Greet Tonight at Northern Soul 7 PM

Don't forget: Free food, drinks and conversation with Beth Mason!

Tonight, Thursday October 29 at 7pm @ Northern Soul 557 1st Street, Hoboken. Come out and ask Beth important questions regarding Hoboken's future. ◦

City of Hoboken and North Hudson Sewerage Authority Agree To Explore Sensor Monitoring Technology

Here is a press release from Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer on the flooding situation sent out yesterday:

City of Hoboken and North Hudson Sewerage Authority Agree To Explore Sensor Monitoring Technology

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is pleased to announce that the North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) has agreed to the City’s request to explore the implementation of sensor monitoring technology. “I want to thank NHSA Chairman Wolff and Executive Director Pocci for agreeing that the City of Hoboken can implement sensor monitoring technology to determine the most cost-effective solution for our City’s flooding problem,” she said. “This represents an important step in the City’s ongoing fight against flooding,” she added. Legally, NHSA retains rights over Hoboken’s sewerage system, and implementing new technology would require agreement by NHSA. Over the last year, Acting Mayor Zimmer has advocated strongly for the City to fully analyze the 4-pump plan to ensure the most cost-effective long term solution to solve Hoboken’s flooding.

“EmNet’s technology will enable us to fully analyze our flood events so we can use this data to assess and prioritize the 4-pump plan proposed by North Hudson Sewerage Authority,” she explained. The Southeastern pump, which costs $14 million, will be funded by a NJ State Revolving Loan Program, and a grant received by NHSA. The other 3 pumps, costing approximately $30 million, are expected to be paid for by the City of Hoboken.

“We must protect taxpayers, and solve the major infrastructure problems our City faces. Implementing EmNet’s technology will enable us to ensure that we only spend what’s need to solve our serious flooding problem,” Zimmer commented.

”I am working closely with NHSA to move forward quickly with the most important southeast pump, but before I commit millions of taxpayer money for the additional 3 pumps, I hope to work with my Council colleagues and the State Fiscal Monitor to pursue all funding options for this innovative technology,” Acting Mayor Zimmer explained.

More information on EmNet’s CSOnet technology is available at:

My Comment: There are some City Council members, other mayoral candidates that are upset with Dawn Zimmer for not persuing the stimulus funds which could have contributed $4-5 million to towards a second pump or perhaps up to three more pumps. The cost to Hoboken for those 3 pumps could be upwards of 30 million dollars. Is that a cost that the Hoboken taxpayer would be willing to foot the bill on in this political climate? Of course this cost could be bonded and spread out over many years but the Mayor's salary would certainly not cover that cost in terms of interest payments. Regardless of whether you think Hoboken should have persued that money this year , isn't it more prudent to find out if the other pumps are completely necessary before persuing that kind of cost? I don't expect even close to 100% agreement on this so feel free to comment below... ◦

Sign Wars - Large Dawn Zimmer Banner Ripped from House

Update 10/29/2009: Phil Cohen has the following additional statement on this incident:

"I don't blame any candidate for stealing our sign, scaring my family, and trespassing on our property. I don't know who did it, and neither do the police. Hopefully, one day we will learn who is responsible, so you can share that information with the public." - Phil Cohen

More Campaign Thuggery - A "Sign of the Times" ?

Dawn Zimmer Banner before vandals ripped it down

Campaign shenanigans are picking up. Here is an account from Phil Cohen about how a customized banner was ripped down from his an a neighbors home. Here is his account:

Tuesday night my wife and I co-hosted a meet and greet for Mayor Zimmer. More than 70 people stopped by and saw the incredible, 40 feet wide, 3 foot high, one-of-a-kind sign, hung between the Cohen/Kramnick and Abernathy homes. Below is a picture of it going up Tuesday afternoon.

Well, at 7:30 last night, while my kids were home doing their homework, people who can't stand the idea of Dawn Zimmer being the Mayor of Hoboken ripped down the sign. These people also damaged Jan and Jerome Abernathy's house light, when they ripped down the banner. We filed a police report last night.

It's amazing that people are so terrified of Dawn being elected Mayor.
You can see the strings left hanging from the windows at my home, where the sign once was.

-Phil Cohen

My Comment: I wonder if this is retaliation against Phil for switching his support to Dawn Zimmer after supporting Beth Mason in the first election in May. This is just a thought. Perhaps it was several youths affiliated as paid workers with a campaign or independent altogether. The Police don't know at his point. I do hope the police get to the bottom of this. It is one thing to rip down illegally placed signs on public utility poles but quite another to rip one down from someones home and actually damage part of the home. Also, the campaign HQ of each candidate should also be off limits. Let each candidate have their signage as long as it is properly placed. This extends to all citizens regardless of the candidate they are supporting. Again, signs on private property or campaign HQ should be left alone. If a citizen feels that signs are not hung according to code then they should contact the authorities and not take matter into their own hands (other than utility poles).


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tripodi Backs Dawn Zimmer On Not Being Able to Release Budget

This is straight from the Hoboken Reporter:

HOBOKEN--Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi said today that her conversation with the Hoboken Reporter about releasing the budget was referring to when it becomes ready for introduction, but not before that time.

Tripodi said she was misrepresented by the below post and that she agrees with Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer's stance that the budget should not be made public until the administration has completed its work."She's waiting on me," Tripodi said, referring to the acting mayor. "To release any portion of it would be bedlam.

I'm not creating that havoc."When commenting about release of the budget not having an effect on negotiations, Tripodi was referring to the administration's completed budget, set to be release in November.

Tripodi said any council members who are claiming they don't know about the budget are lying.

Read the rest here:

I can collaborate this story as well. I spoke with Vince Lombardi, President of the PBA, as well on the process yesterday while waiting for the Phelps protesters to arrive in front of City Hall. I did not ask Vince about specifics of negotiations but he emphasized that those negotiations were done outside of the Mayor's control and he stated that Hoboken residents have to be patient with the process that is between the State Monitor's negotiators and the Union Representatives. He added that he believed that people were using the confidentiality of the process politically. He also emphasized the negotiations were moving forward and resolution could come soon with the unions and City but specifics could not be released until negotiations were finalized.

I find Vince to be a very straight up man who tells it like it is so I consider him to be a very reliable source.

Furthermore, this story is also collborated from a post yesterday from the Mile Square View:

A hat tip for "Da Horsey" for breaking this exclusive. It is good to see it is also followed up on in the Hoboken Reporter.

My last comment: So Lane Bajardi, it looks like the sham is on you. What will you do with yourself if/when Beth comes in 3rd or 4th place? Tell your bosom buddy Herr Klaussen the cropping Dawn's supporters photo doesn't actually reduce Dawn Zimmer's support. But I guess both you and he have a tough time with reality these days. I'll be sure to swing by with my camera this time after yet another dirty and failed campaign's results come in.

The good news is that if Judy Tripodi is right, our taxes will go down so at least we can share in that victory. That is the extent of the olive branch that I can extend at this time. I do understand that desperate campaigns can do desperate things at times (where is a Peter Cammarano dead beat story when you need one) but at some point I hope that you stop being such a partisan hack/stealth blogger and seek the truth once and get back on the right side of the issues rather than the Cult of Purple Personalities. ◦

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Phelps Protest Video Highlights

Here are some highlights of the Phelps Group (Westboro Baptist Church) protest and counter protest in front of City Hall and later at Park and First near Hoboken's only Synagogue. The police did an excellent job of managing the protest by separating the protesters and counter protesters.


More Viral Video - Zombies for Zimmer Barbershop

Here is another viral campaign video, and by viral I mean not affiliated with any campaign. This is the sequel to "Zombies for Zimmer" that popped up in the last election. I find it kind of midly humorous. It does not attack any candidate but rather has a quick message on who to vote for in the end. Pretty harmless actually.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Dawn Zimmer Responds to Release of HUMC 2008 Audited Financial Statements

Here is a release from the City of Hoboken's Website just put up today. This communication is not from Dawn Zimmer's campaign but from her role as acting Mayor.

The news of the HUMC is, as expected, not good. Some of Dawn's detractors have tried to take her to task for allegedly hiding information the budget but here is an example of her administration providing the facts to the public about the current state of the HUMC and providing them before the election.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Responds to Release of Hoboken University Medical Center 2008 Audited Financial Statements

The Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) released its Audited Financial Statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2008. The Financial Statements make clear that the hospital continues to face serious financial difficulties. The Hospital incurred a loss from operations in 2008 in the amount of $22.3 million, leaving it with net assets at the end of 2008 of $13,435,124. This is down from net assets of $35,138,364 at the end of 2007.For 147 years HUMC, formerly known as Saint Mary Hospital, has been the anchor for health care in Hoboken, as well as surrounding communities. It is an essential hospital for access to care for Hoboken’s diverse population of 40,000 residents including many seniors, as well as the health care safety-net for many young children, pregnant women, and people living with HIV/AIDS. The recently opened emergency room provides state of the art emergency services for Hoboken residents and surrounding communities. It also provides a facility to increase admissions to the hospital, a key to the hospital’s long-term financial viability.

As part of the original acquisition, Hoboken has guaranteed $52 million of the Hospital’s debt. Given our own fiscal problems, we are not in a financial position to guarantee additional debt or to provide operating subsidies. But within those limitations, I am fully committed to doing everything within my power to help the Hospital Board find a way to navigate through these difficult times.

