Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mason Fabricates Resume According to Grafix Avenger Source

This story broke earlier today but the Grafix Avenger blog has a story on Beth Mason faking her resume by stating she worked for a company for many years. It turns out that the company was only created in 2010 according to her source. Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi have been a on personal jihad to discredit Nancy Pincus in just about every which way but it looks like the self-anointed "queen of transparency" is caught red handed in yet another lie.

Beth Mason claimed on her resume to have founded a company in 1993 and led it for 12 years.

Company Beth founded in 1993 was finally filed in 2010? WTF? Beth Mason Caught in another lie!

This just one day after a Hoboken 411 hit piece highlighting the bankruptcy of Tom Greaney who is mounting a serious enough challenge to the "Queen of Mean" Beth Mason's re-election chances. My own take is that if the bankruptcy were recent then it would be a legitimate campaign issue. Since it happened so many years ago

Beth is going to take yet another hit on whatever is left of her credibility if this story pans out. You betchya. Beth, this is what happens when you play with fire and get caught in your own string of lies.

Go to the link below for the full story: