Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zimmer at Church Square Park Saturday April 16 11am to Canvass on Birthday

From Mayor Dawn Zimmer, an email on her support for her endorsed candidates City Council elections coming up on May 10th.

Dear Friends,

The effort to move our City ahead and finally put an end to the corrupt culture of the past wages on.

The recently released FBI surveillance tapes that show Councilman Russo agreeing to accept money for promising to expedite development projects highlight that the insidious culture of corruption did not end with the arrest of Peter Cammarano.

Our City faces a stark choice on May 10th. We must work hard to make sure that people understand how important this election is.

We cannot stand by and let our town turn back to its past, in which Mike Russo’s “fundraising meeting” was standard practice, and which brought us an illegal overspent budget, a state takeover and a huge tax increase.

We must muster the energy to join together to stop this culture of corruption that benefits the “entitled” few over the vast majority of Hoboken residents.

Please join me this Saturday in Church Square Park at 11:00 am to celebrate my birthday and to take action to protect the future of our town.

If you cannot make it, then meet me for a celebratory birthday drink at One Republik on Washington Street at 5:30pm.

Yes, I am spending my birthday campaigning because the biggest gift I could get is to truly shift our City away from its corrupt past.

Please volunteer for one of the six great candidates, including

1st Ward Eric Kurta:
2nd Ward Tom Greaney:
3rd Ward Greg Lincoln:
4th Ward Rami Pinchevsky:
5th Ward Peter Cunningham:
6th Ward Jen Giattino:

and/or make a contribution today – the future of our town truly is in your hands.

Thanks for listening and please pass this along to friends who may
not be on this list.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Dawn Zimmer ◦