The Hospital has recently applied to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services for a critical Health Care Stabilization Grant. I coordinated with State Senator Brian Stack and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Jr., for their strong letters in support of the application. I also personally spoke to Commissioner Heather Howard to express my highest level of support for the application on behalf of the City of Hoboken. HUMC is well positioned to receive this grant which will greatly assist the hospital with its short term needs.

I want to thank my City Council colleagues for their quick action last Wednesday in approving my appointment of Tejal Desai to the Hospital Board. Her strong financial background will be of significant help as we move forward to face the extremely difficult challenges ahead.

You can also click on the attached PDF’s for more information.


Below is the link to the original post on the City Website:


Article on Dawn Zimmer from the AP Wire

Below are excerpts and a link from a recent AP article on Dawn Zimmer and her run for Hoboken Mayor:

Hoboken NJ mayor faces 6th election in 2 1/2 years
SAMANTHA HENRY - The Associated Press

HOBOKEN, N.J. - Dawn Zimmer's first press conference as acting mayor of this one-square-mile New Jersey city was picked up around the world.


"Quite frankly if you told me 2 1/2 years ago that I'm going to be acting mayor of Hoboken, I would have said you're crazy," she said. "But the issues have driven me to become mayor."

Zimmer was council president in the northern New Jersey city when Cammarano was charged with taking $25,000 from an FBI informant posing as a corrupt developer. Cammarano has said he is not guilty. She was sworn in on July 31 and now faces six other candidates on Nov. 3 in a winner-takes-all, nonpartisan election to serve out Cammarano's unexpired term. It'll be the sixth time she puts herself before voters in 2 1/2 years.


To read the rest go to this link below:

Reader Infotainme Chimes in on Lane Bajardi's Performance Last Week

Here is one reader's take on Lane Bajardi's hate driven performance at last week's City Council meeting.

The End of the Affair - By Infotainme

Photoshop parody by Graphix_Avenger

The final episode of “I Hate You for the Following Reasons” starring Lane Bajardi aired this week. A special collector’s edition was also recorded that is more than a little altered from the usual ch78 fare.

Be advised that this bootleg version is ONLY for adult viewing. Clearly ch78 did not have the, ah, ‘production values’ that the ‘film crew’ were seeking. To wit: A determinedly approaching man. A seated, as yet, indifferent woman. Ardent masculine urging. Feminine denial, with body language indicators that she’s just not that kind of girl. And then redoubled urging, decisive now, brooking no further resistance... Fade to black. Ah, council porn… I should watch it with the sound on one of these times.

A tape loop of this largely non-consensual coupling is oozing forth at council porn-friendly Hoboken 411 and kindred tedium spigots as campaign fodder for candidate Mason. Apparently the video is still free, but expect that to change once the soundtrack is added and the body doubles get wild on the council table as a nonplussed Jim Farina looks on, shuffling papers, and trying to appear unfazed. Production insiders say Barry White’s “Deeper and Deeper” will be used to cover most of the action, and that tender love ballad, “Closer,” by Nine Inch Nails, will run during credits.

It’s not yet clear whether candidate Mason is required to acknowledge this in-kind ‘service’ as a campaign contribution. Nor has it been ascertained whether Mason’s pretending to know nothing about it beforehand will fool anyone above the intellectual level of a salamander. Already, a sternly worded letter has been received by team Mason from the SDF (Salamander Defense Fund). From an ELEC perspective, much will depend on what the video rakes in on a planned pay-per-view website. Sources report that, for branding unity purposes, the porn site will have a very similar name to Mason’s other pay site, DualJobsDawn...

As for the erstwhile stud-muffin in the shoot, questions persist as to whether he can adapt to a post-Zimmer future. Make no mistake, 'doing it in public' is the drug-of-choice here. Can he fill the void left by no longer being able abuse his speaker's podium privileges with the object of his obsession, should the latter win the election on Nov 3 and no longer wait for him at the council table in a packed room every other Wednesday?

One option for targeting maximum public consumption would be an endless series of flaming letters to the editor. But could they ever provide that tingly sensation of publicly berating someone who can't or won't answer you because of the nature of your question or the contemptuous way you asked it?

Blogging is another thought. But for this master of internet disguises, none of which are particularly successful (ahem), it’s not a very good thought. A wolf can wear a disguise too, but the constant chatter about sheep, sheep recipes, sheep websites, and the foaming abhorrence for friends of sheep tends to undermine every get-up.

