Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Discussion Thread - St. Patricks Day Parade

Here is another controversial topic for discussion... The Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade.

My video highlight of the parade from 2009 on Youtube:

This year's parade had what seemed to be a record turnout of people. The weather was very warm and as such probably contributed to the increase in participants. There were numerous complaints about vandalism, public intoxication, and otherwise uncivilized behavior according to some citizens. Now the parade itself is a fun event for sure but has the scale gotten out of hand for this city. Here are some leading questions to get the discussion going:

- Should the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day parade be stopped altogether?

- Or should it stay due to the fact it is a Hoboken Tradition?

- Should it be moved to a Sunday?

- Should it be moved to a weekday?

- Should it be moved to the real St. Patrick's Day?

- Are house parties the real culprit for the problems in the city during parade day?

- Should house parties be banned on that day altogether but still have the parade?

- Should the fines for public drunkenness be increased even more?

- Here is an idea- Should fire officials be on duty to check capacity of house parties (occupancy limits)?

- Should bar businesses be required to pay for cleanup of the streets afterwards.

- Should we temporarily get more policeman from another city for the day to get more coverage?

- Should the hours of when drinking can begin start later in the day?

Share your thoughts below in the comments..... ◦