Monday, December 13, 2010

NJ Cops on "Roids"! Comprehensive investigative story by NJ's Star Ledger

Cops on Roids? A bad idea?
The New Jersey Star Ledger did a very solid and comprehensive piece of investigative journalism this weekend on New Jersey police and firemen being caught up in the use of steroids and HGH . Ten cops and two fireman from Hoboken are on the list as being clients. This is the first part of three in their series on this issue.

Below is the link to the piece:

For Discussion:
  • Do you think that it is inappropriate for police officers to take steroids or HGH for physical performance reasons?
  • After all, the demand of the job often involve younger officers needing to be fast and strong enough to chase a suspect down and have the strength to subdue them might help them on the job. 
  • On the other hand, HGH and steroids when used inappropriately could lead to long term health complications and shortened life spans.  
  • Is anyone surprised by this story in the respect that some officers feel the pressure to be in shape like professional athletes do?
  • Is the inappropriate use of steroids a burden on the NJ taxpayer since many municipalities are self-insured or does the potentail for shortened life spans ease the pension payout burden?
  • Is "roid rage" a valid concern for citizens with cops taking steroids? Could it lead to police brutality?
  • Libertarian argument: If an officer wants to gain an edge on the criminals why not let them use the stuff as long as they are aware of the risks?