As for carrying on this one-sided affair, using the NEXT council president as a proxy for the kicked-upstairs Zimmer - this too looks like a non-starter. It will never bring back those throbbing feelings of superiority and self-importance one felt when simultaneously dressing down, as it were, the council president AND the mayor. And as a practical matter the proxy will inevitably be referred to as “Dawn” at the absolute.least.opportune.moment.imaginable… Bet the ranch on that one.

And so, what option remains? Nothing. Just sitting up alone in the dark after everyone’s gone to bed, watching the final episode over and over and over. Deeper and deeper…

- Infotainme

My comment: A few things now and then more tomorrow...

1) Lane Bajardi isn't just a normal citizen who is asking for information, he is a political hack who tried everything in his power to make Dawn look bad right before the election. Perhaps Dawn didn't make it clear enough that details of Union negotiations are confidential. His attempted cross-examination tactics combined with his tone are unacceptable.

2) The video put up on Hoboken 411 is edited for political purposes and is not straight news.The original was also recorded on a video camera paid for by Beth Mason. It is not edited from the video taken from the City of Hoboken's cameras. This may or may not be an ELEC violation but it is in the very least deceptive.

3) Lane's tirade at the end of the Hoboken 411 provided video is conveniently missing. If a reader were to see it in its proper context, readers could come to the conclusion as I that this is not just a request for information but a character assassination attempt by someone whose reputation diminishes with each and every angrily uttered word.

Here is Part 2 of the unedited City Council version. Go to the 01:41:20 mark on the video to see what really happened.


Jon Corzine and Cory Booker in Hoboken Wednesday October 28th

Hoboken resident Jon Corzine and Cory Booker will be hosting an event this Wednesday for Jon Corzine's Campaign down the homestretch. The details for the invitation only event are below:

Wednesday, October, 28th
7PM - 9PM
Open bar/food from: 7:30PM - 8:30PM

Teak on the Hudson
16 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ
With Special Guest
Mayor Cory Booker, City of Newark

By Invitation Only


Fundraiser for Tania Rodriguez - October 28th

Here is a fundraiser notice for Tania Rodriguez who is currently battling Lymphoma.....

Dear Friends,

The fight against cancer goes on and I know we’re going to win this thing! Hardly anyone I know can say they DON’T have a friend or relative that has battled this terrible disease. I’m asking for your help in raising funds because I think its important that we all join together to help win this epidemic; especially for a special friend whom we all know.

This donation is dedicated to Tania Rodriguez,who is currently battling Lymphoma. Your donation will do so much to help! Remember, any little bit counts!

Thank You!

Please make checks payable to:
Maria Cruz/sub account for Tania Rodriguez/Medical

Date: October 28th, 2009
Location: Louise and Jerry’s (329 Washington Street)
Time: 5pm-9pm
Suggested Donation: $20


Photos of the Day - Dawn Zimmer Spooktacular Halloween Event

Yesterday, Dawn Zimmer held a very well attended event for the kids, The Halloween Spooktacular at her campaign HQ from 3-6pm. Here are some photos of the children engaging in facepainting. pumpkin decoration, etc.


Boys & Girls Clubs Costume Party Fundriaser - October 30th

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County Halloween Party Fundraiser

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County is hosting a Halloween Party and charitible fundriaser this coming Friday. They are promising a fun-filled evening of Drink Specials, Door Prizes, and Best Costume Contest at the Liberty Bar & Grill in Hoboken, NJ. This event will take place on Friday October 30th, 2009 from 9pm – 3am.

It’s a great opportunity for people to kick-off the holiday season and to also give back to their community. Donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs Programs will be accepted at this event.

The Kids Need Your Support!

Anticipating a big crowd so be sure to arrive early.
Location: Liberty Bar & Grill
Address: 61 14th St Hoboken, NJ 07030
Between Washington & Hudson)
Date: Friday, October 30th 2009
Time: 9pm – 3am

Below is the the flier with all the details:


Friday, October 23, 2009

Hoboken Health Fair rescheduled for Sunday November 1st 1-5PM

Hoboken HHA Health Fair Rescheduled for Sunday November 1st 1-5PM

Here is a an update on the HHA Health Fair from Jake Stuiver....

Because of the forecast for Saturday, the children's activities at the new movie theater were moved to Sunday. It's very likely that quite a few children from the Housing Authority will be taken to Clearview, where some will be putting on a performance, and chances are they're going to stick around there for a while as it promises to be a fun time. So, we decided it would be best to hold off another week with the health fair.

The rescheduled HHA Health Fair is now at the Multi-Service Center at 124 Grand on Sunday November 1st from 1-5PM.

- Jake Stuiver

Here are the rest of the details:

The event will cater to children and parents from the Housing Authority and feature tables from HOPES, providing education and professional-services information; a flu-shot provider; Hudson Perinatal providing information on women and children's heath; another health service doing general screenings such as blood pressure; a nutritionist table providing information and a few food samples; and a DJ system.

There will also be an obstacle course and other sports activities, and a bike raffle followed by some bike-safety tips and a bike ride.We would still love to get a few more bike donations to give away as well as any healthy foods people can contribute. ◦

Dawn Zimmer Campaign Event - Zimmer Spooktacular

This coming Sunday, October 25, 2009 Dawn Zimmer for Mayor's campaign will be having a Family friendly Halloween themed event at their HQ from 3:00-6:00PM. This will include a puppet show, arts and crafts, pumpkin decorating, music, face painting, snacks and drinks.


Mayor Zimmer Advocates Cost-Effective Approach to Hoboken’s Flooding Issue

As many of you know Kim Glatt's campaign put out a press release yesterday claiming Dawn Zimmer for not seizing on the opportunity to get a grant for a second pump to alleviate the flooding situation. Below is Dawn's response and the technical recommendations behind Dawn's executive decision not to pursue the grants at this time.

Mayor Zimmer Advocates Cost-Effective Approach to Hoboken’s Flooding Issue

"We are making significant progress in addressing our flooding problem. The critical Southeastern flood pump – by far the most important - is moving forward at no cost to the City. Last night, the City Council took the important step of encouraging the North Hudson Sewerage Authority to implement the state-of-the-art wireless technology that I have long advocated in order to monitor and better target our flood prevention efforts. EmNet LLC conducted an on site inspection of Hoboken’s sewerage system last year and reviewed engineering models. They estimated that the Southeastern pump combined with additional solutions that could be implemented inexpensively could solve 80 percent of our flooding problem.

With respect to the remaining 20 percent of the problem, EmNet’s data may also provide us with information we need to proceed with a more cost-effective solution than the current 4-pump plan. This could save Hoboken taxpayers millions and enable us to develop a complete solution that reduces combined sewage overflows into the Hudson River. The three additional pumps proposed under the current plan are to be paid for entirely by the City of Hoboken at an estimated cost of approximately $30 million. While grants could be obtained to cover some of this cost, Hoboken’s investment will remain substantial. Before I commit to an initial $2 million for a project that could ultimately cost the Hoboken taxpayers as much as $20 to $30 million, I want to make sure that the expenditure is really needed. As currently designed the proposed pump system will be pumping Hoboken sewerage into the Hudson during high tide flood events. Anticipated stricter enforcement of the Clean Water Act will likely result in a need to modify the current pump plan at significant additional cost in order to comply with the law. EmNet’s technology can provide us with the information that we need to craft a longer term, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly solution.”

- Dawn Zimmer

Here is the Propsosal for a CSOnet Monitoring System from EmNet, LLC that describes in detail the remediation that system could provide in addition to the 80% coverage the first pump is estimated to provide:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dean Kemph Chimes in from the "Highland" on Hoboken's Mayoral Race

Dean Kemph Chimes in from the "Highland" on Hoboken's Mayoral Race

Here is yet another email from Dean Kemph, former Hoboken resident who now resides in Weehawken, NJ and likes to keep tabs on the Hoboken political scene. You might not like what Dean has to say but at least he is an equal opportunity offender and no candidate is spared his wit and sometimes vorpal pen. This was also published on Hoboken Reporter's website. I highlighted some of his best quotes....

Who Wants To Be A Mayonnaire?

Hello Hobokenites.

I have received quite a few requests from bored and/or insomniac residents asking for an update on my thoughts on the eternal mayoral campaign. I’ll apologize in advance if your spam filter does not catch this.

So, my daughter comes home from school the other day (High Tech High School in North Bergen) and announces that she has been offered a major money-making opportunity via a recruitment effort by one of her friends. She can campaign door-to-door for Beth Mason! The friend seems a tad more motivated by the likely recruitment bonus than any overarching incipient ideology, but gee, 8 bucks an hour! Maybe Beth is, as her daughters relentlessly and religiously remind hapless television viewers each quarter hour, “the coolest mom ever.”

Then again, her kids don’t spend much time in Hoboken, having acquired their book learnin’ without once setting foot inside the hallowed walls of Hoboken’s varied educational institutions. As for everyone else, particularly former supporters and allies increasingly discomfited by her negative campaigning and shrill obstructionism-for-the-sake-of-obstructionism, the recurrent mantra seems to be: “Not cool, Beth. Not cool at all.”

Beth will undoubtedly be as unconcerned with her loss of credibility and support among unpaid adult volunteers as she has been with each bizarre misstep on her troubled climb to her rightful place as Hoboken’s Queen Of All Things Political. There are plenty of people to blame for the people’s failure to anoint her thus far, Beth agrees, but she’s certainly not one of them. In fact, the most startling aspect of Beth’s painful personal and political spiral is an introspection vacuum so conspicuous by its absence that she makes Pupie Raia look like the Dalai Lama. Maybe it’s just me, but if scores of former supporters decided I’d turned my back on them as well as my own principles and simultaneously jumped ship, I might want to spend a minute thinking about why.

But not Beth, no sirree! Not that she hasn’t made a few changes this time around. With her own campaign manager deserting her for the decidedly more pleasant environs of the Zimmer camp, she immediately engaged a replacement whose overriding qualification was the most sordid resume for campaign sleaze. While he has been unable to teach Beth how to smile naturally, he has moved her television depictions of Dawn beyond run-of-the-mill mudslinging into a genuine manifestation of good old evil incarnate. I don’t know why Beth doesn’t just photoshop some horns and cloven hooves onto Dawn’s pictures and get it over with.

The weird thing is that it’s so hard to actually differentiate policy positions between Beth and Dawn. Absent Beth’s astonishing level of paranoid selfishness, they could have been a good team along with the other members of the council majority. Combining a misplaced entitlement–fueled self-righteousness with a toddler’s petulant refusal to share, Beth has completely re-framed the town’s perspective on her “public service” to date. After spending the last half-year watching Beth’s integrity float away like dandelion spores in a summer breeze, her claims to superior experience have become irrelevant. The collective shudder is palpable when Beth’s ubiquitous heels clickety-clack around the corner on route to the next block party. On the bright side, she’s easily distracted. People have learned that a quick “hey, look, wasn’t that guy an important operative for Corzine?” or similar red herring will send her scurrying safely out of their own range.

Beth’s concentration on Dawn’s temporary crisis-predicated dual office-holding is, of course, absurd. In an equally ridiculous contradiction, Beth wants Dawn both to forfeit her ward seat and do nothing as “acting” mayor, except serve as a geisha-like placeholder for last May’s distant third-place finisher’s coronation. A Mason campaign insider recently acknowledged to me that the dual office bit hadn’t gotten “as much traction” as they would have liked, and they were thinking about “going positive.” Beth, in fact, did go more positive in the uneventful debates; although her supporter-planted question of “tell us something about yourself we don’t know”, which clearly caught the other candidates off-guard while Beth launched into the well-rehearsed Horatio Alger tale now featured as their website centerpiece, was a little much. I’m left wondering how this impoverished couple afforded commissioning the life-size painting of Ricky in cap and gown currently adorning the Mason parlor.

Granted, Dawn hasn’t efficiently diffused opposition challenges which should have been no more than annoyances come November 3rd. Dawn’s early attempts at a conciliatory tone were interpreted as a sign of weakness by the ever-voracious Beth “I Disagree With Everything Dawn Says, Does, Thinks Or Wears” Mason, Michael “You Know My Dad Will Eventually Pop Out Of My Stomach Like That Alien Creature” Russo, and Terry “I Meekly Handed The Keys To The City To Cousin Anthony Throughout Eight Years Of Obvious Corruption, But I’ve Got A Lot Of Bullying Questions Now” Castellano. Nino Giacchi is more of the self-preservative Richard “See Where The Power Is, Then Go There” Delboccio school, and seems to be biding his time before a full public commitment to the opposition. Dawn has stumbled through her clipped and cranky pushback to this harassment, her comments at council meetings usually devolving into mumbles and stutters requiring a verbal save from one of her four more articulate and poised allies. In short, she doesn’t look like someone confidently in charge or sound like a convincing agenda proponent. Her gritty determination to scour every soccer field and Change That Works list in town for the most qualified candidates has been disappointing too, even if the appointees have been a upgrade from their predecessors. And she either missed or stubbornly ignored the obvious benefits of a temporary assignment of the Council Presidency to a friendly colleague (read: Peter Cunningham). Presumably and anecdotally, Dawn performs at a higher level one-on-one than her public persona implies, inexperience notwithstanding; and the unavoidable conclusion survives that the reason she is so unsettling to so many entrenched hacks is that she alone, among the realistic candidates, will resist the inexorable inertia pull of the status quo and actually try to effect the uncomfortable reforms (particularly payroll reduction) that are desperately required.

There are other candidates that will certainly draw some support. Hoboken native son Frank “Pupie” Raia, host of the town’s best birthday party, is actually a pretty hard guy not to like. At least you know exactly what you get with Pupie. And if one wades through the likely clashes in vision about priorities, patronage, and intra/inter-governmental relationships, you’ll find actually find a few insistently simple and practical idea nuggets in the pile. So Pupie, if you can turn that Shoprite tightrope of grass into the ballpark that it should have been, maybe we’ll talk.

Kim Glatt, host of the best kids’ birthday parties in town, is personable, reasonable, smart, and looking for work. Her self-proclaimed altruism in giving up her judgeship to favor Hoboken with a mayoral run might be admirable if it weren’t for the fact that she wasn’t going to be re-appointed. Kim, long a beneficiary of the politics of friendship, slid into the municipal court as a surprisingly young replacement when a vengeful Anthony Russo unceremoniously disposed of the perfectly competent Ross London for his perceived opposition to Anthony’s dictatorial mayoralty. Hoping to cobble together a coalition of elderly family friends, soccer moms stolen from Dawn, and municipal employees adequate to squeak by in a simple plurality election, she has dusted off the Cammarano playbook (we should have continued to hide our budget irregularities and postponed the inevitable collapse) while offering absolutely nothing specific other than her thinly-veiled and telling blanket assurance of employment continuation to all the city workers whose votes she’d need to pull this off. But Kim can simply return to private practice, and it’s unlikely that she has the consuming drive for power to sustain her effort. I wish her a good time on that alternative Disney trip we heard about during the debate.

Cammarano’s umbrella valet Patricia Waiters won’t be a factor. Everton Wilson adds entertainment value, but his “three bartenders and a dog” support core will fall a little short. I do hope that the earnest-to-the-point-of-condescension Nathan Brinkman doesn’t go the way of other “why are they doing this?” candidates and actually stays involved. He’s got some interesting thoughts, albeit unhindered by having nothing to lose. At least he can recognize a bloated city payroll when he sees one. Like most of the new young Reaganites, he cut the history classes in which trickle-down theory was disproved, and his other economic/sociological contentions are selectively researched and narrowly considered, but he adds something to the conversation. And what happened to my old friend, dark horse Sal DeMeo? I must have missed his withdrawal. I actually spent a stranded Thanksgiving at a wonderful dinner with three generations of the lovely DeMeo family a quarter century ago. I hope all is well Sal.

So Dawn’s your best bet folks. I think she needs great help and support, and I hope she realizes that, too. As always, best of luck to my beloved and adopted Hoboken!


Dean Kemph

My comment: A hat tip to blogger Smarty Jones for the "highlander" reference. As always you can email me with your letters to the editor at All opinions are welcome. ◦

Kimberly Glatt Denounces Dawn Zimmer on Flooding Issue

Below is a press release from Kathy Stack, Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack's wife and Kim Glatt's campaign manager. This press release represents the opinions of her campaign and not this blog and is published for the sake of inclusion and discussion in the comments below....

Kimberly Glatt Condemns Zimmer’s Failure on Alleviating Hoboken’s Flooding Issue

Incompetence, lack of leadership and lack of transparency is costing Hoboken’s taxpayers

HOBOKEN, NJ – Below is a statement from Mayoral candidate Kimberly Glatt regarding Acting-Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s failure to take action to alleviate flooding in Hoboken. Months ago, Zimmer requested a flooding update from the North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) and was given a packet that laid out ways for Hoboken to secure funding. Included in this packet was information on how Hoboken could secure a $6 million pump that would help solve Hoboken’s historic flooding problem by pursuing FEMA mitigation grants and NJ DEP grants. All Dawn Zimmer had to do was submit a letter of submittal supporting the project and agreeing to have Hoboken fund $2 million by September 30th. Unfortunately, Dawn Zimmer missed the deadline and failed to file this letter. Her inaction – whether due to incompetence or a lack of leadership - squandered $4 millions in available grants. Now, Hoboken taxpayers are left footing the full $6 million bill for her failure.

“For years, Dawn Zimmer has never missed an opportunity to exploit Hoboken's flooding problem as a political issue. However, when given the opportunity to actually do something to fix the issues facing our families, Dawn Zimmer failed to act. Her inaction not only postponed a solution to flooding, it will also cost Hoboken’s taxpayers millions of dollars. Moreover, this is a prime example of the lack of transparency and accountability we’ve seen for far too long in City Hall.”

“It’s time to turn the page on the problems of the past that continue to hobble Hoboken’s taxpayers. We need leadership in City Hall, not mere rhetoric and certainly not more of the same old political grandstanding. When Zimmer had a chance start a project that would alleviate flooding for scores of Hoboken residents – while saving the taxpayers their hard-earned money – she failed to even respond to the Sewerage Authority. This is unacceptable. Perhaps even worse than her incompetence and lack of leadership is the fact that Dawn Zimmer is trying to hide this issue from the public.”

My comment: There is more than meets the eye here and I do expect a statement from the Dawn Zimmer campaign to explain this allegation and will publish once I receive it. The gist of the anticipated rebuttal will be that putting in for the additional pump(s) now would require Hoboken to pony up a share of the total cost which could be up to 5 million dollars this fiscal year. If that is the case, how many Hoboken taxpayers would be willing to foot the bill? ◦

Beth Mason Releases Detailed Platform

Here is a press release I received form the Beth Mason Campaign on Beth's Plan for Hoboken:


Click to Read Beth's Full Plan for Hoboken!

Hoboken, NJ-- Fiscal responsibility, government transparency, increased public safety and "green" initiatives are the highlights of Beth Mason's plan to run the city when she is elected mayor on November 3rd.

Mason issued her platform today for running the city and the plan places heavy emphasis on financial responsibility and openness in government. Taming the city's out-of-control budget is Mason's top priority - one that should not have been put off until after Election Day by Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Mason says by applying fiscal discipline, she can cut taxes by 25 percent, but added: "Every day we delay in addressing the budget makes it harder to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, at the current rate of spending under Acting Mayor Zimmer, our city is on pace for a tax increase of 15 percent. This is unacceptable."

Mason says she will suspend salaries for the Mayor and City Council until the city has a budget. "There is no reason to pay elected officials who are not doing their job properly - and the biggest job we have is to craft an efficient budget," she said. Mason said her fiscal recovery plan will include scaling back directors' salaries - which she says are now comparable to what directors in New York City earn. "My administration will end this practice by paying salaries that are scaled for Hoboken, not Manhattan," says Mason.

The Second Ward Councilwoman also says she will fight for the city's fair share of county tax dollars. Hoboken's county taxes are second only to Jersey City's, she notes and the city is not seeing a fair return from Hudson County.

Mason says fiscal responsibility also includes paying down the city's growing debt. The debt service payment in the 2009 budget is $7.75 million with an additional $1 million a year in debt service going to finance the Parking Authority's debt. "I will pay down and refinance bond debt to make sure we are getting the best interest rates possible," says Mason.


A former President of the New Jersey Foundation for Open Government and co-founder Hoboken's People for Open Government Beth Mason is committed to the principles of transparency and openness, and says all hiring practices in her administration will be open and transparent. "I will publish open positions in local newspapers, as well as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and employment websites such as, in order to find the most qualified people to run our city. We must expand our search for qualified personnel to help manage our city."

To protect the public's safety, Mason says she will put more police on the streets by putting more emphasis on foot and bicycle patrols. She also wants to encourage high-tech crime fighting by creating an interactive map on the city's website so residents can be made aware of crime in their neighborhoods.

Mason also wants to ensure that fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and carbon monoxide detectors are up to code and functioning in every multi-family building. The city has suffered some devastating fires the past few years that endangered people's lives and left scores homeless. "People's lives are valuable and my administration will put in the extra effort to keep everyone safe. We will work in conjunction with the Hoboken Building Department to make sure our housing inspector have all the tools they need to do their job," said Mason.

The councilwoman also said she would like to create and utilize a reverse 9-1-1 system that allows city government to contact residents to let them know of emergencies, road closures and flooding issues.

Mason said she will protect neighborhood integrity by creating more open space and recreational opportunities and by vigorously opposing NJ Transit's plan to build a 70-story tower and two 40-story towers off of Observer Highway; she also opposed plans to build 40-story buildings at the North End of town. She noted that she has already started a statewide plan to fight state legislation that would give NJ Transit control over local zoning laws.

Mason's "green" initiatives include replacing street lamps and traffic signals with more efficient lighting and exploring the feasibility of placing solar energy panels on schools and government buildings utilizing federal and state grants. Click to Read Beth's Full Plan for Hoboken!

My comment: At least here is an example of the mostly positive campaign that Beth Mason should have been doing all along. Of course there are still the shots taken at Dawn who holds the position that Beth so covets but at least it is a step in the right direction. In the first Mayoral election in May Beth released a very vague platform on her website and as a result came in third place. The next question is for voters is do you trust that Beth will attempt to carry these out? It is fair to ask the same question of other candidates of Dawn Zimmer as well. Dawn has had her positions out on her campaign website for several months now.

Special note: A few weeks ago, I had a very civil conversation with Beth Mason. She had called me to thank me for deleting a post that said she was a crook. Her thanks to me was genuine and showed me the other side of her beyond all this negative campaigning she has gotten involved with. Even though Beth is not my first choice for Mayor I don't think she is a crook but I have disagreed with her recent voting record and the message and style of her campaign. No matter how much experience one claims to have it doesn't matter if you don't trust that they will best represent your viewpoint. When this election is over I hope that whoever is the winner will get the support of those who did win to move Hoboken forward. ◦